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WWL>Topics>>3-27 5:20pm Bobby and Deke, Alabama Football

3-27 5:20pm Bobby and Deke, Alabama Football

Mar 27, 2014|

Bobby and Deke speak with Aaron Suttles who covers Alabama for the Tuscaloosa News.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- kind of one program in college so Boller is championship or bust. It's Alabama and -- took over the Alabama crimson time for the Tuscaloosa news. The -- now as we embark on spring football and thank you so much for the time and not. I think fans sometimes get excited about what they see all they lose and his caddie came be as good. But that's not really the way Nick Saban approaches the ball they expected to have played a step in and be as good if not better every year on that. Yeah it's it's remarkably -- and Ellis in a matter you know coaches earlier in the Q the last two years without juniors that badly but you know they've got guys that that hurts a little step and in kind of filled out those boards and help him much same way. You know there's something to be sent. About three year starter at quarterback. And there are a lot position that when you recruit well. -- And not drop all that that substantially. The quarterback is one that. That elderly and had to replace and awhile where you're in a long time starter so. Battle at the position that everyone looks that alters burning. But in the ball camping and really right into the West Virginia game there Atlanta Tom. But. Replacing it is no small task cannot thank Nick Saban has kitchen staff knows that they got there were up from there. There are very similar to -- you know you always get the quarterback questions. Now stagnant -- to have the accomplishments of AJ McCarron it's still considered NFL quarterback NFL -- so. Speaking along those notes is their front runner. Are look at the backup. You know last year -- ligament and Blake Sam's. So just break down oh who's the guy evening has been that being the quarterback -- I don't know Saban made it to be by committee -- is gonna go along guys. But you know I think most most observers feel as you that the quarterback -- That's probably in the lead at one not even on campus. Or stay right now on. And Jerry Coker quarterback from -- all the mobile. Well -- went back out. Are you gonna graduate from ordered state and transferred to Alabama. Com and most feel that that he's probably. The guy a big six -- five. Athletic. Roster and given them -- -- but you know round action yet he had zero chemistry would be wide receivers from zero pats system and -- Cooper. Are Christian Jones European -- I'm certainly got on campus you know Blake's -- the most experienced that. If you are number last year there -- -- about fifteen point after all it. Behind him the quarterback to cook a couple snaps and it didn't attempt -- and all that Al Morse. There's going to be a redshirt sophomore so of the guys on campus you know you're looking -- not a lot of experience. Kicker -- -- on the ball -- and got some experience. In any game in the running some extra option cot stuff but in terms of what Alan Ball and there's which is very pro style. Not not -- of the guys on this I'm not a -- got any experience at all. Aaron how can folks Tebow would Alabama's follow me on Twitter. About it on it -- -- fumbles or -- about it that cut sports dot com. Wednesday -- scrimmage and but it -- on guys and settles Cuban over and Alabama football for Alabama Tuscaloosa news' Aaron thank you so much that time we appreciate.

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