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Mar 27, 2014|

: a bill that would establish a $300 dollar fine for tossing a cigarette butt out of a car window made it through a House committee. If you see someone throw their cigarette butt on the ground – do you say anything to them or let it go? PLUS: today’s establishment – the Baby Boomer generation – is very critical of the behavior of the young generation today. Have Baby Boomers forgotten about the behavior at Woodstock or the Celebration of Life Festival in Louisiana? Young people were doing drugs and getting naked. What outrageous memory do you have from your youth?

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There's a bill working its way through the Louisiana legislature which would establish a 300 dollar fine for tossing a cigarette butt out of a car window. I've been through a house committee today -- -- rouge if you see somebody throw a cigarette butt on the ground. Should you say something should should we get together as a society I'm not criticizing smokers. If you if you wanna smoke you have a right to smoke in this country if you listen to this show on a regular basis you know tonight. I am not critical smokers. Means it's not the best thing you can do but honestly. We all probably have bad habits and things that we shouldn't do and I think it's unfair to refer to. Smokers and to put them into some kind of a sub class of of humanity within our society. Having said that nobody should be -- And I saw a businessman with a three other businessmen walking in the CBD today right confront me I I started pass and the guy threw a cigarette on the ground. My instinct was to say something but I decided not to for whatever reason sometimes I say things in situations like that and sometimes I don't anyway I didn't. And I kind of regret not saying something. I think maybe we should make that anti social to the point where people don't do it because people do -- so can actually. What part of throwing a cigarette put on the ground doesn't seem like it would be littering do you. Here's an update on our WW a pretty genuine opinion poll should we say something to people who -- the cigarette butts on the ground or should remind her own business. Right now 42%. Say that we should say something at 58% say we should mind their own business. What do you think. Give a sure thing by going to our web site WW dot com and also if you wanna join us -- the comments are numbers 2601870. To all free 8668890. Which seventy. At a text numbers 87870. Should we say something art are you tempted to say something when you see somebody drop later or drop a cigarette butt on the ground. Again if you wanna smoke that's fine bid to be respectful. And I know a lot of smokers who are very respectful. They are people leaving if I'm sitting in a bar there are people who believe and asked me do you mind if I smoke. Have to do my appreciation asking but. Hey I'm not. Amid a bar I'm not in my apartment so if you wanna smoke go ahead and -- and I appreciate of people asking me. But if we see people. Throwing -- -- reports on the ground should we be more vocal about that and I don't mean. Confront them. With verbal aggression. But should we at least say something to the point where as a society. We show on those who do that they -- for those who choose to smoke. Can be more respectful not -- cigarette butts on the ground. And I think it goes for all -- but. There are people who are less likely to throw something else on the ground but likely to throw a cigarette out on the ground. And as far as I know cigarette -- or not immediately biodegradable. In other words they're gonna stay there for awhile. Again to join us tonight with your comments are numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. At a text number -- 877. Have baby boomers forgotten how while they war. A baby boomers or somebody sent a -- and said they were born in 1974. Are -- your baby boomer know I don't think so. I don't have it in front of me but I think baby boomers were born somewhere like around 1948 to 1964. Or maybe it's 65 or 66 somewhere in that in that timeframe from about 48. 260. 64 something like that. In your baby boomer. In 1971. There were some music festival in a -- Louisiana in point compete parish on the chapel -- -- -- And baby boomers were there in 1971. They got naked. The first caller we have on the show tonight which -- And he talked about. People having sex in front of him he talked about naked -- drugs were openly on sale there. But I find it posting about this topic that we talk about this sort of thing a lot on our show here WWL. Is that the baby boomer generation is now the establishment. And they're so highly critical of the young generation it's okay to try to set the right example it's OK to say hey look I made these mistakes. But what would I find very hypocritical. Is today's establishment baby boomers. Condemning a young generation today as if they did no wrong. What I thought about this celebration of life fest was a -- is somebody the other day who who was there at night I thought about the departure I wasn't there I was at the New Orleans pop festival. Which I -- was 1969. A senior Woodstock. Maybe it was says -- with seventy I don't remember exactly I think services 69. Which -- was in 1969 and three years later was this celebration of life which was scheduled for eight days. It only lasted for. And it was bizarre. The -- blog tonight is titled have baby boomers forgotten how while they were if your baby boomer or if you're not a baby boomer and you -- some interesting information. The next time you get into a debate with the baby boomer about it. The condemnation in the judgment of your generation you might wanna read this blog and share with your friends. It's at WWL dot com also we've got a couple of pictures and those people in the chapel like a river in the pictures. -- -- Now obviously they're tastefully. Displayed you can't see anything but those people in the chapel lions are naked. It once seen there's not an airline flying low enough to show everybody on board the naked people on the river. In another picture that we have with the -- blog tonight. Is a picture of of -- seat plane that landed right in the river so everybody to get a look. So the establishment which really critical of these these teenagers these hippies for forgetting naked but they sure wanted to get out -- see him. The -- like it's also trending on our FaceBook page had to be WL radio so I give us your comments because I I wanted I wanna get your reaction to this and you mate. If you're a baby boomer -- totally disagree with my observations. You might totally agree you might agree you really wanna agreed because it's the truth that you don't wanna accepted because. Sometimes we don't wanna accept the reality but I think this a really interesting things about. I'm looking at baby boomers today in the criticism they have of a young generation. To join our show tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. And a text numbers 877 and again -- -- get to some of your FaceBook comments and some of the comments -- -- VW will dot com so. -- read the blog share with your friends and give us your are your feelings about it from Hammond Ron your under the WL. Catcher. -- before. Even mentioned the the -- -- aspects secret ballots in to me it answer all letter mean. One key to make sure but that's about agreeable where it matters matters which. On the local law enforcement people wanted to try to finally generate revenue off some. Cellphone users build to order to help and I just I'm on the stand line. You know starts based plant based materials can be used for all of a stronger response. The big. But even if -- was biodegradable. Than it would if you went through a period we're it was a raining that that cigarette thought would be there and the rest of them would be here for a long period of time until ranked. Well my point it's easier for that it convert industry to accommodate the public and where. They approach it but I mean. In the coming up and uses the people. Or are you so -- do you think you would be easier to have industry convert everything to something biodegradable tend to have people act the way they should act. I mean -- be easier okay. It would be its moral likely to get industry to do it. That it is to get people change but it's a hell of a lot easier to -- people to modify their behavior rather than have industry changed to conform to. People who just don't want to modify their behavior. Have you been here you know all the plastic -- bags in the bar mark -- green and assist you know. I'm others reasons why you know industry doesn't want to do certain things. Foot and able to Forsythe and has to do the things that really need to beat them. And I don't like can't we simply throw things away in in the proper place -- why do we have to later. One mile on the -- Point is the -- incorrect they've been here will finally figure it. I'll call for going I mean what's there to separate all over there and materials and its. There's different inspection and answering -- I think -- I think that's wonderful I think it's a different topic but I don't think there's anything wrong with. With asking people to modify behavior. That involves things like literate. I picked up the steps out in front of my plays every week -- the -- -- railroad which. You know I'm a long get -- out about it I just want to say let's do something better. People outside of what would you do in the United States of America shortly in the world how to do better. I mean let the rest of the world make whatever patent -- let -- make them better. You know waited and we Q&A. And isn't one of those issues these boats why can't -- -- -- -- I don't -- I'm not Smart enough but I think he can be doing and I have battled com companies -- element just some of the it was tonight. I'm gonna have to ask you to hold onto -- gonna get a break here on. Time so I mean do you agree with Ron. Should we just shall we shall we make business and should we change industry because people can't throw their cigarette butts in a proper place. -- -- to me that a soap pandering too lazy. -- Dirty Americans that is pandering. To the worst part of humans but the worst part put a negative part of humanity. So we got to change and make cigarette butts biodegradable. Because you can't put your cigarette -- in the proper place. Really. If you wanna join us tonight on numbers 260187. Toll free 866889. Series sent a text a 7870. This is the -- show and we'll be right back live from New Orleans on this Thursday night on -- WL. -- Here's a new -- like royalty connection from New Orleans song is called wild. And this is -- again we feature a lot of businesses as we go in and out of -- -- on the Schuylkill. That would features of stuff for the past. But I certainly feature a lot of new stuff released but he -- -- -- -- that if you're not paying attention to submit their music. You should be. Here's an update on -- a -- up pretty. Business 41% say yes we should say something that a majority 59% say we should mind our own business. Really tomorrow morning and having a real first is with Tommy -- has a new survey showing that an increasing number of Catholics feel the church. Is more in touch with their -- since Pope Francis became their leader. How do you feel about it one of the things atomic Terkel talked about tomorrow morning wake up and feel good with Tommy Tucker -- WL first news tomorrow morning. And every weekday mornings from six to attend a script like tonight is titled have baby boomers forgotten how wild they are. And it focuses on this celebration of life concert which took place in 1971. Where today's establishment that is very critical of the young generation was very very wild. Rob continues witnessed from him at Robert when Mora coming to make about the other baby boomers get -- more vehicles are just a moment regardless finish. Thanks Newt -- that point one make as a anomaly blooming. Patent number. -- keep it to seven ops on the sister who has an original the in and out against number I mean accounts are -- at all but. -- -- -- Execute. They they wanted. To do what their parents had done in the senate seat -- in the temple lights but they rejected you know what became you know after -- all the prosperity. The -- as well. And saw well you know I think degenerated. Somewhere -- the ideals and you know what became that they yuppies and it's their vote in east would be the almost technician news. You know and and amber at the the sewer protect its political -- -- that you -- -- -- Obama -- wouldn't. But solar panels and a wind generation. -- -- my anger thing. Well those are all things that are very congruent with the mentality of hippies and the concern for the ecology -- -- it's now the environment but the fact that it was called. Being ecologically sensitive it was about the it was about the ecology which was essentially of the environment you know I I notice that says that my generation I changed from being generations it. I talked about freedoms and talked about equality and except that everybody was different sexual orientations. -- as a generation -- -- became prosperous in the eighties and to turn conservative as it collectively as a group. I saw so many members moving out to the suburbs and really life is quite different in the suburbs and it is in the city and that. -- that added to the spread of conservative ideology and America. Also. I have just noticed that. My generation which is why I call myself a hostile witness to the baby boomer generation. Is just judgmental of a young generation as if they really never did anything wild and crazy and what they did relative to the times is just as wild and crazy as a young generation today. Well -- lead by example on we all grow out of -- habits and a million -- -- great when you're twenty something years. -- I -- I understand that I just I don't like the I don't like the attitude that comes from a lot of people who -- the establishment today. When it comes to judgment. It's it's done in such a way that there's no acknowledgment that they ever did anything wrong and I -- I think that's wrong and I think we should shoot -- recognize that there are things that happen in young generations that are very normal. The figure Drummond -- to call the shot we have to move on that the big difference today and -- do bring this up in the blog is gardens that is something it's there but other than that. Sexuality. Drugs. Music it was considered to be -- just. Terrible horrible anti social messages. Degrading to. I think we forget that our generation was part of that is well if you and join us -- a comic tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And it -- -- receipts have -- seven. In about ten minutes I'm gonna tweet out another picture on my Twitter account from this celebration of life festival in 1971. And you wanna join me on Twitter it's asked -- WL. We're gonna treat them out and about says about ten minutes and just -- actual picture of people naked in the chapel like a river. Again you can't see anything. But just know that these people are are naked. And their -- They were sex in public. There were drugs openly on sale. The celebration of life was a festival. That baby boomers participated -- -- not every baby boomer participated I was and they are not everybody was there and not everybody agrees with what happened. But at the time. We were part of a generation that thought hey you know what they're just have a good time. Well imagine if that would happen today. What the criticism would be like on this their ratio we talked about. Concert music festival with young people. Who got naked and had sex. And did drugs openly defied the law were anti social. But we're not anti social but they were and he did displaying. Behavior that was considered to. Not not status quo or or not. Not normal. Think it's about what the conversation would be like on the show. You can read the blog and share with others it's on our website at W if you -- -- console sold off part of our FaceBook conversation and we'll get to some -- FaceBook comments here in just a minute from both Melissa Berry you're on the school children to be WL. About epic -- but I want -- -- about. We wish we could well change -- tells people about -- -- definitely do to want to rebut. It took -- they are the people. Probably output -- looked at other opponent that -- That particular into the -- She being beaten me on the one in -- finished -- -- -- where the bond between. And people that would keep building and did that. Development and people think about doing it I thought about it but -- what what Kobe with you and they did not do. Well I I I agree -- and this this build it's working its way through the legislative session right now a calls for a 300 dollar fine there's already a 250 dollar fine for littering that this would. This would increase the fines for a throwing a cigarette like on the window I it would also call for a possible community service. And if if people did have to get out there and and face the shame of being somebody who through their cigarette butt out of the window I think it might convince people not to do that. Is that doable and I bet in the head and at. Local. The public about. Google shouldn't let it. And I can't constantly. Not impaired one bit and now he initialed that bit at the and it won't now what do. Welcome to our local law and out of the department receptacle. Well good Barry I I appreciate you listening and -- tonight. Us from Metairie Eric here on WWL. Hey thanks so. A former smoker and down you know part of the province that would put a cigarette but you'd you'd think it electorate and 888 catches fire you know even like them specialized to correct. But. Hold. It's so sometimes catch the ball park something people more -- to drop on the on the ground. Because you know -- electricity like in -- and everything in treatment. And you know you know its -- -- While. You've probably we have the same problem like in California like that would wildfires. You know we're in Denver not I you know I told the story when I was on the area in Denver I mean I've I ended up having charges filed against me because it was -- during. A drought period and there was -- warning in effect and there were warnings about. -- because of the extended drought to warnings about throwing things like cigarette butts on the ground and I've confronted the woman. Not aggressively but I confront a woman about throwing her cigarette butt on the ground. A Sheehan and of calling the police had said that I threatened to kick her ass and two anyway charges were filed against me I got a drop but I had a good. Anger management class as a result of that which has an -- A big waste of time. I don't think there's anything wrong with trying to change. I human behavior and humans should not be. So indignant about their behavior that they failed to recognize the changes that they should make if it's for the benefit of society and making. Even New Orleans a cleaner place. Is is a worthy cause. Part of what these if you choose that from -- in debt deal with a controversial bill. Have been submitted by saying. -- Elaine Mourinho. And I think that the weight on the campaign for her. Personally. -- If you can't look at bill that she's put as four domestic violence gun owners and. You -- -- you're darn thing generally viewed accused of domestic violence you know you at all. -- there been you know and an actual content. So. Or in any laws -- be on the books and is. It more and more law and to increase. Everything they could be -- That would this is said this is a fun time of year for for talk radio it's a fun time to fear for people who who watch politics and I totally agree with you and that's something else we talk about a lot. And that is the decent state politicians will try to make a name for themselves. It last night it was talking about. -- it was just nothing more than a few good deal which is a deal that would. If passed would make it illegal to smoke within 200 feet of the entrance of a school to -- of school. Mean is this gonna really do anything other than make people feel like something good has been done no it's not gonna stop people from smoking. -- this particular build them on it would lead to a 300 dollar fine for tossing cigarette out of the window. Is resulted by. From the West Bank have represented Patrick Connick from Guerrero so. But I I do know that there are a lot of politicians on the state level not only in this state but in every state across the country and they. You know their states their state politicians and some of them will only be state politicians and they will try to make a name for themselves and they'll pass legislation. That is destined to waste taxpayers' dollars because it's unconstitutional. But it's an -- there's a degree of arrogance that some state politicians have. Absolutely. You know an -- -- a lot of of the constitution takes a backseat -- you know bear personal ambitions. And wouldn't be inducted challenged in court. It's what was -- expression that one particular being. Right and it's something that is recording is already ruled on I mean you know why bother and there there are those who want to bring back the sodomy law in Louisiana. Well that's hardly been ruled on by the Supreme Court there is absolutely no way he made in the state of Louisiana or any state. On a ban on sodomy will be declared constitutional it's absolutely. A done deal it's it's not so why bother. And then it comes down to the moral issue well I we don't like what we don't like that that happens well. You know there's a lot of sending that goes on that you you can't control and you might actually do a better job trying to mind your own business. Eric -- due to all the -- specialist. I'm from holy -- you're on WWL -- good evening. Pretty cute and -- -- in June. Of -- some little mentions. A lot of the course lately don't have ashtrays. And I've been a smoker for years and every time -- in the correlate cigarette before you can turn the ignition. And that's -- my boat was still in the industry only summit ever threw a bullet the core. Was in the car with no history and -- -- the thing was there's no cup holder. Could at least minimal strength. I can't imagine and I do know that cars don't have ashtrays on -- can't imagine the Carolina and a a cup holder. And until they have like kind of bean bag kind of ashtray that you could actually put on your console. Also more -- minded minutes from -- when I was you still smoke and yet I do and when I'm outside and there's no ashtray available whether it was a twist to filter in my -- arbitrary pops off. And I put that filters that put the filter in my pocket. And when I get back inside it goes in the garbage can. See that you might do your courteous smoker and an and I respect courteous smokers. I appreciate all doing their Joanna I am I wish there were more people like you. They're cute that royalty and and that through obligatory concealment. -- Yeah I hope so yeah there's some pretty good people it suggests a general pricey royalties that they're disown their Lotta. A lot of good new bands out -- we should be really proud and royalties its -- from new worlds also better than us who we played a sample of their -- I've crazy lucky which was just released the other day they've got a full CD coming out today -- early summer. And they got some really good new music and I know they'll be attended a chance just as well. Keep playing too because all of the local music and honest they need all the promotion they can get. I guess you're right here will have organized if you wanna join us tonight -- -- comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. And attach numbers 877. Here's a Texan reads. La Jolla beach. Which is in San Diego area -- -- beach I flicked a cigarette butts in the saint. A girl ran up to me picked up the bunt. And threw it in the trash. Was the last time I delivered. 1970. Here is a text of recent fortunately throwing trash in the street. Even when a trash can. Is there seems to be part of this culture. All right but should it. No I think Bergen street is an exception. -- I see -- street to quite often at night when I get off at midnight sometimes I just take walks sometimes I'd hang out a little bit surprised by Google called. But I think urban street is somewhat of an exception however. Canal street and -- streak this city cleans up the streets every night. -- that power wash the sidewalks. The streets are clean by the next morning. So. We are Smart enough as as animals in this animal kingdom. To understand that okay if -- on -- street are right maybe I throw an industry. But nowhere else. And I don't think there's any excuse for a businessman. To throw a cigarette. Industry. Now I do understand this idea and and and maybe this isn't a key case although I've never seen a fire it in trash -- and is it to a real safety hazard to throw a cigarette -- In -- in a trash can what do if you are on the do the trash can in public what what if you put the cigarette butt out what you put it out. And then through to the trash can. Probably there would be no fire. So was it really about well now it's just safe to -- in the street or is that something that you just feel like doing and it's it's easier to do that tendon. Sort of way. It's easy and convenient. If you gonna -- -- -- with a comet tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. Text Amber's -- 7870. Here's a WWL party general opinion poll if you see somebody throw their cigarette butt in the streets on the ground should just say something -- should your mind your own business. Give us your opinion by going to WW real dot com and we're tracking that -- throughout Russia would give you another update coming up here in just a few minutes. Here's another -- that will be a Jazz Fest this year in fact we've got the Jazz Fest schedule that times the stage issue could start to map out your plans for Jazz Fest 2014. It's on our web site right now at WWL. Dot com I'm scoots and we'll be right back. Yeah. Lionel Richie is gonna close out essence fest this year and we've got the information as its -- has released its nightly schedule for the 2014 -- July 3 through the six to your New Orleans. And we got that information for you on our website at WWL dot com and I so I do have this memory of my behavior. At the New Orleans pop festival. Which I believe was 1969. It was held in their Gonzales I was a teenager it was held in Gonzales. At the Louisiana speedway Saturday note that places it is still there. And I'm not proud of my behavior but I will admit. What I did well we'll talk about that coming up among other things like we're talking about within a baby boomers. Had actually forgotten how while they are. That's our or how while they were at one point answered a tires a -- blog tonight at WW dot com and also on our FaceBook page. And were just talking about this is a celebration of life in 1971. I shortness of Arabia the day who is they're. And it just reminded me of a Powell the establishment today baby boomers. Are so -- middle of the young generation win they may have forgotten how -- they worked for general James George WWL. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Tokyo about -- you're subject okay. Are the first or a year. Libya. Legislators that make in the band or in -- -- -- From a rarely serve percentages -- Patrick Connick. -- There's all fields law on the books about that -- there. Vehicle road all the from litters and -- -- you -- -- X amount of dollars. Littering OK here's here's what's apparently the motive behind this. Since there are people who apparently able -- cigarette butts on the ground or on the wind of a car but won't later. The goal of this deal whether this is right or wrong on the goal of the deal was to increase the fine I believe defined for littering -- 250 dollars defined for throwing a cigarette butt out the window. Would be 300 dollars. I don't know I think that crazy. There's Soviet army. -- -- It will cigarettes are organic it's gonna be great after awhile and then. Well act after awhile but it's it's who is too easy to put something away. I mean I defense smokers' right to smoke but I think smokers should be respectful and not throw their butts on the ground that it bothered me today I'd I'd seen downtown all the time. There are just as my neighborhood and there are they're all over the street and I saw a businessman do that today in a -- you know. Here's a neat clean businessman he's just he's -- a cigarette butt on the ground and I thought that was inappropriate. I would not. -- smoke -- try and keep Gregorio. -- -- try and throw it away. But -- -- -- about Iranians and bagged and everything else is that -- away from. Well I'm concerned about all of that to. This is just a deal that is -- reminding us that it seems like it's just really. Totally second nature to throw a cigarette pipe down and and and people who wouldn't leader in other ways. I don't consider throwing your cigarette butt on the ground litter and I think that can be defined as -- Understand that but I think they'll vote for in sports. Or law. The king and the crash I mean people opened her out in the middle of the road or however. Import that while -- all that long. Yeah end of the the problem is. Police manpower. Our police chiefs are passwords was talking today about. Not having enough manpower to enforce halls the little civil things that they should be enforced and so that's why one of the conversations tonight is should we. Say something to people who throw their cigarette butts on the ground. To try to instill some degree of a shame that this is unacceptable so they won't do it anymore it would be easier to change being. It's it would be easy to change behavior then asked the police to start giving people tickets for that. I -- and and I heard your story about the war in your story about Portland and Denver and I mean -- strikes. I'll go out and you're in trouble for -- somebody. Well I hope I -- I idea and I have a feeling that the police officer was a smoker and just didn't like the whale looked and he believes that woman over even though there were no witnesses. James security -- a comment about celebration of life. I hang on hang on I've got to get to break James I'll come right back to you and we'll get to more of your calls if you're -- just be patient. We're coming right back with more dispute showing WWL I we're rapidly running at a time this hour coming up right after the news at 10 o'clock a one a replay the first caller we had on our show tonight. A guy named -- Who was actually at the celebration of life he's a baby boomer he was there wait till you hear some of the things that he -- And he's part of a generation. It is very critical of young people today will play that Beck coming up after the news says 10 o'clock. I was about to Jameson a wrap up our conversation James you're -- comment about the celebration of life a concert. Yeah come toward here what -- -- out. That or I'm gonna play that back into the 80s and at 10 o'clock our. If I want one more thing on -- -- him openly when we travel. Like quarterback a mom and dad how to react -- where you know -- -- Lenovo it kind of got my -- -- the goal now via. It curriculum -- -- the wonderful. I -- you whatever you wherever. That could -- and the one critic -- that -- She quit. So. You know I need it and -- that's. James I'm glad to call I think that's a little more. Environmentally. Appropriate than a cigarette butt buddy and I guess it's all littering. Are you your -- stay -- this is the -- -- and we will be right back.