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3-27 6:20pm Mike Scarborough, LSU tigers

Mar 27, 2014|

Bobby and Deke were joined by Mike Scarborough of TigerBait.com to talk LSU new recruiting class.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's their spring training gone right now and then next Saturday is the L -- spring games and it -- -- -- spring football come along way Mike's -- brought high debate dot com. Dodgers now Mike from what you've been able to see you witness. What do you learn about the Tigers this -- But I think the defensive line is going to be I think that's -- player's career -- -- some. Real possibilities to make that group looked like a typical U defensive line. I think the Titans will be a solid group the running backs and certainly this summer but they're in right now. But that the biggest concern. Obviously at quarterback and wide receivers. On that needs several of the true freshmen communism. To contribute immediately and on talk about -- -- -- And -- Quinn. You know is -- -- You know he's had some. Injuries and agree injured right now. On the I can actually. These positions receiver did it would be. Nimble. And you know these quarterbacks going to be ready to just throw the ball was fortunate. You know -- deep into the week to stack the box and there she wouldn't. But that that it would be more opposing team as. I think it can -- struggle in the year. Now might like that are on the Davidson side obviously -- you look at it takeaways and Anthony kind of take for granted being Ellis to the it is always. A going to be outstanding in that area between Dallas one area. That I guess and you know have deployment was in the back you know the experience that tends to happen but. Well what is your take Jalen mills a move in the safety that's my understanding. We all know that they the first time that happened what was that moved to save his Arkansas game and and -- island Outback Bowl but. A what is your take would we Jalen mills. Being moved to safety in -- and the more you could do the better. You know -- is have you high average kind of guy whether you play -- to save their safety or corner so there's as the bode well of a -- -- bills have -- have success NC. -- is a great move for him. You know he's a great attitude. You know when he. You know he hasn't had some outings in the short and use the next week. Certainly you know for sure Robinson come and play the way he did. Importantly. -- -- Robinson conclude there is academic situation he's in real danger of being eligible. But. You know. You know he's not related to open in front. Stop the run and and like you said the idea windows and multiple positions on defense. Can play nickel. Complete safety and he played obviously starting corner. You know the object of -- back there. Mike when you look at the conference a conference why Mississippi State and Auburn are probably -- as security act the most prominent position. Is anybody got a little bit of a job now Alabama's don't cornerback -- and be okay ambition to transfer from. F issue but that that's a big -- around his comedies year. Is you know veteran quarterbacks incumbent quarterbacks vs -- team they don't and the majority of teams. Including a bit these favorites it is confident that you don't well at Georgia Aaron Murray again on the when. And what my coaching look like there would be an act of god I would LSU. You know she awkwardly. And that's on the kind of stuck in his call one step -- commitment. To Mississippi State the the other that. To me that's just well the whole you know the all blacks in the last week out there Feldman and you know coach Cameron you know said the quarterback you know of this company is going to be real Republican 1940s. -- Doesn't it. And get my both said they'll fumble at the snaps and stuff on this night gain any continuity -- -- that. I think it's two different things -- -- one. You know -- obviously has the strongest all of the group but you know his kids women with everything has been thrown his way and there's nothing that he did he was doing it -- And in high school that probably has prepared him for what he would he need to do LSU. You know -- -- the guy that you know. We don't know how that he has been throwing it and certainly. -- the game plan for the Outback Bowl. Showed you how scared via the the coaches work so to let him loose and you know is. You know. You know he could very well seeing what you saw in the Outback Bowl -- game plan for -- that was huge football team. Being what you see all of the 2014. Season. Max Cabrera tied a big dot com thus best guess it's never not football season -- -- now Alicia spring game -- on the CB stay gone through football Alabama. You name it -- across the hall might help everybody get the latest on the by you being. That's like tiger -- on that role now on recruiting days. You know a lot of recruits including that you know not -- the statement. Around the country. It's going to be bigger thing at least they make an official visit during their spring breaks. And a lot of and in -- and as you all know have a big group for the spring football game. And we've been quick enough -- recruiting updates every day and so take it that tiger they like now. Might -- there have been no -- Steve guerrillas has gone to school. Not seen the but it haven't kept up -- against the other receivers he's. People that. Someone close the program suggested last week it had he stayed he'd be the starter against Wisconsin. I don't know that I got that thought that was the case he. What would you distorted idea get. At absolutely a Mike being gone back -- Bob in our -- you'll use at some as being rested now we're exactly Cam Cameron say about wanted to practices. Right now ninety parties often. Actually for not. You know do what they are supposed to be doing and and and be efficient and an accurate and so at this value as a group before and rural America. You know I'm 1940s. Or maybe in the nineteen. And that ball might you know I didn't mind it at MI but I and -- thing -- -- -- at at the break -- big book. I tell you like that to go by powerful ball on the -- come August 30 dominion Reliant Stadium against Wisconsin. Again I get a win 9 o'clock that that's -- and -- -- how good is it was kind of quarterback are they gonna you know run the ball 3040 times so that the -- in his -- in -- -- Well it isn't about. People and you -- -- -- to -- now shut it down and meddling with the top and when in reality. This opportunity to take awhile to come around I mean you're talking about the true sophomore. A true freshman. And -- redshirt freshman and you're three quarterbacks and you know that's absolutely scary. And you know Mike always take the approach it no does that -- to frustrate Cam Cameron you look at different skill set of all quarterbacks. To me if you word is self. And now you should have enough knowledge. That if they have eight in the box and they trying to stop -- a powerful Ellis who rushing attack. They knew pretty much know the coverage. You know guys -- -- an island and you should have success. Now they may accident up but if you're running the ball well on the guiding the box -- if you should go to get it done in the passing game as a quarterback. Right in the game and that the other part of it too it is. You know Stephen Rivers didn't have many options and you can see have -- in this situation. Because -- quarterback recruiting. Or -- quarterback recruiting. I think that that's on the -- we -- like coach Cameron there with a high caliber quarterbacks across the country. They're showing really just in the program. Towards Gibson a top flight Q it wobbles one under. Top. One of the top two dual threat in the country was there Monday for a visit. But you know Stephen Rivers you know that that was -- -- -- You know he would like I like to be in a -- -- -- SEC caliber quarterback when he took them out of high -- not just ignited. Right. Because his brother to. Me. Yeah obviously obviously it was a mis. I missed on a lot of fronts they have because. Not just not just it's out on the violation but the young man just in the -- Now. Like. Knights thing is to be in what your take on it Ellis -- -- to me. You know they'll look at the line backing corps and you know I feel what you think DJ well Terry is is going to be to guide him in on the -- and said well. Well why wouldn't -- be. I mean and he's not there because they dislike him because nobody's beaten them out and and they trust that if he -- like he did the bowl game yet began as a sort of what did you think. Don't. You know he obviously I mean I think -- and perform worse than him and so on games. But it was a whipping everybody message boards and talk radio. You know the fact of the matter is so that was she's best linebackers that they've had over the last few years will look -- it. Based on their defense of what did she hadn't -- and that definitely got to the linebackers. And subsequent thirty miles an hour. And you know mark got told Bobby to me -- LSU defense in this is just for the whole case. LSU would not be better if the gas who opted to go to the NFL. What -- state I think it was time for a change of scenery gates frigate the younger guys up there the other guys who trying to five fought. This -- these guys didn't lose sometimes a change scenery is good. I don't think his defense and lack what do progress the meaning you better had the same personnel status has not personal and you are actually grew. Now and all might look it out. Along the offensive line you look at the experience in. And now -- coach miles said really -- vote once spot open as far as made a best man win at that at that guard position. So where's all that Salina right now and what I'd be a wanted to -- Well you know it is an Evan Washington again and I think and a vocal and make up. You know Josh who -- too -- on -- -- New Iberia. It is he can make -- move. You know. I wanna see how they line up in the spring game and in who's away and you know you know it was necessarily the cap based on. Who played last year or was all that sort out the window with coach Grimes and you know what we can just -- you know 1520 minutes of practice. But you know how how they perform in the spring game and and what was it looked like in the fault the bit. And others are there any concern. Like. You know to make concede that can actually producer. Because he's you know he got there he was waived on. Mike again and I get delayed its -- spring training. Go tiger bait I common -- load with new continent. And I've got -- the proposed in the next 24 hours. As -- Obermeyer and his volley onto the world might. Mike always a pleasant thank you so much are great great honor I have.