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3-27 6-7pm Bobby and Deke, SEC West

Mar 27, 2014|

Bobby and Deke check in around the SEC WEST.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to sports talk he's a Kasey -- about being bad timing Deke Bellavia coming up this -- We will speak what might Scarborough -- abate dash com tonight. Thanks defense coordinator Rob -- Bobby is the keynote speaker at the -- youth -- And them all the great Ray Lewis will be there and only gonna have some all. In -- Entertainment Tonight will coach so Brian -- one -- Ray Lewis will be there -- and those two have a -- -- relationship together yeah I mean you definitely -- you're not you know tackling him not getting my -- some -- don't if you don't like Rob Brown. He's not mean the moment that you got to look in the mirror is probably you hear that he doesn't mean he's he's a likable guy enemies. Look at what he. When is all sand iron to about in the history of sports. Is can be very very few go from a 32 to four. Anything. In -- and cricket. In soccer in hockey in -- -- is very few go go from 32 to follow the best -- not only not literally unbelievable what he did not only go 32 before. 32 the worst of the worst ever yes his energy and and half thousand yards worst and everybody else -- into that yet Toledo I mean that's I thought ago was so high unique and -- -- talk about man we get to twentieth. -- as -- middle of the pack over the past sixteen yeah you know now the -- -- -- was on that rests on their laurels that's what ailing Garrard get -- -- -- What we got -- the floor create turnovers not I don't agree or not. This league he's shown. All right and as face Cam Newton had one drive and is it all on the two games. They won the most important games yet. Drew Brees or not I have all he's got I have a game and about eight Saint Louis was a bad game all right that's a big game in a sixteen game schedule coming games and like -- What -- -- -- to -- -- -- game maybe 34 point that a band but not that bad but you go back and look in all the greats in the past tenth. In a game they played terrible. One drive could be different -- of a field goal or winning point is. If you've got a defense sticking keep during the game. It's hard to hold it -- and even great defense is hard -- offense down for a situation when he gets a little back. They get a few first downs they get some moment and you could play three and a half court -- -- lights out defense. Saints did it a couple of times this year. But the team may burn you all the draft that's what the Saints to -- and we become a justice defense and made team. But we've come more we've come more slanted that way we've been in -- -- there and a lot of my time. And it's days like even let's say about the moves -- -- -- like you say it looks like yeah continue to go out and end you look even. Tampa Bay within the division they can be playing this tough you know and I'm drew in the saint Thomas has come up big time. -- -- game he didn't drop last drive yet and that's all the difference worry. In Atlantic that it Winnie the way but you may we did offensively good against Atlanta on a Thursday night the issue and we can play offense -- -- Nadal. But we we did and our defense was solid and we did enough offense than the one involving yep and -- out there -- a win is all a -- they -- you look at Rob -- I mean that that's. You could tell -- it could be a better place I mean his character and knowing how this. You know in New Orleans being. You know big towns small city. I only a win win a Super -- him by mambo went has -- being their career Arnold don't be fond thoughts are out we could do well what do already did it like he loves the goalie Marty tried an artist in Metairie Louisiana he did Saint Patrick's Day and know -- -- he looks sweet and nice crowned. Or you know that those locks flow and yeah it is pretty long hair coat -- -- interesting about number as we talk about -- You know golf from thirty beautiful didn't handle the that the number is going to the sweet sixteen and -- a sweet sixteen speaking Louisville is a four and a half point favorite club took. I don't think any team in sports has does -- book and had to go back and look -- -- Alabama had been favored in so many straight ball games. Louisville Cardinals basketball team has been the favorite in 73 of 74 games including 45 straight. Basketball games with Louisville has been a favorite that's impressive. That's impressive and then that you also have to look at. I think. They're conference nuts doesn't -- -- -- -- you know who who they haven't that played throughout the season but he's still got to win the games with. If you look at Louisville they've won twelve of their last thirteen games coming into the tournament and all but one of those the bullet Bob Lombardi insult. It's about Michigan State you know come back from injuries and and that's why you had. A Louisville team and Michigan State -- fourth seeded Dallas and in Vegas the united. Proceeded as a force them foresee right almost like a number one seeds so. Yeah I'd be interested to see that is that this. Who's the state -- and now can tell you can make it a slam dunk because they're ready beat -- early in the season. I mean again is about seven points we look at John -- Perry. And you know what he's done. A big visited look at this at the Helm since 20089. Season. The wildcats have gotten to of these elite 83 times. They have opportunity and obviously a days. To go forward before times. And you look begin its amazing how you handle adversity and dealing with young kids especially. The one and done so talented and a are you get them to play as a team is that individuals we -- get his young team. And that that's why pick them to lose to Kansas State. -- -- and all of -- I was like well a bit lost three of four heading into an SEC tournament. But then they kind of turned things around here and -- rally then needed to Dario I don't ask Florida yeah you know and in and had a chance to win at the end but then I still wasn't sold and that -- -- -- and I guess I've. -- maybe that Kentucky tradition. And make Kansas State's kind of candidate tradition and -- that was them literal big. -- -- going to get kinda continuing -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you are not that I had that idea a little different mind. Being a man among boys who. All eighty dominate the NBA and -- -- -- as well well the it would it would if Carmelo Anthony Kim I -- Repeat that. You know I would have distressing years. Our eyes on the lone star state deep in the heart takes Dade College Station diamond sales. Pro workout day he had five of Aggies including potential first round and expect to be for found wide receiver Mike Evans. Diamonds hale wore a helmet and shoulder -- that's the first time that's been on to you -- recollection also giant -- -- address the coaches. Who would there prior to his work out used on him -- telling ESP and why he did today. I just wanted to welcome politicians' tough place to get to sometimes amaze. Got to go to Houston got to go to Dallas -- or somewhere around and get yourself. More than anything I want to speak on behalf of me and and the six guys that we had here I think we're coming out kind of tough that's tough to get here so to come -- watch us. Performance circuits are still just wanna think -- and hopefully then they enjoy the day that's all of those things. His diamonds no -- asked about former NFL GM Bill Polian. If that question comes about I'm gone to draft you can you lead my franchise here is what man's innocent today eighty years in. For me comes to -- a good foundation are now. To try and and push my life and to the right direction of being professional today that I decided to not come back to this wonderful wonderful place effects and have. -- of the professional and and you have to -- cheers from the guys I've talked to whether it's Michael Vick protection Peyton Manning or Tom Brady very these guys -- -- it takes -- do you hear from them. And when asked his coaches are these just so great was it -- as they go in there. And they put in the hours and they do what's necessary to do it for me I wanted to through this process to take this series is possible. Still continue to have fun with the process because it is a great game the same time taken very seriously put to work and I've never been more -- my entire life. Not mean I am -- Japanese about it though some with the -- constantly on him anymore. Had fans. Like the best player in the NBA -- any NBA right now one of the best in NBA history. Tweeting about an opponent on the LeBron James who sound in our friends at work -- must have been watching from somewhere. Right Michael between well you like you know working -- ethical of Hussein wants that the those small majority of people make the most make the most -- that's not the masses think. Is -- as we won't -- but that in his corner pull off on -- not well. I mean -- -- -- means whenever I mean cool he needed to -- innings Johnny football. And I was given to him and I has I'll -- that sounds like that. And -- -- a Hollywood. Character in the city in the movie UC. You know -- angles or whatever but he Johnny football through the greatest seasons you'll oversee so I'm going you know alive I think. Put it this -- I don't know to be this way as an NFL player. But I know as a college player it was a must see TV or are you want it to pay. You know to go watch him play. And I know what anybody when I come down to street dead dome and like -- belong -- up. He may come when -- both the unit but to the day the department go -- and as you've been losing eight in -- and say if the Tigers do not want to flyers big. What what what I tell you the beginning Lazarus and all I know lawyers when -- hitting it that -- it and I said. Well -- game I'll look -- far -- morning not even LSU Alabama what does. Opt out of MAN am no LSU -- him. And a -- W ot does the game -- wanted to witness right now we sit the president Odyssey and a person and and he when given the money sign now know those adverse conditions were they gonna have been an NFL -- -- is entering day. Elegy shut him now they -- that that -- event for what that's good sometimes QB get humbled now he probably demo I think I -- ha -- our our idea of the kind of learn and keep things in perspective it. Now would said he thought given quarterbacks at all the one thing you know work ethic -- -- I mean I think right now that was a problem. For Michael Vick out of college yeah I'll Carmichael -- the Falcons and the. As likely tell when Jim -- dale -- became an analyst -- He's as coach you know I'll -- is it out as the last one man the first one in the. Yet it see that's like being no Johnny was just talented as he is big and I was optimistic. This thing about his skill set is that -- batters he was in the pocket this season vs his freshman year yeah. But you still high you prepared you know works -- but Alvin young guy he's the most successful quarterback NFL initiative first two seasons Russell Wilson. That's who I'd be calling it pattern a must sell with the skill set and how you prepare in our Peyton -- we do it forever. The other young guy -- about this when he is prepare for game. It's their spring training gone right now and then next Saturday is the L clubs -- -- and then work okay area. Spring football come a long way Mike -- brought -- debate dot com. Dodgers now Mike from what you've been able to see you witness. What do you learn about the Tigers this Bernie. I think the deepest of mine is going to be I think that some players there and at some. Real possibilities to make that group look like a typical -- deep principle on. I think the Titans will be a solid group the running backs and certainly helped this summer but they're in right now. But that the biggest concern. Obviously -- quarterback and wide receivers. I'm that needs several of the true freshman to come this summer. To contribute immediately and and I'm torn about I Dupree. An -- Quinn. You know is DRs. You know it is hasn't in injuries and green Jersey right now. I'm the guy a guy that can actually. These positions receiver -- it would be at a certain level. And you know these quarterbacks going to be ready to to throw the football was fortunate. You know -- deep into the every week to stack the box and -- she wouldn't. But that that it would be more potent team -- I think it seemed to struggle in the year. Now might -- that are on the Davidson side obviously a day you look at the takeaways and Anthony kind of take for granted being Ellis to the it is always. I'm going to be outstanding in that area between Dallas one area. That I guess and you know have deployment was in the back you know the experience that tends to happen but. Well what is your take Jalen mills. -- in the safety and it's my understanding. We all know that they the first time that happened what was that moved to -- his Arkansas game and been against Iowa and Outback Bowl but. A what is your take would we Jalen mills. Being moved to safety and leader and the more you could do the better. You know there is have you high average kind of guy -- -- play -- to save their safety or corner so there's as the bode well of a -- mills a -- have success NC. We had a hit a great move for him. You know he's a great attitude. You know he. You know he -- it has some outings in the short and use the next week. And certainly you know -- -- Robinson come and play the way he did. Importantly. If -- Robinson can clear his academic situation he's in real danger of being eligible. But. You know. You know he's not related to open in front. Stop the run and and like you said -- gotten multiple positions on defense. Can play nickel. Can play safety and he played quite obviously starting corner. You know -- -- back there. Michael you look at the conference a conference why Mississippi State and Auburn are probably all as security at the most prominent position. Is anybody got a little bit of a job now Alabama star cornerback Canadiens BO camera -- to transfer from. -- issue but that that's a big -- around his comedies year. Is you know veteran quarterbacks incumbent quarterbacks vs -- team they don't and the majority of teams. Including a bit these favorites it is confident makes you don't well at Georgia Aaron Murray again on the win. And what my coaching look like there would be -- to act of god that was Q. You know you wish you awkwardly. And that's on the kind of stuck in his -- he's stuck with his commitment. To Mississippi State yeah the other that. To me it's just that -- the hole will be no blacks in the last week out of Norman and you know coach Cameron you know said the quarterback of this company is going to be real Republican 1940s. And doesn't it. And get my both said they'll fumble at the snaps and stuff on this night gain any continuity wasn't there. I think it's two different things were each one. You know -- obviously has the strongest arm of the group. But you know -- kids women with everything has been thrown his way and there's nothing that he did he was doing it -- It in high school that prepares prepared him for what he would he need to do LSU. You know -- into the does it. You know. We don't know how -- said that he has been throwing it and certainly. Does the game plan for the Outback Bowl. Showed you how scared via the the coaches who work -- to let him loose and you know is. You know aside. You know he could very well seeing what you saw in the Outback Bowl -- game plan for -- that was huge for -- Be in which you see all of the 2014. Season. My Scarborough tiger -- dot com -- best guess it's never. Not football season spring football right now Alicia spring game come on the sadistic on Duke football Alabama. You name it -- crawl on -- how everybody get the latest on the by you being. Take that kind of made accountable. Now and recruiting days. You know a lot of recruits including that you know -- -- and statement. Around the country. It's going to be bigger thing at least they make an official visit during their spring breaks. And a lot of and in -- and -- football practice -- have a big group for the spring football game. And we've been quick enough -- recruiting updates every day and so take it that tiger they like now. Might get there have been no way ST guerrillas has gone to school. Not -- -- and but it haven't kept up with it against -- other than anything he's. People that. Someone close the program suggested last week -- had he stayed he'd be the starter against Wisconsin. I don't know that I got that thought that was the case he. What would -- story via get. At absolutely a Mike again gone back -- Bob in our -- you'll use at some as being rested now what exactly did Cam Cameron say about wanted to practices. Right now nineteen parties often. Actually for not. You know deal with responsibly deal and and and being an efficient and an accurate and so at this value as a group of -- rural America. You know I'm 1940s. Or maybe the nineteen. And -- all my -- -- and buying it at MI good up and -- thing and -- said at at the break gusting big book. I tell you what that's -- by powerful ball on the -- come August 30 dominion Reliant Stadium against Wisconsin. Again I get a win 9 o'clock that that's zags and -- -- how good is it was guy the quarterback are they gonna. You know run the ball 3040 times so that the -- winners -- in the giggle. And there's been a lot of people and you can -- it will be mouth shut it down and knowing that the opt in when in reality. This opportunity to take awhile to come around and you're talking about the true sophomore. A true freshman. In a redshirt freshman and you're three quarterbacks in the -- it absolutely scared. Ahead you know Mike always take that approach it no -- -- have to frustrate Cam Cameron you look at different skill set a ball quarterbacks. To me if you word is self. And now you should have enough knowledge. That if they have eight in the box and they trying to stop -- -- power play LSU rushing attack. They knew pretty much know the coverage. You know guys -- -- island and you should have success. Not a big Nixon and up but if you're running the ball well on the guiding the box on if you should go to get it done in the passing game as a quarterback. Right and again and it the other part of -- too it is. You know Stephen Rivers didn't have many options and you can see haven't achieved in this situation. Because of -- in quarterback recruiting or poor quarterback recruiting. I think that that's on the -- and now the coach Cameron there with a high caliber quarterbacks across the country. They're showing really just in the program. Towards Gibson top flight Q it wobbles one under. Top. One of the top two due to threats in the country was there Monday for a visit. But you know Stephen Rivers you know that that was the guy you'd. You know he would like to -- like to be a part of SEC caliber quarterback when he took him out of high school not just ignited. Right. Because his brother. Yeah obviously obviously there was a mis. -- -- on a lot of fronts they have because. Not just not just a talent a violation but the young man just in progress. Now. Like. Knights thing is to be in what your take on it Ellis -- as to me. You know they'll look at the line backing corps and you know they -- field what you think DJ well Terry is is going to be the guy in the middle next year and said well. Well why would need be I mean and he's not there because they dislike him because nobody's beaten them out and and they trust -- if we tackle like he did the bowl game yet beat -- -- -- what -- -- -- -- You know he obviously I mean I think one and perform worse than him and so on games. But it was a whipping everybody on this -- in talk radio. You know the fact of the matter is something that was she's best linebackers that they've had over the last two years with a -- -- -- it. Based on their defense of what did she hadn't -- and only got to the linebackers run and subsequent thirty miles an hour. Hey you know my -- told Bobby to me -- LSU defense in this is just for the whole case. LSU would not be better if the gas who opted to go to the NFL. What do state I think it was time for a change of scenery -- frigate the younger guys up there the other guys who trying to fight for. -- -- -- -- these guys didn't lose sometimes a change scenery is good. I don't think his defense and -- what do progress to be any better had the same personnel status is not personal and you are actually grew. Now I -- might look it out. Along the offensive line you look at the experience in. And now is really where a coach miles said -- really they have vote once spot opened as far as made a best man win at that at that guard position. So where's all that Salina right now and -- what I'd be awarded teamster. Well you know it is an Evan Washington again and I think and a -- and make up. You know just the -- -- Rhode Island. New Iberia is is he can make a move. You know. I wanna see how they line up in the spring game and in -- well and you know you know it was necessarily the -- -- based on. Who played last year or was all that went out the window with coach Grimes and you know what we can just see you know 1520 minutes of practice. But you know how how they perform in the spring game and and what was it looked like in the all the bit. In others are there any concern. Like. You know and make conceded that can actually producer. Because he's you know he got there he was waived on. Mike again I don't know I get delayed its -- spring training. Go to tiger bait I common absolute load with new content. And I've got -- of holes in the next 24 hours. As Mike Scott Burrell might have been -- -- don't want to go to. World might. Mike always a pleasant thank you so much -- all right night. Oh hole for -- that's that's -- similar you know what -- -- -- with saint Joseph's Dave Rodman has. The final. And -- -- here from -- MO because those two things you put on the Saint Joseph. Big I is that at all cinemanow. You know even even post you know today -- -- mutual -- -- that would know what I'm thinking about who's gonna play on the line tibia. I don't know I was a lot of side us all as box -- Goldman. Yeah it is coming from Illinois you know -- -- -- well in the state of Illinois what Israel Colin money yeah yeah -- he does good this year golfers from -- for sure that prime position absolutely we checked in on their rattles now it's on -- again on the Ole miss rebels who had one top recruiting class in the country two years ago. And they've got a lot of talent on hand what are the expectations for the rebels out of -- seed that was somewhat disappointed. The rebel fan base chase on the club with the rebels -- rebel group dot com chase. Whereas this Ole miss program gone years three of coach very. That trot out on a billboard you know deep freeze this year on the side different -- he said that. -- -- the people were hurting cycles but yet -- beat that crop but it'll go once or that we only had about a month or. A week when he got our upper class to -- at temple collapses. They're they're still in spot relief and you know -- this spring not a blogger problems make. But got a pretty good front group but like he bird print it's got to put together and -- ought -- That happening could Cristian Mora such aren't purposely go forward securely. A couple of going to be that your graduate would you go all American name on paper in academic work quite border -- -- junior college so. You'll yet that -- -- -- that it -- talent -- that Lackey talked about coming yet. But there's a couple -- weather's cold but that opened it got to pick four out here. Now Jays looking at you know bowl Wallace and and what he was able to do and and you look at. Obvious obviously -- RG and went Eli as well what does it take on like from Ole miss fan base bowl Wallace considering. You know -- in his senior year. When you look at third and make sure he opened the record book and eat a lot and it's both Wallace for the most part -- And obviously nobody you bring to spread it well a little bit cropped pants but. Yeah it takes a lot of bias -- of this affair affair apparently are not but. May it may be gone back to when -- and he had that you know I was so high on him in the N. You think maybe it would -- the year at the ball had the year prior what killed him -- -- -- my gym and just let toting. Never really good and picked Elway left off you know from his today -- his final year. -- And expectation very well on some but -- in the fourth in the country. Are you never quite doubted that -- been. I think though had all of the Purdue can't ignore it hurts so much wiped -- you know he never got that streak back in -- Public and -- people -- economy equipment quite book are out there. That it or he can move the op -- -- -- -- they'll be -- Eric Carle beat the street car. He's really short break out -- you look around yet he is back in. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Completely comfortable and bring pop and could be cited several years old Mets eager Allstate. So yeah I think well the key here keep the heat -- -- around and you'll player ago on trip will back. Marker. It's critical that the years ago -- it and went the end of -- -- -- star receiver -- He didn't that and -- -- trek well outside the field remarks Corey she's so. That's what sleepers and I think he he plays well they've got a chance that it had another great leader. The -- I was thinking you know what -- widow did last year as well a lot of us. Thought that the young man from Missouri Dario Beckham -- -- Beckham was gonna do but. Their way out of knees he says he's as good as a freshman receiver in the SEC I would think up there you know they -- had -- -- years but. I mean most recently I thought he was he was he was beating in games like AJ wasn't he's a freshman. Julio Jones an all on the same level as those guys but he certainly has a time potential. Yet the potential -- eat in the same boat you know last year the Seattle lot of catches I think you would opt out near the level of the delegate of the outsider you speed that we can build a little more urgency. Strong and -- I don't know that would meet -- catches. But he got more explosive plays everybody get it out there on the edge in this accident the banks but out of it under the right or last year that upper body -- Or four games this season. He's back in he really controls the scene he -- guardian and that makes. But the thought it would he'll -- it well but so so much so it Ingram or they'll beat that -- well which it was well. -- tomahawk and everybody folly on -- Follow -- straight don't corner and then check it out at all -- -- rival. Win the rebels spring games. Is next week in April look at it between and we and it all of -- -- great. I've got to see ya got -- on the same day as LA she'd chase. Armed with governor rebel athletics and the -- and rebel football for us. But rebel grove dot com chase always a pleasure thank you so much for Utah are here in New Orleans -- big fish big -- thank you for calling WW well. -- -- -- -- -- -- Annika said -- -- to take -- call. From a quarterback here. And Johnny minutes. Extravaganza. Though are very well today they pro day. I know how do you evaluate. The beat -- -- I just think that if you compare him to Tim Tebow. See it down there on the screen. That I think that he just throws the ball better and Tebow as far as how the -- the matter of a side arm guard angle. But -- those kind of winding up and if you're trying to change it. And I think Tebow come on its -- itself -- -- McGrady is about the greatest college football player I -- impact that he had on Florida. And what he did. But. I mean. Hardly been in the same class no that got that David and I think -- -- -- but just -- -- Tim Tebow might not have been -- the first three rounds. That was a that was a surprise fouls and shot eight. It wasn't supposed to have been I mean you look at where he is now that's that's the not like I bigger fish I think Tim Tebow could play in the NFL. Not take quarterback I think he's good to know what -- H back off our high utilized them. Even though because he's strong is it competitive spirit if you had just -- coverage units or whatever. And that I I think he brings damage to the table but you know -- -- -- -- -- talk about Jon Heyman Zell. A making a could play any other position because of a quarterback. Go to Nick's comments though. While ago like Josh McDaniel gets so enamored. We're. Tim Tebow. Could not see what ultimately there was -- I think big -- he thought he could make him in the some here in game all the any thought he can make him and has some twice. I mean that's a big reason why knowing the game attain and it has got to on the dole would embrace any event on his feet and a charge terror in New England. -- termed -- success. That Tebow had. That happens I can happen if you have ability. It's like what do you do. Felt like you know -- a month month and a half eight games. Know that when they get film on you and I look at this team has been so hard head -- a twelve game and they got -- Eight I had him and Dan Ellis had such elementary coverage -- -- playing on Tivo. And I think they were gonna get but when Tebow lawless -- you look a lot of gains are like a fearless. Force him and not down now blitz and make him read coverages and he just wasn't Akron. Circuit so then the conclusion details like that meant though is that more over fine. Quarterback talent. Yes odd that that I would take a -- from his freshman his next year. I'll I was I was really cars how well he threw in the pocket overall. Compared to when you're just running around as a freshman. So be had and that regard. I'll be interested to see how Smart. John Amos l.s gonna play. You know would he be like a Russell Wilson articulated as -- RG three to get beat up we will not be available we hear more from mystified about giant football next now this is sports talk he's Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia another hour to go on WW.