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3-28-14 11:10am Don Dubuc: on protecting your eyes from screens

Mar 28, 2014|

Don Dubuc fills in for Garland and talks with Dr. Albert Pang of Trinity Eye Care about how to protect your eyes from the endless array of screens in our daily lives.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good morning Good Friday morning this is the Friday edition of the think -- -- -- in for Garland Robinette a golf will be back with you on Monday. And if you are tuning in this being the last Friday of the month expecting to hear the saint Tammany report with parish president -- Bristol the very popular program. Ms. -- at a funeral to attend so we're -- postpone that. However coming up in the 12 o'clock hour those -- -- in saint Tammany who will be asked to vote for a new corner. On April the fifth we will have the candidates here for you and what we have three out of the four will be on two. Not talking about -- candidacy and we also have a prepared statement from the one that could not make it here so that's coming up at noon. This always going to be talking to doctor Albert paying and optometrists with trinity I care. There's some concern now a new concern. According to a study from the vision council. That nearly 70%. Of adults in the United States or experiencing. Digital eye strain. The reason. Due to electronic devices. TVs computers Smartphones I've -- video games are affecting our guys. And these are problems is going to show up in younger and younger people and now there's another concern in this is a new enemy. High energy visible light it scenario what is called blue light. That is being linked to age related immaculate degeneration. Causing objects to go in and out of folk which was makes you squint. To compensate. Problems not just social problems brought about by the use of the Internet. Also physical problems to -- -- bank with us now -- I got a bank thanks for joining. Local. This is extremely interesting enough of course I don't know what the solution is going to be even -- this but first if you would explain to us what you're seeing in your patients who are. Coming in foreign problems with neck -- -- gay ex -- rise migraine headaches problems with their vision. I think. -- speed I think the introduction of quality -- of -- -- Idea Smartphones and that perhaps that. I think this couple insisting -- I noticed that's related to the polite emission. The -- patients have been hard -- comical intensely now I don't know about Q would you have this similar problem but. If you're trying to read something LP iPad before you go to sleep. The high and a -- visible -- actually interrupted production of men in Cologne if the chemical crew and actually you know bring to help his -- to go to sleep. Not because of this and I and the invincible like. Be bringing to mind is thinking that US steel you know -- -- right. And so did many opponents emission of these succession -- and implement them greatly reduced. Making it automatically decode his speed and make it -- -- -- who have could leave. At one of these population now. Also mixed thing -- -- this is really. People you know looking at the computer looking handheld devices will -- make the I'd hired by the end of the day a lot more than when did -- reading papers. It just to enclose them well. And I believe that is part of -- due to the moonlight as well as defects that we have not -- -- much when we're doing. Computer as well as it toward the -- Normally. Heavy minutes we -- about fourteen calms them minutes but when you're looking at devices like it twenty by to bring about what comps. Because of the reduction of the blinking rates is causing the -- be a lot more try here. Enter the problem -- guys -- -- population and to me. And it's extremely insisting. Those would be short term impacts. Have we been into this is they've been enough observations don't -- long period of time to find out what the long term. Degradation of vision might be because of this or other health. Concerned that. Great question. You know what we don't have any again the report to bomb may come -- impact by boomlet -- -- -- On. Any -- study. On rent and not hard and most of you do realize that -- enough is light or high and the few visible light. Still able to pass through cornea daily quoted pantsuit that lends that the metro area for the -- The attitude as to -- Budapest of those media and directly impact on view -- Causing some. So that's awesome stations of those sampled it except there. By the high -- visible light so. In animal studies vehicle. To using the delightful and -- Tom of course Mac that the generation. Now. You also asked me just now about long term impact about changes in the construction. You know I don't we don't have any. God directs study but one -- I can help you yes. I was in this pitch on the revolution the among all people dead is suffering from the -- and missile. These puppets have myopia. Have increased about 60%. In the -- -- In 1970. -- I mean twenty people have shall -- in this year's site in the -- my OP court. However in the 2000. We have eight or twenty people having -- problem. So you're talking about about 30% increase in the whole population. I really think that the evolution it'll be atomic devices have direct contribution to. While well when this information gets out if we're looking towards solutions. I guess one could be would there be a change by the manufacturing companies to. All of the type of life so this damaging blue light would be eliminated or as a possibility of some type of filtering system may be. Classes that should be warned while you're looking at screens. You why -- at at at. No comment I'm gonna go on the questioning that the guys that he had to let you know the great question they have a couple people sentences. -- people that used in one of the computer. You know one of them is kind of like having babies like what they call a pretzel you know. Is basically. Kept sloppy or the -- and achieve visible light so that they were not able to go into -- by closing. The momentum like we should. The other people and this is too cold thing you put on the surface to -- let all of portable lights. -- People do not like to -- you know and the office they were able to all these people since. They have a cold that on that when -- on the opinion necklacing is nothing you know that's no active site. But when you look at -- -- that they reflected Mosul the crumple it and -- so. Yes there is no way that you were able to -- high street -- -- -- If you're just joining us were talking with doctor paying -- and optometrists with trinity I care about this new report that has come up by the vision council stating it nearly 70% of the United States adults are experiencing. Digital eye strain due to electronic devices were getting into this blue line also known as high energy visible light and the damage in on that that that it could cause. Is -- 01 or more of peace of mind that is that is more dangerous than others are they all putting out pretty much equal amounts of this blue line. I would say they poverty. If you parking who have a ball Betemit -- -- lead is lead is basically -- the only variable is -- -- -- And the brightness. So of course you know the word debated -- -- the -- high and they -- visible light is going to go to high. The more damages. And the price could discreet yes of course this more -- and while that might get into the high. So. But but that when you're talking well you know square you'd -- why it. Mainly all of the EP or the hand held devices captaincy. On impact. To ally. Call one device I haven't mentioned he is probably what you're looking as lenient step I need to rule brightness. You may like to -- brightness to -- comfortable to you but not a right now I'd get this and usually. Might you know usually has about 80%. Of the brightness. That is partly the best compromise. Hi doctor saying we're gonna take a break and we come back go talk about -- -- you know power available on these filtering glances the yellow team's lands on the coding that can be put on there. And also may be some advice on. Prescribed dosages how much time is too much time staring into Beaumont to -- his blue line nor high energy visible light we'll be right back you've got questions. We invite your calls at 260187. He told -- is 8668890870. And if you get attacked -- like a lot of you are doing asking about -- you can get those glasses simply sending that text -- 87870. But please remember -- responsibly and standing in -- to too long could be hazardous to help will be right back. But doctor -- activists. -- taking a look at our unscientific. Ready opinion poll question of the day asking you have you experienced any of these symptoms neck -- tactics red eyes prize headaches migraines bowler -- double vision while working on your computer. I know it's early in the voting but a 100% of you are saying yes and of course anyone that is. And responding to this is obviously looking at some top of the screen because they wouldn't be able to respond if they didn't -- just talk about this is doctor Albert -- he's in optometrists. With the trinity I -- been nice enough to its willingness to listen that the -- when I saw the results of this report from vision council witnesses affecting 70% of adults. I strained -- electronic devices this was the first I heard of it but this is gonna have wide reaching impacts on. The future Euro that industry you know my lower manufacturing company now -- -- working on and immediately to try to -- collective. Type of light in my equipment and then promote that is something I would wanna sell as monitors are not going away. The other thing that you found in your studies was that it's harder to sleep. After looking at these devices where that kind of shoots down -- there about well still awake let me read a good book. Put me to sleep that that's working counterproductive right now and then we're talking about perhaps this morning. Of a whole new industry of filtering systems in terms of glasses are coatings for the screens perhaps I don't know but. I got a lot of questions asked -- though also the listeners due to -- gonna go and take some of these. These text messages that are coming in asking you questions the first one that comes up the most frequently is. What is available out there as far as filtration glasses or coding to put on glasses right now is that available as a -- we're talking about only available down the road. No effectively already there. Com you can itself as. -- and you know you are doctrine. And do it directs you to do is -- is available and actually the yellow feel to England's system. Been around and this for the past policies three years you know this is just my. As this for us we start you know doing it while Venus. At least four years -- the blue the practice coating the bottom theme -- the blue light reflecting on the blue light type of court and been around for the past year. So is rapidly they doubled in the commercial market now so is not something that that well if applicable now. I do -- Announcement to all listeners a -- experiencing difficulty with 870 we are having some problems with -- alien signal. I you can listen to a -- line at WW dot com and also on FM frequency 105 point three. I -- paying I've also got a lot -- question that want someone to know about how to contact lenses factored into the concerns. But -- entity. Is just make it you would site. Well I don't have due partly they too much about it that. Don do you Wear contact. No I do not where reading glasses and the other classes I have which I wanted to ask you went on yellow tinted glasses frequently because I do a lot of fishing sat out fishing and also when I'm shooting. And I find that they they brighten things up and also feel to some of the lineup the same time is that the type of yellow -- you'd be talking about. Know is that you can cut isn't armed to -- the the the listeners questions about confidences. Arm is that you make it. Compound the problem be able woods. Remember that we talk about -- now regarding the drug tested the odd because felt let's call linking would be using the computer screen. We knew the consequences on this golf lenses Seoul August I'm able gone. They'd be quiet so that mom got tears in order to sustain that compliments. When you are using computer naturally -- less that means that meant -- exchanged. Left cleaning you back to commences. So as some metal bats he's using contact with the computer is just have compounded the negative effect. Then has become drier as part of what you see you this because of the blinking. So they do have solutions is. It. You know you using self -- as -- consistently able to get meeting voice through August oh. One day you still only lenses that's also available to tackle this but tried -- -- So this solution. To help you. Using computer it was allowed to know decreasing confidence waiting com. And the second part of the question on regarding those. In commences. Most of it com when you're talking is fumble because when you're looking polling station. The ambulances -- there is basically just clean out some of the blue light. However you popping notice when you're using those Ambilight implode and -- since. They kind of distorted color. In other -- when you're using amber yes huddle or the quality -- concede right. But there's this thing come again looking at -- Vietnam does seem kind of read it it was supposed to be. And build a good old goalie is self portrait to when you're doing computer. Especially those graphic beside them -- to have accent color. Perception. Bill expenses will distort the colors so. What we're talking about goes. Can events as well -- they have much light to have enough to you to. Policy on the boat that we deported consent I'll be polite but not totally. Green at all because to be totally squeeze at all you're going to what kind of peaceful. Are those are available in both prescription glasses and just normal filtering -- last. Yes people you know plain old. Before you can -- all the confidence as hopeful people with perfect eyesight. They also come here in the descriptions. Census also. I would talk with doctor Albert thank doctor we've got to take a break here coming up shortly. I don't know we're gonna have a weather update we're having some pretty inclement weather here in fact -- power is gone off on. -- AM signal but we have the on line going and also FM 0105 point three. Did want to talk about. Abstinence. You know not everybody can do that because it jobs and tied into it but has dipped in the development rule of thumb about so many hours in does that based on on age also along what is -- a reasonable amount of time to spend on it without doing any -- -- to -- -- there is so low of twenty to -- what you mean by that is. What we suggest you generally the industry is suggesting used to take -- every twenty minutes to complete. Look at something always like twenty feet away -- about 22. So probably frequent break instead of -- comedy -- to go work on you know is more to do with. How many break into opting go to -- I was a book. So every twenty minutes take a break for about twenty seconds looking -- something twenty feet and be on. That is what now suggestions recommendations all good held pre computer looking. All right doctor -- they would if a little bit while we have taken news break will be right back with talked with doctor Alvin -- And he's a optometrists with sent trinity I care if you've got a question a comment we appreciate you calling it 2601870. -- 668890878. And if you wanna get your question in on tech's board we have that coming directly in the studio at 87870. Will be back with some of those text right after the news. And it's a -- -- to think tagged -- to -- in for Garland -- we're talking with doctor Albert -- the doctor is in if you got a question about some startling new evidence are showing that our eyes are being damaged both short term and long term and other physical problems because of so much time being spent. Staring into monitors of all types computers iphones ipads television screen video games. If you've got a question comment 2601 late seventy RE 66889087. Also want to welcome analyst is back in only 70 AM we are back up on both AM and the FM. Doctor -- we have -- joining us by with a cellphone he's got some questions. Yeah our our country. I'm trying to get it right -- all -- No you sound -- office. There's a little bit of an echo in them this is something in the phones. I. -- I got to be way worse would be a hole you stop martyrs but it. You know all I got a little better maybe would -- up the -- -- -- be quite as much about it is correct. -- On on the contrary. In the old days. I would not well but remember but it it. The the long ago. I don't remember. -- -- -- -- -- -- Is there. What 88880. Or. -- -- -- -- So it. Is that he would bill the visible I like it to die. It. The neo soul. -- -- -- change -- whole picture. This. Oddly you know wait. Wait actually. -- -- -- -- the. Who are tired you -- Yeah what could -- Actual record seat I urge you light that need to be blocked via. Outlook in Albany late -- On it and buy it. Com I'd get it -- and there -- the one that we need to block out. At the height of it now. For fourth quarter ordered by. Saying that you and why odd ones that we need to -- -- -- -- -- And -- and -- I'm not -- -- that is you know comfortable in. The technical. Then -- monitor. Economic and used the -- ultimately. The DBD. Connotation. In them and they're. Very. I. In regard to turning down the brightness of mama does does it matter the relationship between the screen and the ambient room light. All had to -- question. Yes actually. Arm we do not suggest that you know we have depends on what is the ambient light. If the ambient room light is lights fluorescent tube that that we use you know on opposite -- men. And of course we need to partly understand that you know he already exposed to a lot of the use the site. So when you -- -- -- -- -- poppy you mean like that even war. You -- hate -- saying you -- like to go down to maybe 6070%. Because the ambient light is yes right. So you should it -- -- -- is clean quite easily. -- on the other hand if you have been and it isn't about -- and he'll background you know so the ambient light is not as bright. Then you may need to go -- but the debate on deal on the computer screen maybe 8085%. Otherwise I would get even more tight because. When you ambient light is lol you need to have been deployed to squeeze in order to feed that quote. Very good. Before we take this next break and getting an awful lot of text of people missed out where they can get the glass is is there any place they can go and purchase some over the counter. On -- have to see in optometry. How would say chat with you I don't -- -- the field comment was still able to direct you into the to -- to the right direction. Depends on your description as well because fumbled build. There's. More peace mindful completely like that they even have to description quite compute all. So how would they do not know because some -- -- You can go online you know deal on the apt to -- -- but you do not know the quality of -- You know somewhat summed it took -- -- -- you can guide get -- bounces over the country but they may not be to the best interest in this. All right stay -- a gonna take a break we come back I'm getting a text in about golfers glasses and wanna know about those will be right back with doctor Albert -- if elected join the conversation. 2601878668890878. And elected Texas a message please text responsibly no driving and texting suited to -- 8787. Will be right back. I'm back with a sub -- this is doctor -- we're gonna be joined in the next hour by doctor Charles Preston doctor Robert Mueller doctor Adrian Talbott. And a statement from doctor Lee and true -- they're all in the medical profession but they will be. Running for public office for the saint Tammany parish corner position we'll talk to them next hour but right now -- doctor Albert -- Optometrists with trinity I can I doctor pang I got a text and wanted to know about -- glances Qiyue. In an -- are -- -- me that -- actually gotten glimpses if the upgraded they make for the young adults who do venture. Remember I talk about -- how to type of to wave would need to. Cut down on the blue light in one way is by using a team steps up to polite and gun belonged to that group. Com is come up can you believe light up -- so the -- -- the -- -- the green light so that I'd feel more comfortable. -- -- Eagles so probably would be available from their website is yeah until school if you -- -- -- web site and don't. Come in also on nonprescription. That's -- descriptions so that you need. Glasses to see like to read closed up like you'd gone and those and come in the prescription. One in Europe. Of nations was that you found that your patience it's part of them to go to sleep by afternoon. Looking at the blue light in these monitors either on an iPad Smartphone reading them before bedtime wanna via text is wanted to know. What is the recommended time. That she should. Put down that that does the the device before you try to go to sleep before use and before bit. Now done it all depends on addiction level but that's what. Who have most cases sometimes is pretty hot and. I would have -- say that you know is -- to be very difficult but if you able to against the rain from any type of its ability vices. And -- before you -- this week. That is no that is going to be part. You able to have better moments we've. Use it -- we've been also batted deep sleep at that stage of the. Soul. You know I don't know -- I'd I mentioned earlier that. When you have hot -- BP. Is attitude. All settled causing a lot of help he's such as by BP's. The -- -- level increase if he not able to go to sleep and also hypertension. Type of pressure so. So thinking -- companies say what you need to know. So signal that long term well he'll -- help. Italy early twenties he lies in now before. This may be the salvation the newspapers and hard bound books right. I also got this in and and I'm sure you would describe prevention is better than a cure but. Someone does want to know what is your recommended best over the counter and drops to relieve dryness denies caused by the Blue Line. Well then I tried to avoid giving any Ani brain. But now -- -- -- look -- in -- -- they -- in the agrees -- depends on again the picket pocket computer hard drive I can be because I -- multiple reasons. For some people dead get into this past certain age try I can -- because he bought him increasing. Com and again we get talking about computer. You probably look at some some I dropped -- have if -- yet. That is come to light only component to it so that you able to again. Com keep that he that you I would argue that creating and so soul. This Simmons that's in the in our -- is what we need to. Very good. Doctor thank thank you so very much for coming on and talking about this think that this is gonna take. Shape and really this week in nation in the in the media when the word gets out on this because it's it's a very wide reaching implications on effecting an industry in effecting the long term health and eyesight of patients. Thank you very much for explaining it and in great detail really appreciate Chicago welcome I think it except the audience. I agree with you thank you for helping do that and if someone wants to find out more about the blue -- syndrome in the prevention in the types of classes. Is there a web site you could recommend to maybe yours. Yet you can going to my web sites. Trinity High tip I'll call. This is also I believe they have we should console of America also have their web site -- that. And does not only what the audience talking about government that they also -- web site talking about harmful. The simple life. Thank you very much and that's one of the most precious things we have is our -- side note thank you doctor should have a good. Doctor -- thing optometrists was trinity -- -- -- -- street at the I cared dot com I will be back right after this until he was coming up next how will be talking to the candidates for the saint Tammany parish corner position after -- while kind of rough administration in the previous ones will be back to talk about it and that is candidates for saint Tammany parish corner or doctor Charles Preston doctor Robert Mueller doctor Adrian Talbott and doctor -- true heart we will be. Talking with them in finding out though how they plan on restoring the public trust and confidence after the Galvin fiasco is -- also qualifications. And what they see is the role and responsibilities. Of a saint Tammany parish corner will be back to do that. Right after the top of the hour and usual listening to the Friday edition of the think -- on Dubuque -- Garland Robinette. When WW LA MFM and dot com.