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3-28 8:15am Tommy, tax scams

Mar 28, 2014|

Tommy talks to Jason Glassberg, the co-founder of security firm Casaba, about online scams during tax season

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Much more serious note it's seems as though. Angus scenes because it is that way people are staying up late at night just thinking of ways to -- you on your money just like. You and I go to work their work is to think a ways to separate your separate you from your money. With a -- and joining us right now Jason Albert co-founder of -- sob who deals extensively with this type of thing in the morning Jason. Thanks for taking the time this. The bit about this -- first of your company. Our topic is a what we call it white hacked security company and what we do it is try and find the security flaws. In applications and systems before. Parliament or the bad guys -- -- we're all aware of love target and what happened with that and and there are of dissents in the been a couple other breaches of their non. Yeah there's been a couple layers in. One at Nordstrom's there has been one of course at once familiar with it. Are there when that happened which is. Sony and Adobe also was it was another -- the breach no huge number of people's account information was it was revealed. So here we are in taxis and how how can you prevent yourself. From given the keys of the kingdom the wrong people. Well they see the tax season it is very insisting it be aside from holidays when people are doing a lot of purchasing online. Taxis and that is is the second highest the time if you win when these kinds of incidents of fraud that occur. And one of the things need to be aware of is that people are always looking to somehow -- view. That your information. It's there he. Very popular time to -- Send out Phishing mails for example. Aren't people that don't know Jason that is. -- -- is is sending -- mail pretending to be someone for example would be getting. An email from the virus claiming -- go to refund or you -- -- You need to contact its web site putting your personal information your name address. Social Security number and so forth. And you'll be able in this processing quote unquote on like automatically but the thing to realize courses that the virus would never contact you via email. And that they only use -- old fashioned snail mail. Harry any usually show up and take you stuff them. Until they still an uptick in your stuff chances -- -- -- taxes so good is it all about. -- you've been able to contact -- does this confuses me is -- and buying things online I hate to do it because. Yeah how do you know if the page you're looking that is really that is really them because some of these are very very similar of their non. I absolutely and that that is part of the -- fishing trick is that they set up web pages biblical exactly like a genuine deal. The easiest and most effective way of figuring out here on a legitimate. Page is to make sure that -- the page is using what's called in -- GPS which uses secure method of talking over the lead the Internet. You'll be able to look at the address or which is the top or we need type in the address. And it should say HTTP. And not just HTTP. Now in the. That mean because we're not in on -- and stuff on the Internet that. They tell me to always look for that but I I don't know if anybody can fake dad -- what it even mean. Let it naked pictures things that happen. -- -- and when using something and with HTTP yet one is that the communication to what you're talking to is encrypted. Or scrambled away -- going to intercept the traffic can easily read it. It's also done. That the site has been certified. To -- legitimate by using -- special certificate which is that digital liked him a Fuller. But it is like to keep that has been verified to be owned by the company that they're claiming to be. Meaning I couldn't get if I was going to be Bank of America for example I couldn't get a Bank of America certificate that would war. -- home with its protocol -- yes unless I was able legitimately proved I was the Bank of America. But who -- that in and there's no way they can take something a -- something to look like HTTPS. One it's not. Well and you could. It's very very difficult now of course. That's about it security. And and general security in general is that. There are two kinds of attacks spread your -- going to be looking at that targeted attack which is going after individual. -- going to be going after a drive by attack which tries to instant -- many people easily as possible and many -- and delicacy to court. If the parties is important targeted to a particular caller. There are many ways. They can get your caller and he -- me be successful. As opposed to accorsi driving around town looking for a call with keys in the ignition with the windows down and accept the thing. It when it comes to -- sites are scams that people have to avoid you know during the it's a hectic days of taxis and as we wind down of the fifties -- do you would you advise him to do look for and and avoid. Well you know obviously missing -- is going CP. Is that the safest thing as we prophecies things with paper send them in. With the -- you're not going to be able to be an actor attacked if you don't use the technology. If you aren't going to be using technology. On these very self aware that there aren't fact people out there or looking to cause trouble. Com so verify again by looking for each EPS in the green bar in the law in the in the in the web site that that this is a legitimate site. On to make sure that you're dealing with a reputable company. You know just doing a search on the web and looking for the first ten. For the cheapest price. Means that doesn't necessarily mean it it is it's a reputable companies you know -- to do background checks on the company's system you go and meet text processing would. It probably is the you know there are sites out there that that -- for kind of these pre. Pre approved. Obesity loans or refund loans. And there's you know all all -- raft of other issues involving knows. And you know we can earlier about the IRS gonna get -- stuff body if you are entitled to a big refund and the I think rarely does the IRS. Send you an email saying you know we've gone -- last five years of your tax returns you overpaid by 800000 dollars and his information. I don't think that -- the IRS does business. Absolutely the the IRS does business you'll actually beat all the way they will ever get -- attribute is he email they can values. Not even around with that was still do not use email and they do not use the telephone to contact so any. Communication claims to be the -- outside of an old -- US Postal Service leather. Is that is is going to be fraudulent. So ideal overtime outpacing PH I SH I NG it's almost like FY SE -- -- -- exhibit it it looks too good. There's probably a hook attached. Love that that and that's exactly -- -- and and you know that this thing to remember is you know people say well all right they got my. They get money might gamers they get mighty mighty -- Social Security numbers sound like they're stealing my bank account but. But the fact of the matter is that once you're able to take someone's identity. You know the amount of damage he can do to someone's personal financing it is consistent norm. And if they're not steal your bank account -- taking your credit away from me appreciate your time Jason I really do if somebody wants to know more about cassava how to they find out. I -- on the web leader at WWW. Dot cassava -- as a BA dot com. And the companies -- interim Mellon one. That sounds good to meet thank you -- have a great weekend thank you.