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Mar 28, 2014|

Dave talks about best breakfast, a new Indiana Jones, and weekend weather

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news on this the -- goodness he keeps flying 28 of march 2014. She. GIA. After it is with great honor and great pleasures that I wish you wouldn't yours a happy. -- Yeah. Let's take a good time. And finally pride -- -- free again. -- -- favorite Georgia joining us -- celebrate Friday as a guard -- -- there's. Jump around him up -- yeah. If I'm quite confident makes me. It is storming out there it is. You're in the wrong place right now you're getting blinding rain and yeah yes. Big -- if -- -- a -- Some anymore wheels -- summit speakers and it's amazing you get even if you for five -- and it for a but some -- he can't see anything it's all over Maria. In some debris in the right around abominable exit. Inbound on the night tan an increment in the world this morning some bumper. Pool. Bring tires you out you know he hit some light you can't see it it is now time to do and his boom. Behind a truck but it was a safe distance Danica but it was making it difficult the and then tomorrow. Yeah talk about -- -- -- her and then your rating like right after Nazis and you're gonna listen years ago and ago and welcome to -- but plucked. Could pump the pump the pump that you've liked all of yes I doubt if I'll let you know that's down up down the value. Man so. Tackle balance it is. It's breakfast yeah how'd -- go well apparently pretty well Ronald McDonald. I understand there was a thing with what they did -- -- areas to as to the actress came up with this idea. They claim that they found 400 people across the United States whose name is actually Ronald Ronnie or Ron MacDonald 400 of them and some of them women. Ronny gal carrying and the president of an Enron. -- -- -- -- Anyway today than they made these commercials. Where they have people named Ronald or similar name McDonald. Time how much they love taco Bell's breakfast. That's pretty good -- none of them were wearing a red wave with the white basically you know ran tonight -- stated that for now I guess they were accurate they were totally legitimate they didn't step on anybody's nose now. And it is it's been reaching. Now whether or not the new breakfast. And Taco Bell is an -- I don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's like you know. With the all four. I'd love course it is. Paul and Rory cuts yes when it comes down to you know contests. That's probably going to be -- market went -- run -- that make griddle. He gave the game Chris and Iran for its money at the -- -- yes it is service have to rises. Taco Bell taco lawful thing and I don't blame on the -- -- of the ones in my area are always busy. They do an incredible business so why miss out on all of a -- bought into it while ago that your egg white witches and stuff like that. Everyone's got what it. What are you what is your favorite -- -- so that your favorite breakfast sandwich fast food wise yes thank you and -- vote. Pretty much on the gas you know the -- and agencies and its drug mart we're going to be high in. Basically use it all well I can't go and then what your favorite breakfast food puree it. And I love -- -- visuals electoral. And omelets. I enjoyed making it especially with the kids. You -- skillet full scrambled eggs and chopped them. Sausage and peppers. And he's. Everything now has -- at all and there. Waffles. Awful. So -- looking for fast food is Annie and I think favorite fast regret that it was your favorite -- yeah overall car. I can eat breakfast. With congress is done we're going to be starving I'm just -- don't know it -- -- -- -- -- practice -- Have you are not agree about how often. Fresh -- talk about just a big old stack of buttermilk -- down on one pancake is usually enough for me. -- not a stack of pancakes for just. They feel you -- Well lessons I don't really -- move. By the way never did it might not let them good united unit is making almost -- because the both of not much during his time with -- maneuvers well. Session at bats and thank you David with documents -- fifteen -- -- Vietnamese. We'll get to forecasting this rain last forever. We'll find out after this then it's time for sports. That we can get the gallery that after this the worst of the rain is up north of Louisiana and south west. Mississippi along the I 55 -- -- and I 59 court horrible we got a good deal of it here Slidell man -- -- -- in thunder showers right now couple on the south for one does move and out through new warranties what's the immediate future hold. We both pieces scattered showers and storms around this morning eat at the first kind of wave of energy moves through and may even have a lull in activity during the day with some more showers and storms possible this afternoon. -- -- around eighty but we know cold front on the -- tonight that's going to bring our second round of showers and storms that 70% chance overnight. And similar storms could be strong to severe into the early morning hours of Saturday. Skies will clear around daybreak on Saturday we're looking at temperatures in the seventies really nice weather for Saturday and Sunday looks beautiful as well sunny and seventy. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I -- to brawl just Clark tells. Thunderstorm at the airport now in -- where it's 67 degrees with a south wind at sixteen miles an -- seventy degrees and -- -- been parked. Are not warm cloudy and 65. At the National Weather Service office -- ends. I'm now on WWL. I brackets do and there's you guys. And not so great but my finals might. The two teams I have in the championship game are still alive but other than that I've been getting decimated. A lot of people not done so well on the -- -- The credit what's gonna get it all right when that -- -- -- I think we got. From our friends at pregame dot com sent to us that according to all the odds. Of the game so far you have lake. They've won in six point four billion chance to have a perfect rectory and you don't like those but we'll find out if anyone did it -- they win that billion dollars in the meantime. Steve -- is sports happy Friday. Yes indeed happy Friday everyone LSU baseball enters this weekend of SEC play against Florida with some concerns over the offense. The tigers have scored just six runs in their last 33 innings coach pulmonary -- their struggles have been his bull for being too passive. Personally I've struggled a little bit win. How much small ball the play. Started -- all -- we get a couple walks in the middle of the round and it -- -- -- -- -- can be aggressive in this category hitter. Coverage of LSU at Florida tonight begins at 530. -- -- Lafayette will try to keep their nation leading fourteen game win streak alive as the cajun host western Kentucky this weekend. To -- meanwhile begins a three game series on the road against Marshall. Over to the hard Woodward top seed Florida and number eleven Dayton have -- to the elite eight in the NCAA men's basketball tournament the gators beat UCLA. 79068. To reach its fourth consecutive. Regional final. The flyers Cinderella run continues as they beat Stanford 82 to 72. Dayton head coach Archie Miller says his team did a great job of slowing down the cardinal. From top to bottom they just kept commenting coming in common and when he shared the ball -- they moved the ball. And I thought we pressured the ball at times they gave us a chance and it was a true team effort. Also advancing was Arizona who got by San Diego State seventy to 64. Wisconsin dominated Baylor winning 69 to 52. Well the pelicans host the Utah Jazz tonight you can hear Anthony Davis and crew go for their fifth straight victory. Tip ball -- 1053 WWL -- is that savage. And Detroit has made Miguel Cabrera and a very re happy slugger the tigers have agreed to pay the American League MVP. League baseball record. 292. Million over the next ten years while. Today -- for a sports talk NFL commissioner Roger Goodell says the -- could expand the playoffs in 2014. Are you for or against adding two more teams to the post season mix hi Steve Geller and that your early morning look at sports. How much money is calmer than 292. Million over the next two years that's an average of point nine million per year. Man baseball pays a lot of money. And you speak about it you don't have the contact contact you do in any of the other sports real damage to play a 182 -- right definitely. Alone real bonus. Will -- -- on the playing sixteen. But he got a figures. Well your body does still take -- told because the pitching and batting the motion is especially pitchers -- -- and -- exactly and you just. And -- Being beaten down expert catches of a brutal positions do Vietnamese. Anyway that's a distinct being a baseball LSU baseball yes up against Florida Alice's had a few struggles a coach thanks seized. Being too passive nonaggressive and out and that may be the root of the problems that the tigers are having right now on one they've lost five games. I'll just wanna see if they can just flip that switching go from okay we're not gonna -- small ball anymore. And just let it rip it a rule of law racy if that works and he veggies like hey it might not work we might have a lot of fly balls like he did at the college World Series but. That's pulmonary baseball and that's the way he knows how to play. So hopefully this change does does work out the tigers pitching though has been phenomenal the bats wake up this team will be dangerous I like -- I definitely see the tigers winning. I'll say the tigers win two out of three -- sees a figure series at a small. All right we'll take you back to play five minutes more sports John WWL I am -- them. And act on these Steve you know I'm -- -- -- take you so much for joining us on this Friday morning safety before ego. Favorite fast food breakfast and -- Still got to go with the classic segment -- and I'll make my -- OK and favorite breakfast food overall. I gotta go for a French toast and I make it's a suburban French toast which is really good -- -- do it -- over the it got to have Vanilla and my friends -- -- up or. The car I think if -- reflected Wi-Fi minutes yet that we got about it rated in a lot of places right now folks but the worst of the rain is north. Louisiana. We'll take a look at your forecast right after this. 527. -- is rent out there in most locations folks scattered snow across southeast Louisiana to go open a Mississippi it is pouring nonstop. -- today I keep the rain gear handy in case because we are when you look at some scattered areas of rain this morning. And then get a chance later this afternoon and evening as that cold front begins to make its way toward our area eighty degrees for a high today -- -- the front -- of the sixties tonight but we could see some strong storms may have been at that front arrives overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning now the skies should clear by about daybreak on Saturday they arrested Saturday looking beautiful with highs in the seventies. And Sunday even cooler with a high of seventy and sunshine. From the Eyewitness News forecast center -- urologists Clark. Tell thunderstorm at the airport 67. Thunderstorm and county's one man to mil coming than lose a lot of thunderstorms out there. But port near seventy across most of the region right now -- for a 65. That went up with implied that. I cannot let CBS news' David like with UWW well -- -- alive and direct Eyewitness News forecast on the latest on the showers and thunderstorms. What's in the movies and who should play the next Indiana you know. That and much more on this Friday morning Friday. 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition WW LR's news it's -- It's that 28. 2014. It's TGI -- and again and a great honor and pleasure to wish you and yours -- happy. RI it and. We have made me. Everybody now. Jump off the Obama can get down. -- looks a little cloudy in the dvds without story. Let them jump around. That. It. With the dark socks voila although it was bottled water -- I. That's all right everyone jumps around it's Friday morning to right then we've been talked about breakfast. He can't. Tackle balance started selling breakfast. Apparently in some parts of the country. -- -- -- You -- novels -- texted me from NATO to fight for -- master control that a little resurgent elements like Waco Texas area are carrying and that text message that he got -- -- amateur she's eye -- from Popeye and why -- you made with those delicious butter milk this all grown man I've never -- of stuff to know and why not that -- segment today that the eighth inning to stake bagel from McDonald's with new match. I'd like very you have yeah I like to have around. Now and -- The bites guys that are out there and crunch here -- the -- area OC I like the McDonald's the long long. Swear on my parent then. Well on this thing. It's something it was a bit of stability and laugh at all -- can't can't rule let you know it -- rattle him. I know they do a lot of research -- god they test these things out before they put him in the market but. You got to give these fast food places pretty good cricket but you know between Burger King McDonald's. They -- a pretty damn good job and promise get it before breakfast then splash -- weekend. Always about dodging -- that you're looking at the clock -- and get our -- that everybody observing my dad survived and swerving around the worst feeling is if you miss it. And you like in line and they switched the menus yeah. I was -- -- ma'am it's it's it's -- -- he would find count that was in line. You're -- Now why aren't that big breakfast and it isn't it almost and it always Jan thirty the -- -- on -- I honestly don't. -- I think it is it's eleven on life and I think they moved it in the at least if it's not a whole weekend it's like Sunday or some -- -- -- Are right now but Amanda Taco Bell. This weekend -- get a program I don't know them they serve like him sneak out of aren't -- why not put them they start serving practice is that about the 0:2 AM. So what does pop -- and -- myself breakfast of free all caddie -- yeah now the guys at the plot serves breakfast. -- -- Maybe it was a -- more messages a whole lot and -- pop eyes aren't one of the pop eyes and wanted to Willis -- right. There's going to be some reason it ever has in the loss Almonte and -- to -- like everywhere else but right here in the middle where top guys around. Shiloh will do is at least it's I don't after the much resentment that with in the movies this week and it seems opening this weekend -- Lola Russell Crowe. Building an arc and setting off the Emma Watson Anthony Hopkins Jennifer -- all star cast your PG thirteen for that adventure drama -- Abbott. Sabotage opens with Arnold Schwarzenegger Arianna uses blowing up reverend and members of -- DEA task force find themselves being taken down one by one. And guessing -- Cesar Chavez. Biography of the civil rights activists and labor organizer and into the new ones going up against the current top five divergent. Muppets most wanted mr. Peabody chairman guys not dead and 300 rise of -- David Lang. Or who misses when I ask yeah I know you do and assist those ones -- real struggle what will be number one come Monday more. I'm -- of divergent. -- they -- I don't secondly yeah I think it might the second rate Schwarzenegger probably do all right you Michael -- -- you know things. That's -- I'm just gonna after gaffe in I'm just gonna go to Aaron got to ask you very quickly. Found an article like Steve -- found it. There are rumors running around that Disney Lucas films is going to -- Boot the Indiana Jones. Movies and Bradley Cooper will play Indian and when you think about that. You like Bradley Cooper's India announced. There's important -- -- well yeah I he looked a little little shaky in the last month in Raja ides you know you've got the job done but nod I can see a fresh race. I certainly like the the stories. Think Bradley could have been -- It wouldn't work -- -- -- that somebody else -- their top guys -- blue T cells breakfast. About the pop -- and Japan sells out while this is a conspiracy. Thank you David documents and twenty minutes more prisoners Chris Miller joins us with a new pot. Party that they're trying to form here that we story. Know that we'll have that coming up. Alone ought to go live and direct the Eyewitness News forecast and it's a good morning and happy Friday may -- back that this figure out is about to. Now -- love Friday stormy Friday is not so much but I do love -- I will take a stormy Friday over just about any other. Yeah it's true if it. It day out on the golf course is better than that you know it -- it added golf courses and the day at work like that I don't know not that I don't golf so I don't know but I do -- -- Friday -- it -- it here. And I am glad that the worst of the severe weather. Is ignored them. It has its its across the nor short this morning stretching from Slidell yet through Baton Rouge and all the way up into Mississippi so it does seem to be -- you know -- Partly but fairly north of us from metro New Orleans to appointment of people listening to us on the horse or are going to see some impact there on the morning drive. Okay yeah members are gonna to pinpoint doppler. CI every devastated towns where -- at that point now I have my pin and jobless. Right I got I'm looking at the -- went out there yeah -- working -- the and it looks like while the other North -- a few more storms out there but really up in the Mississippi they're getting. You can edit that Mary had beaten up -- a column liberty. That purple areas that you're familiar spot Hattiesburg politics at the hearing at least I like to you at some of those storms through the city at the overnight did you hear that -- -- -- -- -- 11 -- -- -- -- -- -- side -- -- -- dogs and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You have done and -- Around a golf but I got hurt people that -- preach that at that yet. -- my dog not in the thunder yet that pushed on through overnight and so this morning and best chance for storms will not 9 AM. We get a pretty well in the activity for for -- today. -- -- You know we get it out here this morning and I have a decent day to day and -- cloudy and there's a chance of of some showers and you're here but it's not going to be heavy thunderstorms at this morning. Gotcha all right so when does the -- come back now. Yet we get that second wave that you know I talked about yesterday and it two weeks coming through -- -- -- number one we've never to come to an overnight tonight. And early tomorrow morning that wraps up before daybreak tomorrow hopefully at that time all works out so that's I still think Saturday and Sunday. Are looking pretty pretty good weather wise. Yeah I like it I love it I want some more of it I don't I don't mind sleep -- the Saunders says on its overnight and yep well north of us on my complaint there and then it. And it's -- not here rain after going gets the -- and then. While a couple of nice days yes we will our eyes we even come up rectitude some pop I served breakfast. And get text messages -- all over the country and I -- all around the world Japan and Korea. I'm getting text messages from Easter breakfast there Hammond. Okay makes sense though hello chicken biscuit and me Yang and -- -- and a ham and cheese biscuit. The Popper is on at the galloping improper. I don't know I've never had it. No I -- -- you again apparently that it williams' favorite breakfast sandwich or breakfast it. You know I'm I'm kind of partial to the Edmonton up and we just talking fast food -- everything it was I'm wide open yeah. -- you know breakfast you like not my favorite meal to have not a big -- yeah like I kind of weird I. Eat a full meal in the morning ABM may be and just because -- -- we're up early. You can have a match I -- -- let's stay I'll bring you know food to work or whatever and Alley you know like a -- -- a ticket -- grilled chicken -- cup and it. 6 o'clock in the morning because it's I don't know I rarely eat. Rex is the -- like special weekend something that I what do you think about Bradley Cooper is the new Indiana Jones homered. About the hat and more all. Looking guy. Is he says. Her days always been an Indian. What yeah they always it always -- stuff rarely is the remake better than the original yes I just I don't know that I went out you think you're doing. How -- do -- I don't look at that -- money -- I'm -- that's something that the class I don't think of some kind of new adventures in and Bradley can start up now either remaking teenage mutant ninja turtles in the movies and when it's on -- it and why are they trying to -- all my childhood memory. And when it's cranky people like Hamlet when your grandparents were. Laura father of the bride that first one -- battery. Life that at other dealers cranky people like what it was all okay yeah. -- -- -- the only Indian Jones for me ask you yelled what -- snapper don't know what it really well at that he'd be open. Grab all or what are but first. Yeah. Thank you after we. I'd like -- -- and right now it is these forecasts -- -- getting a message that the pop Isaac causeway and Jefferson serves breakfast opposes the secret to me where have I been monitoring. Weird. We'll get sport that's what we're doing and extend the thinking about breakfast sports with Steve gala on this Friday morning after this. Nine minutes in front of 6 AM thank you so much for joining us on this Friday morning divers sports now on that VW. Beat Dallas and different pop -- breakfast. Now I have had checked -- records I know Bob ice but apparently some -- buys their breakfast others doubt. How do you know which when you -- I don't know if the cola -- preservation hall Olympic. It has reckless pursuit -- Does this pop flies announced. That -- sports now with Steve gala Friday morning. Good morning everyone and fight tiger baseball's -- -- has -- a slump coach pulmonary feels the solution. Is the latest kids swinging away and not be so concerned with playing small ball. I think we need to get that it is playing. The way I've been. He put it this way they do this style of play that pulmonary grew. Aggressive. -- -- she begins a three game series with Florida tonight in the swamp coverage starts at 530 -- on WW well. The top ranked Louisiana raging cajun baseball team will look to keep its nation's leading fourteen game win streak alive. As they host western Kentucky 83 game conference series two in hopes the carry the momentum of their victory over LSU and send their weekend series the green wave hit the road to take a martial. -- surprising run in the NCAA men's basketball reportedly continues. As they advance to the elite eight. The eleventh seeded flyers won 82 to 72 over number ten Stanford in the south regional. Dayton will take on Florida on Saturday after the gators beat UCLA 79 to 68. Florida head Coach Billy Donovan on his team strategy. Yet but we moved the ball well got it down Moline you know against their defense you they do a good job position only watch trying to shut off the -- I think when you get them all down against keep their defense or any defense that -- helpful. In the west regional number two Wisconsin advanced. Winning 69 to 52 against Baylor next up for the badgers its top seed Arizona which rallied in the second half. For a seventy to 64 win over San Diego State. The pelicans go for their fifth straight win tonight in the smoothie king senator when they host Utah Jazz people -- is that seven a 1053 WW well let them. The Philadelphia 76ers. Suffered their suffered their 26 straight loss last night. Tying the NBA record set by the 20102011. Cleveland Cavaliers. Houston Rockets hammered -- won 28 and 98. They have for sports talk NFL commissioner Roger Goodell says the -- could expand the playoffs in 2014. Are you for or against adding two more teams -- the post season mix -- Steve Geller that your early morning look at sports. If sanctions. Expand the playoffs in the NBA and NHL get a lot of grief because half the teams make the playoffs that'd be a movie or should more teams be in the policies are really -- mind another wildcard team making giving just see what it's like to make it -- NFC one from the right exactly that's what we're doing. Makes it less silly but it gives more teams chance. You know wider and more -- you know what I thought about doing -- absolutely -- -- revenue baby yet it's more games to sell commercials four more games to sell tickets for more teams in the -- -- more money for the owners. That's why bill whole -- the pre season but hey let's expand the regular season. The players. Thanks they will consider that talk about enough what stuck and I have a great weekend happy Friday apparently -- to you to -- Warrant. You -- all the pop eyes used to some reckless. She's -- -- -- it. News. Some great fun. Revenues at one point they are in certain areas now in. And now apparently it's maybe I don't know based on the text messages I'm getting maybe 10% upon myself breakfast -- I don't know what percentage yet but they want to sign that all of them did against in the you know and that. Breakfast praise whenever I was trying to get into it. Action we appreciate the call did not know that. Go to some rain around this morning it's more common. For your Friday some scattered showers and storms around this morning and and we -- all of the activity during the day. With some more showers and storms beginning to develop by the afternoon and evening to look -- 50% chance this morning. In a 30% chance this afternoon and -- -- eighty and more storms on the way for overnight this time as a cold front moves through a few of those storms could be strong to severe. With strong winds and even isolated tornado threat at those storms should move out by daybreak tomorrow. After that clearing skies and a bit cooler highs of 76 and Sunday looks beautiful sunshine high of seventy. From the eyewitness to its forecast center and dropped just lock box -- I we've been talking about fast food breakfast and tackle -- started serving breakfast with the logistics to mediate 78 detonated that -- passed the Taco Bell on airline and -- even opened yet. So we looked up them hours to some taco bells around town and the hours are rather confusing some days they open at one time of the days they're open and another time in the doesn't seem to be rhyme or reason dot com and try to try it. Taco Bell breakfast but I have a back got to find a pop my breakfast I had no idea that any pop nicer practice. They get the key is getting up early enough on the weekend that's usually sleep in on the weekends and lately -- activity that until like 9:10 in the morning -- weekend. Which is just wonderful. Happy Friday to you and yours folks you watch out for the weather most of the rain move and out for now but another round coming in tonight we could have some nasty stuff tonight now. Had a wonderful weekend and thank you so much for being a part of the early edition of WWL first news. Happy pride game.

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