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3-27 4:35pm Bobby and Deke, Texas A&M Pro Day

Mar 27, 2014|

Bobby and Deke were joined by Suzanne Halliburton, Texas A&M beat writer for the Austin American-Statesman, to talk Pro Day.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

She attended today's pro day to day and also the future of the Aggie football program making a splash and -- -- to use the ACC. Suzanne Halliburton -- was the Aggies the Austin American statesman and Suzanne from afar. I chickened out on dog -- different networks like there was a who's who. A media day and also NFL exacts GM's coaches what was that like a -- donated ex presidents of. Cook -- action early in the that the side. Ex president and the Secret Service. That was kind of fun -- -- attack and they brought into the Bulldog. So that in the circuits I mean. I am Johnny it's choreographed thing he had six that it. Either of them former teammates helping them out and into looking -- line -- excellent sixty or. It one drop at saint. One Alabama and they aren't about -- In front of people and said okay what does that mean so I guess -- try to -- answering questions about whether he could be. You know the first period typical and it's a quarterback. As a hitting into the match screamed at. You know -- 1000 press went. And I think it's ever happened it was brought. That he actually before we start everything. He addressed everyone's like all the general managers coaches aren't in. And this a -- minus standing -- on that he appreciated him being here in. And -- who was that was I correct RO that Lucas there's really and that's and usually doesn't happen. Well Herm I know that have that and that's how -- I'm not sure he did it again -- probably and it can see in hopes to evacuate. -- He had a former New England Patriots quarterback. Come in and help him be able to. I expect them all and all kept it in the same intensity every night he -- beat me except -- that was all part of it. Training hosting. Now look at it in any -- everyone's. You know we talk about football year round and you look at. Spring ball and everyone's get ready for the upcoming season how optimistic are Aggie fans. When out. John -- -- their quarterback minority think they -- right there with the best of the best in the way as in. I know LSU fans and I think this rival we will grow especially. A look at LSU traveling that College Station on Thanksgiving Day in Texas the long slow part of that about it but LSU went and played and things -- and he says 1970 threes that looks like to me. Today it could be a great tradition in judge's comment on that and then what you think about their upcoming season in the west. Oh. You know. I stood a lot of Ali very optimistic even in the dark times state they're very good chance there's fool -- You know I try saying that maybe that they could be as a matter what a different quarterback to the kind of conflict you -- great. A player. In he can take to regain some time as teammates as it back to let him -- -- -- -- saying. And I think our football team as well in my hand who our -- more to the states and not you know one guy over Russia. And they had where a freshman are we saw Booker Kenny hill and then match local you it to Richard it's you're saying. And his twin brother is we chuckle -- to tackle for the tech chancellor. And I'm so that Q -- as you know battle it out. Kevin Hamlin is not allowing anybody to watch it spring training absolutely no idea how he's doing live -- is -- we had an -- -- Public spot on. I think their defense -- can only get better because I can't imagine it's a situation taking work at K state kid that played its funny young guys last year. And that is good in stretches. So you know a young -- have to get better Nicaragua and so that's what their open these guys mature they couldn't really get me. -- instead it will you know until the first game in the South Carolina on the road so. It -- gotten between him and. Now looking at against the Texans fan base. College Station Houston all of that area that's that's Texas country and the Cowboys are still -- in Texas yeah. Above what you look the Texans how much pressure are they getting. Our would approach you think keeping David -- John -- now are. And I was -- while they don't take him and he would go. And it AFC south full like Jaguars and have great success that they probably -- here. The end of the knob goes on the set of Vikings on NFC teams -- different story but what is -- -- a pressured to take men's LO. Well they're very I mean you can actually -- make that decision not to draft and young 2006. And after coming -- the national -- the longhorns. So it's not and president and the they would turn their back on it. Native -- cornerback. In. You know I keep the idea that. Think it's kind of a -- outside -- detection actually draft Donnie Campbell line. I'm. -- get ideas that they may be around -- march 14 and order that Billick -- I would prefer to our arms stereotypical. So you know quarterback I'd like follicles. And that's -- -- I'm getting. It is also drafted later this year it's like six weeks from -- Into you know. -- protection for that same hole and a 28 into. I mean tell -- like the runaway winner. Canadian fans have private -- -- -- they'd never lost an online call. So that's welcomed back if things get very they're very active in the Internet. And so yucky -- you know against Mike Mike may opt for the NFL network analyst with Shane character that's mean now. It's going to adapt have to adapt -- opted to sit in. So I keep hearing that perhaps deep into the mind -- which had there. We take him and -- And like an offensive minded coach like -- and find. Out here. You know we make it. So that's that's -- I'm in here and I'm asking you aren't -- actually. Read today and helmet and shoulder pads and that caused quite staring -- seemed. To have a dominant pitcher present. No no I did not end it does make a difference I even. A trade to get to a point I'll learn of Spurs players. And in college football to Wear a flak jacket now this is an up and going way back that is the -- to connection. -- -- to read the Houston Oilers are yeah it was wanted to first professional. Quarterbacks to Wear a flak jacket Don -- company was based out of Houston. It's so I broke my ribs and souls like halama learned to throw with the saw actually. You know would always Wear a flak jacket Israel bulky and now in the is custom fit now but. To be that's that's that's a great confidence builder. Does it you know you it's a lot different through additional that's even a helmet all of that vs. Just a T shirt and shorts. Yeah and it's funny I -- right after Johnny completed his pro -- Nike should not playing late at any time and they'll credit. And that helmet was featured in the tweaked and but and the charities that I did not mr. Cutler actually talent elementary it was all -- straight. And sat and sat DNA and -- deserve a lot of credit because the way that he has been in the position it. Yugoslav Aggies to a man in the background of the SEC Chris and had to -- up fifty yards out -- -- Get to him at short and it was Suzanne actually folks -- you want to -- well I met. And achieve these things Halliburton. And Halliburton with -- well. Actually. I'm doing some idiot today I'd never do that actually economic clip on Twitter at me until talking. It was it was you know circus atmosphere that. Outlook on things. Would have to check your -- Suzanne you've always been graces to its thank you so much of the time. -- -- -- and I let --