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Mar 28, 2014|

today’s establishment – the Baby Boomer generation – is very critical of the behavior of the young generation today. Have Baby Boomers forgotten about the behavior at Woodstock or the Celebration of Life Festival in Louisiana? Young people were doing drugs and getting naked. What outrageous memory do you have from your youth? a bill that would establish a $300 dollar fine for tossing a cigarette butt out of a car window made it through a House committee. If you see someone throw their cigarette butt on the ground – do you say anything to them or let it go?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I time we have been talking about a celebration of life have festival. In areas around McCray I got a text a moment ago since sports is where it was only -- alive river. And this was a big festival concert in 1971 it was -- point -- not -- And he was just a wild. Wild time at that concerts at that time Woodstock and even here in Louisiana. Acceleration of like music festival. It was a wild time in and well people people got crazy. The first call him on the show tonight was from a guy named Wes. And he was actually there. So what I find interesting about this is again this should be interesting to those of you who are not part of the baby boomer generation because I'm sure. There are times that you defend your generations behavior. With baby boomers who are very judge middle of you. And I often describe myself as a hostile witness of the baby boomer generation because there are a lot of things I admire about my generation but I don't admire. The hypocrisy I don't admire this as tendency to act like oh my god what's happening to young people today. When we were the original anti establishment generation. And now with the establishment. And we can set examples. But let's not be oblivious to. What we did -- and maybe you didn't do it and I was too much of a geek or nerve mama's boy what are humans say. I wish I wish I was too shy. To ever do any thing. But I applauded my generation for what my generation did. So on -- here's our conversation with Wes and I welcomed him to this crucial earlier tonight. All of our umbrella college I've been working in -- Yeah. How about it Buick celebration of life although what I collapsed and god so -- -- They we literally when you get a did you know I didn't go out check out you can buy drugs. -- labels. You know like cables. Problem now why aren't. Get out anything differently for the table. I heard that there were two sections so this was reported Rolling Stone magazine one area was called I think cocaine row in the other royal box on. The other way is so -- street. Saint trying to. We restore that we weren't going to be that we did anything -- 100 dope pot and it should now. And at worst credit and help -- -- billion brain cells lady you know war. The only -- unsure on our our whatever it was golf. American chamber as well as come on why and all that you and don't occur in a -- where -- was another night was not bad. -- -- -- First -- you know that is out to one -- -- -- or did you stop a minute spiel. And it was negotiating a way that I'm in impeach -- -- Believe -- -- our poppy you'll -- Yeah deficit -- the chaff alliance a fast moving river. Like let's say no it. -- Haven't -- I mean. Not known stories. Every it was so Wes Wyatt. Why as a baby boomer why is our generations so damn concerned about a young generation today. -- -- -- Club 610. Wait a major drag broke one -- a -- I wanna marry nick gear big mistake. By outside a -- children outraged. One caller -- two more Arnold and I don't know -- -- -- and maybe it's what we did I did. You know like you're 2118. Or you know. No problem with it that I got a fifteen year old daughter so cannot count -- -- I don't wanna smoke and perhaps salt you know took. I don't know I I I understand that and I don't I don't think it's it's it's wrong to try to set a good example where I I I think it's wrong to. To be so judge middle of the young generation and is if you don't even remember what you. Thought our best to -- important as well trade in he it's it's it's -- -- -- When -- went one. Way that I mean. Act you know what launched gosh no idea I just graduate school my high school and I got to answer to -- Being -- you know. She doesn't know what we don't -- -- And you and you saw a naked people and people have you asked can you imagine if if a festival like that happened today. And I -- it always talk about that on the show here in WWL. All of manager with the reaction would be from date -- marriage generation that did. There are really big big they're going out -- -- out -- -- light -- that spears -- because it's a -- it hasn't really. I join our conversation -- are you know its interest and it -- -- -- those people on drugs back then many of those people. Are responsible businesspeople today. -- before you go well why quit -- Yeah yeah yeah go ahead and make bets on how people. The -- going a -- when I woke up with Oprah block. Feel a bit about -- -- the lady that's been made me. He didn't blossom or beat. -- -- is no doubt no -- felt I outfit just like shocked me but eleven -- everywhere I mean at. Amnesty policy I think -- still. I'm going to call your current I enjoyed our conversation thanks a lot. That was a calling it was a first call ahead to ever talk about this earlier tonight and and on an office throughout the show. And it is just depressing to think about what our generation wars which like. And also to come face to face with the reality that. I think we forget how anti establishment and rebellious we were we defied authority. And again maybe you weren't part of the protest I was -- part of the protest specifically. But I did cheer on my generation in general. This group blog tonight is titled have baby boomers forgotten how wild they -- And that's on our website trending right now WW real dot com you can read it to give -- your comments this year with others. It's also part of the conversation on our FaceBook page we'll get to -- those comments here in just a few minutes if you enjoyed a show with that your thoughts comments tonight. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86680. -- early seventy. And a tax receipts -- -- seven and Tex coming appeared just a moment to -- for Metairie Jimmy you're under the WL. -- -- -- all about it or. Does she hasn't rained down that we need to believe that we needed well. It's a bit about the I don't know what it plot by. Part of that those days I was. I don't watch those boxes and now they'll they'll -- to -- the kitchen I'll Pittman. You know you brought that beat you you -- matter what it was that not yet I don't do that Opel. So you know so I'll let you know what you saw -- -- right mail and they're pretty cool our youth man. Not jittery -- great I appreciate you calling thanks for the weather update. They're gonna give him a good night and I just talk different mind during the news since she said where's this reining in in the Claussen there's lightning and thunder so. Yeah this is set a system moving through here and I'll let you know out in the rain in here in this city area chances are you will be added. And added I think this there's a chance of this rain goes on into the morning drive tomorrow morning so make sure you a stay with WWL tomorrow morning wake up and join us. Now we'll have weather updates in the traffic updates news much is it rains around here doesn't necessarily mean that people are good drivers in the rain so. Inevitably they'll be simply talk about tomorrow morning you'll have it for you a Tommy Tucker with WW offers news from 610 and all starts with. Steve Cohen and David Blake had a VW offers news. From five to 6 in the morning so we'll have all the information for you there's always something new and our website WWL dot com -- should cigarette smokers tossed their butts out of the window. And get a 300 dollar fine. That is a deal that made it to house committee today in Baton Rouge we've got the story we've also been talking about it tonight and that's our WWL pretty gentle opinion poll. Here's an update on the pole. Should we say something to people when they told their butts on the ground or should remind her own business. 40% say we should say something that 60% say we should mind their own business. Are are are you afraid to say something to somebody who does something inappropriate public. I saw a guy I've mentioned this earlier saw a guy a businessman. And well dressed. With three other businessman walking in the CPP. And I was lucky right behind him and the guy finished a cigarette and just tore down the ground like it was his second nature is just nothing. But isn't that later. And and my instinct was to say something and I almost said something and honestly I thought to supply you know. I don't know maybe the guys a listener maybe im gonna offend you maybe I shouldn't say anything. -- -- issue -- -- -- And their times in my life what I have said things to people. Who have done inappropriate things in public. Are you concerned that if you say something to somebody. They're gonna have a bad attitude. And that's that's another part of this to discuss. If and this this happened to me in in in Denver. If somebody throws later on the ground. -- a cigarette putter and later on the ground and you say something to them. There's a very good possibility they're gonna become very indignant. And they're gonna get mad -- you. They might even become. Verbally aggressive with you. That would not be a surprise. But think about what they're doing. Their defending. Littering. And I don't think that's really defensible act. You know there are times when you you know you make mistakes and something. Something falls on the ground and you really should pick it up -- that there are times when you make a mistake. But then there are times when people. Purposely lit -- So if anybody did say anything back to you. They would be trying to defend and acted really isn't that defensible. They would be tried to defend. Littering. If you what did you what I showed you -- tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's happening or -- oversee 77. Our -- -- Gonzales according to this tax we just got a call reining in Metairie I've doctor for an migrating an applause. So there is a rain moving through this area also I think we're gonna get another batch of rain. On Friday night into Saturday morning but by Saturday afternoon we should have some really nice the spring like weather and this Sunday is expected to be. A great day so -- plans to get out to and enjoyed. And John -- just told me in my headphones that he just saw lightning outside in the CBD -- -- secondly look look at site. I don't see any signs of now -- A -- wasn't really that professional what did you hang on and on Palin. I -- want to see if there were any any size on the on. Of rain illustrated there's no there's no rain right now in the immediate CBD but apparently it's on the way and you might be -- right now. If you are in at once again we remind you to drive very carefully. And if you if you like to tailgate and if you think the tail gating is really something like just a drafting a NASCAR race. -- back off don't tailgate especially in the rain. Let me get to this interesting texts. Dance says it seems that every generation believes the next generation is so much worse. More irresponsible. Less sympathetic. Less respectful etc. Bill Riley rants about this all the time. But you look at the statistics. And facts don't bear it out. The dropout rate is down. Murder rate down teen pregnancy down crime down drug use down almost every. Statistic indicator of progress is up. Even at thirty I find myself saying. We were never that crazy. But that's not true. The difference is that the polaroids of me and my friends doing something stupid. At the bottom of a stack. Of photos. In the attic somewhere. Went today if kids do something stupid. It's on FaceBook and thirty seconds it can haunt you for the rest of your life. The difference today. Is exposure and all the forms of social media we see more of the to pray that he. And TES theories one challenge to dean at today's teens deal with -- -- previous generation didn't its social media. And I I would agree with that. But if you know it's there. In if you know what it can do. Then if you do something stupid it's not it's not the fault the social media. It's your fault for doing it. And again made it this is there a real tendency that that so many people have in this country not only young people open adults. They wanna blame. Something tangible. Rather than human behavior. It's almost as if well well what what can we do it's they year. Well you can understand that it's there. And if you're a human being. You've got to be Smart enough to understand the manifestation of doing something. On FaceBook. And if you're children teenagers in particular don't understand that then you have responsibilities apparent to explain it to. And this Texas writes something and come back to haunt you if you put something on FaceBook if you tweet something. If you email something it's there. And it may never go away. So so keep that in mind when you do assembly but if you hit it is something stupid is done. Can't blame social media. That would be like. I don't I'm trying to think of a comparison with -- went with my generation it would be like if you. If you. Wrote something obscene on a piece of paper and got in trouble at school. Well of that paper was a year I had the -- and it was my fault it was the paper that ends now and social media it is immediate. And I don't think it's fair to blame any medium any form of entertainment or social media I don't think it's fair to blame. The medium. Four responsible behavior because that's something that comes from within it if you wanna join our -- at night are numbers 2601870. Total free 8668890. Point 78. And a text a receipt 77 are sits it's raining when we come out of this -- -- -- -- we come out of this break. I'm gonna play a song about the rain and it's it's on that you know years ago in the seventies when I was on the year. I do in music radio how would always played a song when it rained in the mornings we're gonna play it wouldn't play disarm. It's also a song. -- this is shocking to me I read this today and I was doing research about Woodstock in the celebration of life and baby boomers and while things they did. It's the if the it was the first big band to actually sign to be at which stock. There are a lot of fans holding awful lot of big names holding off and until this band signed a lot of bands were trying to win this spans signed. A lot of other bands got on board. And signed on to Woodstock. And you're gonna be absolutely shocked. And which -- that once. You'll find out right after this break. I execute and we'll be right back -- to -- WL. I was really surprised to read today I was doing some research for the show tonight. -- a lot of big name bands held off signing it would stop and when I went about Woodstock and the like Janis Joplin might think about Santana. I think about band called -- heat. Country Joseph when the fish. But it was this thing credence Clearwater revival. When they signed a lot of other fans thought OK if they sign. That Morgan aside and act is it was amazing the visas to read and even though I grew up at that time it's amazing that. That stand in that kind of respect among other vans and after those -- you -- in the rain we're playing a song have you seen the rain has some heavy rain just went through Donaldson feel. It is just starting to reach. That downtown New Orleans area if you're in Covington you're in some very very heavy rain right now. If you're on the -- way it looks like -- some heavy rain at the south end of the causeway. -- and say you're going to be some heavy rain this year on the causeway also some heavy rain in Gulfport right now and -- around. General just north of I north of the tip -- knowing damaging defeat it is getting some rain so scattered showers this is going to be witness that tonight. And I -- into tomorrow and some of it could be a little on the heavy side. And that we get more rain expected Friday night and into Saturday morning but then I think we're expecting a really nice wicked witches says agreed news. If you rejoice for the comment tonight about any of the stuff we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688907. In a text numbers 877. Here's a text that read smokers are usually mean. And think everything is owed to them. It's I don't find that at all. I find smokers in general to. Courteous. Out at within every group it's going to be exceptions. And I I know there are some mean air against smokers. But I I notice a lot of very nice smokers and sometimes if I'm in a bar. The person next to me we'll see do you mind if I smoke and I think you'll really wouldn't nicely I say -- appreciate you asking but I came into a bar near. You're free to smoke. Now I have to admit that it doesn't it that doesn't bother me it doesn't bother -- By the sinuses or allergy or anything like that and a lot of people or are really adversely affected by being around smoke but it got honestly doesn't really. Bother me I remember when I move back to New Orleans a couple of years ago and I didn't. Denver and before that Portland and before that Seattle places where you -- you just can't smoke anywhere in mill bars can you smoke. And when I came back to New Orleans it was just such. Uninteresting sensation to walk into a bar. And and smell smoke. And I noticeably it is really disgusting to too many people. I find whether there's a smoker or not smoke like I say it's it doesn't doesn't physically bother me but. I think smoke worst for the most part to be. To be courteous. And I will stand up for smokers are right to smoke because it's perfectly legal in America and yet smokers have been. And putting some kind of a sub human group within our society and -- I think it's unfair because many of the people who are very judgmental of a smokers have their own bad habits. -- art harming their health. In any event. I can stand -- for smokers rights by its. I think smoker should put their their butts away and not thrown down on the street here's an update on our WW -- -- general opinion poll which is remain rather close tonight. Actually start a really lopsided earlier but it's it's rather close the question is should we say something to people who -- their cigarette butts on the ground. Or should we mind your own business. 41% say we should say something in 59% say we should mind our own business. Would you be tempted to say something to somebody would it be your instinct to say hey you shouldn't do that or is that really just asking for trouble. As a Georgia I would have had this instinct to do it earlier today but I. I -- I didn't do. California lawmakers and I tell you is that time -- year Arnold -- legislatures are session around the country. California lawmakers seem to be a looking at a new law. That woods. Would ban bare hand contact. With food in restaurants and bars. Not found out that Louisiana's one of the states that really it encourages minimal bare hand contact with food. Now are you bothered when you see bare hand contact with food. I gotta say we're going to a place in somebody's got to make a sandwich I love to see them put on that fresh new glove. And then make the sandwich. But honestly you know you don't see that everywhere. And what about what you don't see. Tony -- Arctic resign amid admitted journal follow. And I guess if I don't see it I'm OK with -- and as I see things that I don't like -- -- I'm I'm -- win. You know quite often I drink soda and line. And I'm really bothered when -- as the bartender you know the bartenders to collect money. And it it bothers me when I see that pick up the line with their bare hands and squeeze the line. Into the -- And so some of the line -- could be. Coming off the end of their fingers and and exporting the germs into my drink. The germs from their hands the germs from dollar bills I lived downtown in the quarter who knows where those dollar bills of dead. Okay we know where they did we don't exactly what they did and that's why have so considerate. So moderately like -- I'm alive today. And I know that some of mine in German -- fear is is irrational but I'm I'm alive today so I guess I guess were okay. But is there's is there something that really bond issue in particular. About bare hand contact with food. What about the making of sushi. Making Sanyo but about is squeezing a line in your your Margarita. -- to join Russia to -- our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven -- -- -- 7870. We say commenting earlier this was in the in the top -- dated fact if you ever -- an update on what we talk about on the show. At WWL dot com in the upper right hand corner outside the upper left hand corner. There the root of the bar at the top it shows in schedules. Click on that go to this two page. And -- lists the top -- date. And it's just a reminder of all the things we're talking about to give a comment about any of those things and -- -- -- -- But I was mentioning earlier in the topic to -- about an op Ed piece in the the foxnews.com website on the opinion section event that website. And -- complaints about a section of a grocery store. -- features Hispanic cheese. It's from Todd starts and I've got syntax of people who said that he. I think was born in Mississippi. And the growth in southeast Louisiana. I read -- starts quite often because he is. -- He's so paranoid. About so many things. Guys like he's really scared. He's so afraid that the that everything is is crashing down on the on on society. He is one of the most paranoid Christian Caucasian Americans I know. -- I've I've read -- know him but I I quite often read his articles that he he focuses on. He focuses on. -- attested to. To take christianity away from from society. And that's even nobody can take that away from for a society team and nobody can take it away for you. But it's interesting that he he deals with this in an op Ed article foxnews.com. Its title a funny thing happened on the way to a ham sandwich. And here's part of what he says he says so I was in the mood for ham sandwich the other day so I walked around the corner to my neighborhood market to pick up some provisions. Later in this article he says I came face to face. With a massive sign bearing giant letters it reads Hispanic cheese. Senate stare at the display for quite some time I found myself. Drifting into my imaginary conversation with the store clerk. I'm sorry sir but we don't carry Caucasian cheese although we do you have a brother nice selection of white chatters. Goes on to say I was tempted to purchase of Hispanic cheese but I feared retribution at the checkout counter. What -- the clerk confronted me about trying to purchase -- cheese that was contrary. To my ethnicity. So to be safe I decided to purchase American cheese. In any brings the president to a and seeing how Obama President Obama has ushered the nation into a post racial age. You'd think grocery stores. Would be a bit more sensitive to this kind of thing. Why single out Hispanic cheese what about battalions of what about the French anyway but tell -- -- has. As a -- a tendency to just really focus on things like this and you know there's parts of this that are really funny. If I didn't think -- be serious. Then I could laugh. A little more along with him but I I know that he's really serious about being offended by the Hispanic she section. You know as a as a white Christian. As a white male Christian. I don't understand why so many people who are similar to me in many ways. I don't see why they're so paranoid about losing their identity. -- -- what they're afraid. I don't see why there's this fear well okay well if they can have distant why can't I have this will. Really heavy as it is it really that significant is it really. Is it really that. That important though it's not. And if you lose your identity. Of who and what you war and who and what you were percent. That's your fault. And it's nobody else's fault. And everybody should be very proud of -- New York. It doesn't mean that we should be proud of all the activities. And all of the beliefs and opinions of our our ancestors. And that goes for absolutely everybody. But nobody can take your pride away from you and yet there are people like Todd story and -- I get the impression that. He is so afraid that. That he's -- no longer be able to be a white. Caucasian. Republican Christian. That's always gonna take -- from. Nobody's gonna take that from me. Here is attacks that reads I'm a 23 year old smoker 99% of the time I ripped the blocked off by cigarette. And thrown in the trash can't. -- Oscars so what -- do with the rest of that I guess that goes on the ground that would be a little more biodegradable and the that the body itself but. If you're if you're concerned about and this this came up earlier in the show if you're concerned about. Throwing a lit cigarette in trash. Will simply put it out on the top with a side of the king. Or put it out of the sidewalk. And then throw it away. Again -- as a smoker I'm not trying to insult you but I don't understand why this wouldn't be considered. Later. And maybe I'm a little more sensitive than that some people or did this because I live downtown. And downtown and in the quarter eat you see a lot of that and I guess there's a little bit of an exception for for bird street but. Suburban streets different. It if you're walking around the CBD the business district throwing cigarette on the -- it just seems like a very trashy activity. So if you are smoker. I hope that -- would it. Reconsider. Throwing your cigarette on the ground and here's a text anything you toss out of a car you should be far right if you that lazy Shimon and you. You or. The trash you toss. The text goes on it's pouring uptown best sleep whether ever. And I'm sure listening to the show with the rain eulogized goes right off. Now I'd say OK now I'm seeing rain out of our our studio window and bring up against the window and just in time for me there. Just in time for me to get off. And in -- in the -- here is attacks that says says scoot you're on the spot with -- bare hands. I even want the gloves changed after handling the money. Which is filthy. I know it's -- overdue anti bacterial stuff. But not when it comes to food service. And there are those who say well one of the reasons we had a problem we have now is because of the anti bacterial stuff. Okay British second -- to use it I mean I I didn't create the problem if the problem does that help the problem was created the problem is they year. Because. Whatever reason. It's better to use the anti bacterial stuff then not to use it. And I 99 I tend to be sometimes irrational but I tend to be somewhat of -- a -- a folder and I just I notice all those things -- when I was reading about this. California along that. Would make its a little bit more difficult for people to. Put your hands on food even in in terms of the rice with a suit you mean they've they've. I mean I love sushi I'll I -- the the art of making sushi united. I'd love going to places where there's real authenticity and in making the sushi innate and many people make that with -- Their bare hands. As part of that I don't title IV -- bit and it in church. I don't like to see the -- mess around with his face a word cough or sneeze in his hand because he's going to be given -- the communion with that hand. I know. Divine intervention. I'm -- movie right peck on DaVita Q well here's an interesting college course -- more college in Saratoga springs Florida is offering a course named. The sociology. Of Miley Cyrus. Race. Class gender. And media. I don't know whether they'll be working involved in the class spirit is a professor wants to. Respond to all of the conversations that result from. Miley Cyrus. Her concerts. Or music or behavior race class gender in media. Interesting. -- more college. Always interesting of course this problem now and and here's an update on our -- -- -- -- -- -- tonight should you say something to people who throw cigarette butts on the ground or mind your own business. A 41% say -- say something and 59% say mind your own business. Here is a text that -- christianity is meant to be shared not suppressed Jesus commanded believers. To pass the message on. Well I agree with that here is text the reasons a member of a post baby boomer generation. I can tell you the greatest legacy of the baby boomer generation is that a generation. It came after. Then are more accepting of people that are different than themselves. I know my generation does not look at skin color. And sexual orientation. When judging. People's character. What is sad. Is that much of the baby boomer generation is very judgmental. Who Wear those certainly if you look at the polls. Those who are most critical. Of same sex marriage. Those who continue. To -- on race. Those who continue to feared that there are losing their identity. Those are all baby boomers will not all of them but if you look at the polls. More baby boomers oppose same sex marriage that people under under 45. And there is a new young generation. Several new young generations that are now starting to have have a voice. And I know that this is something that probably innately bothers many people in the baby boomer generation because as a very large segment of societies they have been. -- since they were born. The baby boomer generation is very used to. Being the one stated that it. Make all the rules are that -- chemical the rules but did it did today defying every -- they occupy. And here there are. There are younger people now who were redefining many of the social issues and as long as baby boomer conservatives continue to cling to social issues as political issues I think the going to be difficult time winning the White House. Here's a text about smoking I'd like my smokers like -- like my women. A little on the trashy side. Interesting here is. Here is attacks will Miley Cyrus course be available on -- I don't nobody would be. It would be interesting. You know there was a I forget the name of the university but there was a small college in Ohio. Then offered a course on the it was a is a political science course and it was based on the political ideology of Rush Limbaugh. And what I found interesting about that wise. A survey was taken after the class and not one person. Said that they actually. Changed their opinion. About politics. After studying. Rush Limbaugh. Now there might have been those who supported Rush Limbaugh on the class. But nobody changed their mind those who supported Rush Limbaugh supported him after the class those who didn't support him. Didn't support and after the class. Which demonstrate something that. I think it's important to remember and and that is again something we talk about often on the show. The media is. Is more likely to attract people. Who. Already agree with. That media outlets or that particular personality. And they're not likely to to to be so quick to change their mind based on on what they hear in the media. Here is a text are you implying. Nineties kids aren't the greatest generation. In the past fifty years. No I'm not implying that at all I think I think the Chinese kids were really denying his kids were really cool. That was another anti establishment generation. With grunge the whole alternative sounded the clothes the fashion -- the music. That was very anti establishment. And they with the children of the original. Anti establishment generation. Love to talk about these. These. Trends in society -- through generations. I'm -- we'll be right back on WW LS could block tonight is said been treading on our FaceBook page also WW dot com it's titles have baby boomers forgotten how wild they were. I hear some comments. From George enough said seventies enough said here's a comment from Robert on our FaceBook page having a regular radio. -- not what -- net but to whom. I'll admit it. Here's a comment from Dave I'm 39 with a good conscious but yeah the old with age comes wisdom expression is as honest as it gets. And it's comments from Karen. I tell my kids everything that way they respect my advice knowing that I did stupid things to. They truly know that I've been there and spent time not someone who hasn't experienced the same things that they have. Or may be interested in experiencing. And here is comment from Carolina FaceBook page LO well my life as a team and we're talking about that and the innate goodness and and with the scoop blog tonight we talk about the celebration of life and as soon wild festival. It was scheduled for eight days it only lasted for. -- word. Young people who are part of the establishment today you were. Doing drugs in the word naked in there where is the sex in public and we've got a couple of pictures of people naked in the chapel like a river. As part of that celebration of life festival at 71 I mean you obviously can't see anything but they -- in the referred their naked and seat planes were landing in boats were cruising by any an airline. It's believed to be an airline. Flu really low over the river to to give. Everybody a look at news 1971 things rules different then. Here is a text that -- -- just OJ is a funny thing people. Drastically twist the past I hear people every day crying about how terrible things are now. And about how good things were in the good old days the good old days being about twenty years ago. Well guess what I was there -- years ago when they were saying exactly the same thing then. To these people right now is awful the good old days were better they said this in the 50s6070s. Etc. etc. The good old days are now right here and now. Mr. -- afflicts many many people -- from John intentionally when I think John -- We'll be back tomorrow night by Escude have a good evening love in New Orleans.