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3-27 5-6pm Bobby and Deke, Pels, Monty and pro day

Mar 27, 2014|

Riding a 4 game win streak, have you changed your mind about the job Monty Williams is doing as head coach of the Pelicans? PLUS: What are your expectations for LSU football this season? PLUS: we check-in on the SEC West. ALSO, which quarterback would you take in this year's NFL Draft--Manziel, Bortles or Bridgewater?

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Good evening welcome our number two of sports talk about the Kasey Kahne and Bobby Hebert I am a Deke Bellavia coming up later this now we will speak. With Aaron Soto also covers the Alabama Crimson Tide. For the Tuscaloosa news and also I'm Logan Larry I was Mississippi State -- feel that if there is a talk -- seem any SE CDC eight could be the Mississippi State -- up the night before assault there. Problem that quarterback over the course of last Kobe is that they've come up. With two young players and had an extremely well to Louisiana gas we'll talk about that coming up later in the hour plus. The -- pelicans and talked about the pelicans throughout this entire season those two people with the team. Or more familiar with them and others know that this team has been plagued with injuries. No rhyme or reason. -- the -- bug Acie Law it is at an early and -- him off the but they're playing probably their best ball of the season late in the season riding a four game win streak -- should be extended to five of the entertain the Utah Jazz. Tomorrow it's with the kings and what asking you write this four game win streak. Your mindset has it changed about the job coach money we just doing. It's -- go to the pelicans. Do you stand -- All what you said earlier if you thought well maybe it's on the make a move. Audio like which is saying now at the end of the season -- with his team has on the books know what is coming back. And as eleven games left. In the regular season plus LSU's spring football game is a week from the sedated clinic is this week in. What are your expectations for the Tigers this football season as always -- by the cajun cannon Bobby -- Yet big I think god. Especially as of late when it again department lately if you look at the direction of pelicans and clawing and you know whenever. You're able to beat a team like the Miami Heat you could say. And as of late he can look in the east and the Pacers and heat to a bowl. Kind of struggling and you playing so many gains you can see maybe. Where yep phases. When you look at it. That would they played the Miami Heat within a five game losing streak. To Miami. And then they were able to come out on top. And you look at the Clippers with their and so when he whenever you've beaten. Watches it whenever you beat a team like the heat. Like the Clippers was considered. The chance to be champions. Obviously the heat the Clippers maybe coming on the west. That they get to the attention now. You don't wanna be so mostly higher up and down that come tomorrow night. You lose to the Jazz at home because. -- ads against it c'mon. We got Tillman and now you wanna keep Burnett to gain. You should be able to. -- -- it just goes to to show you. And if you look right now -- that Philadelphia seventy sixes. And you know that's like a hopeless situation. Where -- you look at it is a record obviously did not want. In an extremely -- Cavaliers back in 201011. -- in the -- dropped 26. A straight. You know during the season and if you look at right now the 76ers. They almost have to pull off an upset that play with the Rockets tonight at Houston you know. And big event that that's a record they'll end up having your losses pars -- Tonight they had the -- then. The fix is it set a record at home. Like that words tonight they lose to arrive at a tighter -- they -- said that record at home. Lanka against the Pistons. Come -- when Neitzel. Tell by halves and have nots. That's almost a team that will what do they played for I mean. What is their future and where are you don't have that here in New Orleans you can actually. See how hard -- -- how they hardly played the money Williams. And and it's exciting basketball and an Anthony Davis how he's played polls. All star break Tyreke Evans. In in the starting lineup. Like I've said it in the first hour Timmy edges with. The misfit toy and that is Eric garden how can they move him. And I think to have the point guard -- -- what everybody healthy right you look at who's played small. Are powerful only how you moving and what you get in return you know. Right right now but I mean -- and this and I don't know how does that come back from his injury right will will know how. You gonna get something of equal or lesser value of Eric Gordon now. Not -- going to sign a Max contract right right you know by don't know -- and is that -- know exactly as he would -- New York Sam has to say thank you for calling debuted at Uga. Our guys I appreciate your return in the champs current boards are perspective so I wanna try to do certain site so. I was like ten are able Monty supporters so from my perspective. I haven't wavered on at all so much to it to first at the questions. Mom I really like what they've shown lately -- and that doesn't mean they should produce our approach and that in that. -- -- Question about from the you don't arms rotation are. So Arctic so -- took took to -- specifically. Are critical coach the whole -- weren't so great job. Cory Kevin wearing I want it to -- quick. Our -- believe freak is better one way or the other because when you look at our seniors and as a compliment it and he was able tore it off the bench that speech thing. Makes a huge difference then -- -- -- It would because he was pouring out that did not speak Florida beat dark and not trying to paint so we're seeing that -- just to -- to recruit more comparable. And that has thought trance transform him to be be a little more productive player the last couple months. I had in the last Liu. Court just urge all the that he changed they have -- and they never want that supports. All it -- Portland to take some time about it either ballclub our -- every day and collapsed in the opener. I don't want any doubt that he was worthy of support. And now our church stands and people that love Portland's. True to luck to come out and support he's got -- writing about. And so we -- -- they. Long -- special. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well I would say -- -- -- had to say you -- some valid points and only thing you could say great about a team that it's not have a good record. Is maybe one of their players and I think what Anthony Davis has done this season has played great. I think my -- has done some some good things but I don't I don't think you could say. Great is a word just like Lowell has thrown around too loosely and I think they're great I think the teams that are going to be. Made in the final four. The final four teams -- a final two teams in the east in the west are teams of greatness. Mountain men had been a great. Well the last a great team had. I don't -- -- -- all Angeles when we took this pars only game seven yeah 2000 you know where we win that series in Western Conference championship. Noted that that that agree I agree -- thank you for calling WW well. I know I know. Yeah yeah I think dealt with Jake and Micah -- I would let that you know what -- who do every good man I would I would think a world which I would being. And took over Gooden. Maybe do drew had to be and try to see above and will be -- and devote hours now Ryan built. I think they'll meet the pelicans and to contend -- because -- it -- -- that first point. And spent about a week removed from the -- focus when it. Bryant and Jamaican breeze and Anthony Davis in the post I think that it made Republicans at the content. Well you're not around Rondo is is the best of their of their group no question about it but I mean. I'm not given up on Jrue Holiday Jrue Holiday it was an all star and he let it be that great that he's playing at a -- -- hold on I'm just giving our prospective. You tell my ship and somebody out a media Rondo is that the question out of those three I mean you can be -- fall and rise on Rondo is the best and always most season. He's been father he's a champion. But -- I think holiday in this mix there's a police line well but I they beat -- is trying to say is to try yet and ties fueled that they guard at a given how exciting -- -- to take off but I if they lose in the holiday though I don't I don't know about I wanna lose I won't be -- would be on a mindset. -- if you could -- Gordon away game off the books whatever you can get in return. Would be all right because I really do think -- -- team other don't want it to one or two other place pieces they've they've got pretty much everything they need other -- time and experience. And I can actually what mode and you have to do that just. -- feel like I'm -- -- I think. Giroux and it is as a as a nice point guard I think he's and that that against you this secret lines -- Oh Williams from Brooklyn and may have been a carry Irvin that the couple added -- thank -- it is right up under. A week to give it a record and and then and that -- that I don't like to Dave Bush I would tree -- do -- both little and he'd be expression when you've got to try to read. And the way model could -- about come -- not to bench better increase his minutes. And then you know I think I think that came a bit and that more excited that they were a bit -- to contend in this draft that that that. I don't think jewel had a -- as a group. Just are paying. It would be Greek and would get some. And and done that Utley and McCain -- air -- episode makes what do you think now you look personalities. A Rondo would money Williams. I think what we'll when they clash are how would you take -- Maybe he will fit right because like actually he's would be essential no. Deep passionate about or if he doesn't look foolish. He passive about our two week gap that we get the right and -- could score a lot I. Don't want don't want -- -- -- to throw -- to you know -- you -- to OK whose team is it and to me wherever Rajon Rondo goes. He he's it's can be his team but IE VE it you know now this is going to be listening to davis' franchise. And I mean and they should bring somebody like LeBron James and you know Kobe Bryant has some. Andy Davis is like like Steve cursed a few weak musical we play Boston. He doubled the big one at three best players in this league this is his team you know with the way that it is personality it -- it's like you don't -- B -- fault no -- if you could work with him exactly what I -- Tim Duncan for a nominee Tim dominance they must but I mean that's his team right right -- team kind of one program in college so Boller is championship or bust. It's Alabama and -- took over the Alabama crimson type of Tuscaloosa news. -- is now as we embark on spring football and thank you so much for the time and not I think fans sometimes get excited about what they see all they'd lose and his caddie came be as good. But that's not really the way Nick Saban approaches the ball they expected to have players stepped in and be as good if not better every year on that. Yeah it's it's remarkably some emotion a matter you know coaches earlier in the Q the last two years without juniors that badly but you know they've got guys that that hurts a little step and in kind of filled out those boards and Alabama's -- same way. You know there's something to be sent. About a three year starter at quarterback. And there are a lot position that when you recruit well. Guys. And not drop all that that substantially. But quarterback is one that. That elderly and had to replace and awhile where you're in a long time starter so. Battle at the position that everyone looks that alters burning. But in the fall camp and really right into the West Virginia game there and a com. But. Replacing it is no small task cannot thank Nick Saban has kitchen staff knows that that there were up from there. They're very similar to -- you know you always get the quarterback questions. Now that -- -- to have the accomplishments of AJ McCarron it's still considered NFL quarterback NFL orange so. Speak and along those notes is their front runner. Are I look at the backup. You know last year l.'s ligament and Blake Sam's. So just break down oh who's the guy evening has been that being -- quarterback caller. I don't know Saban made it to be by committee -- he's gonna go along guys. You know I think most. Most observers feel -- as you that the quarterback and that's probably in the lead at one not even on campus. Or stay right now on. And Jerry Coker quarterback from -- all the mobile. Well -- went back out. Are you gonna graduate from -- state and transferred out man dot com and most feel that that he's probably. The guy a big six but by. Athletic. Roster and given them -- -- but you know round action yet he had zero chemistry would be wide receivers from zero pats system and -- Cooper. Are Christian Jones European -- I'm Carter got on campus you know Blake's -- the most experienced that. If you are number last year there -- -- about thirteen point after all here. Behind him the quarterback to cook a couple snaps and it didn't attempt -- and all that Al Morse. There's going to be a redshirt sophomore so of the guys on campus you know you're looking -- not a lot of experience. Kicker earlier -- on the ball Blix and got some experience. In any game in the running some extra option cot stuff but in terms of what Alan Ball and there's which is very pro style. Not not -- of the guys on this I'm not a -- gotten any experience at all. Aaron how can folks Tebow would Alabama's -- on Twitter. About it on it -- -- fumbles or -- about it that cut sports dot com. Wednesday -- scrimmage and -- They're -- -- guys errant settles Cuban over and Alabama football for Alabama Tuscaloosa news' Aaron thank you so much of the time we appreciate. The New Orleans pelicans last night big victory over. The LA Clippers at smoothie king sent somebody in the the defense today in -- was impressive. I mean he should now Chris Paul and he had in -- -- I can understand it's a little -- have all night -- good defense but still the number is all what they all right I mean he just. It this team when they play well. In -- -- and I you have to you have to. To look at everything and is there landed -- has -- -- approach. It ga gotta found they were able to overcome they'll come right his team's Theo has had its full complement. Both players so in -- got eleven games -- finish up strong 500 those eleven games -- in a way with some positive momentum. And then move info about it I mean honestly. You could say all right everything is still the same honesty anomaly to say even Eric Gordon you know it's attract anybody you know bring anybody in. I still think they will be a much better ball colleges here I don't even they don't add another piece I kinda got too much on what they need already here. Well and then. And I think my anyway it was a you know you'd never know you -- push the right buttons but I think obviously he's learned because down the stretch. The Tyreke Evans needs to be a starter. And setting you know in the whole coming of the bench and you have a background and high -- -- structured you know money was he's been at Davidson coach. That all of a sudden you don't really hear people bragging -- Tyreke Evans is defense. It's about no. How skillfully as as a shooting guard. Are small forward. You know I just wish at times that because I think he actually would be unstoppable he still get that rim no matter what but it begin. Knock down those outside shot -- -- penetration. Would Aniston. You know knock him down the threes. And. Can we gear that we I would take -- Gordon and gave him the three innings and it was Lopez back you have -- -- and the what what will almost had a Lopez play nice -- -- -- venues that we we don't want some more games -- yeah we we need we need somebody from anything that might. You know they're out of -- -- -- big -- is going 60% of their games and UNC has any games. And not make the play. I -- that's crazy it and that. -- made bogeys a reason why -- -- I don't know I have ever seen the way I think anything congress that much different are on when you have winning and losing teams and not talk about the league teams like the pieces are. The heat but I'm saying overall. The almost thugs on the right word are in force there should say they need somebody. Marco -- -- on the gas needed to happen and you did davis' back unique yet Unita hardcourt do it and now I'm very nice yeah I'm going to be driving down the middle there aren't Billy not to even score. Did you just plays the style of defense. You know obviously rebounded them not to be a scorer but but just so to speak have Anthony davis' back. You know and then so that's yet that's one area. Devlin has to change -- I don't think that that individual -- the center position. And that's. He is even on the teams have been since the you know we can upgrade and obviously. What has been exciting at the most exciting time of year mean even though you're not going to the playoffs but everybody to play hard I mean to win and our -- -- over. Although Boston and broke and to win over the Clippers. So much more than in just a moment spring football is on the way our roster that is peppered with Louisiana players including a young man who played in the egg bowl. And now was in a championship the year prior and Damian Williams now ballclub -- liked him more Saturday quarterback and some fear that. They have the right pieces in place to maybe make a run in the SEC the season with talk about. The Mississippi State Bulldogs Logan Larry took over Mississippi State for the northeast Mississippi daily journal. Logan thank you so much for a time in many people they did miss a -- they will be a lot better this year because of deck press. Yeah they're really -- -- and you actually true Louisiana quarterback they dropped their own one suit that's all. -- -- -- -- -- one of the few teams around it be because that have a quarterback -- eagle I don't bring you know that -- got kind of 01 that role and prudent they'll almost built last year -- I think that a lot of expectations or is it a guy that. Yeah I get everybody the only team you know believe and you know not think he can beat magnetic ball on for the first -- of that game. You know with a with a shoulder injury in and come out and gently back it took out a game in the fourth quarter in and lead to deal of time victory which -- -- game. You know fourth straight bowl game -- to stay that's first time they've ever done that in school history you know a lot of they expect -- back or neck beard. Now look -- that being said in and you talk to -- accomplishments it seems like I've talked a -- miss to be state fans. That they kind of hot and cold on Dan Mullen level what is your take on that is that like well what every -- and Mario lately kind of dangled a hobby I have big big bowl it seemed like that was huge for him. They're really look you know kind of middle middle a year last year but he Kirk -- they -- warm up a little bit here are for demo that argument you're unique kind of -- -- -- or -- all trauma and a you know -- in the last three games the year. Four straight ball game and an old convincingly like a period. Along keeper for -- you don't -- as he appeared to be state. -- you know a lot of experienced players are -- -- -- are eighteen starters from last year's. Yeah a lot of players come back and kind of be an optimistic this year the Alley. So many are -- and we you know does -- think -- go out there. Logan I know you know being in the Indy Juqua ranks as so many is Michigan State is always had a strong presence. A granola based video. In a while but not all the Mississippi. But it looks like now when you look at all all the numbers and on them look at them calm and look at him tomorrow. And now look at the guys you have in Louisiana from -- all from John Curtis Dutch town west Monroe. It seemed like -- Dan Mullen has done a good job in the wheezing and two in and maybe not that the so called. Coveted players it deflected school LSU won't but he still made to bring some Louisiana products over they'd do well what. Exactly dale you get about your body you know especially -- you know batters church and the now they don't coaches in the restate that and Alabama and Louisiana. Into what they do recruiting they wanted to make sure they get ordered and -- that are out recruiting and that the R&R. It's no space you know -- on the border to be an elderly and obviously a talented I excrement beat state you know a lot of players. I'll probably respect it. Most students stay where we have lawyer -- all the lead yet but I get a lot of players from players mentioned earlier the quarterback. Are here there are. Yet that would that they are right now I am a big part. Best Louisiana played a guy right there. Brought it back -- a year and a reliever rephrase an out outside -- from Houghton who just things as the Knicks miss Louisiana played. Well I choked or gotten a bit like Ryan Braun could be and there you -- Yeah Phillies regular not secure there probably -- -- -- that that they are one B and spot -- mash unit because you're graduated. And he's been starting out here and free form in that spot but they probably probably connect Ditka. Now Logan budgets we going to keep. I'd look at all SEC teams in the individual talent. That you always see that Mississippi State and influence. Around the NFL level I'm looking in the you know like the Seahawks and is an outstanding defense KJ Wright and what he's done. For Pete Carroll. When Jonathan thanks Marianne coming out of the big tall cornerback it just seems like that. You know when you investigate him look at that as a big influence around NFL Mississippi State players. And then there have been reached the current you know -- understood that -- just didn't put a whole lot of players on to the next level and oh yeah and he -- but if you would not not the level at them all do and especially. -- got to go into or are you second round draft pick last year and Diop and banked and there -- a year before that at first rounder Fletcher Cox. So you know they're. We're continually produce and you know NFL count the players and Annika -- a lot at the level country -- -- -- and playing well and our record player. It restart one. Major operation they were an all around you at all. Well they went out about him and they'll do moderate year here -- a lot of a lot -- the correct them or some brought in respect. Logan not looking too far AM but when you start to look at the needs to -- state schedule I had to have them but they got a big thorough in in late September and bad bruise Brothers and that. So to me as you may be. South Alabama was on a road AN am Auburn. All of those -- bill and Doug is in an accident in an arkansan UT Martin on stock bill. And those nine games I mean I think it would be realistic unrealistic -- Bulldog fans say eight. -- on a low and said in -- maybe a little better in that start the season. Yeah ID your. Outburst. See it I mean they've got -- first -- ball -- should be went for the first -- here in the states struggled where you know here and there -- not remember. Or are you that you know that it -- yoga and on the road can be taught to period. You know that that aren't cheap here you know our projections for the -- our schedule next -- moron enough wind. Marquis or they won seven games include six in Denver and then all last year so it's no. -- and the car -- summit they'll be sending back. Logan how can folks follow you on Twitter. I a -- and -- all one word Dellucci and a OW ER. Cover Mississippi State Bulldogs and legs for the northeast Mississippi daily journal. Logan Logan thank you so much on May be safe. No problem -- -- back out -- practice. All right this is sports talk on WW. I don't know. -- -- back of a magazine somewhat -- talk about what I was Johnny Benson deal apparent Sammy some -- over the week in the soccer league. And it was a it was a it was an ugly incident it was violence involved in south and then he got the media. You know this guy -- that make a long -- -- parents fighting it parents I'm just another display of poor sportsmanship and Illinois ten to soccer league in. And images of laws you know did their playing in the tournament as of right now their final tournament is -- come I used sixth. Which is 56 you'll hear it's nobody got discipline. There is nobody got this of 56 year old does it became its course Canas did that but I think myself Hackett hack a baby violence involved. Women imposed each other's game. I break out in nobody -- nobody gave no trouble that hole that whoever is in charge of that the ball well today -- has got to go. I meet at the end of day one there's a punch thrown yet it's you've got to go in -- -- and Babe Ruth baseball Bobby. They don't investigate. Based this venue and didn't they investigate right right enemy that's always got to beat Oklahoma not -- -- tolerate that -- treated like because everybody knows and everyone that it's like when I like my big man -- -- -- -- -- knows that there was because you know I had done anything -- times in these community myself got a lot of finance and every communities in something like this happens in -- each other and intensity is kind of like okay. Is kind of -- in the rough by you know what it. Doesn't know and people or people hear about things like that and see about things like that the one they wanted to OK okay what's education level of those people. I mean what's the mindset of people like that to be doing that from a -- yeah I mean you know as far as you know but then have we we we don't rule out Osama like we have some of those times it was not like going home like a -- it was -- by youth sports yet -- an -- -- And I -- and how it happens once or twice he spent there this summer when you don't have these tournaments and more. But that is just have to be an event and it happened last week argument was gone. And somebody was sent me on the sentiments strategists been apparent. Supporting your kids and you've got to control their remote and their involvement a couple of five or six year old who cares who wins or loses -- -- are you kidding me right in it don't matter if you if you got a if you got to eat. Pratt swallow whatever you've got to get away from -- But just because Mickey today you know as wanting to come up from adults you know -- -- -- semantics usable. But when it comes to youth sports though. He has got to suck it up let these guys that he's and it went -- and go home -- be at the -- you do some in the first place now but don't do that monarchy had it and you when you go all the little educated CU via the tree. We got a good trillion promotions -- -- he had noticed at the -- Bryan -- good about it right. Spirituality to -- particular -- it out and -- But we're all little -- -- trees inside at all and now albeit pretty good daddy's going -- lately into the tree in the backyard when you -- tree. Mentioned in all pomegranate you know like a fruit tree. If the case again am Bobby Hebert -- beat Bolivia sweet sixteen action tonight I told the KG can as much as an ounce out bash him but. It three deep in the ACC three teams the big team in. I don't know Amundson had only one of the SEC team to favored -- too long ago I went on amendment Nevada are mostly all three SEC teams advance to the elite -- Boy had to dig -- and that would be an upset of Tennessee. Was to be Michigan. Shore you know. Because in Michigan what they did now they've lost the Michigan State was -- -- this is they -- determine mr. won the regular season and yeah. You know so when you when you look at that but Florida I mean Florida has not disappointed obviously. You know and there was there was about from that. From that last three fomented -- first half to about 89 minutes left in the game. Who -- -- -- the great Danes. They were they -- they hung weren't. Well to Albany Albany in a minute if they knew it would there's -- the first and they are a few a couple of positions within a game -- was and it's painful -- He had that. And Deke that would that goalie at Tennessee. You know when you peak in the as -- -- how you playing. Baylor is one of those teams on the back in like what he did last dozen games do you -- -- the united to a Tennessee's coaches is acting good. Good basketball players and console Martin play with the big dog Glenn Robinson at Purdue in the gene Katie. He had Jean king would you Lydia from Purdue or ball Emeka would Johnny -- they'll be the number one pick in the draft he had a great pro day you'll hear from a Johnny football next doubtless took the SEC college football and -- the dogs -- riding a four game win streak. Your thoughts on the job -- we have just doing it. The latter part of the season this is sport stuff you're listening to WW.