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3-27 4-5pm Bobby and Deke, Pels, Monty and pro day

Mar 27, 2014|

Riding a 4 game win streak, have you changed your mind about the job Monty Williams is doing as head coach of the Pelicans? PLUS: What are your expectations for LSU football this season? PLUS: we check-in on the SEC West. ALSO, which quarterback would you take in this year's NFL Draft--Manziel, Bortles or Bridgewater?

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Good evening and welcome the sports are below indicating -- Bobby -- I'm Deke Bellavia coming up on today's program a lot of talk about tonight's sweet sixteen at. Match -- sixteen teams that are left eight tonight eight -- -- -- -- the Cinderella games that rental was still alive goes. Those two teams are facing each other. They'll Wisconsin UCLA and Florida and San Diego State and Arizona night. Who are the odds on favorites to be there before with some value in the sweet sixteen -- always find there. -- biggest -- professional. Better and handicap for the Vegas front dot com pregame dot com will be would have us. Also we'll talk a little SEC football coming up on today's program as well as we look forward Bobby coming up tomorrow law LSU actually has -- -- Clinic that is going on right now and saint defense on in Iraq trial be speak in the ninth in the great Ray Lewis tomorrow and then next Saturday. He's the LSU spring -- so were you expectations for the Tigers in 2014. Living here early on and we'll talk about the rest. Of the southeast in football conference and also Bobby. In New Orleans pelicans a four game win streak doing it with as coach mighty wind it's a talent. Looks like a man shoot it down to what he has available fall for a lot of injuries although we want Peña kind of wanted to. Coach Williams doesn't Ottawa to make -- by injuries but can you point out some about a mansion into its kind of like. Through it and it just to make ship by -- we -- we noted the injured. But regardless of what's out -- feature all the money we and to not. The proof lately they've been winning in the they're winning some games against playoff caliber teams. The big one against the Brooklyn on Monday night of the middle -- seed in the east. And of course one of the top seeds still alive for 2304. In the west. Is this and they clear of us and they did it last night to -- all about the defense of anti moral so. What do you think about the pelicans and the job coach money we and his doing as of right now that's operated well our opinion poll. He would say like he got the right combination. Yeah. I mean -- the gaggle I don't know Tyreke Evans should have been started. You know and I know it's all hindsight. -- but you look at the combination of Anthony Davis and -- Tyreke Evans and I mean. What it was this is before played the Clippers they had combined collect 53 and a half points over nineteen rebounds eight half assists. In the passing games so. They got to it would not what I want I'm going to be there Friday night when they play the Jazz a game they should win this sitting at home in the way -- playing right now but. I don't think nobody could stop him from attacking the basket. That if you if the average. Like began his outside shot and knock dad down he'd be he'd be unstoppable and he I think he is -- than Anthony Davis. You look where he's at in and even beat what I'd even saying okay if coach having a meeting Anthony Davis -- leader and all you lead by example. And that this is his team achieving it be more his team obviously going forward now what do you do with the likes of -- garden. You want to about a misfit -- who doesn't necessarily fit what we're doing I think we are healthy. I think if somehow. You know we can move their Eric -- I think that's going to be key Beers in the CEO what would -- in the offseason that now look in. The -- solid 316. Mean whoever got this right. Our. You consider when you got to this somebody's gonna be an elite eight that's a double digit seed that being Dayton whose eleven our stamp reduced then you know now whoever pick them. You like the city do you at the Stanford. Our you know date with the and you look big on the on the other side. Of the bracket looking at the midwest. You know we're dog in the SEC basketball but they have three out of the sweet sixteen -- it didn't see anything yes the proof's in the put Seattle would you look at Tennessee now they I don't know. And anything can happen you know Michigan. Timmy missions what it goes I think if you feel money have been in the final four. You know considering with the did during the season. But you look at Tennessee the game when -- peaking at the right time and their overall record 21 and twelve. And -- you know had to play in game. To beat Iowa. The evening get into retirement but you look heading into an -- doubly tournament. And won five of their last six but in the loss to go to number one Florida SEC semifinals. So that they as a blatant they're very confident. Ballclub but. Big to fade -- be an upset I think there -- able to overtake the number two seeded Michigan Wolverines but yeah I'm kind of excited now. Big. I think me Chris was talking about this and he had eleven out of sixteen I have came out of sixteen. I still have all of Florida Virginia -- Arizona to a final four and -- still in the hunt. You know so. Green cruising cruising down a -- again. And that's impressive and and and he admitted he hit that it was luck when you don't Matta no no no he's still got it right Matta right. Mean and a bracken allowed that -- I don't have one team is not yet. Don't you guys can't I don't know what you gonna you know original blog would -- would it -- I think and like. Five out of six team -- prior wood really worth it right right on the Bible and sixteen yet judge I want it to lean two more towards the favorite. And also Bobby the NFL draft coming up another -- Hamas and today it was like a who's who former president and First Lady were -- and Johnny -- sales pro day. A College Station his man Zdeno has he changed a standard has he put pressure on more people to do what you would take. It's obvious his time in jail on wearing a helmet and shoulder pads and his Prodi work out. -- I was just on its -- these guys have never seen ever seen anybody try on the field on Sundays when it's time to play game. And have and have shorts and and a T -- on it just didn't make any sense to me that. Comic -- don't have anything I felt like I come out here and and making me throw that these guys that's until I'm one -- due -- shoulder pads. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah just your quarterback. Yeah I mean that they expect what he brings to the table as actually in -- game. Right I'm excited to get away -- of that stuff but no I mean his arm looks strong enough. For me. You know to be starting NFL quarterback. Now that he's going to be -- deeply held at eleven in and you reckless and either trying to play an NFL he did it -- seen them extend plays that he did BW you eager to be heard even before like RG three did you need to play Smart. If you look at even as big as he is and how he can run Colin -- College covering -- -- -- Russell Wilson Russell Wilson will run and you see him get down get out of bounds and and Jon -- zone and said no he realizes. -- NFL level that you have to play. That way but that's impressive. Greg really came -- logical thinking because I go back on the verge of daylight like as far as if if I thought that that time -- make in this league. You follow him Sammy that he can be help mop pointing right at eleven to two games he had against Alabama in in in Bryant in his freshman in the last year. As sophomore College Station. He might only eight years of National Football League and not have that mean he plays -- -- capability. You'll be successful at being in escaping quarterback. Well I think there's a time in place for. If you had a colleague cabernet. The two regular season games he played against the Seahawks vs the playoffs. The playoffs in Maine out to lose I'm -- on the tune in to tell you yeah yeah -- -- united saving yourself yet you know it yet they've got to pick and choose to give -- that has been a column note now. RB in a suitable type setting. So what have you BW got or policies this but I championship. Economic know who control the gas keeping your emotions into Yemen and and and that's why am I'm impressed -- Russell Wilson I think. He can't get to a point where he wants to do to too much. He eat the diamond -- as like well spoken and the even. Called up all the general managers and coaches before he worked out and like he addressed about thank you -- for coming here and up and realize that now that he is a professional. And then he's taken warm mature approach value actions speak louder than your words but I'll be interested to see the guy gets -- right now. At a Houston Texans what they do not want to happen they pass on him. And then OK because they divide it's you that's NFC that's how the vision. But it Johnny -- cells would go to Jacksonville Jaguars AFC south team and they come back and burned the Texans. How the local fan base who would be all over one and you take hip and it and it Texans organization was face -- discount the memo. Before a bit -- -- down yesterday -- John image that you know I will be does great because it gives us more fun things that talk about yeah I -- combined. -- I think arrogant about it but not good if he's good operated jaguar Pena bull riding a four game win streak and you change amount about the damn mind Williams is doing as a head coach the pelicans. This season. Take us out to 601878668890. Rates at its sweet sixteen Paxson and I'd be our biggest -- Of Vegas -- dot com as it would as they are good to have you on the program I know it sometimes would take in the past we've looked at like. Win streaks like the Detroit Red Wings win streak if you had been against Philadelphia. The last 25 -- -- sum total to they have won the all you can eat at you content of those moments. Like if the opinion that -- remember it against them. On the money line and then you're cashing tickets but the point it becomes the great equalizer is that team is being played on. -- they really haven't been against the spread -- Pound it covered six that kind of pain and Colin find an -- and -- -- in nineteen -- for any points. The Moneyline is just so high I mean it becomes too outrageous. And you can't even really in many places to -- a -- example was tonight. -- went on -- dollars once you stand. Yet the that 8800. Dollars Allen here on the strip only one -- the number and -- the 8500. To win now under you -- -- -- If you -- I'll find out and get -- -- conjure. But here -- only one shot the ball on the money line begin again he got to put 8500 -- went on injured so they're not to keep it in the money away. VI out of all the collar team that from the sweet sixteen where's the best back. Bank that you. -- -- Com and and there's two reasons number one coming in the tournament this team got absolutely no respect they were number one seed that was getting upwards of eighteen to one. Some places twenty don't want you know what they want their first round game. I went over to become a pocket because they still have -- lines -- on futures and beef pork. Virginia played their second game they -- still. Eighteen I want. So they can get -- bank and nail against Michigan State's. They are one seed and they could be on to some places it was as if to when I can't. And left it short and public money because. I'm money com debt agrees with that and looked comfortable now. I expect a lot of the professional bettors from everything anchor could be remembered seeing it because in neutral quicker. But that make this game pick up. And what the public trying to line up on Michigan State's I think it would been number one seed Virginia and could still get -- Tend to want more higher I don't want to see -- -- maybe that's where the Value Line. Now they are looking at. SEC chance of Florida Gators played the UCLA Bruins. Steve Alford outstanding job by UCLA. To win the pac twelve tournament that Arizona. But when I attacked you this -- because in the play and you look at UCLA vs Florida. Bought and drove by the gators having their number they've lost to Florida what and 2011 and a third round 2007. National semifinal. 2006 national final. Is that even and coming to play out and revenge factor they kind of all the Florida Gators are not really and it's. Now you know why because college basketball it's changed so much and you really don't get three year four year starters. Come a point if they all. We're here for years starter they're probably running the pinch. You know almost -- one in on it that these days so I don't they get sport the players -- -- that -- bench. Actor now they may have a bad taste in the -- because all those losses came when it mattered most. And I think as a head coach it kinda wanna bring that history often maybe motivate your team a little bit. About how this team is not -- Now when it really counted out but I don't think you could really use that is as a lot of motivation and at the end of the day. Out what I learned from betting sports as long as I have. Usually motivation like -- last may be the first two or three -- Calm then they get into the rhythm and that fit and the way have been able to take advantage of it is maybe in -- -- Where -- a bad first quarter work firsthand because you know achieve that come out. Higher up but eventually they can get into that big game into the rhythm and the motivation ELE can't carry her there I don't think so. Now -- VR of Wisconsin number two seed the Baylor Bears that was six want your take on. Baylor and looks like we're coming into the tournament there when I won ten of their last twelve. And you look at their land and their talent. As they'd -- they'd be a difficult match almost anyone who they play do you like Baylor IR RL was kind. I'll tell you that. Like what counts and highlight -- When the line was a little -- well outside cleaning even for so personally I'd -- them on the money line just to win that game come because I just think. So get the call. Can shoot like wow like Baylor did. They're a break you know -- -- you likely be in the first round adding your plane 48 hours later. You could carry battle for a sport you do it lights out today in the sweet sixteens to carry that over the leading. But when their sport I'd be in between. I don't think they're gonna go in on the court and shoot 64%. -- -- I don't think they're gonna shoot 61% from the three point line. Against Wisconsin so for me I think is the outfield with Scott and more importantly I think the right signs the under. On the line with his -- 130 and then because both teams scored 85. Points in their last game. But I think if you can be a lot toward the offensive oriented and let's not forget when you have more time to prepare it kinda gotta give the edge. -- defense more than any offense it's not like in the elite eight and 48 hours here they've had. Plenty of time to prepare for each other. -- -- got to get the news but in about 32 give us your best pick of the night. Not that it -- in until followed by talent don't know. Over Saint Louis stately appoint what Arizona this team's for real I like Arizona vs Virginia. And attribute as I have I don't know what the -- going to be national championship. But I have a few choice Arizona have a mutual Virginia so tonight I like beyond -- and Taylor Wisconsin and I like Arizona's well. And again tomorrow. Sleep on that urging the team. Beyond soccer folks -- on Twitter. Check me out at his -- on Letterman and. -- come and all thanks -- the meat. They always the president what toxin. I did Vegas run out of a Vegas run dot com grading a full game win streak against some pretty good teams maybe change your mind about the job my -- -- his head -- to the pelicans eleven left. And the regular season including the final two games at. So who became semi against two playoff bound teams could beat to determine who's tutorial for the seeds. And that will be against Oklahoma City on Monday the fourteenth followed by the sixteenth that wins and I April 16. Against the Houston Rockets -- vote online at WWL. Dot com music KJ came by the Hebert and Deke Bellavia about a lot of history made in the -- tournament the first time final forty years. They're a team from the state of Indiana and England all the great basketball history. Did not have a team in the NCAA tournament who is with seventeen and fifteen they'd need to make -- in -- TB it. Also schools from -- -- Bobby from West Virginia Arkansas Mississippi who -- success in the NCAA tournament. And the recent years one not in the NCAA tournament notice this Arenas and Wall Street Journal. Thanks to them out and he'll receive passes on the sports section to me says Dartmouth the last tournament of chance was in nineteenth pick in. In -- Lance was the last time they were in the tournament. New Hampshire as -- means he is an NC team. While Maine has never I have worn -- -- neatest thing was close to beat each year. Dumbest finished sixth in agony while Maine New Hampshire tied for ninth in American east but when you think about the great history. Of Indiana and Illinois about a team in the stadium hand not determine -- -- the last pool -- and people they don't you know I don't sit win and the time -- You know reason to turn a program around a feel good story you know he's -- to. On the hall ball system but he won't last long on 1750. And -- and that would be like. The state of Kentucky or North Carolina haven't anyway if tonight is like a football program like Alabama all -- all the big I'm -- football programs that don't do well they just don't sit well it's bigger and by the time I was out. I had a chance to watch the special. That was on I think it's CBS sports a satellite. All Kentucky basketball. In the history of in depression. The NCA if you haven't seen a documentary about I think cub blue grass on. It's unbelievable he gives you an idea because we're -- football minded -- it. That yes they are there are certain states that did this sport it is is not football. They would they Dave -- live and breathe it and they go back to that they -- -- Duke. And Kentucky team. And it was 11 year I'm legislator had some. Stricken from the books in the state to conduct when nobody commit -- -- because of the sick and that Tibet and took teams in basketball so much and got the robbery Louisville. A minute it's a great documentary specialist on me in the those two teams and they are about an awful awful gets into the game. Yet and that's. I mean that she's a casual sports fan but not a good day you know we talk about Auburn Alabama football and that you don't like both teams you are out with a -- Kentucky right -- go -- that bode too well. Mil Kentucky people -- -- -- a lot of energy and assertiveness that bracket now. Riots they don't want -- was side the other day all you gotta be read a blue yeah you came via a combination. I was in residency and when he played out here a couple of years ago 2601878668890. It's in -- come back to -- special -- Suzanne Halliburton. Who was taken out Johnny -- zealous pro day today and also what about the Aggies moving forward. They was splash today SEC in their first two years first year and of course last year meant to -- final game with his -- one against Duke. In the chick filet bowl but who's up next. For the Aggies in what they continued as they -- going to be a contender -- as a big league. Be now that you -- is -- a night opponent -- gave them you know that and it has got immediately so around yes out of order of their athletic medicine in the market saw him via M yesterday and am starting -- tradition things in and night. She attended today's pro day to day and also the future of the Aggie football program making a splash and -- -- to use the ACC. Suzanne Halliburton -- -- was the Aggies the Austin American statesman and Suzanne from afar. A -- out on dog did different networks like there was a who's who. A media day and also NFL exacts GM's coaches what was that like -- -- donated ex presidents of. Quote like I normally ended -- the side. Ex president and the Secret Service. Bed that was kind of fun watch what. And they brought that you Bulldog. So that in the circuits would be. I -- Johnny -- -- choreographed thing he had six of the either of them former teammates helping them out and and looking straight 6164. Excellent sixty -- Had one drop at saint. One Alabama and the moment that turned out. In front of people and said okay what does that mean and so I guess which he tried to answering questions about whether he could be. You know the course period typical and it's a quarterback. Has -- -- -- hitting the mat scream or that. You know -- 1000 press went. And I think it's ever happened it was brought. That he actually before we start everything. He addressed everyone's like all the general managers coaches aren't in. And this -- -- and until Monday the appreciated him being here in. And -- who was that was I correct RO. Lucas there's really advancing usually doesn't happen. Well Herm I know that have that and that's a com I'm not sure he'd do it again he'd probably and it can see it was -- to evacuate. He had a former New England Patriots quarterback. Coming and it helped him would be able to. Dissect them all and all that gets in the same intensity every line he -- beat me except get that was all part of it. -- -- -- Now look at any in any -- everyone's. You know we talk about football year round and you look at. Spring ball and everyone's get ready for the upcoming season how optimistic are Aggie fans. When out. John immense though being their quarterback minority think they -- right there with the best of the best in the way as -- I know LSU fans and I think this rivalry will grow especially. Look at LSU traveling that College Station on Thanksgiving Day in. Texas the long -- part of that about it but LSU went and played and things -- mandates as 1970 threes that looks like to me. Today it could be a great tradition and yeah -- just comment on that and then what you think about their upcoming season in the west. -- -- You know. I should a one Ali very optimistic -- -- in the dark times states they're very cute and there's little. You know I tried saying that maybe that they could be as a matter it's a different quarterback -- the -- Sometimes like you -- great football player. Game he can take poker game and sometimes -- teammate and sit back to let him it's here -- -- -- And I think our football team as well. He might have thirteen more to the states. And not you know one guy challenge. And they had where a freshman -- -- we -- -- -- hill. And then match local -- -- Richar -- you're saying. And his twin brother is what you -- up its attack. The Jaguars. And I'm so -- Q Murton you know battle it out. Kevin Hamlin is not allowing anybody to watch -- spring training absolutely no idea how he's doing live -- is you know we had an actor like -- Conflict going on. I think their defense it's can only get better because I can't imagine in some situations it's getting worse at K state did they played the podium last year. And that is good in stretches. So you know a -- -- have to get better Iguodala and so that's what they're hoping he's got richer they couldn't really get me. In sight if that it will intently until the first game and -- South Carolina on -- -- so. Be a lot of -- gotten between him. Now looking at against the Texans fan base. College Station Houston all of that area that's that's Texas country and the Cowboys are soaking in Texas yeah. Probably you look the Texans how much pressure are they getting. -- would approach you think keeping David -- John immense now are. And I and I was saying while they don't take him and he would go. And it AFC south full like Jaguars and had great success that they probably -- here. The end of the knob goes on the set of Vikings on NFC teams have different story but what -- -- a lot of pressured to take men's LO. Well -- there is I mean you can actually thought make that decision not to draft and young 2006. And after he was coming -- the national changed the longhorns. So it's not unprecedented the they would turn their back on it. Made attacks -- cornerback. And you know I keep the idea that. Think it's kind of a launch -- -- detection actually draft Donnie Campbell line. -- -- like it ideas that they may be going to hurt more tricky and or that -- -- I would prefer to our arms stereotypical. Well you know quarterback I'd like follicles. And that's -- -- I'm getting. It's also drafted later this year -- like six weeks from now. Into. He's protections have the same and cool and that's what I can do. I mean tell -- like the runaway winner. That contain him stand tetanus and pride motto that says they never lost an online call. So that's probably can't act if things they're -- they're very active and Internet. And so -- -- -- an against Mike Mike may not an NFL network analyst with saint whoever drafts me and now. It's going to adapt have to -- -- opted to sit in Japan. So I keep hearing that perhaps it deep into mind it hasn't had sensed. We take him and I'm in like an offensive minded coach like bill -- crap out here. You know we make it. So that's that's what I -- in here by asking you aren't -- actually. Read today and help each other cats and that can't quite scary I don't see it. Did you have a dominant pitcher pregnant. No no I did not end it does make a difference I even it's a trade to get to a point -- -- of Spurs players. And in college football to Wear a flak jacket now this is an up and going way back that is the -- to connection. Then -- to read the Houston Oilers are -- was wanted to first professional. Quarterback to Wear a flak jacket Don -- the company was based out of Houston. It's so I broke my ribs and souls like halama learned to throw with the saw actually. In all would always Wear a flak jacket Israel bulky been -- is custom fit now but to be that's that's that's a great confidence builder. Does it you know you it's a lot different thrown judicial that's even a helmet all of that vs. Just a T shirt and shorts. Yeah and it's funny I'm right actor Johnny completed his. I -- pretty Nike -- I'm playing. Because I got there -- on and they'll credit on. And that helmet was featured in the tweak them and but and the charities that I did mr. Cutler actually sound elementary it was all worked. And sat there SI DNA and am deserves a lot of credit because the way that he has been in the position it. You can see a lot Aggies to a man in the background of the SEC -- -- he had to -- up fifty yards -- everything. Get that camera at short and it was Suzanne actually folks file you want to win well I met. LT these things Halliburton. And I'm Halliburton -- well. Actually. I'm doing some idiot today networking that actually economic -- on Twitter at mantle (%expletive) It was. It was you know circus atmosphere that. Outlook on things. Whether it's -- your -- Suzanne you've always been graces to its thank you so much and attack. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All right Suzanne Halliburton. A -- in the -- -- -- -- -- -- their -- pro day to day that's the most around for -- well and he got -- be surprised going forward that they might as a pro potential prospects. You might throw -- -- you shoulder that was of those -- -- those -- you might -- mental and have the money while he did adding it's LSU to him he's going to yeah yeah yeah. We don't do it on me if you think about Ellis is -- -- -- -- -- eight quarters he'd -- good about a quarter and that's it and -- six -- -- corners -- -- showed him now they are a lot more to get to. Sweet sixteen and since coming up. The -- drag a full game win streak and a call us coming up on the brink that's right is never. And not football season college about what's in spring games on the horizon including. The LSU Tigers what are your expectations for the Tigers in 2014. What about the job money we have just doing this season as head coach of the -- this is -- salt. Going to 8 PM the night right here on WW ago.