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3-28 7:15am Tommy, favorite songs in the car

Mar 28, 2014|

Tommy talks to Michelle Megna, the Managing Editor of Insurance.com, about a survey on the most popular songs to sing along to in the car

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Tommy Tucker got a WL eleven a few good Bryant and 718. Time -- song. Karzai and specifically car. Is sort of songs like to sing a long -- -- and -- trying to here come on radio mania and then you went one point nines to rank it way out. Exxon got really popular at all. Michelle meg -- joins us right now managing editor for insurance dot com and the morning Michelle you deal and where are -- hero I and fantastic because it's Friday and we're gonna have a relatively nice weekend Sunday's going to be sunny and Stephanie. Powell actually you. Expecting -- Well. In the pictures -- Massachusetts at least have about. Ten inches of snow on the ground shortly. From my season skill and strength that. It'll be. Seven degrees here. Yeah let me tell everybody out there that thinks they have something to complain about did you -- the lady just said she's waiting for mud season. A festival goes along with -- -- anything. -- -- Yeah partly. It definitely has been -- you know actual actual summer -- appeared. Some unpleasant things in my date but mud season has to be right at the time. In speaking medalists -- you guys determined in terms of driving zones of people like. And did you study this and how did you study. It will get me and 2000 drivers eighteen and older. And weeks and pretty. Acts and there. The actual work -- rocking out on the. -- LD. Have to Cingular car and that you know these. You know were well represented -- specifically. You know I think people can kind of have a love hate relationship with the Bay Area appeared. Well. The journey topped. The list. But as -- -- about. Well that that's not. The circuit that I look at look at -- Yet. The people people tend to be split time. -- either love or they -- -- gotcha well this song came in last I think it is and and I I I feel bad because it's. That's not my favorite songs sing along to while we're driving along its share in the -- Play like video like Alan. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And you included time I would have yet so let's songs team -- at the top of the list middle bonds. -- Cleaning the capitalist order. Favorite color outside looking in our city clean. Not my mom was there on the game. I'm in TPC and then these. The top forward you wanna show up immediately attack on UK. Was -- on now on and island. Yup and apparently never ever ever getting back -- and. -- it and I've never ever heard that song. On an island shouted offers value a single bit of course. Dish the media again. -- Hammer. Hammer. Get back to -- that was pretty -- -- -- -- They're never heard them at all. From this to distract people when they sing along and Internet radio up then have a good time. Iron. We expect -- circuit but I have seen. There's several states where you see. Government. Groups that use stay on distracted driving and here is it's all in the -- That stretch. Easy. The easy on the radio audiences action on. Eighty -- But I think -- -- and over and fiddling with -- I don't think yeah I think he goes left side writes the brain and I'm not trying to be self serving here but I think you could easily. It is not even a music station but I think he could easily seeing you know don't stop believing in and still keep your mind when you do one. -- Night as well yes it's true stories written in his last. Yes it in the unit windows rolled down dancing inference -- -- -- I've got enormous and people linoleum strange even. Even drowned out one guy that -- rap music blaring he turned it down as it does on. And it turned it right back up. And yet. We've learned nothing but it's been -- a total pleasure talking. Orton and a lovely mud season. -- to send pictures. He married Michelle. Yeah husband's a lucky man and -- -- thank you thank you so much time you ET.

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