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Mar 27, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to our show on this Thursday nights you've heard the forecast there is their chances of showers tonight and into the morning commute tomorrow morning issue tune into. WWL first news with Dave coordinate a 5 o'clock 56 with Dave Cohen and David Blake. And -- W offers there's a tummy -- from six to ten for all the latest on the weather and sometimes the weather can lead to some traffic issues and that some some showers. Again two tomorrow night but that it looks like it's going to be really nice by Saturday afternoon and Sunday should be a really great day. Here are some of the things we're gonna talk about the show tonight today I was walking to the station. And I saw a a businessman the CBD through his cigarette butt on the ground. And I almost said something. But I didn't. And I'm wondering if I should have set something. Should we say something to people who through their cigarette butts on the ground or any -- for that matter or should we just mind their own business will talk about them in the showed my debts and our top later date. Also producers of the very first episode of Leave It to Beaver apparently fought with network censors overseen. What's seen in Leave It to Beaver. Might have gotten the dissenters upset of what the distance in the late fifties -- the immediately get desolate fifties or early sixties. But apparently they had a it where you arguably visiting times have changed we'll talk about that tonight. Also there is yet another Louisiana law making wearing sagging pants a crime. And also I wanna talk tonight about -- music festival. That took place here in Louisiana in 1971. Point -- pay perish the celebration. Of life. It was wild. It was. Insane. People were naked. People were covering themselves with mud to. -- vindictiveness in the chapel like a river of led to a local skating in their boats. Planes flying very low to get -- a look at the people naked there and they were also a lot of people using drugs. By the way that was -- music festival. That was part of the baby boomer generation. Which is now the establishment and -- we've got some pictures at the the -- blog tonight is about this it's on our website at WW real dot com and we have some actual pictures from the celebration of life in 1971. If you were there. If you know somebody who was the year and you want to share your stories with us tonight Kohler show. -- and also I'm -- tweet out a picture. On my Twitter account at 835. To coming up -- coming up the bright after a run at 330 tonight and between now one of these pictures. From the celebration of like now for those of you who were too young to have been part of -- -- too young to be part of the baby boomer generation. You know with this ends up being -- The show's gonna end up giving you a lot of ammunition. When you get into debates -- baby boomers about your young generation today. Because we quite often on the show talk about. Powell baby boomers can be very very hypocritical. About their past. All of that in tonight's top eight at eight and here is the top rated -- -- things we'd like you know as we begin our show tonight on to be WL. Number eight. College in Saratoga springs Florida. The college is skid more college. They're offering a course. About Miley Cyrus. The course is gonna be titled the sociology of Miley Cyrus. Race. Class. Gender and media. -- assistant. Professor who's visiting -- Sarasota -- toga. The search service brings I'm Caroline shorn off says that she was interested in this it just watching how dumb people react to Miley Cyrus and all of the things that she'd. In inspires debate about to race class gender. And media I know a lot of fuel or do you she has no class but anyway it's going to be interesting to see and it works on and I don't know if if it's working it's going to be part of the class at all. A number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Producers of the very first episode. Leave It to Beaver fought with network censors over a scene that threatened to cancel the very first episode. Jerry Mathers who played the deeper and can I have no idea why they gave him that name. I he says that in the first episode Wally and -- bought a pet alligator. And they wanted to keep it in the toilet. But showing a torrent and on television and I guess this was in the late fifty's showing -- -- -- Television was banned at the time. But an agreement was reached when the producers agreed to only show the back of the toilet. While how times have changed. So what's a little bit of TV trivia for you Leave It to Beaver was apparently the first sitcom ever show a toilet. On television. -- I guess because. And what people do to. I guess it's because of what people do when the abuse that I guess that was considered to be a -- can you imagine that -- showing a toilet. Because your editorial was just too personal. Which issue issue how things have changed number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Recently I talked about road rage on the show and there was obviously one person who wasn't listening. It's a 29 year old guy. In Metairie and who was arrested yesterday followed an incident in the parking lot of the Wal-Mart and -- The man apparently became angry while he was stuck behind a car waiting for. Another car to pull out of the parking spot I know that can be a little like graffiti. But here's what happened this says 29 year old guy was charged with. Aggravated assault of a police officer because he hit a police officer and it not seriously but I think he hit him with this a review. A -- view mirror. Also are charged with aggravated criminal damage to property. Illegal possession of marijuana. Reckless operation of a motor vehicle and even a few other minor offenses. Get a police say that this driver became irritated in the Wal-Mart parking lot in -- he was behind a car that was waiting for a parking spot. Now -- this happen to me the other day and it did kind of aggravate me but I didn't get into any kind of a -- over it. But you know people get in their car and I know you have a right to do this but -- You get into your car and people assumed that within a relatively short period of time you are gonna eventually back out. But people sit there and they they they they do stuff and I know they have a right to do it but it's. It's aggravated maybe there's some kind of a courteous signal we could give if we're getting in our -- point disappear for a few minutes of people don't sit there and wait. I waited for this guided him to move and needed move and I don't know what he was doing. But he just wouldn't so I understand that that's that's aggravating but you can't do what this -- idea. So he. He got so frustrated he hawkish or repeatedly. That he spent around the vehicle got the attention of a police officer working detail at the wall morning care. And and refuse to Obey commands. Then went into reverse he was blocked by another car then shifted back in to drive. Approached the officer striking him with the at that decide near the vehicle. -- raced out of the parking lot and police and several pedestrians. Had to jump out of the way. -- police. The Jefferson Parish sheriff's office. And state police role involved in a chase that ended trans continental. And veterans. He tried to evade officers once again and he threw through some objects out of the car. Wonder what that might have been. And he ended up crashing his vehicle into an unmarked law enforcement vehicles so. Again when you you think about the times stance. You are tempted to get into a rage. Over something like a parking spot. I think about what can ultimately happened this guy is in deep trouble and -- should be. With all the things that we have going on our lives with all the things that we have to be concerned about in the world today. Not getting in a parking spot when you -- -- get into a parking spot should not be one of the things that same issue into a reach. Number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. California lawmakers seemed to be losing interest in a new laws that banned his bare hand contact with food in restaurants and bars. Now Louisiana is one of the states that encourages minimal bare hand contact with food and I'm glad about that British you know I'm the -- -- fold. And I do have a problem with people touching food and you might not think that there really touching your food but -- we will talk about that tonight a governor Jerry Brown signed this bill last year. Requiring restaurant workers to Wear gloves. Or to use utensils whenever they were handling ready to eat food. Including the rice in sushi. And including even on putting the -- in him he tail. Which is a very popular by drink down however this is this that in new restrictions on this law that says come up with the legislature and so they're kind of backing off. This this bigger hand out food ban. I had to be on associated bothers me when I see people touching food and you know but I I I'm I'm like sushi. And I see. After that this -- sushi guys making the sushi with their bare hands. And it never really bothered me but now that I I think about it I'm not too crazy about that I'll tell you what bothers me is when I. I see a bartender. A quite often I drink soda and line. And quite often I'll see a bartender you know take money and then just a moment later he or she. Is squeezing by line. Into my drink. And I've I've I've realized that I'm a little of rational with with all this but as I'd say animated committed -- folded it kind of bothers me. So -- -- -- most bothered. Bite your hand contact with food. Sushi. Making sandwiches -- a bartender just squeezing a -- your drink sort of things we'll talk about tonight if you wanna join us with the comet. Our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890. At seventy. And a text number is 87870. Ever for tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Op Ed article. At foxnews.com complaints about a section of a grocery store. That specializes in what is described as Hispanic sheets. Todd starts who. In my opinion has got to be one of the most paranoid Christian Caucasian Americans in this country. Condemns the store for having a sign designating. Hispanic food. He said in his op Ed piece at foxnews.com. I was in the mood for ham sandwich the other day so I walked around the corner to my neighborhood market to pick up some provisions. A later he says I came face to face with that massive sign. Bearing giant letters it read to Hispanic cheese. I steered the display for quite some time I find -- upon myself drifting into an imaginary conversation with the store clerk. Do you want to help shore. I guess could you tell me where I can -- you keep the Caucasian cheese. I'm sorry sir but we don't carry Caucasian -- although. Now we do have some but the nice selection of white chatters. He goes on to say I -- attempted to purchase of Hispanic cheese but I feared retribution at the checkout counter. What is the clerk confronted me about trying to purchase Hispanic cheese. When that was contrary to my ethnicity. -- to be safe. I decided to purchase. American cheese. And any brings President Obama into his op Ed piece seeing how President Obama are ushered. The nation into. A post racial age you'd think grocery stores would be a bit more sensitive. To this kind of thing. Why single out Hispanic cheeses what about Italians. What about the French. What's next the grocery shore separate American cabbage from Bok -- So. Is there anything like this that really totally offends you or it. Is this just a big deal about nothing again -- I read -- starts -- quite often foxnews.com. And he is as I say he's got to be one of the most paranoid Christian Caucasian Americans. In this country. And I say that because he is bothered by the absolute slightest things and I know I have my Tennessee to be bothered by slight things but. This guy this guys is one of the guys who believes that the government is trying to take christianity away from us one of the guys who believes. That he is. He's white supremacist. On status is somehow threatened that's the impression that I guess I'm -- is a white supremacy but he seems to have this. Superiority complex. About his white race that is so threatened by something like. Hispanic she is really time to. Again to join our show tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven -- numbers 87870. And number three nights on our list of the top eight at eight. Narration has now passed a new law banning the wearing a sagging pants in public. It's the Jefferson Davis parish. A police jury this is around Jennings Louisiana. They unanimously approved an ordinance making it illegal to appear in public wearing pants below the waist exposing underwear. Or skin. The final is fifty dollars for the first offense and 100 dollars for subsequent violations. To sagging pants. Really offend you we've had this conversation a lot nine by no way this conversations and ago but I'm also -- remind you of your part of the baby boomer generation. -- or if you are part of the generation that was into grunge. While you may be didn't show your underwear especially baby boomers. You displayed a lot of fashion that was very sexually questionable. And very provocative and very challenging. When you were young. Now somebody apparently in. In Jefferson -- Jefferson Davis parish on Jennings. Complained that the courthouse employee. Saw somebody's. Underwear and body parts. I live downtown. I'm down I'm in the downtown area the quarter all the time. I've never. Seen a body part. I think this is a total. Exaggeration. Never seen. A body part. So. You know again let's not exaggerate this and again I find it interesting. That it's males. Who are showing the top of their underwear but I don't like it was at the -- I don't like it. But I don't know if there should be a law against I don't know if people should be ticketed for that for obscenity yes. But is really showing the top of somebody's underwear is that really. An obscenity. And again I've never seen a body part and I've had people call these shows -- well I don't like -- body parts what's going to be what body part you're actually seeing. You know without without actually going into any detail about it. In any event I think this is a really interesting discussion and another question is two. Sagging pants -- if you can't Wear those if it's illegal does that infringe on your. On your civil rights it was a long ago we talked about this on the show victim last year. We talked about the thirty day warning period in the city of Okaloosa and if you wearing sagging pants after the thirty warning period. Then there would be enforcement and the maximum penalty was 500 dollars or thirty days in jail or both. A bit severe -- me think about that you even suggesting that somebody goes to jail for thirty days. You don't have any better use for that sell that to put somebody in jail for wearing sagging pants. Again I believe this is part of the hysteria of my generation. I'm trying to. Control younger generation and see if they never did anything wrong. I've got a text here that says but corrected the little more. It's a little more descriptive and -- and Odyssey bucked you know that but that is not a body part. Okay that's like -- but it's obscene body part if you work how many plumbers would be in jail right now number two on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Bill would establish a 300 dollar -- for tossing a cigarette butt out of a car window made it through a house committee today and admiration. I saw somebody earlier today. Ties in the CBD walk into the station earlier. And a businessman with a three of the businessman walking down the street to he finishes cigarette -- -- Stewart's underground. And my first instinct was to say something. And I got to be honest with you thought lottery or maybe the guys solicitor and I should defend him. And -- I walked by and a -- know you know what the hell with that I should assistant. The question is if we see people throw cigarette butts on the ground. Should we say something about it or should we. Mind their own business. That's a WW a pretty general opinion poll tonight give your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com we're gonna attract that poll throughout the -- tonight. And there will give you the first update in just a few minutes should we say something no matter what the you do were not and -- if you do this is something we could talk about it do you say something and if you do say something to somebody about something like that. What is the reaction. Should we say something to people who throw cigarette butts on the ground. Which game. Embarrassment. Be one way to make it. Something that people would not wanna do because right now it's it's quite acceptable. And -- cigarette butts all over the place downtown. Even though the city has a campaign. About walking your -- -- to the trash. So should we say something about people who. Just toss of Sager reports on the ground or should remind her own business. To join our shooter rights are numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Which seventy at a tech's number 677. And finally tonight's number one at tonight's list of the top eight and eight. I love talking about this this kind of thing and I talk about it from my standpoint as. A self proclaimed hostile witness to the baby boomer generation. The baby boomer generation is now the establishment. This is generation right here every night on the show. Is a very critical of the anti social behavior and drug use of today's young generation. Has baby boomers forgotten about Woodstock. Have baby boomers forgotten about the music festival celebration of life right here in Louisiana the -- Louisiana on the banks of the chapel -- river. This was a generation that did drugs and gotten naked at concerts. And this was a generation that was really really outrageous it it doesn't mean that you have to promote that sort of thing with young people today but it. I think it's it's hypocritical to. To criticize the young generation today as if you never did anything wrong. I would love to talk to anybody. Who was at celebration of life. In 1971. -- 67000. People there and we're gonna talk about this on the shorter night and if you weren't they or you're too young to be part of the baby boomer generation. Then you should be interested in the show tonight because. If you ever get into discussions with baby boomers about your young generation. This is gonna be some really good information for you to have when you get in those debates and discussions about your young generation. And compared to the baby boomers. This was an eight day music festival that was shut down after forties. And people were naked in the chapel like a river. Temperatures were extremely hot in the nineties. And there were people rolling around to playing in the mud. There were locals who got in their boats. And went down the chapel liar river and stopped right there so they could look at the naked people the naked hippies. On there were planes that even flew low and a couple seat planes -- that landed on the Scheffler river. Just because they wanted to get a look. At the baby boomers. Who -- make it. Now many ways I'm proud of my generation. But I'm not proud of what I constantly hear as a radio talk show host. About the criticism of young generations today with music and fashion an anti social behavior when I know firsthand as a witness of that generation. Firsthand that my generation did those things and again it's okay to try to set a good example. But not in such a way that you -- to see if it never really happened. Were you there or were you part of any big event as soon as a as a baby -- over. Were you part of any big event where there was total debauchery. To join our show tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. A text number it -- and creativity. This is the -- show live from New Orleans on Thursday night and we'll be right back with your comments. Whatever WL. -- The title of -- blog tonight really explains -- all have baby boomers forgotten how wild they were. We're talking about baby boomers at the celebration of life if you work there you are if your baby -- are still part of the generation that displayed that kind of behavior. So really who are you to criticize. Wild behavior -- young generation today war was one of the -- and actually performed. They were not many well known bands that did before they were a few -- The Rolling Stones the Beach Boys these bands were supposed to perform but they didn't have the stones to be forced the Moody Blues Pink Floyd BB -- I -- Tina Turner slightly famous stone. They didn't show. But mortgage off. It was really it was a travesty. I mean it's it's a big difference from what goes on now with the jazz and heritage festival. But this was an -- day celebration in 1971. Which -- two years after Woodstock. And two years after the New Orleans pop festival which was that Gonzales announced multi in my story about being there -- no it -- needed it being naked I was too dirty to be naked but. I do have an uninteresting. Story about being at the New Orleans pop festival which was held at the Louisiana speedway. In Gonzales and I believe that was 1969. Maybe 97 -- if you know the year when. They set the record straight on that please call or text the show. But Disco blog is on our website at WW -- dot com you should read it and share with others especially baby boomers or those of you who were not baby boomers. If you want some really good ammunition. If you get into a discussion with a baby boomer about you're young generation. You should do read his blog incher with your your friendship will be good for the next time you get into a conversation -- your parents or. Your grandparents or just anybody -- part of the baby boomer generation are all sold this is a conversation is taking place on our FaceBook page. At WWL radio and -- recent of those comments in just a few minutes. Also I just tweeted out a picture. From the celebration of life and had their pictures five people naked in the river plane flying low again. There are some. It's it's -- these are not graphic I'm not to tweeting out graphic pictures but it just shows as some of the wild behavior of the baby boomer generation. That is now the establishment. And so judgmental of young generations today. If you wanna join me on Twitter tweet on another picture at about 940 tonight. If you wanna join me on Twitter it's act scoot. Every W -- at scoot. WW well. -- Wes you're on the -- show good evening. Pop. You exhilaration of lights. Went out collapsed and dot. Opens or -- We literally went -- Did you know I didn't go -- You can drops. The labels. You know like cables. Spot -- now. Anything literally. In the table. I heard that there were two sections so this was reported Rolling Stone magazine one area was called. I think cocaine row in the other royal box on. The other way is a snack street. Saint danger when mr. -- who can -- we get any outlet and -- and manage you know. And have watched cardinal. Don't you bring sells life you know war. All the wars are unsure and or Al whatever it was column. American chamber as well eskimo and so on all but you don't -- the current. A -- war was another night was not bad on the Jerry. -- you know he's out to borrow a letter or did you stop them and ESP. And it was negotiating. That I'm in a -- and a bully you. Poppy you'll now. Yeah that was it they -- -- alliance of fast moving river. I. Mean it. And sports. It was so Wes Wyatt. Why as a baby boomer why is our generations so damn concerned about a young generation today. Let's -- not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's -- -- children outraged. One caller yeah two more at all and I don't know. -- and maybe age what we'd do. It. You know like you're 2118. Or. No problem with that. Fifteen year old daughter so cannot count -- I don't wanna smoke and perhaps -- you know took. I don't know I I I understand that and I don't I don't think it's it's it's wrong to try to set a good example where I I I think it's wrong to. To be so judge middle of the young generation and -- if you don't even remember what you did receive didn't do anything wrong. I'll bet he few important as well trade in he it's it's it's bad or mean. When it that way. I mean. A pack you know what launched gosh no idea -- just -- -- -- my high school are gonna answer to -- He stops you know. She has no clue -- all. And -- and saw a naked people have asked can you imagine if if a festival like that happened today. And I -- it always talk about that on the show here in WWL. -- -- manager with the reaction would be from baby boomers or generation that did that there. It would be like politics distribute. It hasn't really. I join our conversation so you know its interest and it does make people those people on drugs back then many of those people. Are responsible businesspeople today. -- one quick thing. Yeah yeah yeah go ahead and -- People. The -- Woke up with Oprah block. Google apps from. Me. And must be like is. Not a -- It just like me. But it means that -- I mean it. Amnesty on. I'm glad you called Sharon I've enjoyed our conversation thanks a lot they were gonna mark this conversation we're gonna play this back out and showing just a little while third quarter podcast too. After WW -- dot com. As Stephen -- is one of the performers and with the way west was describing a celebration of life and all that went on this song takes on new meaning. If you can't be with the love you want them if you can't be with the one you love then. I just love it when you're with. -- maybe it's not even laws. I'm scooter we'll be right back after your. Have baby boomers forgotten just how wild they were that's the title of this do blog we're talking about it tonight and we're we're talking about this. Festival that took place in Louisiana nineteen Seve -- celebration of life in point compete county. And it is around -- Louisiana. Which is on the chapel like a river there was naked this and that we've got two pictures you can't see that they're actually naked but trust me they're naked I know the person took these pictures and I I know what happened there. They are young people in the river Steve Scheffler river and there's an airline it's a twin engine. A DC three and desist from 1970 ones so this wasn't an airline flying low over the river to give everybody on board if you. Of the people in the river. And then there's a seat plane that landed in the -- so these are locals. Did you know might have been critical of the naked hippies but they wanted to go see naked hippies in the chancellor river. Were you there or were you part of any other. Crazy. Celebration or festival or event. Where. Your behavior was anti social and outrageous. From party Keith you're the -- show and having to -- well. Yet they screw up he thought about the big gap between what we do when I'll I'll pick six of -- and -- and I'll hit the day. But my brother went to -- an attack could actually he went to college we have covered branch or read -- was. And they couldn't do well. Out there and -- than they had dual mode world. Either drink. Well bond girl because he didn't yeah. You know wasn't as open as it is in jail he had a lot of try to -- -- -- -- -- right parachutes again. -- So without talking about now. As polite man. Beyond that again this happened and in 1971. And this -- two years after Woodstock which way is an amazing event but also an event where. -- young people again. Representative. If they did generation that is now the critical establishment keep it going to color gonna have to get to a break here -- -- a little later last segment so. We're gonna you turn a quick break but it would come back we'll have a lot to talk about our throughout the night so stable this year. Under the WL here is a text of this is about. My comments about the celebration of life and baby boomers today and young generation. -- you are radically and obsessively weird. But that's why we -- That's one of the nicest -- I've ever received. Here's an update on our WWL pretty -- opinion poll should we say something to people who throw their cigarette butts on the ground. Or mind our own business 50% say yes we should say something as 50% saying no we should mind their own business what do you think we should do. Give us your opinion by going to WWL dot com we're -- that polls throughout our show on skewed and we'll be right back into the WL it's Thursday night on the -- show live from New Orleans on -- bureau. And there's a bill that's -- working its way through the regional legislatures that would establish a 300 dollar fine for tossing a cigarette butt out of a car window. It made it to a house committee today I saw somebody do this earlier today and CBD my instinct was hey what do you do. And I've backed off by I didn't do it and sometimes I can be very. A very open when it comes to -- things to people if we see somebody throw a cigarette on the ground. Should we say something to them or should remind her own business. That's -- WW a pretty general opinion poll tonight a big jump in our poll right now. 38%. Say yes we should say something 62%. Say we should mind our own business. I think we should make it embarrassing for anybody get to the cigarette butt on the ground if we make that socially unacceptable. If we look down on people who do that then I think people will stop doing it. Also I I talked about this op Ed piece of foxnews.com. And describe the author tied to star and so I read quite often. -- as one of the most paranoid Christian Caucasian Americans I've ever known he's upset about a sign designated Hispanic cheese. It is store. And here is attacks that restart starts was raised in Mississippi was a teenager and southeast Louisiana. But should that explain everything are we got a lot to talk about hang on we will be right back with the after the news and to be WL.