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3-27 7:20pm Bobby and Deke, Arkansas Football

Mar 27, 2014|

Bobby and Deke were joined by Trey Bidd of Hawgspots.com.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well talking about teams in the SEC western division in spring football right now trade video -- sports. Dot com visa publish always felt an Arkansas we always lean on trade MITRE. Thank you for joining us saw what what's the outlook for days spraying it. For a coach to be Lama and the hall create -- if finish of the season on -- I think they gave some of their fans some optimism. When LSU very tough finishing winning -- have ballgame but where is this program right now going the year two under coach -- beat them. Original artwork on and he definitely change some things up in the offseason. With the coaching staff on the defensive struggle that -- opened -- effort earned. You know I think that's probably a good thing defensively. You know I think -- -- -- maybe. Then PC with a little more than what he thought it -- I think he adjusted accordingly and all -- It brought any guy out -- that thinkers people more. Randy Shannon has linebacker coach Arkansas. Audited the defensive line coach and -- secret has been. That are gonna play a little bit. Different style of defense that carved the concept. There's still -- you know get their hands on walks in Ripa read the blockers out but it. More than anything it's going to be about attacking -- in the line of scrimmage. Vs more recount that's what you did last year so they're gonna -- things that are. They've still got a lot of question marks in the secondary they've got younger players that are count it that are coming up that need to make from what he's in the boring. Six scholarship linebackers there's going to bring in -- war and end in the summer but. They have -- that are really counted more -- straight out the creator and Kirk Ellis. But -- goes out there last year and didn't walk a lot start due to injuries in an off field issues and one -- -- freshman. Our defense on what's getting yet this year by I got a question on the current linebackers and secondary. -- but it looks like they're more candidates all applies to be stronger. They're more. Bodies to compete at quarterback make -- call on an open -- commission. Although -- charted Thursday crowd last Thursday. I was an open practice they've been off for spring break this week. Brenton Allen and teen girl was eleven of fifteen and no other quarterback -- more than half so. -- he's still getting -- him toward the -- all the -- look at it rather gotten -- eager. Port Orchard freshmen enrolled early so he's got a better idea -- on running backs are all very extremely talented. Out well on course Marshall and Johnson wage is. Running backs that are more -- or should -- larger or more candidates I think it was solid last year anyway. So they're still a lot of work there. I think they've been on the problems they had last year and you know -- another year under your belt when you're really change in. -- you're our philosophy of what you do it out on the program where. You know Paterno was definitely more quarterback oriented and -- -- practice slows orchestrated around the quarterback and -- more fatigued guy you know lean on everybody do or. So there's there's there's a different velocity and what the total opposite to clean up with the the year under John -- -- and you know just limited coaches -- -- coaches are going to be here next year maybe some people black and all academically not different things there's posters. Which you know happen in -- look a little bit total lack of accountability so. Cabrera and typically appear band. That are changing philosophy. And that he. Got some young talented personnel but the problem position on. Now I -- this on a personal note you talk about golf it's a blind in. Travis. Swat team that NFL player it's thinner and beat us in a personal note. -- -- tape from John -- -- his mom and I've first cousins. I don't know yet yeah yeah his grandma. He is -- Melanie -- his like his grandma my mind that balances this'll. In -- -- in diapers cut and so it is there's Luke will -- have an opportunity. To starter to play RO what's up with him. Right now and look towards yes and he's he's it's an honor and I -- old and on that position. The problem is. For -- because. The six best offensive line right now -- in the back -- and that's court helped -- so he's gonna happen all the ordeal. Whispering in -- into the fall. By the packet this situation where -- -- in the sixth best. -- -- -- And he's just director's sophomore B in the back at center being the -- left right or got to use all three of those spots but I I think political. -- and -- down the job and -- I mean he's he's been here for. I guess for your people is that true freshman and I'm not mistaken but I. He's he's always been in the lineup in this is an opportunity stall at another -- Europe comes. Yeah for his cousins. And my hands out and Mercury yet Melanie. This -- Luke Luke scrambles and neighbors. That's the connection. -- how composed at the latest on the Razorbacks. AJ WG. Sports dot com offers seven day free trial not a lot going on right now -- they're on spring break. I want article first picks up all the way through. April 26 there'll be times. Of covered were where -- -- actually opened up a practice sisters this year of their remaining twelve. Outs so we expect -- blow -- coverage this year. So yeah spring game ball assault on 26 straight. Hitter able torn statements leak into the month trade -- Called sports dot com -- always a play as a mom man take and we're talking Houston.

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