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3-28-14 12:10pm Don Dubuc: with St. Tammany coroner candidates

Mar 28, 2014|

Don Dubuc fills in for Garland and hosts a roundtable of the St. Tammany Parish coroner candidates: Dr. Charles Preston, Dr. Robert Muller, and Dr. Adrian Talbot. Don also reads a statement from Dr. Leanne Truehart, who was unable to attend.

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And good afternoon welcome to the Friday edition of the think tank -- -- -- filling in for Garland Robinette for those of you who are used to hearing -- saint Tammany parish -- on the last Friday of each month though we've got to tell you that. Parish president had breast -- attending funeral she will not be with -- however we do have a topic regarding saint Tammany there's an election coming up to replace. Saint Tammany parish Corning Peter Galvin. On the four candidates who are running for that office will be talking to them in nine hearing their statements on. Getting some pretty simple questions about how they see the role of the saint Tammany parish corner what the job entails will they be full time. -- and also how will they restore the confidence in the parish corner after the Galvin fiasco all that coming up. In this hour the think tank writing on WWL 870 a and good afternoon welcome back into the think -- -- please if you're opted driving remember to keep your headlights on as long as your wipers are on your headlights need to be on state law. And also remember that running lights or parking lights do not eliminate curtail some people Tennessee in the -- thanks as solemn reminders coming in text message sports. I tell we're going to are covered the four candidates that are running for saint Tammany parish corner to replace Peter Galvin. Doctor Lillian Lee and true heart was not able to join -- but she did send a statement in. For me to share with our listeners. Good afternoon mr. Dubuque into the listeners of WWL radio please accept my apologies for not being able to join you on your radio show today. My name is doctor -- and make -- -- -- and I am running for saint Tammany corner because I know I can bring transparency. Accountability and professionalism back to the office is a board certified psychiatrist. I'm bringing unique experience to the office. Because the karma is asked -- by law with involuntary psychiatric commitments. The karma plays a key leadership role in issues influencing community mental health. For every one autopsy the office performs over ten psychiatric commitments. Saint Tammany has a high suicide rate and problems with access to quality and timely mental health care. His corner I'll help address those issues. A work cooperatively with law enforcement for justice in the truth provide outstanding death investigation services. And you professionally recognized auditing practices. So and our tax dollars are used effectively and efficiently. I have the endorsements of the alliance for good government. The Republican parish executive committee and the central trade in labor council. I would be honored to have you vote to become saint Tammany is next corner. Thank you mr. debuted the reading this statement I hope you and all your listeners have a great weekend. That is the statement of the candidate for saint Tammany cornered doctor Lee in true. We come back after this break will be joined by the other three candidates doctor Charles Preston doctor Robert -- And doctor Adrian Talbott listening to the think tank on WW LA seventy area. And good afternoon welcome back into the Friday edition of the think tank this I was thinking about a new car and for saint Tammany parish we are. Talking with the candidates first up is doctor Charles Preston and joins us now doctor Preston thanks -- meaningless. Got a few questions here very simple questions as a saint Tammany parish residents one's allowed one and also I think most of our listeners who are live in and work and play and vote in saint Tammany parish would also wanna know. First question is what you see is the role and responsibilities. Of the saint Tammany parish -- Well the roles and responsibilities of the coroner or at least debated in the constitution. And there are really wore holes the first in the most important is what most people familiar with Carter's job. Two -- depth investigation. And that is really. Critical function of the corner because. That check -- people and collect insurance policy -- states. And of course. It's very concerning. Bit -- we met scrapped by Tom and as an accident or suicide and there's potential for -- -- In another homicide. Of course the other way is is just as concerning we have five suicide and homicide. Then. The person who is chart that Tom the birds aren't approved that they're not guilty. To that first. Function. The second function as the coroner and some duties in -- help -- about action. And -- really critical. If you think am -- actually at number. Interventions. And that being the thing that we need to do right now. That now help being handled as a contract position position and what I would suggest -- that we established the psychiatrists and people aren't. Forty of the coroner's office and be more pro. Get out educate the public about resources that are available there are unfortunately very very acute psychiatric -- they'll all. And so we kept you outpatient resources clinics or -- -- arrangement and the outpatient program. The third area is sexual assault the valuation. And the coroner's responsible -- collecting and process. In the evidence associated with the -- so. Fortunately. Not a crime that happens pretty -- and in the air it's a crime at the major and and so the opposite. And that but it needs to be done appropriately. And that wouldn't again. Mostly women will need psychological support and I think ineptly and the -- -- partner he is strong and helped compile. And then that. Sport Israeli and keeping it together the coroner is the administrator. For the office and so responsible out the dollars and censors -- And for the issuance of -- certificate. Any certain that the chief position and prepare and -- where they're Latin it is where the coroner could be more proactive. Course compares to get out and schools. Trying to educate. And tried. Does bring information to students and and people in the community in general. To try and and abort them now -- crises that we're seeing almost epidemic and cam pair. Very good I would talk to a doctor Charles Preston he's a Republican from Slidell running for the saint Tammany parish corner office. Doctor Preston will you be a full time corner in what are your qualifications that make you the best candidate in this race. Well I'd get into but has questioned first that would say I'm going to be -- -- I'm corner because I'm the only candidate that doesn't also practiced Matt. I retired clinical practice last November so I don't. Have a second job so weather's good job as well on our -- It won't be some time for me because that will be the only option that I need to conserve so well. It any position more insult the -- of the patient come first. And so. It didn't work out so well last on having -- doctored on the practice court -- on the side and I'm not sure gonna work out the next. And -- call agent I -- board certified emergency position. I practiced the charity hospital -- years in the parliament started medical -- until the next isn't so. -- And so you know that functions in the corner in terms of chromatic that. Sexual assault like yet commitment well matches and Akron merge or -- hospital and out there for twenty years. Additionally. Over the last ten years I've won him an urgent care here in -- else go to pipe business. And while I still own that business. It really is pretty self sufficient and so my obligation there about an hour every other week but -- bring is. Experian and to the coroner's office and I think it's critical that government. Function more like -- business with a whole lot let monkey business and ball. So -- expand the number and position my experiences successful businessman. I think -- -- unique the Haitians to serve the people cheat and he has -- corner. As you know doctor Peter gal through and really tore down on the saint Tammany parish corners office are people all across the parish lost confidence and trust in him. And the office do you have a plan to restore that confidence and trust in the office and how we maintain it once it's restore. Well again I'm going to focus on continuing to do the things that are being done right. The same they're being down right now and particularly good depth investigation compartment that is being done there. Be a forensic pathologist doctor Michael that. Is doing great job law enforcement districts Chinese opposite very happy with that service. And I don't really and an beer -- I'd -- area and it each the most improvement is the man helped component inside. Alluded to earlier and I think the first thing is we need at -- on metal help director. And probably mid level providers well but in terms of restored trust I think. Openness and honesty is really what -- saw the -- You know we have a web site. Virtually everything it is not our potential in terms of financial operations procedural issues can be published on the web site. And would open up the opposite literally opened up the opposite tour and let people come and see what what their tax dollars going. It is in excellent facility is built for future expansion. -- and I want the people in and repaired understand the car. But on that -- that taxpayers extinct and the pair of opera. And it should be theirs to see the artworks. So openness transparency. Acceptability availability. Obama campaign literature at my actual help on number my actual address and after the election it will be the name or number in the match. Living in this community for almost twenty years are any -- We're talking with -- doctor Charles Preston a candidate for saint Tammany parish corner. A doctor Preston we agreed to give everyone ten minutes in the next couple of minutes we have left as anything else should like to say to the vote as a saint Tammany. I would get I'm very happy that and that the days that I'm speaking you know endorsement. You probably -- that aren't speaking in general your non bias. Non partisan. Entity -- editorial board had the opportunity to chat with every and the Warner. Candidates and they felt that my. Qualification is number -- position my experience as a businessman. Give me the best credentials for the office. And I want anchored here when that amount but he still early vote today and tomorrow. And then election would be a set a course -- respect we asked when that their vote army. April at a corner Nate Whitaker Charl -- and. Very good doctor Preston thanks for spending some time woods and good luck on the election. Thank you very much you have a great day trying to stay dry. -- will best thank you again doctor Charles Preston. -- we have heard from mentally and true heart if you missed it -- was not available to -- with a -- live on the -- so we -- have a statement from -- Coming up right after the news will be joined by doctors Robert Mueller. And also doctor Adrian Talbott them both of those gentlemen running for the saint Tammany parish corner. The election is April 5 UBS to replace -- productive Peter Galvin who left on the some. Very on say unsavory circumstances and now left a bad taste in the mouth for the people of saint Tammany with regard to the corner. And will be asking the other candidates same questions one of the roles and responsibilities. Will be full time one of their qualifications. In what is their plan to restore confidence and trust in that office will be back to do it right after the news. Welcome back to think tank on April 5 saint Tammany parish voters will be asked to vote for in new corner to replace Peter Galvin who pretty much. Eroded the confidence and trust in the corners office now we're getting up close and personal with the candidates we just heard from. Doctor Charles Preston and earlier we read a statement from not believe in true part of could not be where this week given all the candidates ten minutes. To talk about some basic questions about how they see the position of core know what their plans will be their qualifications. And how they will operate that often should they be elected Doug doctor Robert Mueller joins us now doctor Muller thanks for being that it. Why welcome if you would assign you see the job of saint Tammany parish corner of one of the role and responsibilities. Of a corner in saint. Well the the girl they offices and into saint Tammany -- basically cashing in his five functions. He first function is that there which everybody's aware of student Aaron has offices that depth investigation. The second role is that dealing with mental health issues and a third is related to sexual assault rape investigations. The fourth and saint Tammany -- -- look different and some the other parishes is saint Tammany parish maintained his own laboratory -- anyway. Where some of the other -- has offices did not maintain this. And if -- function of the coroner's office he has that the current -- saint -- functions as the chief medical officer at saint Tammany parish. As they would interact and in different areas such particularly interaction with the hospitals EMS fire police and chatter. I'm dealing with such things as endemic that make a -- and any type of community related health problems public health related type issues etc. So that that's -- -- role basically is the current saint Tammany parish so many other parishes do whatever role. Paranoid. And providing healthcare to the jails. However that's not a role in saint Tammany parish and ask him how it was a problem with one of the situation with doctor -- in the past. We're talking with doctor Robert Mueller candidate for saint Tammany parish corner. You know I think a lot of people like myself would be surprised to hear the wide range of responsibilities and the job of the saint Tammany parish corner a lot of assistance think of that is an autopsy he's in death investigations value of explain to some of the other candidates. As a lot more to -- -- that that in mind goal number one what qualifies you to be the best candidate looking and all of those responsibilities. And will you be a full time core. Well first. Five college degrees including a master's degree from Auburn university in business administration now also in degrees and -- administration. -- board certified American board of forensic examiners as a board certified. Forensics positions. And board certified by the international association emergency managers. And nine holes certification by the American board of Homeland Security. I have a 45 year career in law enforcement. As well as emergency management forensics and Madison. Have started off years Billiton lost police department and -- -- in the -- police department in and out work my way up to be deputy chief and early ninety's. I was in charge of emergency management inception in an innovative programs -- over there with them how is also -- he. Think Cameron parish sheriff's office I'm an assistant Aaron on different -- -- ten years in the early eighties. In Orleans parish and I was assistant garner and think every -- in the late eighties as well as late nineties I was not involved in any -- in the past administration. In saint Tammany parish -- So all those things make me uniquely qualified having -- -- the education but the experience in the training. And haven't been there done that I was incident -- years ago for. A flight 759. Pan am flight that crashed into Canada. For the new -- -- -- and have been a relief person dealt with the air Florida crash down and. If Florida Everglades back in the yen -- east. And so I have had nothing but to. They experience in the past in dealing with the death investigations as well as all these different aspects. I'm a practicing gynecologists have been so for 28 years in Slidell area. So I'm very familiar was dealing with rape and sexual assault investigations. I've dealt with mental health investigations in the past going to people's houses. In the past and performed outpatient emergency commitments. As well as current as emergencies certificates for a investigations. People further in a hostile Arenas. To reassess their mental health and well being before it turned out to the public. So I uniquely qualified for all these different jobs this job actually fits my resume. Perfectly. With all the various certifications and training and experience and have been in the past. As far as a question of full time on if you would not dedicate a 100% of your time to the corners office and what percentage would be. Well I plan on dedicating a 100% by the time to the kind of office there's hundreds sixteen dollars and work where it. And -- forty hours to attorney's office would be it an easy type project and I don't think the terms offices on take -- was nothing -- -- has offices in saint Tammany parish at least the next couple years. Not to like have fifty or sixty -- -- -- to get it straightened out. I think that we need to evaluate and see what's going on a plan on being at 24/7. On. A plan on actually being out on the street and evaluate what's going on out there as well as operational concerns and any new and innovative ways that we can change techniques that are going on. And looking for different areas to improve the entire situation in office. So I plan on actually being. 24/7 in Chinese -- being on homicides suicides. Traffic fatalities. Whatever it may be that many were climbing out there. Also plan on going to full list of investigators and make in my investigators extremely qualified with Natalie. For an in depth investigation. Type. Credentials but I also was having them certified in law enforcement. As well. The talk -- doctor Robert Mueller candidate for saint Tammany parish corner. I've got to mullah coroner's office generally doesn't draw a lot of attention and election but I think this may be. Obviously the most highly scrutinized in looking back at Peter Galvin administration. How do you plan to restore that confidence and trust that's been lost. Well I think the biggest thing and that you have to do is we have to establish transparency for the -- now. And we have to look at and see what we can do to make this addresses of people that they need him. Once again restored trust and softens -- trust has been negated in the past but what has happened. And I think we certainly need to do that. I plan on putting as much selection information on the web and I also plan on creating an oversight board. I'm looking at creating an oversight board by -- in the seven mayors. Of saint Tammany parish to appoint one person to abort. Which would give -- and uneven numbers which show him on board. And then be able to meet with them 234 times a year until we can get things straightened out -- -- oversee capital expenditures. As well as look at expenses -- to seeing what future needs maybe this sport is creating new budgets. And asking. Money from the council. As far as what we mean -- Is as far as changing things around. We need to change quite cute things around and I have seen at this point in my evaluation one thing we need to evaluate certainly is. -- he uses parish -- automobile use. As well as some of the various programs and going on within the office opening in the communications system is very lacking over -- they use. As cellular phone communications system is their prime main mode of communication which is unacceptable to -- case in the disaster emergency. I think we need to look at the protocols that are going on. Over the Canon offers reevaluate and some may be actually some may need to be changed evaluated. I know one of the things -- wanna look at is that fact that saint Tammany parishes and direct flight path of -- loans in the national airport. And we don't have a sufficient -- that helped -- plan obedient and I'm happy with. And I think we need to look at that created -- adopt a plan that is feasible workable. In cost effective to maintain. So have a bunch different ideas of how wanna do those things -- to create. And in house sexual assaults on and so women and not dragged through emergency rooms. -- case there isn't sexual assault situation. I want a private placement and ago of course that. Barring no other serious injuries associated with them if there would be any of this year's entries obviously -- -- and -- -- more of emergency facility. But when it creates some degree of respect and privacy for women. That they have a place to -- and have a place to report -- great under reported in saint Tammany parish initially gynecologists does feel a lot of that -- office. And -- a lot of these women and tell me that the trade due to report these things. So wanna change that around associate that would work as well as possible I have met with -- clocked in Baton Rouge to turn around Baton Rouge and he likes that idea mass effect is even had a -- a place in his office already arranged for a. Are creating a sexual assaults and and he'd like to work together with mean creating a program to be just the same thing. Very good -- Kamal thank you for joining us and sharing your thoughts with us on the -- position best of luck on the election. Thank you very much. In tune that is doctor Robert Mueller. I -- final candidate joining us now for the position of saint Tammany parish corner to replace Peter Galvin is doctor Adrian Talbott. Doctor Talbott thanks for joining. It mark Borger thanks for having me. I same question we have asked the other candidates the role and responsibilities. Of the saint Tammany parish corner IDC it. Well. That is actually. Governed by state law. So we can't get too creative with Louisiana or by statute or restricting it to you one crew are restricting certain victory. Pretty much. -- spelled out the power. The duties and roles and responsibility. But. That. I think. Carl also has been focused on providing strong leadership. As you know done everything everything -- any organization or government social leadership. You know strong leadership quote by a clear vision or leadership below provide acceptable recite. Which is what we need in office almost all of those technical functions. That should come together to do two things. That is not one honored the dead. The number to. Provide information and support to the living. Not a video leadership. Servant leadership now leadership driven by ego or leadership to repair the Serb leadership. Leadership that understands that it is in that position. Serve the people that put the individual there and also serve the people who work for them as well. -- answer your question okay. -- the next question is who would you be a full time corner I see where you're in your resume you'll listed as the director of medical care senate since 2005. In chief of staff that medics clinical since 2012. Of those current position you currently -- nine are you planning on. Becoming a 100% dedicated to the corners office if elected. Oh well I'm going to be full time war and here's the thing about that question. And a and a said the war is sort of all sorts whether it's full time or part time. Because in your -- and everyone listening knows. Net debt and -- mr. -- on anyone's time schedule people don't get you know war. Passed away between 95. On Monday through Friday. So. Any quarter and he want to accept that title. Should understand that it is a full time obligations 24 hours a day. Seven days a week they need to be available to respond. Whenever they needed. And so it is full time position and make myself available. 24/7. So that that he answers it full time position. Well I'm glad to hear you say that because I had personal experience of being held up in several hours of traffic jam because there was a fatality occurred. I'm between a pedestrian and vehicle and they were told that they had to wait until all the corners office open before they could get tomorrow on the scene which found to be ridiculous anyway. Right right exactly so you know that that happened on. Corner there are a lot of other things. That that need to be changed as well go ahead and start up. That's okay your qualifications. Are what make you the best candidate over the house. Simple. Leadership. You know. I'm down I'm a former naval officer. I spent over twenty years the United States navy. I developed and sign my leadership skills in the military. A -- from 1984. To 2005. During that time but leadership boat trailers. And Marines. During time peace and time war. Karl -- leadership skills are at work. I -- our community where provide leadership as chairman of the house -- Slide -- -- -- -- So and I think leadership -- or -- -- additionally. That agencies corps officers you need very unique agency and that medicine law. Combine come together very unique way to provide services that we all need. So anyone who runs that office. Need to have an understanding of that is because you like and a but he also need to have a an understanding of law. Because laws govern the rose responsibility. Of the partner in the law also govern. All the functions at that facility. And I'm the only candidate running who had both a medical degree and agree. Additionally. That agency is a government federally and state. Regulating agency. I'm the only candidate -- has provided leadership. In military organizations. And currently provide leadership. In early and state state regulated agency right here in -- -- cabinet. Of those reasons and most uniquely qualified candidate that. We'll talk to a doctor Adrian Talbott -- at the saint Tammany parish corner Aaron doctor -- as I mentioned to the other candidates. -- this is going to be a highly scrutinized election because of the Peter Galvin and resulted in a recall effort and basically taken advantage of his citizens the taxpayer is a saint Tammany parish. Do you have a plan to restore confidence and trust in that office. Oh absolutely absolutely. Trespassing. And accountability it's that simple. We need to increase transparency and that any citizen. Who has any questions or need any information. From an agency. Has ready access to whether online or having the ability either walk to the front desk and request it. So we're gonna make sure that we have standard. Operating procedures. That outline how he can access that information. And we'll be ready readily available to the public. And accountability that that I think is the most important. Part of restoring trust -- at all that because I think it was a lack of accountability. The kind of led to where we are now. And I would actually that. We knew we -- -- our place we have to put some third party. System of accountability. And probably. Overseas partners doing and and to make sure he's doing his job. Also served as a means for citizens to while playing against the corner. And even employees should have a mechanism filing complaint against the corner -- sort of put that order placed. To ensure that that accountability and certificate accountability circus you know prevention. And preventative. People know that. They're being watched they're less likely. The run afoul of the law. We -- -- doctor Adrian Talbott candidate for saint Tammany parish corner of the election date is April the fifth inducted Talbot in the remaining couple minutes you have left -- -- else you would like to say. To the vote as a saint Tammany -- Well. I guess -- thank you give me this opportunity to introduce myself to them and you know voting it is very important. And powerful right I think that the voters need to make sure they exercise that right. -- wait until April 5 but I strongly recommend that day. Exercise that right early is more convenient shorter lines that go to day. Or tomorrow until 6 PM. And cast their vote and vote from me Libya vote for clean break and fresh start. When -- -- harder. I will continue to serve. Where currently serve in our community we have served our country and that is with dignity. Honor. And respects. We continue to make not only a resident mechanic part ground. But hopefully all the residents of the state Louisiana thank you got. And I thank you doctor tablets have taken time to talk listeners would appreciate. -- gridlock on the election. Doctor Adrian Talbott I would come back from this break if we have time -- will repeat. The the statement from -- Italy and the party true heart another candidate was not able to join -- in -- will be right back to listen to the think tank on WW. And I'll wanna repeat the statement from productively land true -- was not able to Jonas for the other saint Tammany parish corners. Saying that she is running for saint Tammany corner because I know I can bring transparency accountability and professionalism back to the office. Is board certified psychiatrists -- bringing unique experience to the office because the coroner is tasked -- with the involuntary psychiatric commitments. The karma plays a key leadership roles and policing community and mental health but every one autopsy the office performed over ten psychiatric commitments. Saint Tammany has a high suicide rate in problems with access to quality and timely mental health -- -- I'll help address those issues were cooperatively with law enforcement for justice and truth. Provide outstanding depth investigations services in use professionally recognized auditing practices so that tax dollars. Or used effectively and efficiently -- from. Doctorow -- true heart on the candidates for saint Tammany parish corner. You know I'm sure there -- a lot of things in history and happened big time on March 28 one of them was the birth. A legendary news woman in communal land leader Angela hill is coming up next.