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3-28 8:45am Tommy, online blogging scandal

Mar 28, 2014|

Tommy talks to defense attorney Robert Jenkins about the latest developments in the online blogging scandal

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tommy Tucker 84614. Before nine. I think we all remember what happened with the US attorney Jim Clinton's office and Fred he be oh big federal probe be filed lawsuits in South America on -- defamed him. An anonymous comments well suit anonymous comments he's -- handle Henry L Mencken etc. And -- on -- and confessed to it in man confess to it there have been. I think some comments made from people higher up the chain. And now -- -- two cases and one of them with Stacy Jackson's it relates to know any other one of the city's. More infamous. Criminals telly Hankton Robert Jenkins joins us right now noted criminal defense attorney to help sort result. Sort through all of this will listen he's had some experience around a federal courthouse -- morning Robert. I'm wells -- thanks for taking the time with -- some I issuance are with Stacey Jackson what's going on there. Well as of yesterday well prospect of a bit. Suggests that -- -- -- that they suggest is ruled that. That it makes it must be turned over -- -- you know. I believe on the yesterday the attorneys for the -- -- you gave note for the court that they tend to seek appellate review any. Appeal to that circuit to try to block that -- Now these are comments are posted and you and you give your I guess. On email address is sound and when you sign up for this I guess I'm asking Robert what information exactly. Well it's as he tried it by about the rule book spoke who are logging on the though. And to -- may. But a couple of blocking party using information. That they. That generally problem and greater perceived that the danger. Well and then -- see here that they were. First notice by judge Wilkinson and he suggests of the common immense sound that is the writers might be federal prosecutors or other law enforcement officials. Because of the jargon used how to judge Wilkinson get involved in this. Well world hasn't been federal magistrate. That handled that particular issue that case -- Well maybe it must include Marco but the in the talked to so 01 report. Well we couldn't get it approached. That's straight out of while the MasterCard turtle -- -- he read it and browse the other day that we had been we have -- not about it. He ordered that they be turned over to them. Because it is and they were on the -- -- and it's about greater perceived and what they had -- I think. All of us will know if your mechanic you talk in a mechanic you know -- -- -- company I guess is Ayman in the just a system where opera you can pretty well tell if it's somebody that's either a lawyer are involved in the case. Toward the toward its and actually. It's a bit letting the installation so. As you know injured in the secret so it's typically in the newspaper. In a bit of a problem or injury evident before the public. And that tendency federal official and tribal and FBI agent are opposites yet to turn -- someone in the court system and simple and beat. You put that out and need when and if you've been lieutenant Richard but it abolish the law to reach out greater escalation in the. And rationale behind that is a lot of things are admissible during a grand jury. Hearing -- and that a brought before a grand jury that would be in regular court. Court. I let me talk about it with you rather about telly -- and in what's now that case is -- -- -- Well that would include cases that -- -- that project that you audit. Report to testify. About their involvement. At the time of from -- that would take it involved in the case uninteresting and out. You have wonder why reporter even involved with the government when there were taking statements from witnesses are dependent. And that's problematic or whatever -- -- to -- about our about that -- -- you -- For people let you know on -- say that they they think telly -- guilty deserves everything god for people at. You know don't don't necessarily care about procedure but they -- say if the guy's guilty sending new jail. That that the big thing here is that it goes to the integrity. The law enforcement officials doesn't not and and also even if you are in favor of these people getting convicted in terms of tip of the iceberg this kind of thing. Could cause a lot of new trials and and correct me if I'm wrong you never know what's gonna happen right. Yes that's absolutely correct. As the integrity of the investigation. And not only do these in the -- to stroke the other what we already are people were living about the problem -- investigation and at all. So he could upset -- the other Koppel our case. Which would result in a new trials. No trial but but it's appropriate to be a -- to -- like little trial and because -- that the government. Doing illegal and unconstitutional and get a conviction. And for those that -- even don't care about justice energy is concerned with the government spending those trials are pretty expensive brother and I. Absolutely expensive and -- trying to put into our personnel. But then as you stated it. -- Google what the law and what the motive. Got to play by got to play fear on both sides this footage that correct absolute or anything you want answered -- to go. No if Carla can say is that its battle with them. Those same people Obama to be it is the world could be in big problem for the federal government at least. And district can you share with -- -- their rumored to be. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Officials in either -- just over that yeah. While thank you Robert appreciate your time I really do and I want to fatigue and about there's a tank.

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