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3-27-14 11:10am Garland: on saving the wetlands

Mar 27, 2014|

Garland talks about the fight to save Louisiana's wetlands with Capt. George Ricks of the Save Louisiana Coalition and George Cavignac of the St. Bernard Parish Council.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

As I've said many times on this I've been -- this wetlands. Crisis issues for forty plus years. And I'll loosen the fisherman or instrument and -- troopers in this sports management. Well all saying that the river diversion Prague projects putting settlement in the march from the river. And in some ways. Was more of a threat than what we've got bright and dismissed. Because it would have been working on a master planned in this state for very little time in the implementation has begun. -- thought was probably couldn't possibly decided to do something that might be a middle. June and then -- -- is -- seeing scientists and reports that suggest it could be a problem. And I told the approach from and then come appear before look element continue to follow this. Just to understand who's right who's wrong and more importantly what can be done about. And consequently there -- was one of Apollo were -- -- won Michigan doctor. Doctor a major. And told you you can Beckham's true. The revision of the captain George Rick president solve the Louisiana coalition. Captain welcomed. Thank you gone to pleasure being here appreciate yemen's own show absolutely and George -- but I -- co chairman of the saint Bernard parish councilman George walk and thank you -- -- him -- limits overview. Things happening in the legislature to -- Well -- all -- things who we knew we are doing we have representative vote. Joseph Harrison has put in the bill house bill 810. Which gives us a law. To assure us that. The CP RA's comments that they go to diversions that they do all of you are built to -- -- -- protection restoration authority. Actually Louisiana's. Governing body on coastal restoration. We just won a law. Represented Harris is launched businesses and insurance. That would CP RA has been saying that that did diversion to DR bill won't be harmful to -- commercial recreational fishing industries. We just want -- law saying that -- That they won't be. CPR shouldn't have any any problems with this law -- it would dish and it's true. Product operations version won't fisheries but we just want -- -- writing a law. It's they'd have to be operated with solidity and a nutrient levels well. In my actually go home -- -- -- -- -- I've definitely been involved. Helping the C Louisiana coalition. Along with the -- publicly insult to help lead the legislative push because of course this is where the rubber meets the road. Will we talk about. Of the money that's about to be spent on these diversions which -- Saint Bernard or plaque humans are in favor because we know from our experience with Norman and Davis -- What it's done to our estuaries and what the massive volumes of fresh water of these diversions proposed diversions will do. To our -- ours and both Brett marriage Terry so. Since about January. The Louisiana revised statute that formed the CP RA in and called for the master plan. That that was devised as is entitled the coastal protection annual plans. Development and priorities. And I used the expression went a rubber meets the road because this is where the money. Is physically approved by the legislature to spend on these particular projects with in the master plan. Coming up this year in the fiscal year 2015 annual plan which is now going through the session. And about to hit the natural resources committee Wednesday. We in Saint Bernard. Past the slate of resolutions to legislature as well as those four committees as well as to our state delegation that. Four of them sit on all four of those committees that need to approve the CP RA's annual plan. And we do we need them to let the CPR I know that we're not fever prioritizing. Over 60% of what little funding we got from BP -- towards myrtle group diversions. Architectural. And engineering. -- little. -- regular wounded come back Wu continued there's discussion. Here if you just -- -- We're taught to. Ad nauseam about where -- and -- museum the tolerance to it if we don't do so on into at least stabilized. While we've got. A lifestyle and and often times our our cities and towns just or not going to be here that that is not arguable anymore. Going to happen that we -- do's and and we talked about this master planned record while it's beginning to be implemented and we got one faction that says. We need the river diversions it's large part of another faction that says no that's in store a lot of pitchers are a lot of what plants. So what do you think 260187. Where -- where -- we go from here what what part of the argument do you hear. That that convince usually when we're and other or what questions -- As to how we do this this is not. Just the -- Philosophical debate. What happened. After Katrina or during Katrina. People forget Katrina did not -- costs Katrina hit Mississippi. If Katrina would come again and hit odds with the little bit about -- we've got left. -- -- -- In my eyes so I didn't know the corps of engineers and legislatures and scientists are saying it and most of the people -- cajun controllers. So what are your thoughts -- and 01 eats while lines lighting up alleged -- against when we come back. WW obligated seventy him and -- Imagine. That this hybrid -- -- downtown Manhattan. Send me in the street corner and a football field sized sinkhole. Opens in Prague. Pageant in San Francisco. Imagined in my -- Won't -- -- whose. Football field every -- war. All the southern coast -- -- museums. We are and no more protected. Against the mighty big storm then apply and a cup I. We don't have much bumper -- -- master plan to -- and hopefully we're gonna get fifty billion dollars as the minimum. Down payment on each according to attempt. To do something. But there's conflict that is there are those -- think we need river diversion plug projects -- of those that think we don't. A -- who -- with its captain toward groups presidency museum coalition. And George club America coach Sherman street Bernard parish council. Joseph when you're going to be it would move for the hour right okay so let's bring to call a lot of people and talked to and then got 2000 question and our Lucas didn't slide out the bureau and with the captain and -- -- -- -- -- All I went out of lectures and -- starting. Empire and now with a -- -- offshore and -- activities -- -- would be good for me with Iraq. There was saying there were something that was built. I must beat by a football field and would like to project is where money can you explain him into detail on that just this area often. Obviously we -- it down but I do know more about it. Well I'm not sure would would burn me talking about it it -- possibly it was a -- that was built on oil spill to try to keep oil out. I don't I'm not sure better shoot it -- our football videos and heard over the understand who we had a camp down there in port sulphur and it was just recently built. To be out which I'm not familiar wood of wood to project. That you speak enough to be totally honest. But did there was a project built in in plaque means -- -- baited does that shell island project. -- needed gate gate took dredge sediment from the Mississippi River. And -- a 22 miles. And built -- that Joao project in a -- run on four days. That's just type thing that can be done. Would would -- dredging and that's -- warrant that the there are polls is that we're pushing on you we need something done now. Absolutely there and they there's no land last I mean that was blamed. Exactly and and go to court -- at that part of the world is is it's suffered the biggest. Rocha rights in this matches erosion its upsides at sea level rise. Well but Britain and you talk about that area of of of of the world down ahead at tomorrow the -- -- talking about the biggest diversion -- world how come salute and you know how come and it is loose and you know Melinda and anyplace else. I mean if if the roof was being answered -- we should be building a lot of land them with settlements and Ronald content that's a nickel engineers said that's that's just -- that's not true -- -- settlement -- -- get -- Baton -- missile room. You know Obama does call in and get some information about you know I'm popular in the next -- deficit. Tell you what I -- I'll be -- looking into that and and and -- -- try to get back to be -- -- was -- find out more about it. Yes and everybody's -- to and then choose to believe students called the -- or one -- -- -- -- Mario. Yes so mark would you mind. Getting his number report -- captain -- Steve appreciated the call hole. We're -- totally tone your Rowland with captain -- They're Garland expect McCullough. -- agree what the previous caller you know mamma wanna demonstration to -- you go out there and you know in any marsh land. And you say more more year at the gap year. The bill that just eroding like you said it bought for parking you know governor I'll talk about a politician that they got a governor. Bet that's at what time out of this state. -- -- -- -- one problem right if politicians that we elect and we continue to elect these people here -- the year -- the year. Not about just a long time where they wanted to study out this study this study before you know it. The Gulf of Mexico be beaten down and Orton this city in New Orleans so when are we gonna get somebody in office that really care. About the state of Louisiana and and a program out there is any small black. I don't know and I'm a dancer -- a politician well enough. Not look Garland I can tell you the caller makes a valid point of the legislature. I'll wisely passed the law that formed the CPR in a master plan and because I agree with the concept that we need a cohesive. Policy driven. Plan that incorporates all of this and protects the State's economy. And as we move into this legislative session that's one those coalitions say Louisiana coalition's main goals as well as Saint Bernard and plaque amends and other coastal parishes. That at -- and gather together with the so it's -- Louisiana coalition to educate the legislators. So bust the media that of course it's ludicrous to assume that the coastal parishes the ones that utilized and relies upon our coastal hands the most. Are not. Most guarded against what can happen. When we talk over Mannelly. We're talking about four point one billion dollar industry to the state. We're talking about local and state tax revenues that bad industry drops we're talking about jobs that that industry. Talk about that in. No seafood -- that commercial and recreational fishing as well as the trick of an effect like Reagan used to say eat your restaurants Europe. Your tackle shops etc. but what we face is especially on state on plant commenced and and and looked like the -- parish. This first version down the pipe is never group which OPEC then in the -- -- -- But to give you an example when Katrina did hit as you mention. We lost forty plus square miles away. To the storm surge 37 of them we at Saint Bernard recognized with the divers in the U 37 more right and the Norman dupers. Because the you know fresh water all the nutrient tall -- and it signs all along but. As we move into this legislative session the focus. At this particular instance is not pro diversion anti diversion argument the focus is we have a limited amount of money we finally got 67 -- -- -- the BP lines. And the first thing CPR is attempting to do with the 25 annual plain -- put over 60% but forty million dollars. To number diversion eighty. And put -- and junior's pop it in the water instituted -- issued their report two -- on February 26. When they approved the telling them it requires. To clear up all those uncertainties of socioeconomic. Effectiveness and. Who is more institute. -- -- award instituted golfers is exposed to be it's. An independent. Panel that was. So most of the well let's put it this way. I'm not me in an accusation but they got a thirty million dollar contract with CPR. Footer for the wars ago not they did -- this independent panel of scientists are we spoke about last talent show to twelve aside from all of it. Okay -- a bit there's a by independent independent panel of twelve scientists. From all over the country known from Louisiana non. From Woods Hole institute on East Coast some from West Coast. -- did expertise in to be in in wetland ecology and and and biology and and coastal erosion is off to -- watched these are very. Michael people who are Ph.D.s. Very well educated scientist and that they're. Unanimous consensus was that these diversions. We need more studies done. That they haven't done any studies on on ecological or socio economic impacts. Pickle juice. Wonders year's films to destruction exactly but the thing is. They -- what happens if we make mistakes and you know I did this once our resources and our seafood industry is gone it's gone. -- connect Norman diversion going oil spill. Date date date branded and maximum capacity from from April 29 to August 4 and totally destroyed a bit of public oyster beds in branch out. Now that's not coming back. Don't -- diversion people the argument that. These word versions would be to print. On all the time on the day going to be sediment diversions dollar but the thing is we don't have any problem and a sentiment as did the delivery system. They're talking about a 250000. Cubic feet a second diversion in the -- area okay. And according to master plan is saying well we all gonna run at 15% of the time. Okay you talk about 55 daisy. 15% of -- that's enough war. To -- -- -- seven times every year. -- what do you think it's gonna do to -- stores we talk about. People need to realize what we have nation state which this isn't a fisheries issued -- estate eat the economy issue. What they do. That -- and Louisiana provides 25%. Of the domestic and our seafood. Caught in in an in -- and the United States. What are we gonna do to make up the -- that revenue. A three iron fifteen million dollar -- state and local tax revenue what are you gonna do where -- taxpayers gonna do yes we need -- but we Nina and now we don't have time to wait thirty years to land pop. But now -- an organ from things that people don't think about exactly lipstick about it when we come back take a break for news comes right back. If you're listening. And you live in New Orleans or all of the young people -- yesterday I had the ability to -- here. This is the most important issue and -- just. Telling -- against the I have the ability at -- party ought to go to. To start talking about wetlands laws and I guarantee you five minutes into the conversation. Whoever I'm talking to will find -- way toward all -- from that they don't want to hear it. This is the most important issue in this entire state. Because. Itself the Louisiana goals all of the other debate forum beyond infrastructure and economy. Forget about. We're gonna have the state that starts over the twelfth. Coming right back a bit of via. On the radio with captain George cure -- present a little easier on -- -- that same Louisiana coalition and say that president these stable region coalition. A George -- back quote Germans say Bernard parish council. And they're talking about the ever there in the legislature. And and the people who were within saying hey. Where we're getting this master plan and -- started it and I think 60% of the revenues going to river diversions news and Whitman Whitman we don't have the science on this old law. Right as an engineer and design of them and the diversion. -- has gone to it it's going engineer's pocket to engineer and a design of a project that may be problematic in apartments but I don't know. So this money is going who's gonna go out the window. It's not can be used to dredge and anything else it's going to engineering and design of a diversion that may not be able -- -- it. Or interest to those -- live -- urge is good kid a break point. -- -- -- -- -- What captain York indicated was. It wasn't. Does whatever he wants guild of urgent problem that is not shipment. That's coming that would come in with wars don't ever change but pitched the more water. What a high volume a lot of as it is lower the planet changes zero destroy the country. And purged of console war which is sustainable in -- -- aren't sustainable. Intermediate French more which too strong for trying to. That's why in an organ we watched thirty sure sure more attractive Katrina also. Quote tweet about -- for sure. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So we have a problem if -- in twenty years we launched 2008. Finished. -- 500000 acres and he shot that they're in pretty sure. 8000 QB -- -- quickly are we going to do it at 250000. QB for. Diverse group of virtual war we will -- children were converted go out there now. General or solidity and destroy the country or boats -- river barricade area in British. The solution is not urgent because. You ought to police action there's the the nutrients and the furcal. The fertilizer that went down and his sister root cause significant dead zone in -- Mexico. Frequent and much in the war in that area pretty strong we will cautioned that it actually vicious strain. War that's coming up this ship that's going to ago. All the sort of -- shall we can't we can't do that we just don't -- -- -- solution to the Irish grateful. -- the war in dredging. The dredging is immediate we need a more immediately to our culture. We just got drowned. In very great the course. 60% more. -- course sponsored increase significantly. So we sponsored if you create you've built immediately. In ox sculpture to protect the people at the same time you put out in the -- a walk into -- more. Which doesn't -- -- some very control egregious were -- which. Built in March at a certain localized area you don't impact of victory bill reduced -- -- -- to zero. You don't impact -- increase at all you don't put so who preach in marched that you don't kill. Of god -- saying an appreciative call over what salutes at some -- -- ago. Well one other thing that he didn't bring up gone which would dredging you can create Regis you can create -- -- the diversion. And and and it's not can be a localized like that are I don't think that well what rages on that exist in in -- marsh now addicted to the knockout altered. -- you can't do diluted version and it's intermittent way you don't know where if it does build -- -- you know on the -- to -- going to be you can specifically put land the dredges. And and it can be done economically. At a high cost of wood with in. Increases the cost of dredging is moving in mobilizing and demobilize in a pipelines. You know we've come up with a plan of permanent settlement trunk pipelines in the march. But you can hook up to and rivers and -- sentiment in the different parts of -- march and create land way you needed when you need. It is taken a break here coming back more calls. Rubio brigades you moral part of the Ria. All right the -- of the coalition of troopers and orders from and then and -- from commercial fisherman and brokerage through good from a charter boats opened. Gathered together a coalition and a written -- -- you -- does master plan and stored in the river diversions important. Most of the -- 60%. And it it's big mistake we got captain. George -- with this president. Save Louisiana coalition George -- the cabinet. The chairman of the Saban or perish counsel. Captain we were talking in the year. There's some concern. About the plans to to dredge the river to a certain depth and in Akron. Right rule. I've been in in in dialogue would would I'm mr. John Duffy would have been memorable collision and they you know well coalition written apology ball polyps and and and -- you know would would CPR is not not think you know a lot redeemed -- as we saw almost want it -- showing in the river. Now talking about dredging in Mississippi River totally -- shall showing is is. -- when you draw pull water at a certain -- -- causes like Eddy effect. And it'll it'll cause -- shallow spot in the river showing his. It would they have to -- dredge every year to maintain ship traffic in a river does a show on occurred in different areas that are river. Now whenever you pool now and among water what you're talking about these -- there will be sure rolling. That there will occur and Anatoly my dredging and new river -- would be good to accommodate for the big ships. To come in and BP stock borrow water at five feet deep addiction plane on dredging will be no envoy. Because a certain amount reveal an ample and plus a chilling issue now this isn't just a Louisiana issued this is gonna affect the and it did to shipping and treat every need report. You know how many ships come in and go up revoke a -- published. So notices. -- issued issues affects a whole country. What are you being told at the legislatures. And try to play it is. Or are they saying. Look. You would would would get going government plan implement that and what would -- respond. Well we would get we get response Chris. But -- that thing is gone you'd be surprised at how many about legislators it was like the Nancy Pelosi effect. They passed before he knew what was and they they they and they knew we had when you come and you know and did she -- are represented just does master plan should look this is the best when we got the coast restoration. You know to -- -- we used about size available we need you to pass. Who's an argument that point. But you don't think they read a book that's almost two inches thick and Edsall projects they didn't take any consideration. How it's gonna affect the economy of the state would would they gonna do an item on a fresh war. Georgia. The -- citizens some of these talent and people's eyes school plank argued an expression on your trajectory. Top keyboardist for words are and how for a true and what happens when they go away our. I guess the best way to describe an actuary Golan is a nursery. -- it amounts of it's a narrow band of a British water and it's a mixture of fresh and salt. That we need every -- every marine species and juvenile stages of life has to go Internet estuary to reproduce. So -- is so true -- respect all the dole while in the gulf Italy the ratings -- round had to make combat an -- -- dispel the nursery that'll get back to the gulf right. Exactly littler to say despite dropping hasn't any fifteen -- at the house social safety institute to reproduce. They can't reproduce and thirty can't reproduce and nine they need fifteen. Trip or brown triple or more sensitive to to fresh water in debt then that might trip. Well. Red fish can tolerate more fresh water that rocket. But everything neat we need this -- where. That's what it is for all of those BC you just mentioned cool when we lose if we lose Chester where we lose and they won't be moved out at -- It dead band of of of brackets water. Is reduced. That my new -- just pushed out to the gulf you won't heavy speech you'll hear the prayers you. Britain like a strain suffered -- crib industry like partridge suffered tremendously this year because of like salinity. It and it went by George you were mentioning that there then trickle down effect. All those pieces go away restaurant businesses. A huge chunk of our economy disappears. Overnight visit them. Blow right -- and from a governmental perspective. You know we are dealing with the economics issue of this you know this industry. To Louisiana's a four point one billion dollar a year industry one in every 45 jobs in the state of Louisiana depends on the industry so. You know this CPR -- early on did a wonderful job if they paid as a fisherman issued as a couple of guys that. You know they don't wanna drive ten more miles out and but that but that's not the case to give me an example during the oil spill -- -- -- and -- in -- in Davis pond versions -- Apple's full blast. In a futile effort to keep the -- out which they were told it was going to be futile. But those are BB diversions at 80101000. CFS and give you an idea -- line killed the oysters all the way to grant cubic -- percent to 2% it right so. There's all kinds of other residual economic issues that they don't tell in the marketing these things you know children that he cap -- just mentioned is a great issue because it is national economy. They're drinking water in the city of new ones I've just recently did trying to contacted walled City Council not want it meetings with them to discuss. What the scores. Given its information wise this is important while sure because you know and it's hard for the normal. Everyday citizen has the feed their family deal or -- -- talking about water sure of when when you introduced diversions into the river. You -- the core and all the signs tells you can't draw more about 500000 cubic feet per second. Before the city's drinking water supply becomes unsafe and the diversions in the master plan or arm. Way above 500000 CPC -- Jessica's personal way it moves. Two -- and they know it's a -- though it's -- draw of all of the water itself from the river in May it affects the flow and and of course the intake of water into the city and certainly all residual issues that -- for the normal citizen raptor monogram to govern mentally. The coalitions led the charge. And and I try to help as. Best we can't -- Saint Bernard plaque commences assisted Iberia parish and other Earth's sister. Coastal -- To educate our legislators. One. Simply. Prioritize in this morning like they should because at the end they like we talked about robbery gone and we have a finite amount of money and if people around the country. Look at us and say what you've wasted forty million dollars of 67 million that we jet ski view -- any any contract for something that might adding we get -- but of course we're not gonna give you any more money for coastal. Four. People listening to scientists the engineers of politicians. That disagree. The issue was wide open. -- to you guys and goes by and -- the show was wide open. This is they know and can pitched up forty years that's the most important -- and I and else comes blow outs in this -- -- and that he. Platform here is wide open and the benefits are we can't -- you. We can make it sound like we want to do you get to say what you want to and so you. And the people who disagree. This thing that while ago I appreciate it you know it's done well thank you are taking a break governor appeal brigades every day at 1053 you have. Already coming up next oil will -- boy you may not want to go to college.