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Mar 27, 2014|

today’s establishment – the Baby Boomer generation – is very critical of the behavior of the young generation today. Have Baby Boomers forgotten about the behavior at Woodstock or the Celebration of Life Festival in Louisiana? Young people were doing drugs and getting naked. What outrageous memory do you have from your youth? a bill that would establish a $300 dollar fine for tossing a cigarette butt out of a car window made it through a House committee. If you see someone throw their cigarette butt on the ground – do you say anything to them or let it go?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Have baby boomers forgotten how wild they were were talking about that tonight says it's also the title of the -- blog which is trending on our website at WWL dot com and there are a couple of pictures from the celebration of life music festival in 1971. Baby boomers. Drinking. Doing drugs. Getting naked. Openly having sex. It was a wild time. It's okay for baby boomers as the establishment to criticize our young generation. But it's not okay to do so without. Some acknowledgment. That you were very very wild as a generation maybe not you specifically but. When you're young you're part of the generation that really did pretty much of what a young generation is doing today with the exception of guns. And I realize that that is a big difference but outside of that it's pretty much the same. In fact what happened at celebration of life. Stephen Stills was one of the performers there. Time if you can be little one you loved and love the one you're with and -- -- apparently that happens quite often I I wasn't there I was at the New Orleans pop festival. Which was in I believe 1969. In Gonzales at the Louisiana speedway. And I was I was an older team and I was a teenager. And I was underage and I remember. Getting so drunk. On Jim beam and fresco. Now why I decided to -- Jim beam and -- together I don't know but to this day. I could never even drink either one of those together or separately. It was one of those kind of deals where. You know you got so wasted on it and so sick that you can never do it again and know we all have that. We don't have that alcohol stories like no matter what you can't do that mean you get drunk on a lot of things but you can still consume them. But that's something that I could never consume years and years later. I was so wasted. And I fell asleep in the back of the car. And I slipped through Santana. I slipped to somebody else. And I even slept through the beginning of Janice -- -- woke up halfway through Janis Joplin and enjoy the rest of it but that's how. How we -- -- what I'm not process. But it's terrific -- it's so what I think about what the young generation is is is involved in today that kind of behavior. I can. Say look it's obviously not the right kind of behavior but I I I I criticize it with an understanding that hey I did it. And and so much of the judgment that comes from the baby boomer generation which is now the establishment we talk about this a lot on the show. So much of that that criticism. Seems to be coming from people who act like they never were part of the generation that did anything wrong. And the truth is you did you can read the blog and shared it's at WWL dot com it's also on our FaceBook recently read a couple of these FaceBook post. And again we have a picture with the action to pictures with the blog. On the people in the chapel like a river this took place in point two. In the great Louisiana on the banks of the Scheffler river. And these people are naked in the river and they were people who were naked and they were her. Rolling around in the mine again and again I'm gonna I'm gonna replay on the first call we had today it was from a guy named Wes. And we're gonna replay that call here in just a moment progressives agree conversation of somebody was actually there. Now for those of you who were not part of the baby boomer generation and year you're too young to be part of that generation. If you listen to they showed if you read the blog posted this call coming up this is gonna give you some really good ammunition to use if you get into a debate about baby boomers. Who were critical of a young generation. If you enjoy and Russia -- comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Shall free 866889. As early seventy. And a text numbers 87870. We're also talking about this new bill. Debated to house committee in the legislature Baton Rouge today that would increase the fine for throwing -- cigarette butt out of the window of the car but it to 300 dollars. Littering is 250 dollars by throwing cigarette butt on the ground would be 300 dollars. I don't know that's really gonna change anybody's behavior -- may -- we as a society can get together and change behavior. By saying something to people who throw their cigarette butts on the ground. And for a lot of smokers and I defend your right to smoke. But I'm not gonna defend anybody lettering and even though it's second nature to a lot of smokers throwing a cigarette butt on the ground and in my opinion is is lettering and as I've mentioned on the show until the story before. I charges filed against me in Denver. Because I. Spoke to a woman. In a very civil manner but she was so she -- or cigarette out on the ground. Not only was it littering and this was right in front of my apartment complex not only was it littering but it was also at a time in Denver when they were sent a drought warning -- -- warning in effect. So was it it was. Even more dangerous to throw a cigarette on the ground and -- thought nothing about doing it. Well she told the story to police that I've I've had threatened to her physically and I was verbally abusive and again threatening a well the police officer decided with no witnesses decided to believe her. Over me. And I end up in in anger management class town had to go to court and get a lawyer. The chargers were the -- drop there's nothing on my record but part of the deal was had a good anger management classes. So I'm sitting and anger management class. I confronted a woman about throwing a cigarette butt on the ground I was sitting next to a guy who beat up a guy in jail. So the density -- anger management was already in jail. And he beat a cellmate. So -- anger management I don't think I belong in that anger management class than any of it that that's over. But maybe it should not be just it's second nature to throw your cigarette butt on the ground and here's our Debbie W a pretty general opinion poll tonight. I should we start to say something to people who throw the cigarette butts on the ground or should we mind our own business. Give us your opinion by going to our web sites WWL dot com and there will give you an update on that as we try to pull through our show. Here's a text -- -- said Jim beam and fresco. Sounds as good use of my favorite at Taka and chocolate syrup. Yeah. -- city Lewis you're on this huge -- WWL. Chinese party -- good -- It -- and how I didn't -- street schalken worry too much maybe not -- people talk. Lewis -- did you have a comment about our show I did I do you comment I actually was. Pop -- a little and actually in -- short. When I know I don't know walled cities and people that you or your at all. Now there I don't know all the season Harrison you may be right I I just know an unrelated news click on players so and so or -- tell me what you remember about celebration -- me remember. You know Martin. Light worker. Amerigroup. Well in 1970 wanna that was enough -- usually that is. Blogger under your arm member. A lot of Judy. Yeah and law in the world like he did have a close on it and you know and that will strike -- -- if you saw -- -- under. You know. Long. Girl. And an art world. There we legalize. Crawl by Moody's rated buy it and it was like -- yeah. There -- or slow crawl policies. That your boys but it was hard. There was well. You know there there were apparently a couple of places where you could provide drugs so openly and and and not all of the drugs. We're actually. Smoke doses they were syringes on sale for a dollar. There. Should use a loose when we own blogger. Lewis when you saw the mixed couples that was really reflective. The equality that that generation. Spoke about the time. It was life it was you know there is. There was no change going on that I bicycle. What more little boy -- didn't. So as aggressive as a baby boomer. You saw some wild behavior that you were were part of dealing baby boomers today sometimes our part too critical of a young generation for its behavior. There. You know who -- ago. People why should -- equality is responsible. Didn't accurately. But if you're not if you're young and you're not responsible that's kind of a natural thing because he was for our generation. Oh. Basically response mr. careless. I agree resident. By Lewis and logical -- thanks for listening if you -- join us tonight with your comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's happening. And a text number is a 7870. Another blog bits is still turning on our web site has been around for the show last night it's about Christians criticizing know what the movie. Movie starring Russell -- Christians criticizing Noah. Need to lighten up. And you can read that sure there was others that's also on our website at WW dot com and opens up nationwide tomorrow and I'm I'm gonna make plans to see this weekend we'll talk about Noah. Next week on this -- show. There's been criticism of this by many people who haven't even seen it and the criticism has drawn criticism from among others Russell Crowe who said it's absolute stupidity. To criticize a movie before you've actually seen it. And also there are some suggestions that Hollywood goes too far and brings up. Climate change and global warming as part of the story of -- And his criticism of that as well. So we'll talk about debts next week and if you see it I join our show and give us your comment I'm studio -- right tackle and every WL. OK okay. The producers. Leave It to Beaver. Apparently fought the network censors over the scene in the very first episode of Leave It to Beaver. And threatened to cancel the first episode Jerry Mathers who played the beaver why he got that name I have no idea and a lot of jokes about it. Jerry Mathers pleaded -- percent in the first episode Wally and the beaver. Bought a pet alligator and they wanted to keep it in the toilet. Because they knew allocated is the best team in waters they -- to keep in the toilet. But showing a toilet I guess this was the late fifties and late late fifty's showing a toilet and on television in a sitcom was bad. So an agreement was reached when the producers agree to only -- the back of the toilets. And I guess when you think about what is. Done. With a toilet that was considered to be -- wow how times have changed. So Leave It to Beaver at the first sitcom that actually showed a toilet on TV. How will have a late start to our show tomorrow night because of LSU baseball. LSU takes on Florida big SEC game a pre game is at 530 tomorrow afternoon first pitches at 6 o'clock and now I shall probably start around 830. -- eight point five but remember will be on their right after that here's an update on our -- WL pretty general opinion poll. Should we say something to people who throw cigarette butts on the grounds or mind their own business. 40% say we should say something and 60% say we should mind our own business from Covington Joni here on the VW on -- Giuliani where you. On the question yeah. What you. Wear and and I know definitely. It being irresponsible I think there anymore about what. We were we were here. The difference is that they -- would be irresponsible they've been protected for so long term. That unit to ride the school that it had. Been. -- -- -- -- -- And fine but we. Currently well. Look at road -- from an. Apple. And would you. Leave you know. And -- -- remember what we actually rode our bikes without helmets and we we lived. The stupidest thing out. My -- would perhaps but. They. Are taught how to be responsible. Not their fault that they're not. Detect that they expect to detect. They'll go out and himself in the attic how heavy that -- equal. While you're right there's there's no question that there are many many parents too who don't want over acknowledged this this fact by day. Have pander to their children they have allowed their children to control their lives they allow their children to be in a bad mood they've allowed -- and every -- in a bad -- but they have allowed. They've allowed their kids. To have an excuse for everything they do. And the violent behaviors because of this sort is that it's not the it's not because of them nothing is -- their fault it's always some disorder or something else and that's what's led to a generation that thinks that they they're not responsible for anything. I I agree a 100% and and again tell -- -- power generation you're out there and make our generation with the -- we had. Bill Maher calls it the cult of the child. People in there who likes that side their children like it's not about the children it was. In that. You know. We go out there -- Remember my -- constantly telling me sign. Children should be seen not heard so shot. And you're. You're. Clearly. Play -- play in the street. Generation. -- Still we were in our thirties in late twenties and a lot of cases. -- -- -- My new project -- going to debate the parent it and it's been -- doubt that you have no children born -- -- Have a good point about parents actually creating a generation of narcissus. Prior to court for that. -- on. And part that concerned I -- cigarette and that problem by telegram that. You should be for in the bat and they're right at it -- they'll put up. And -- on the me worried -- There's nobody knew that so cute central and I -- -- Now at an uncle. You can go relax and make yourself a drink or something -- -- thanks for calling us from mobile John you're on this huge -- -- WL. -- -- -- -- and not to worry about. Q did we worked almost seven which sued by any. Of the kids that. -- All of the -- It. You know they want their -- -- And it's just you know it's -- Not that there'll there'll. Am. Just. So -- right because. A lot of that -- something -- all. It's never their child's fault but never. It's never never their child's fault in it's never their fault it's always some outside influence to blame. And I thought it all goes secures a coup. And the picture of a problem opting. Immediately. All what you can. Well Ella today. Pierre look at the teacher and clay -- yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm -- -- wouldn't. And the -- here -- all the major update. -- -- -- -- But John you're absolutely right. This is it's -- it's a big problem when parents automatically defend their kids. This year both sides of the story and Anders. Such an assumption departed so many terrorists that their child could never have have done wrong and there. They're just as they are oblivious to -- their potential -- Interview what marker. -- A little. So don't show. -- -- alleged -- show if you wanna join us with your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven your text number is 87870. So the baby boomer generation is now the establishment that was. A position in society that we've really never envisioned. We wanted to be in because we were known as the anti establishment generation. And looking back on how wild and rebellious our generation -- we should feel fortunate that so many of us actually made it to this point. As a self described hostile witness to the baby boomer generation I often. Right to talk about the hypocrisy in the selective memory that is so prevalent today and among my generation. And when I talk about issues involving today's young generation like the contents of their music how outrageous it is how terrible it is how bad it is. The at a challenging fashion trends. Either sexually or just an obscene. Or behaviors it's considered totally anti social. -- quickly reminded that I witnessed a lot of stuff in my generation that really isn't that different. From what are young generation did years ago what what we do it. If young people today were part of a rock music festival had widespread drug use and total nudity that was flaunt it. And I talked about it on the show here -- WWL I know that I would hear from callers denouncing young people denouncing getting a young generation. What's wrong with this young generation. It's the music it's the it's the movies it's that TV shows it's the video games it's it's the fact that we can't spank our kids anymore. Think of the list of excuses that would be given forty young generation. That was doing drugs and and having sex and just being wild. At a concert. We did that. It doesn't mean that we should promote that but let's not act like we didn't do it let's not act like it never happened. Anti social behavior of a young generation at Woodstock in 1969 is well documented drugs in drinking nudity sex in public view. But the wild behavior that young generation which is now the establishment. Was also very close to home at a celebration of life music festival. On the chapel higher river in -- the 1971. Scheduled for eight days it only lasted for. Temperatures were in the nineties. There was a shortage of basic survival necessities in behavior. I've considered by law enforcement to be dangerous was part of it the Cecil came to an -- actually. Because of a 700000. Dollar Internal Revenue Service tax lien that was placed on the festival promoters. But it might have actually save lives I think three people died two people drowned in the -- a river. But this a festival they could no longer do business because of this IRS Ling was this the establishment and the man. I'm coming down on the of the concert well a perhaps. But to survive the scorching heat there were many teenagers who took their clothes off and they folic in the chancellor river they were. Playing in the mud to -- their of their pictures -- of of of young girls in and young guys are covered in mud along the river banks. The heat was oppressive. But I think the heat was may be only one reason they wanted freedom from their clothes because this was a young generation promoted freedom in every way possible. And being free of your clothes being free to be naked which was part of the whole mentality of the generation that is now the establishment. Young people make it in the river covering themselves with -- became a public spectacle. There were locals cruising the river in their boats. To get a close up of the nudity. There are a few -- -- and actually landed on the reference like one of those pictures is with the -- blog tonight on our website and our FaceBook page. There was even a plane is believed to be an airline. This was 1971. The flight restrictions on airlines it was a lot different in 1971 that it is today but there's even an and an airline is believed to. There's a picture of a plane that I believe is an airline. Flying low over the river to give everybody on board -- a view of the naked people. The governor of Louisiana governor John the -- a Democrat. Promised the citizens of that parish and the state. That he would personally throw out any long haired dope group. Are -- saying. Oh group. I think he calls -- and darkest. I think it -- long haired -- group that was an artist. Who attempted to put on -- festival well they put on the festival but governor John -- at the Louisiana represented the attitude of the establishment. About a young generation that many believe was completely out of control. And would never amount to anything. Interestingly the people who were naked the people who were at that concert. Are responsible business people today. From CEOs to account executives to. Too many different aspects of of of business they're responsible members of of the establishment. So contempt for young generation it was part of celebration of life festival in Louisiana. Woodstock or events that attracted to young crowd in the late sixties and early seventies is really no different from the contempt of a generation. Now that's a young generation. For the music and fashion and drug use and drinking in behavior again not that not the dead. Not that a baby boomers should support the negative things of the past but don't be critical of a young generation as if this is something that's in new. -- critical as if you were part of the generation that applauded that sort of thing. And maybe you weren't naked. In -- revert it to appoint two. Maybe you weren't in a situation like that. But you were part of a generation that thought it's no big deal. So even as an innocent bystander you were part of this generation. Beyond the hypocrisy and selective memory of of baby boomers. You know there should be an honest acknowledgment that hey you know what we were the original anti establishment generation so why is that really so different today. The baby boomer generation probably invented the phrase sex drugs and rock and roll and boldly lived the -- But that's same generation. Is the new establishment today is so quick to condemn a young generation for -- sexuality drug use and rebellious music. He worried about Miley Cyrus is sexuality on stage. What about getting naked in a river. What about what Jim Morrison did on stage in Miami was arrested for. Simulating are actually doing I don't know which one it was it's kind of hard news figure out exactly what happened. But he he's secure he was accused and arrested for actually. I'm self gratification on stage. Not that it's right but again let's not. Act like this is the first time a young generation has gone wild. So it's acceptable and expected for any establishment to try to set a good example for young generation. But again let's not be hypocritical about it. And the music that represented the young baby boomers was rebellious and it was still was controversial lyrics both sexually and politically. Fashion trends challenged the norms of good taste. And sometimes challenged even the law. Drugs and drinking. We're no different then then today. It was reported by a journalist for Rolling Stone magazine. That there were two areas -- celebration of life. One was called cocaine -- the other was called -- street. Where they were thirty different mind altering drugs available openly for sale. And only two. Could be -- Plastic syringes were sold at a dollar each. One obvious difference today is guns or problem. And that is -- a big difference. But other than guns baby boomers and -- forget how much they challenged society is an anti establishment generation. And how much they challenged the law and and authority. So if you're a member of the baby boomer generation. Challenge yourself to be honest about the wild anti social behavior that you either part of or you were. A witness to. And you cheered your generation on. Not everybody did but for the most part a generation cheered on the behavior. And I I I cheered on those people who were part of my generation they were bold enough to do things that I was in bold enough to do. But I cheered on their challenge of the establishment. So any anti establishment sentiment today. Is nothing new. In fact maybe it's -- there's just a little bit. Because we know what -- -- And yet our generation. Defied what the establishment then thought of us. And we turned out okay. And now we're condemning a young generation. As CFO my god what's gonna happen to the world you know what we survived and we did just fine. And so will -- in fact they may even do better than us. Whether -- part of the baby boomer generation or you're younger and you've been criticized for you behavior if you wanna join us with a comet tonight. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. In a text numbers 87870. The -- like tonight is titled a baby boomers forgotten how wild they are. Whether your baby -- not read -- to share with others -- you can give us your comments it's at WW real dot com it's also part of our FaceBook conversation. At WWL radio. Hang on we'll be right back at what can I talk show you heard -- are forecasted there's a chance of rain tonight you might be and some rain right now as a front moving through your chance of rain tonight. And a chance of rain again tomorrow but I think by the middle of the day Saturday -- some of the rain might be a little rough tomorrow morning and also what tomorrow night into Saturday morning. And of course you've got all the latest information on our website at WWL dot com and if you would like to get weather alerts. Is it's real simple it's a free service from us messaging data rates may apply. -- and it's available and any cell phone not just the fanciest biggest smartest cellphones. But if -- a cellphone you wanna get weather alerts just text the word whether. 2877. And -- even -- -- weather alerts and of course tune into tomorrow morning to WWL first news since five to six with Dave Cohen David Blake -- -- Tommy Tucker. And David Blake throughout the morning from six to ten. And is a bill that is made -- -- a house committee in the Louisiana legislature in Baton -- that would establish a fine of 300 dollars for tossing a cigarette butt out of a car window. There are so many people who don't consider cigarette butts to be letter I do -- I I I defend. Anybody's right to smoke because it is something that is a perfectly legal in this country. It's not the best thing that you can do -- the -- a lot of people a bad habits night I think it's unfair to put smokers into. A real special category of being almost anti human and our our society. But that's a topic that we do we talk about occasionally. But I'm not gonna defense throwing cigarette butts on the ground and I saw a businessman doing today in the CBD in my instinct was to say something but I didn't and that's or WWL party general opinion poll. If you see somebody throw a cigarette -- on the ground should we say something. Should we start to make that anti social something that people don't wanna do or. She reminder on distance give us your opinion by going to be if you don't like our from Indiana rich you are now on description. It's still on the baby boom generation toward China a part of on your opinion has -- one Blanche what we were many black sheets. I mean yeah actually at that could be yet accountable. And get them on Howard got college -- yeah yeah. The college boy -- -- elected where they act and establishment. Now they wanted to be -- boys one immediate -- -- Very warped anti war there -- anti black. Themselves getting drafted. I'd be out of the other -- -- law college -- part of our generation. We knew exactly what -- -- the ball flights. We knew exactly -- the high. Number -- Yeah that is number wedge to -- and it's healing right now we have one lead before. They knew that I backtrack. On. But. We -- op why. You know we were there any that he -- about jets -- And why beat kid's picture net -- -- scoop there be trouble it. And that their parents think birds that are there are retiring Gerald. Well they come from the -- outraged generate -- Outlet you why that he didn't get that little digging to find out -- -- off went the college. And maybe that maybe they're children didn't. But states they'll have backed up sense of entitlement that special. -- -- -- I understand what you're saying but you know the the the young generation that's criticized today also had its those people who are going to college in those people who are not. I'm anti establishment but. The baby boomer generation whether it's right or wrong was defined by. They -- anti establishment. Mentality and while I think we've learned from our mistakes and there's nothing wrong with bad. I don't like about my generation is. Is. The lack of of of acknowledging what. We did when we were young and how similar that is to a young generation today I don't think we were that different. And the music that's question today is different putting in the context of the times that we live. The music was just as rebellious just as. Deplorable to the establishment. So I just don't think that things are or that different in its does that mean that we should use our wisdom to try to help our kids and a young generation. It takes years as were you always honest with your son about your past. They're pretty much so I mean I didn't give him all the details and we'll figure son or your daughter -- and all the details that I'm in favor being -- years. I'm scooter will be right back into the WL I said earlier in the show that we're gonna play back the very first call that we had a guy named west. There was a first calling on the show tonight who was at celebration of life and yeah we had another caller from somebody who was actually there are so when to turn off a little bit and honestly I I forgot so I apologize for that. We're gonna play that called back right after the news at 11 o'clock I promise. I'm so if if you weren't there and you -- memory of what this wild festival was like but this was very indicative of the young generation at the time. And hang on we're gonna replace a conversation with -- sewers. As celebration of life and these are really honest about what he saw I've got some great text to get too so that's coming up also next hour. Upper Mississippi -- -- on this -- want to be WL. -- -- -- -- -- -- All right my -- Around seeing people who antiques. And eight you know -- And I used an ashtray interpret. Ashtray and put all around a lower it would. Yeah I don't neither and I I you know I hit some people commented they don't wanna put two lit cigarettes into trash. Because -- -- gonna catch on fire. Why not ordered out on the top of the trash bin -- the trash -- before you before you sort of way. Like I'm gonna have a bitter. Stand up for smokers rights. But at the same time I think smokers should be considerate enough not to throw their butts on the ground. Like every error that no pressure gentleman's nationally known. Where you know. My. Lawyer or parent portal page -- -- -- -- -- I want to look that I'm sure I appreciate that information I -- get to news break here a gentleman's ashtray. But in the meantime. Can't -- be civil enough suggests -- your cigarette butt out and putter in. The trash somewhere -- really have to throw it on the streets. I we're gonna play -- the conversation we have somebody who was at the celebration of life -- if you're not part of the baby boomer generation listen to what they did back in the day.