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WWL>Topics>>3-28 9:10am Tommy, saggy pants ban

3-28 9:10am Tommy, saggy pants ban

Mar 28, 2014|

Tommy talks to Marjorie Esman, the Executive Director of the Louisiana ACLU, about a new saggy pants ban

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Get a lot of texts as well on sagging pants. The Jefferson Davis parish police jury. Has passed an ordinance. About -- banning saying -- pants but -- -- near Jennings and -- the only one -- To bid Maryville candor LT and Welsh. Koppel loses they've passed similar measures in my questions to UN I'd love for -- -- ecology 601870. -- 3866889087. In answer inform me as. Are these said he pants. Are they -- obscene -- do you think it is is sub seen this season bodies underwear. Do you think it is an indication of criminal activity continue. Can you really correct somebody's. Frame of behaving the way they act just by tell them how to address. And the thing that troubles me is if it's just a fashion statement that you don't like. I don't really like big government getting involved sandwich you can Wear what you -- aware. What's tasteful or what's not and fining you if you don't do what they think is right Marjorie Asman joins us right now. Executive director of the Louisiana ACLU and may I say again. We invited the Jefferson. Davis parish police jury to come on in and they declined our offers a good morning Marjorie Aurora where you start on this one. You know -- -- at all you know he's used to it -- point content that the problem with this verdict a couple of things on Roland putt. You know triple complained that means state. What banners and Palestinian state is a lot to tell you what you can bank account when. Usually hands and help right -- can't think PI PA unity you you the question is this unseen and in a state law defines what constitutes obscenity and net -- and ancient. Is written in accordance with. The Supreme Court guidelines on you know balancing the First Amendment treatment expression with. Making sure that people don't just think it's enough structure yet on. To read the stat sheet but for those that either one to avoid being obscene or that's their goal. What what are the parameters of that generally speaking -- Lee he does the things that you get that you mom told you a project. If those she it's not me. Anything now by bylaw is not -- thing. So to question your anatomy -- but Angela PR. That the -- gotta keep up. Anything else. Ayalon is not seen in the state -- that very clear. -- -- local government that include police Gerri anybody in the state legislature and that range is for beaten. Two regularly. I can't be anything more strictly than what this state lost access to all of these fans can't fault violation of if states that should come on -- I get the mom's standard on that when it comes to you and I'm trying to be delicate about that is the shall we call -- plumbers syndrome where is -- had a -- because I saw a lady bending over yesterday middle aged lady. Exhibiting plumbers syndrome and it enough and Mia felt bad for issued -- -- was happening but I think -- -- illegal. What that part of the problem because -- -- don't differentiate. Between trying to -- accidental or deliberate. And also remember that these are really designed to to regulate you know having underwear Asia but by definition. If you -- underwear between your way in -- to consistently. Get to whatever -- -- not challenged any portion of the year. So -- -- so how -- these laws. The passes it because they've never been challenged or the people. That if you're -- lower income can WE nine of the resources -- essence government just tramples all over earlier rights. Well that'll problem on me trying to insist line Jefferson Davis acts. He is different that in them because it doesn't you know -- and jail time to -- But now it. Not everybody the next -- people oxygen shell out from people you know live paycheck to paycheck and have all the money allocated to buy you know groceries and pay -- -- And that's fifty for the first offense and I don't know it's under. And and you know opulent and if you don't have the safety. You know what neatly into it and so you -- it but did not outrage yet year. The -- these things can define and I am looking at it gets -- one there a lot more land there all little bit different but. Excellent sense for instance CNET. It shall be unlawful for any person to appear publicly -- can't globally which expose the skin on the ground now. They don't say. They don't take for instance mean we're sure that he could get a live shot. -- -- What do your what do you know limiting Atlanta to peace based. Well and even you know that I had. Blue jeans and sometimes tops the ladies -- go to that that -- doesn't bloodier attractive not -- I love that well maybe but that's not written in -- ever say no I actually looked and it campaign if we don't -- it's not. I get then I think the point I was trying to make in my own clever sarcastic way is that you can't let somebody yells. Geology what they like and what they don't like give it's not illegal and dictate your behavior. Bill and that's exactly the point and and what these things do they end -- regulating things that may be more than what they intended. But but you know on its face this means that they can find somebody fifty dollars for wearing debating -- wind chill. Marjorie I appreciate -- time I really do however quick answer entered -- and that comes in and it says. I I think it's obscene. CC underwear and it should be illegal but -- thinking is not enough it's got to meet a constitutional standard is not a right. You know you can -- he want the state law defines obscenity and if you don't like to see somebody else's underwear then you know it don't look. I mean you know people don't like all sorts of things about the -- the people dressed but that doesn't mean that everybody can have that case. You know in body into law I appreciate your time thank you my take it but I.

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