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3-27-14 12:10pm Garland: on the relevance of college

Mar 27, 2014|

Garland talks with financial planner Brad Fortier about whether college is worth the cost.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Shall we don't Robert. Big number of college degree. Degrees. Yours you'd. Or are they worth it is worth and and it's that time we've we've done. Interviews with experts in education or bruises and he has certainly you'd better chants and deal. For him I'm reading some experts on education. Experts from business expert. Question where -- that is true. Novelty and all old memories but in many. -- -- -- some room. For him and corporate Portuguese or an honor for treatment and and -- -- -- That is. Considered. Did -- do that would use the audience -- -- -- Day with temperatures well. Always -- -- -- But we get into one but. We use the system. The year in and of the little I tell -- to complete call goes from an article. Which it says it is as a group worth the -- you'd decide. To. And for the audience. What was. Once items don't work and so on the side of wandered -- -- for. You know a bit -- -- Long. Reader here and -- It's the probably in full reviews with a microphone number entry. And he was going from pursuing the numbers and simply -- and he you have to agree or drug -- -- And it's currently four regions of the NC. The first -- -- talked to was waving -- -- admissions and programs through. She had two degrees in math and at a time when oh. The index was stripper with a degree from Virginia State. Then there was young men and currently etiquette with degrees in English and history. Then there was a bow to with a degree in box. Bartender. Majoring in -- it's administration. A -- read -- through with the business. Agreed to an economic. -- and and peddling the masters in new rules. And bring what do we talked. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Communications. Radiology. Graphic design and psychology. So it's degrees -- in the industry -- economic. Remove a mechanical engineering and statistic. In the last year of the interviews two degrees dual major in liberal arts every. Have -- It's a into 25001. Problem. The -- through the degree in robotics. -- given up -- and did you go for re. And that it was stolen. One of the interest and things -- fun about tech guy and I don't necessarily agree with -- quirky does that. He was one of the people do initially predicted the housing crisis. And one of the reasons I've taken the following some of it worked. Is. He he often talks about you know the same narrative is basically unfolding in college. And and I guess what I got -- on that particular subject is you know we all have observations about the world. I've I've had the occupation of seeing a lot of people struggling post college and -- the fighting about that video was. Every one of those people seem to need to be very happy and content with what they were doing if it is it is a negative thing was that they -- -- that -- so. It wasn't that they were questioning where they weren't light they were they were questioning the investment that they had made to get there. All right -- got to take a break yeah acted alone but Bloomberg come back. A woman talk about a quote from and so. And it and how it relates to what we're talking and which it is. Is college worth the cost. And its -- incentives said if you judge of fish. By its ability to climb a tree. It will -- his entire life leaving. That it is stupid. Would probably the crew and connection when we come back if you're Perez out their view young person I just ought to. Three hours of the most incredible young people. I do village -- -- your calls with altered for new week. Coming to this city. Multiple degrees and and and a lot of innovation and creativity. If you're listening in this strikes a -- -- or questions parents or young people. 26 he wanted -- Or Joseph Torre anywhere in the country -- 668890. Rates of income and -- did you burn this debris. Both -- but I a little bit different achieved. This time around. A dog bred for trio. Portrait from central and Britain article call is college worth it. And he quotes alliance. Would set you can judge a finish by its ability to climb three bullets and I've leaving that he would use to. -- how does that. Mesh is in to the conversation concerning. I guess that -- and where we're fortunate enough sport that's -- a little bit in my own personal experience it's. You know from what I -- came to Clinton in in one week have been -- ship. Questioning the American dream and College -- on the field. The way Galileo probe of the when he was questioning whether or not it was the center of the universe could homeownership and college. From a financial planning standpoint -- both the center of our financial universe and so I came -- -- from that angle and I always news when whenever something rattles me hours try to reflect on and then. And -- I can learn from the experience in 20082009. Always talk about I think it was a profound experience for our economy. And -- to start asking questions and and one of the things I was trying to tie that together is. You know we seem to have this obsessive obsession with knowledge in our culture I think that's where the idea of college kinda came from and there's that. Notion that the more now as to batter. And I'm sure that partially true but that in my real life practice and -- give -- a true story of one of my favorite clients. He. He was in a traditional school and he always used to enjoy drawing in every time he would do it the science teacher would. Knocking -- side of -- and -- and stay focused pay attention you're here to learn. -- long story short. Is he finally retired from a from a technical job in thirty years and he's now making more money. Could be recreated he -- pursued as his passion for drawing and arts. And the financial planning perspectives. I look at things like college and I question that it is is the money invested. It's just an investment like any others money invested creating returns and I think when you look around and you see. How much it costs costs are up over a 1000% since 1980. But yet I think the statistic is something like 50% of people under the age 25 hour on unemployed or underemployed. The current time which I think that the idiot you're mentioning touches on so. I just question everything in and I I -- likes that expected via personal blessing. Leo does come back. Let's put our listeners implies no room Brian pretty cute girl. Abraham and I does that make -- kind of weird cannot older person -- go back to 44. Or environmental science. Like a little Paul. -- -- from Alabama where the after the storm you know in my case it worth it and agree. Very intrusive and what what year are human. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But -- Chicago the review. That the toward the. I mean I think that they -- that think it's just great that were -- in the question and that certainly don't have the answer to I think. You know obviously if you're invested in your invested in it maybe it's best finish maybe it's best to drop out I think. We're what was prompting me to ask the question is. After I got college. Actually after after 2006. I got a my first quote unquote Smart phone and remember there was something called the iTunes you happen there. And it's really pretty profound if you go in there you see with there and so I -- You know if you're finding value in experience go ahead and and and pay for -- think just what I would question people on. Is it if it you have to take politics and diplomatic debt to do it. I think it's fair to ask if it's worth it given that the same contents of acceptable for tricky on line at that it's a fair questions. Wind and Kim maybe you can and to build wind people go to college there or when they're graduating. Seniors in high school. Are there are no hole. And monitors there that say okay. You wanna be a teacher that's wonderful. -- and in particularly if you have a passion for and would be obliged -- the salary ranges. And there's a good chance she drew getting into it. In order to retire you into the pension funds -- what they used to be in the page certainly not what used to -- Does anybody dole out that kind of the -- him. Now not at all. -- late to play extra traditional. Crime violent -- burst I was -- It saint yeah by the battalion usher. Thank you. Helped EU and India practical everyday life as far as certain jobs the Birmingham gonna be in science. But bang them in Latin and eat it the application I'm learning all the computer -- cheaper foreign relations and it will help me in my everyday work. Now give viewed some we just did. An hour Long Island wetlands laws for upon whom we would Clinton -- -- so it will have jobs here. Even if everything goes in his bed -- it might be able going to be flooding and of prolonged and the rest of the via. The world's it's at all in the -- going to be in the why are you sure partnership ago -- this -- your financial planner. Think. That he if -- abuse and said. The of -- as a IPO yesterday in the crunchers. It was a -- -- -- and secret from his these big things and he's spoken in -- view. And I said I do use Kendrick roach and you said bull and eat it and it did it goes is. A nice sides IPO in the money you would put into it. You're never gonna get back. Witnesses say the -- -- to report that that were all. -- though you'd that Prada. When there's no chance to you being able to be back drew 00. Fortitude to -- economic designated fiduciary -- have -- conversation that's probably exactly now would handle it. But yet with the other endeavors investments that are far larger society whether it's homeownership or college we don't we don't put the same fiduciary Jonas. On the people soliciting votes products or services and about the -- it's a great question. I was talking. Two of these young woman. Good to have -- one. The board board but it was ago -- ID bill. These young people old people from -- of world middle aged people. Britain -- coming years starting businesses can choose the creative and -- towards. Very exciting it would. She had a master's in business. She'd like to cook and she was bored with business. Came back and she won an award for per inning. An IPO. To do a hot dog for. But not just in New Orleans all over the country. With with different kinds of recipes and -- -- They're gonna give the -- toward. Liked to so much they gave for a league was the 101000. Mean. They did anybody stop it and like business. Exactly which and it is a business partner. Potentially get soon dependence ago. And secrets in the big what did -- age you may lose it in years you'd -- -- And particularly when you when you add that to back Garland. Student loan debt is one of the you can bet that not exportable and bankruptcies so you know you could almost even -- fortunate that the federal government is is liable to assert that. And that the tie in is. You know we have that how we got into the 20082009. Fiesta -- -- simplified by calling -- housing crisis but to me it was a far deeper things than that it was a it was a broken narrative along the lines of a false perspective that -- universe cents. And we're we seem to be it to me out summarize that narrative with everyone should go home. In the same narrative seems to apply community college which is every once you go to college in my view of it is is. We were always looking for security money frightened and not think the narrative before it was if you go to college that graduation. Grave security that you -- -- for. But the reality of it is we seem to be transitioning right now from corporation type economy to an entrepreneur -- type economy. And I think you're exactly right I think you need that's not something to employees but you certainly don't want go into being announced no war with with a six figure that bird. All right Republican ticket brings renewed a complex set of perceived in tremendously with the if we're gonna come do you. We're -- -- -- in to what bread roll to the call mud. This the -- once and he took my kids are way too young to speculate. On how they might progress and -- but. Listed below are fueled the alternative ideas I'm prepared to at least consider wouldn't talk to them about when the time com. And their three of them we'll talk about the first. Consider skipping college all together and read your -- Four year it's our program. We'll try to figure out what that meeting each right up the boots. With good about something we've been thinking about for a million years on the show a college's educational most of shall we go and is why -- -- one how would you ghoul about it I'll shoot you finances and so forth and so -- -- priests. From -- chief financial print money and Brad. Four tree whose very financial planner. The return on the show minute to minute time it would become acquaintances via a British Open a regular basis. And he had a fascinating publication cargo hold. And -- it. He linked to a video -- coldest college group worth the cost you decide. It was a joke on the with a microphone. All in urban tree. And you could see it to believe it. He would it was probably on gifts in fifteen minutes alone. And he just went from dual one young person to the other asking simple questions. You have -- -- college degree. What is -- what are you doing now and their world. Everything from strippers. To -- have peddlers. Bouncers. Bartenders. Aren't card -- words. -- -- -- And they hall had to do. Degrees of mathematics biology robotics. Economics. Science graphic design and radiology when they emit. And all of them for a -- there pedaling. Of Medicare. Or stripping. Or about cultural or Barton on no. Mrs. Not a good example of everybody about long -- but it -- if it's true. It was truly an eye opener and therefore. The subject of breads riding which was is college worth the cost. And before we get into the the three things that the bread -- -- quickly said it it's his kids down. When they're ready for college and have a discussion of -- there we go one -- our callers have been holding on. Is that says oversee. At -- -- how you do and it. Well I have that story in my family I have one daughter who not a law degree from UC Berkeley. And the other. And I didn't and she didn't get a college degree and now she started working at all. And and she shouldn't always make it over a 100000 dollar that you took the high school degree. And of course the split is she's in the area of California initiative keep Q again. We should do. Hi -- what they call it. She just trying to on the job and they kept sending your ma. And and at age issue and credit and and at age fifty a couple of years ago -- Sort of balancing. Did agree. And universities. And colleges. But. It's working with. You know we do. Appliances. You know it is not in the kitchen and would make it will present that as you know there. So. You went there because she wanted to do for herself that it wants and he wanted to enhance football people. Yeah -- that sound like a good reason I appreciated calling itself. Very much like the young people I've talked to it on to -- week and do village yesterday. Read it in your writing -- -- up three things that. When your kids -- ruled out he just may whole have this congressman. Dog -- -- about no one. -- Yes do what it was and number one was consider -- four year head start program and and I was you know suggesting the idea that rather than go to college. One considered and start end and applied for various internships. And and used that experience as the ultimate form of accreditation -- rather than. A 100000 dollar piece of paper that me and everybody else is graduated from college -- on the ball and and I think it was going with that was. I was on line of the day just playing around at Google and one of the things I've learned and I was mentioning under their employment opportunities is. Charged and we -- and nobody can argue few people are transforming the world like Google and on their employment language. There are no longer caring about what you GPA is. And I've I've even heard rumors that they're not that concerned even about college degree more because they're really just looking. For critical thinking skills. Creativity. And and sort of this the social dynamic of working well dollars which really I think described well the much for north -- an oral spirits. And I've found that fascinating sort of justification offer for the intern ship and it -- internship concept. You I've talked to people who grew little yesterday. And they said that that's exactly where there their focus is going its moral and -- to prove -- -- of thinking for yourself -- etc. you know. Portrait break I talked to. One young man out in the -- your calls live via a -- -- Toronto group who were killed but he. We're broadcasting live. And an idea interviewed him and that's that I'm curious. Your your. Barely 21 years ago -- use your starting the business. Your your coming here to get funding. When I was 21 years old is somebody said. The where you can make -- -- life page you'll make a couple of business. Go get somebody to give you the money in the new -- it. Curl the ball and suck my thumb and as Cingular -- how does the Melinda yields do this so accurately. And he said simple. We're not spoil like your generation we don't have. Moral one case we don't -- pensions and our future we don't see you corporation. We can get with the instant -- -- We don't have many tourists and that it kind of works into what you do. -- -- Your child. To Joe's considerate for your head start program. Absolutely and necessity is the mother of all invention I think that absolutely cracked and I think it's also -- baby boomers are having a hard time grasping the idea. That some of the things I think about there are the most. The former apparently just because that's the recipe works so well for them. On but I think young people are starting to see that you know Social Security is unstable there -- aren't more defined benefit plans and so that the futures kind of truly truly in -- on hand. And I think that can be fearful I think it can be highly liberating and I think I think that the level of success but young person today realizes will be how they choose to perceive that. -- thing that's what this country was built to let's take a break were common product with Brad portrait. But neutral play and are reluctant to written something. Different and very interest and concerning college not that it. Not a good thing to do not that it's a bad thing to do. But it's something that had should have different -- -- and WW -- W him whereupon the re. And a -- a big goal of Prodi jaguar opinion poll we do every day asked. Is college worth the corps in 52%. Of abuse say yet. I think that's what most people would would respond NC just spews like. In today's more more technological world that that shouldn't need all the help Pete -- when it comes to education but the questions -- starting to be house it's. What do agree is worth it -- And I stumble across a buried in pristine. Bought. From -- for -- you at a portrait of financial. Financial planner. Its goal is college worth the cause and bred to be able -- -- anything Hughes said that. Your two children born old and up to consider college you would talk to him about it and and well and it is economic return. Yes I just think. I think it's important you know it and most of the baby boomers that I mean by the time they get -- really with their contact me for. -- to optimize the world they've created for retirement so that they've sort of party may -- a lot of the major financial decisions in life they bought on the may be sent kids to college and so I think what was coming from is treated as an investment decision. It is I think it's fair to. Whenever were contemplating college you know certainly when anybody gives me money just like you mentioned earlier about buying candy crushed they're always going to know what the risk of losses and with the potential chance for a turn has its. The fundamental question we ask ourselves before parting -- are scarce precious capital and and I think I think it's fair to ask that same question of college because we do it's so. He knows it's it's something we just do. And we often don't think too much about then and so I think it's a fair question when I was suggesting there was just. Maybe maybe being more open with their kids and have that conversation about what are we gonna majoring in you know -- what where are the chances of -- not becoming a good investment and to the 52% of people who responded. Favorably on the survey that the the bias they might be. Facing is that how would they be in the same shape that -- -- without having gone through the experience and I think that's the question them posting. Tell me about the the next -- 529. Play. So by cannot play. And obviously that came about as a way to combat the rising cost of college costs is going up over a 1000%. And since 1980. It's just far out outstripped actual core CPI inflation then -- assuming we just think that. Let's just assume that that that because that much more value -- incorporated from the service side and I'll concede that. By if the reality is the average person when you factor in the -- mortgage expenses their taxes and everything else. In my view of college costs continue at their current rate. No matter what they put into their 59 plants probably not going to be enough to actually keep up with college particularly when spark with a stock market an all time on. So. I think when I was suggesting that there are some downsides of funding 529 maybe your child gets the scholarship and that means the money. Maybe your child -- does start business and now you have to -- and penalties and they'll go to college I was just suggesting. Consider allocating the same resource no words to yourself away from college just yet but formed an after tax vehicle a low cost after tax vehicle. To where you're you have more options which with how that how that get funded maybe your child decides they want start business and can use that money for start Pepsi money. 11 of the things I've been -- and they bill of one of the reasons we chose younger again. Isn't seven going straight to college and and majoring in immaturity. And lack of the degree. -- public go to Europe or Asia or or somewhere in spent a year of waiting tables. Bartender. Traveling. Because I truly think that. When I begin seeing the world totally differently. Is when I got -- Louisiana -- troubling the world that that was the best education I ever had. Because you see the ultimate poor UC the mega rich. You see the world works and if you're not motivated. By that you're never going to be a lot of people I think do that. Come back and if they do go to college they they make it worthwhile. And if they don't they end up there is one of these young entrepreneur who. You know I totally agree you know a reflect a lot of my own college experience and that article and IQ majors and immaturity and eventually eventually got out and I think there's a lot to be set for the experience of that and and and and you know I just think overall. It's. It's a fair thing to ask. If our experiences in the world whether it's to a business are natural curiosity you know I think the -- -- the student is ready -- feature appears well. It happens vehicle on the Internet right now and when I was truly ready to learn about the world and when I'd found my passion and economics and things of that nature. There is no shortage of the war on line. I'm interacting with with people who were one step removed from the Federal Reserve in terms of policy thanking him. That's the power of the Internet connections that is such a vast potential for knowledge and learning. And and most of the skills by -- like most of the skills that I acquired are required by going to a good high school and so. I think what I would ask is why wasn't my high school 100000 dollars for years ethnic I would rather have invested money with. That point. Very quickly we're out of time tell people how they get into a tribunal so tell how they watched that video reviews. You can just right on. Web site -- financial dot net and we have our blog on the right hand side the title of the article was is college -- the -- -- just pulled the link to video will be on the bottom blank and click on recommend everybody watches especially here. If you're not planning for college. Well worth the -- forgery good dog and you have a great day my friend. Go to video and -- that children Tony and precinct things could get the and talk about his modern technology killing relationships. Or re replacing intimacy would texting tweeting hosting and -- we'll be in that audience -- -- his next -- -- brigades of VA a little 53 yeah.