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3-27 6:35pm Bobby and Deke, Ole Miss Football

Mar 27, 2014|

Bobby and Deke were joined by Chase Parham who covers Ole Miss for RebelGrove.com to talk Ole Miss Football

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We checked in on their rattles now it's on -- again on the Ole miss rebels who had one top recruiting class in the country two years ago. And they've got a lot of talent on hand what are the expectations -- the rebels out of the seed that was somewhat disappoint. The rebel fan base chase on the club with -- rebel rebel group dot com chase. Whereas this Ole miss program gone years three of coach very. Hot chocolate on the billboard you know deep freeze this year on -- -- -- -- -- he said that. -- -- the goal worker cycles but yet he beat that -- but it'll go once or that we only had about a month or. A few week when he got our upper class to temple collapses. They're there's built in spot relief and you know the this spring top of the want but the problem make. But got a pretty good front group but like -- bird print it's kind of clicked together and we'll ought botched. That happening could Christian more so -- -- it -- you feel like we're particularly. It up we're -- -- -- that your graduate would you go all American name on paper in academic work quite border expect junior college so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But there is a couple spots weather and cold but that -- got to pick four out here. Now Jays looking at you know bowl Wallace and and what he was able to do and and you look at. Obvious obviously would RG and what Eli as well what does it take on like from -- Ole miss fan base bowl Wallace considering. You know ball in his senior year. When you look at third and major fuel in the record book and eat eat the lie and it's both Wallace for the most -- And obviously that money you bring to spread it well a little bit cropped pants but. Yeah today's round bias on of this affair affair apparently are not but. -- it may be gone back to when -- and he had that you know -- I was so high on him in the N. You think maybe it would -- the year at the ball had the year prior what -- him on the closing my gym and just let toting. Never really good and kicked way left off you know from his today Yates in his final year. And expectations that are well enemy and but -- -- -- -- in the country to lose it or he never quite grounded even. I think though had all of the Purdue can keep -- hurts so much actor you know he never got that streak back in -- So in order -- -- economy equipment -- the book are out there. Pat it or he can move the op -- sub allegorical the but it would go Eric -- beat the street car. He's really -- or break out -- you look around yet he is back in. He's going to be in the pot or -- sports who -- are we -- park on our -- on enough we. Completely comfortable -- and could be touted several years old -- eager ball straight. So yeah I think well the key here keep the people that are around -- you'll quarters ago on -- -- will back more obstacles are are. From it's critical that the years ago you it and went the end of what did you that the -- star receiver -- He does that a lot removed trek well outside the field -- Corey she's so. The great wide receivers and I think -- -- played well a better chance that it had another great leader. The -- hours thinking you know what trade will did last year is what a lot of us. Thought that the young man from Missouri Dario a Beckham -- -- Beckham was gonna do but. Their way out of needs he says he's as good as a freshman receiver in the SEC I would think up there you know they -- had the big years but. I mean most recently I thought he was he was he was beating in games like AJ wasn't he's a freshman. Julio Jones an all on the same level as those guys but he certainly has a time potential. Yet the potential -- -- cut in the same -- you know last year he had a lot of catches that I think you would pop obligate the approval of the Belichick the outsider you speed and leaping ability a little more gonna eat out strong and -- I don't know that -- meet -- catches. -- quote played it and get it out there and that's that's the banks. Kind of. You know under the right or last year they offered ideas and an eagle or four games -- -- and. He's back in Hebrew controlled the scene he likes guardian and that makes. But that -- it would heal trek well but so so much so it Ingram or they'll beat that -- well that was it was well. -- tomahawk and everybody folly on -- All -- probable straight don't corner and then check it out at Ole miss out -- -- when the rebels spring games. Is next week in April look at it'd be saying we here at all for example great. I've got to see ya got -- on the same day as LA she'd chase. Armed with governor rebel athletics and the -- and rebel football for us but rebel grove dot com -- always a pleasure thank you so most of the time.