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WWL>Topics>>3-28 6:15am Tommy, Pope Francis & trust in the Church

3-28 6:15am Tommy, Pope Francis & trust in the Church

Mar 28, 2014|

Tommy talks to Father Jim Weiss, an Associate Professor of Theology at Boston College, about a new poll on whether the Catholic Church is in touch or out of touch

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The Jim Weiss joins friend -- -- and associate professor of theology at Boston College teaching isn't easy is -- father then. They don't always get it right at first unit are improved a -- And I guess patience is an important virtue when you do -- -- yeah. Yeah that's lets you to tell me about the the poll here and Catholics and their feelings for France's. -- I'm not sure which sport you refer. To them but there have been -- but one on the way I've. I want to make a distinction between the two polls that are float around. There's one poll. -- -- several polls conferences and that but they have been set of polls on whether people feel the church is in touch with. Ordinary people. Talk about both really primarily the church being in touch injuries and Britain now it seems like. Com. If you would do an objective analysis on and he addressed a lot of issues that appeal to young Catholics. So that be a good way of bringing them and am trying to not appear on an interim strategy in and marketing PR PR college. The address those issues but nothing really changed about that and because he didn't change -- he keeps the people live there already is -- It you read it during two terms of we talked about. Gauge how many people in and needed who has heated judge any talk about. There was others think. Divorced people perhaps an anti abortion in yields -- -- That's who he is on Thomas father did the thing early on where he talked about we can't dwell on is and isn't it. You know and yeah. So what do you do it people a lot of people perceive that as the church is gonna change in color that -- change of -- but there's probably not ranked. No I disagree. I think. We -- just past the what your mark conferences. And he's trying to turn around steamship. So I think expecting people to change respecting the church to change. In one year is is falling victim to our you know our need for immediacy and and I think frankly immediate change. Would be what would be pretty superficial change. -- people are going to take time to absorb what he's saying the bishops are clearly taking time to absorb what he's saying that number of them -- Has come out basically they disagree with them. Are a lot of the laity have made it clear that they do agree with them. And so far he's putting things in place to make change happen. But the change itself hasn't come and after -- after twelve months I think. We have to realize that. And this isn't like a present the hundred days public safety are starting hopeless programs and a hundred days. This is something. This is simply EDC this is something could take him awhile to make real on the ground. Soul I know I wouldn't expect people to come streaming back into church. But apparently he's made the -- a lot more popular are they do the numbers indicate against everybody do they count by parish but. That people are coming to church you as a result of France's popularity. No apparently not. What -- as as 11 very solid commentator has pointed out that. The good news is that the numbers have continued to decline beat up until. He became -- the numbers of Catholics going to church was declining every year. That apparently has stopped all of are the the other thing is that. I think that I think it's really important here tell me is that is that for his change take root. Are there have to be a number of new bishops appointed. Who -- to share his point of view and for the most part in the United States. The bishops do not seem inclined to share his point of view. The sole. As frankly either as does that have to be waiting period until. A number of new appointments are made which which will reflect his priorities and he's been clear that that he expects -- Change their total. I think that's very valid point -- make and I hadn't even thought about that nothing changes overnight maybe we do want things in this. They engaged in sync gratification happen happen immediately what what kind of message speaking of bishops does it send that. -- the Eden really careful was a cardinal in Germany built a palatial home. It was the distribution it was yes it was it was a it was a bishop. And he has been removed. He was summoned to the Vatican on the case was investigated. And he was pretty much given orders to resign indeed it. Though a quick look at the probably wonder if you think it will happen to the bishop in Kansas City -- him. Who was. Is indicted and found guilty for. For a protecting the child abuser. He's still in office and that huge numbers of Catholics have. Written the Vatican as he put his approval. End -- still at. -- that that ship injured but he was. Removed that something like. Forty million dollars. Renovating his private residence. How like a fly with the traditional. I hate to say princes of the church with the the traditional base of traditional parish priest sometimes it thank. You know -- are not entitled but you know I'm I'm Obama decent. And talented Smart individual why should I. Make less than somebody in private industry bid and is on they don't know deep freeze on all take a -- poverty. So DD think that'll filtered out of the parish level where a lot of religious start living a more simple. Lifestyle are spending less money. Well that. The expected -- yeah I mean if you look at the the whole re not you jasmine you -- -- -- -- like an editor of equipment that is just what college kinda -- that the to Tammy quickly by the public eczema and Ahmanson and -- them. I think it will make it clear that he intends to appoint bishops who -- poverty and to share. Who you -- simple lifestyle like that like the pope's the other thing that -- -- -- -- for promote Catholic clergy. If you look at the range of Catholic clergy. They bird bird that they have they have is there -- little by way compensation. We tend to get a little blinded by. -- -- Archbishops who seem to live. More comfortable lifestyle. But that is if you look at what -- may. Nodes in the Catholic Church are virtually impoverished they're some of the disorders to devote take care of their elderly. So. The reconciled clergy and both Brothers in this country. That doesn't do -- property in their over the. Her father I say this not out of humility but out of sheer brutal honesty thank you for suffering this -- gladly. Pataki had to delete and thank you hit it.

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