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3-28-14 1:10pm Angela: on roller derby

Mar 28, 2014|

Angela talks roller derby with three of the city's Big Easy Rollergirls: Kim Camarata (a.k.a. Killjoy), Nicole Studenmeier (a.k.a. Panda Scare), and Heather Schexnayder (a.k.a. Rogue Roulette).

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You know that life is very good because it's Friday and even though it's raining and -- we don't care because hopefully you're either in your car your home. And -- listening to the radio because we have I think three wonderful uplifting happy shows beginning where. Incredible women who were sitting in the studio. This is our open mind and are open Mike is all about getting no interest in people. And we have three very interesting and with us today. The Big Easy roller girls those fascinating women who roller skate around and around almost to the -- It takes skating talent a strategic mind and sheer guts to compete in the roller girl world. So meet Heather scheck's -- better known as road route that's. -- -- -- -- -- Known and loved as -- scare. And Kim. Camera. They K Ing kill you and this is very. I wish you could see them because they're all beautiful. There really aren't in your your beautiful let's go. First we'll tell me how you picture names. Round wrote freelance. With -- -- that I'm morning something really sassy and and closest city and we have here is sixteen now it definitely went through. It's. Mary good okay. Offer and scare at the time that was that I could come up with that I was okay witnesses. So you do get to pick them yourself yeah yeah yeah. So do you do panda eyes I did at the beginning a couple of times. Black we're not so much into the face pain. You know you're just into the kill. Okay yeah this is bears yeah vicious New Year's sugar -- food. And so killed. Killed. -- -- that I was affectionately called apartment partner at one time because I tend to shoot down people's ideas of -- not practical. So I took that into the roller derby well because it also makes sense if you're in Hebrew and somebody else this time on the track. And it was appropriate. I don't think that killed July. You know all listeners out there who may not know what roller derby is kind of show us and tell us what it is paint that picture. It. The modern roller derby is a little different than what most people think. A lot of people remember when earlier it was fine television and the Lincoln was sixties. And it's quite different because back then it was scripted more like scripted wrestling is. But now the modern revival roller derby it's a real sport and nothing is scripted. It involves real athletes real strategy people commit a lot of time to it so. In a nutshell you've got two teams on the track at one time there's five girls Chinese team. And each team has won. So the two gamers are trying to get around the track to score the points while the blockers are trying to prevent the other camera from getting points. And is just a constant around and around and around. And you knocking people down or their rules on how you -- someone down oh my gosh yes I think. There are about. Seventy something pages of rules. That I actually edited and work Ara. I have a volunteer position within the elements flat track derby association. And I copy edit everything that rules put out. Seventy pages of rules it's a lot to learn there's also -- glossary of what it means to. Being an engagement zone what it means to be hit. What it means to be down but it means to be in play -- stuff. And the bulk of it is mostly defining penalties and what happened and you earn those penalties yeah what you do to earn your penalty and so many penalties you're out. Yes seven and seven and you're done so per game yes correct and is one game. Every evening or -- or whatever are you playing multiple games. Well our season usually starts out. And pre season -- return ticket through turn amends. And our home season starts this year on April 12 and we usually have a home game once every month. Yeah we have double headers all season from April through October. So that we have two teams that crescent lunches. And are all stars who are national competitors he travel and -- big tournaments and are trying to get them to. To playoffs and this fall. So. And our games we'll have to press on just play someone animal have a little bit of downtime and then go to all stars game. Are you all with all stars. I know I just recently made the team but you still have to earn your right to get playing time within that team. So I do -- I compete with both. But we have a variety of experience as a -- is chemically for very long time and is that all star caliber. -- I've played with the all stars in past seasons. This season and I am recovering from an injury so I'm working my way back up to -- being an all star caliber. I'll get there very soon enough. So it's very competitive very competitive even with and even -- -- future in each other on on one level the other -- get them -- face his and one of the we let each -- so very. You know that your having fun with it and yet. And that's sort of the bottom line and him and and understand the crowd discuss mr. we have the greatest and even in our. -- opposing teams that come and travel and play with as far home teens even. Comment on how great our fans -- says there really important that in Milan to see all the pieces back down we have. A few super fans as well that we see all the time that. -- -- to see everyone and you'll play at UN now. See as human as human performance center I think it's where they used to pad their basketball games before. They moved on and so it's it's a nice venue it's got lots of space we have music we have raffles we have food and drinks so it's really it's that. Really great time. OK so you're living your life and you got yourself. Roller coaster roller ball. What was that the capture -- Wow. I think. The fact of the camaraderie that comes along with that it's an instant network of friends everybody embraces everyone -- involved. On the including the fan base. I heard about roller derby when I was in Baton Rouge attending LSU. And I thought that that was just the coolest sounding and being in the entire world and after I graduated I joined without ever having seen a game I just want to be a part of it and almost five years later. Here and in New Orleans and you still standing I can still a lot of cats very extraneous or it's really exciting so you had never skated. I'm not since I was little kid him -- literally killing and I had to learn to skates or. Yeah. Entirely yeah attending -- now. It's pretty it's pretty interesting because this inexperience. You know just heard and selling game that's coming coach fry. Try out I can really stand up on skates but what they look for -- people with potential people at the drive who owns it worked really at that. And so you know a few years later in -- pretty proficient. It started out that the -- Yeah wherever. You restaurant everyone stay with -- for gonna find out what their day jobs are right after this. Well lucky for us it's Friday and it's open Mike you were getting to know three or roller girls and I'm talking three spectacular roller girls. More Heather honestly it again shots Nader. Better known as -- -- left Nicole stop minor. Love is -- care and Kim come camera. Children. Now I just -- envisioning. Again very attractive very bright women. Taking on a different persona. As you hit that track. And do you do do a whole mental thing. Yes -- -- -- element yes and that's what it's about we we get together with our teammates actually him prepare for the game together. We go out there as a team and as a force and we'd take all of our individual personalities and just go out there like Michael Wolf pack up. Now that's good. We usually do like a big huddle everybody get and -- that is just wrote this must together. And pulled. We'll say what we let her inspiring words -- saying. Something together and do it here. And just get. Get together to get ready. You really have to be athletes to do this on my -- absolutely. It's it's the hardest whenever play it at athletes sportsmen and our allies swimming and soccer but this is something different with it. It requires a lot more coordination her cries a lot restraints. And you have people of all different shapes and sizes playing but it. Every one hasn't actually in everywhere and hit hard everybody's intense so it's. It's people just skating around -- time it's it's athletes teach train three plus days a week to do this. And -- -- that you Whitney and I'll -- But. But as Heather said you've had four surgeries. Yeah after it it's been a rough road in mind five or six seasons with the -- I have experienced and some ankle breaks which I've recuperated from and I'm. Currently back on the track in working my way back up to where -- was a few years accounts. So the minute you land you know -- year something's wrong. Yeah there's no second guessing. With my last when I do is kind of scooted to the infield and called my coach over and like I need to go pick -- -- my -- and you just. Sunshine about -- well I worked really hard to get back to air and announce that's where my pride comes and is knowing that I had a follow -- act. And I was able to overcome it and overcome it more than once and I'm sold. Doing what I love to do which is roller skates. And tell me what you do. When you're not roller blading. Roller ball currently -- manage records for a law -- in the city. I also study it to rein them in their school -- continuing studies I'm learning bass there's a science -- her computer technology. After I get that I hoped you become certified in the records management field. And you have two daughters -- you know I have two daughters they're fourteen and nine and there. My biggest thing since they come to all the games and they like to bring their friends with them to uses -- -- what their mom does. Look at my mother they look they have heard it literally and these people. Bush just got a good one. Tell me about it. It -- an. -- design and copyright and copy editing for manufacturing company. And it's lovely and wonderful co workers. And I service art director for Big Easy. So everything you see that we put out there whether it be -- are billboards are posters here merchandise it's gone through me. To a for approval org created it myself. And as I stated earlier I have had my volunteer work editing. Deputy DA. With everything pertaining to rules. She'd as a -- and down my gosh seventy pages I think so that he generous thing to volunteer for well fortunately we only do rules divisions once a year so it does have a very busy month. And and a and it slows down. Your co workers when they found out that you were doing this one more supportive or what are you doing. Oh there was already a roller girl working a life that's how I got my -- my job she told me about it. And a applied for it turning her she goes by PS tricks ghetto. And she is and tax stick at both her job and -- And car. This is terrific. You know networking you never know. What do you bring it together it's true I'm through because of mind being involved with the roller derby I can go to almost any city. In the world and have a place Tuesday. My last few houses that I've -- Alex it was because I heard about it through Roland -- Isn't that great then. I -- from from one of our teammates. She has. Mr. duplex so it's teammates family yeah and yeah they -- -- -- which it. -- -- an IT field. In my position is the software engineer. So I do reporting for people. Means. The highlight being the -- feel it and people are very surprised when they find out that I'm also doing roller derby. So I'm trying to tell my coworkers come out and see it they've never seen illiterate before. This is the mandatory I think that's -- I have seen from another respect -- who is quite different I'd I'd tend to be a little timid sometimes. Outside of roller derby but you can't be that way on the track you have to be assertive you have to be confident. You have to know -- doing so it's it's kind of nice to be able to get out there and really get into something like that and really. Take control the track. You know in alterations it is rough and -- that's part of the appeal and you're saying seventy pages of rules. And yet I'm sure they're sometimes broken you wouldn't have seventy -- And -- the penalty box that's four. But you know and did you know it's not fuel but others kind of played dirty. -- it's not really -- thing and that was more so in derby was still had a little that is spectacle to it. Closer to. At the beginning of their -- That holidays everyone's about. Proving themselves as an athlete on the track and working their teammates to succeed. Now there's a there's a real strong effort for sports women -- and even and with the opposing team's week. Have get togethers with them before -- games we have -- after parties so where are all for its. And so just just a couple of the rules that that our listeners might understand me no elbows to the -- Something like that no opposed anything and year old girl elbows are known as. Sarah blocking and anything above. The shoulders that believe is what we call high block. Yeah I can act became hit somebody in the head. You can't trick anybody. You can't. Reach out push somebody on the opposing team you can hit them with your hips -- your shoulders to their hips or shoulders. But Adam that there's a lot more rules than people think there would be. But. It where it works out pretty well you know again I'm trying to. Envision this and when you said that it is trying to stay in your feet. You're going very fast. And you try and knock somebody -- -- -- yes and there is a lot of critics today we we train really hard on. What to do you win you're going in for hit -- parts of your body need to be meeting up with the other blockers Howard -- hammers parts of their body. On the rules outlined legal and illegal target -- for both the initiator and the person receiving it. So as long as every line is studying those rules and they know. What did you learn what not to do there's it's -- safe. But it's also very tough. An -- rapper re going around with you. Thing happened after ariz and that game roller derby we have four on the inside at the track. Who are watching what we call the pac which is. All eight blockers or from each team and each -- has her own dedicated directory who. Two points. My favorite part of a roller derby game is win a blocker camera it's not to be inside or outside and actually tricked the factory. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's -- directory directory for three years isn't. So you really know it yes casinos every single letter and -- and I didn't before I do now after working for 606. You all are terrific -- stay with us we're gonna continue talking to our roller girls now let's go to the newsroom and Chris Miller. Well lucky for us we're getting to talk with three roller girls. And these are real honest to god athletes I meant to ask you earlier. In all seriousness do you think this should be an Olympic sport. It's still currently on the sport. And I think. Where aways away if we even money into it because it just requires sound and people. The appealed for me of being an Olympic sport would be to get more recognition of being an actual sport in. To ourselves out of the entertainment spectacle on aspect. But as far as working towards actually becoming an Olympic sport acting. That game has a lot more lot of work to do. In the -- we were talking about and this is a good thing that there's now a -- league. So they were watching you all were so impressed and so we have to do that. But can't there's a mailed to every movement throughout the country and it's more popular and other places -- -- Why it's definitely out there. And you don't know where they're gonna play yet. We -- OK and I'm just for our audience. Is another gonna get hot food -- not let's talk about you your opening is coming up. Yes and so that is when and where. It's Saturday April 12 our doors open at 430 ER crest at twenty is it going to be playing against yellow rose. Derby elite which is that he stands. And our all star travel team is going to be playing against the travel team for yellow -- And again this is it UN now they're human performance -- right and just not in the fun and make it what does it cost. Tickets are ten dollars in advance for adults and kids age 12275. Dollars six and -- free. And the advance tickets can be purchased on -- website at the easy roller girls dot com. Big Easy roller girls dot com. And that you have a big fun thing that's happening tomorrow night absolutely -- second annual solid gold fund raise there. And we get all of the -- -- together and some of the -- together in New Orleans succumbing compete in the entity -- raise money for our charity. That it's a really great event we did this last year and had such a great response we decided to go ahead and do it again and we invite. These marching crews that people see in all my anger upgrades that have always fabulous moves to come and they. Compete against each other friendly competition but they haven't organized dance routines and they dance to raise money for. A partnership that we have -- on the nature institute this year. Really select a charity pro partner and the money that is raised during that dance toppled against you on the nature against. That is terrific and you know that's such a Smart thing to do because I know people who watch the bright and they love those -- Kelly they're going why. -- so we we really would love to see them or have them captive captain Clarence Page gasoline have. And now it's great that edited to be up close to because it's hard to get the front -- sometimes. Yes but we have some great groups this year including Dianne Nolan cherry bombs the sirens of New Orleans. He can also ladies peppers. The jailhouse rockers and the star stepping cause nobody's who are the reigning champions yet man cosmonaut again last year. Its side and you're close second yeah. You know I just but the names everything is Great Britain yeah. Everything you do you make it fun to and you know from the names that you choose -- care and -- the only thing that I'm not afraid to think it. Not unknown now she has to -- -- now and I -- an outlook. So that's what you do I mean you've really put your game face on yet okay. I -- talk fuel about. New Orleans this is just off topic and -- roller -- we're talking who you are. And two -- you were born here yes I'm I'm from here and Q you've been here how long in in new Marlins about two and a half years. And easy at that eight and a half years. So just give me your thoughts on where you think we are now post-Katrina. Coming around. Actually during Katrina I didn't. Live here right stayed in Georgia for a few years so coming back. After Katrina was a huge shock for me. But now I'm starting to see a lot of progress. It was a huge shock because it was so devastated correct. When I lived in Georgia. I name during that storm I had a lot of family members who came to stay with me as well so I was kind of a haven for advance I was glad that I was in a situation where I was. Out of town Ferrari. But moving back I move back in 2007 and so it was an incredible shot to even. Drive the I ten and through New Orleans east in just to see the devastation firsthand. Heartbreak from our real hard. Definitely it. It was it was tough for me you know going through Katrina as it was for everyone but seeing where the city is now is really encouraging and as I mean it's. It's it's almost backs have to how it used to be it you know if not better in certain avenues so it's really it's really encouraging to see -- I couldn't agree I think we've kind of turned the corner and in the sunshine does a lot of things right I think that's the things that maybe needed to be done all along and now we have this opportunity. You were living in that risk are you going to schools. When when Katrina hit I was actually. About two weeks and in my freshman at LSU moment. So as Irving with a girl from LA in her book -- I'm from Chicago because look at each other like. Wiry hair -- yeah. But you just continued on to get him out of both you know the school closed for about a week so we went to our respective -- cities. And that our friends at home said. Now I'm sorry and stay here and see you. So. I ended up just loving it here. And how did you go from Baton Rouge to do the job. Partially -- started. Seeing one of these factories -- eating well back when I was -- effort is well. Sonic game and I thought that he was just too cute and that I was going to date him. And -- we've been together -- -- -- Refereed -- yeah. Most special people when you have events like this. And you have the floppy can't have a thought he seized. In Mary means sometimes for no reason. But I think that's just. Who could have -- But has she ever seen her mother. Well she just seen all the gear lever on the house. You know what -- should've done is you can name yourself scared cat. And you know. Yeah anybody else with pets. I have two dogs. My a little schnauzer -- name is -- -- and then I have a black face her. He is. Eight. -- everybody loves -- and so -- why. Great name union and you were without -- and one -- I do have people expect from his name is seen very few. I you know so sad what happened that sounds with the and I know it's been topic conversation in this not to bring this one down but I certainly know people with pit bulls. Wonderful experiences and it's it's part for -- And it it is hard when you read things like. It's it's not a -- a breed specific thing it's it it's a dog issue in general it's not in any way connected to pre aids. I believe that at some animals can have mental illnesses just like people and -- That things can just go haywire. There's all kinds of environmental factors as well that unfortunately don't always get old and stories like that -- so it's tough. So. But you have to precious -- I do he's a sweetheart. He's not to fond of the State's ballot but sometimes -- -- armor on the house and he's looking at me like crazy. Sound he's he's not too integral leader but others that he's a wonderful affectionate and humans have a great house you can skate in. Yet it's just so I am about homeownership and do whatever I want there -- out from. It's really easy to clean house when you're asking each get around fast. I'll bet that could be a new trend is a great -- arrogant here's eight and now he does -- aching and has -- so many of my mouth guards -- -- What did you do in the intake that you choose ala. And I say watch out for fluffy -- yeah she liked to use it in my gear bag and I did not trust her. So -- your bag lives in my car now. Stay with us everyone we're talking to the roller girls -- activists over token to the roller girls and and these commercials I learned more and more. But you know what it is it's it's your real life people and so you do balancing act all the time. Where do you have children -- -- under your boyfriend or not whatever it is. You have your committed clearly to this and this happens to be. Your week -- you know kicking off your fund raiser and also getting ready for the the big leak yet so. How do you do it how do you go down the line. Balance going to school working on doing this to kids the dog. It's definitely. Motive. -- and TU be the best you can be I think it takes that type of personality to be able TU. -- succeed in all aspects of your life. And there's definitely compromise that is -- Coming to the surface all the time but it's -- I'm not compromising the enough to deal at. With derby there's such a large support group you're not really having to do everything on your shoulders he always end up being able to delegate or -- help but a lot of it is done and by -- keep people in the league. And winds at work I mean you have to be -- 830 it's a good. You can't escape that on and being a mom my girls are older. They did they are just happy to. -- everyday so I'm thankful for that. Well I have to be very proud of it they -- you have to be -- and what a great example you more now while they Sami stressed over mid terms this week's -- on top of everything else that alone -- down some people in but you've got such. You got it all going on pitcher roller girl yeah yeah we do at all you do at all on the road is so inspiring. Looking you know. Not talk to me about. She also mentioned casually. That your boyfriend is studying as well. Getting ready for his thinking say yeah he's aerospace and mechanical engineer and he's studying for a professional engineering certification exam. So he's doing that's the beginning of the year and that healing takes a couple of days off. From one -- He's been working really hard at is gonna kick that tests -- I think definitely. But you know this is probably the first woman ever met anybody who is going with. A rocket scientists. Yeah Gregory yeah. It is difficult just to get a job and on -- yeah I guess he doesn't just so they're really our job to rocket scientist yeah that's true yeah this is very good and he was the refereed. It he is is under by in very much. We -- we make shirts have a date night every week because I am so involved in and Big Easy and rotary at large. And you know maverick the age where -- is -- We have Wednesdays every single day we do something. That is that's that's key right there we did a thing -- that they were this is technology interfering with intimacy. And in fact they're starting to show that this but this guy says if you there was a study done. If couples just watch a movie together and at home. And then talk about the moving. They have something like a 60%. Less chance of getting a divorce. It's wonderful they love Netflix here yeah I'm no -- but just little things like that it's good to hear date night okay how do you balance. It is hard that you do you have to set time aside for your partner Andy. A lot of people -- eyes when when you are with somebody else and you're trying to do early derby date they have to be on board as well they have to be supportive of it and when you have great people like banning airlines who really want you to be happy and do something like crazy like roller derby. It's. It's very interesting balancing that time that you really have to set time aside it's it's extremely important and so you know beyond work and beyond its -- other volunteer activities. Really making time. For your partner is important but she's also putting together crawfish -- which she has never done yes and I'm very nervous about it. One of our friends asks us to host crawfish boil. Four her partner's birthday. So we -- no problem. And then we started thinking about it. We don't know how to do any of the so luckily our friend is is experience that she's getting actual crawfish but we went out on a crawfish bottom burn her. And little good to be great I hope so we'll and a growing Netherlands and I know we're gonna use it in as a test -- so that we don't blow something up and we'll have another line and then we -- and by our old friends -- us now -- Everyone stay with this we're not done with the -- girls. I want to thank our three roller girls -- really I've enjoyed every minute of this you just are special people. And you love what you do and let's talk about your home opener to people who go watch. Our season opener is on April 12 yup it's at the UN and human performance center. There's two games the doors open at 430 action starts at five. And you can get tickets in advance for ten dollars. For adults kids age twelve to seven. You can have -- dance off and that's a fund raiser.