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3-27 7:35pm Bobby and Deke, Auburn Football

Mar 27, 2014|

Bobby and Deke were joined by Bryan Matthews Senior writer for AuburnUndercover.com.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm mad views are just now called running out see I don't Auburn undercover dot com where it was a magical year. For the Auburn Tigers they seemingly put things together in the second half of them months in game against LSU. Didn't taste defeat began to the national championship game a game with a hand. Much under control Brian now -- as everybody is excited but is the question is. Is the program really back and that short amount time with that kind of one of those lightning in the bottle seasons like with Cam Newton. And they took advantage of it in Cam Newton completed deal. It really came up short fewer told me arm was in it situation with that type of lead late in the game and that type of offense I'm able to -- they would've lost -- game. No that it is questionable. That a close call but look to the neck -- back and -- -- come back quarterback or some other. Starting quarterback come back into the -- coaching college. I think natural ability that most feel that like -- back. Receiving corps neutral nation but we'll get back -- back -- other couldn't let that one in the country so that it. You look at it that came going to be able to compete give -- to chip to chip in in a pot would be in outrage to be that fortunate caught the Olympic rituals. Now. Brian when you look at it. I mean what more can you say Augusta miles on end and what he did. I mean it was almost like Rob Ryan -- difference we need to be defense from. You know Dan last from worse. The 100 our top five defense and look at Auburn how they turn things around. It that will what just talk about the X-Factor and just smiles on what he's meant an -- program. And to have that quick to turn around and have the players believing what he was -- Well I think he does that factors united and you know we knew and -- heart goes out on the circuit that really count all the court -- -- You know -- always -- -- that's when you would have to look forward to Buehrle you know large. Up but wouldn't know what it would of that you billion. It costing either by current. It is that it actors Annika mania understand it takes -- Organize the programs motivated players to push the right button to get them to work all our. You know and you don't work out and and you know -- -- -- a motivate them to break you just has that done ability do that and -- lecture. And Cutler will need all. So while -- -- coached. Now Bob -- we've gotten some questions maybe you know possible. Players and to Saints might draft him and -- deep forward. Will what do you think what -- NFL player you think you'll have a huge impact Carl what is your take on him going out to be a pro. You think it can -- it that way can Egypt. I don't think he's never done -- -- them. But you use them in the right situation in portrait because there can be in our players each doubled Shaq and you know amateur game crucial point in the place -- I think you can -- it should be at linebacker root for but the contrast that mission -- detention. In any -- return would be awful. You know every. Not -- -- which we are out there I think in the like tuition and can absolutely but immediately. -- and make an impact it will keep thank you that can be lower. But no other. You can -- it. Brad matches and is Brian I know last time was my Simon about a Louisiana got to buy and read injury plagued Indian and how much but you guys got another one. That is highly considered the quail Williams saw what what's out looking like on him. They've been very impressed that actually it's never come out about coach our players really -- -- out there. They just think he's a playmaker. And -- played the practice in the -- and of course and what you want. On that children. Not the best thing about we look forward to go to -- -- have an -- really good attitude. Although they ought to pick during a groin. That you that you are great quarterback this spring. Out of those jobs that are scored are the -- -- -- -- abused -- a lot of open spots out of the it's about movement is chocolate chip up to go to a new job as the well. Wouldn't be fair to say Brian as our amount of time that it. Us -- and is a bad day. You know he he's got great talent did a great job recruiting -- -- recruiting. That's been the one good thing during the program even in the lean years from -- did at bat did they were able to recruit -- -- level but. It seems like regardless so all of the the a team -- accolades of incoming guys. -- seemingly makes these kids bet is that fantasy in this automatic timing seemed like. -- regardless of what these kids are ranked on the Haskell he he gets the maximum potential and the majority at a time these -- Well there trumpet players are elected -- or hear much about Doug are you that you would like he -- I don't -- a -- -- great players and now. So are we were about so they're saying you know. But lectures and you know they can look back on your sport and used that motivation that a lot of the talk about how there's that word. How -- what Rebecca what happened in -- this year look at that. -- You know I appreciate -- thought about change. The coming off. He just chipped -- game second short. They -- happen in -- a little -- and so it is different to but scenario under and matched by the way it motivate them back. So Brian what would and now we need dealing with the fans and their expectations obviously whenever you beat Alabama. I mean enough said there have been they kind of expecting. Did you got to playoffs assist and maybe be in -- of fourteen race. Well. Yeah Greek epic it should immediately. And future. In the develop into the great the you know 67 have a lot decade as -- -- Alabama Georgia. Probably being there are gonna bring in new quarterback that you really don't -- do you know which. Which one are going to be agree one you know which was going to be pretty do what they average in which -- -- that they can go to the Newport pleasure though but. You know well should be the best in that position you're a -- record by saying -- And it could be really sure -- acting and they don't have upper corner back. But in your system well that would be it would have been at one. There. Brown out whenever I get the latest all on the oftentimes. At that Auburn undercover like -- what were of the sport there -- -- -- albeit being that of course up on what Brad thank you so much of the time we appreciate. -- --