WWL>Topics>>3-28-14 2:10pm Angela with Ian Hoch: on what to do this weekend

3-28-14 2:10pm Angela with Ian Hoch: on what to do this weekend

Mar 28, 2014|

Angela finds out what's going on around the city with WWL lifestyle correspondent Ian Hoch as well as what movies to see with Jude Borque. She also talks with the chair of the Symphony Book Fair, Marlene Jaffe, and the co-founder of Hogs For The Cause, Becker Hall.

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I honestly think I'm going to be me roller girl group. I have nothing but admiration for them that is a real honest to god sport. And takes tremendous practice like stop the group B why not just go for a well you know little -- shapes and sizes -- like to -- could do it I could hit the -- a couple days a week and get a helmet you know he'll be great I -- get those knee pads -- the fact. I tell you what there'd be some serious fear. -- on behalf of that could be competing teams which. Actually -- -- guy you know watch about an hour. -- like this sport to a new level I like that but anyway they they are remarkable women on all of this is my favorite day of the week and why -- -- always say that because Ian is with us now yeah I'm happy to -- -- now you know just brings. What's happening in our world to this very studio. And as we always do because we're gonna talk a little next hour about what's going on were always start with what's going on with the end. Okay. It's raining yes raining real hard I got real wet on the whales a year probably -- and wanna get wet later tonight society and I'm Marty saturated with so. You know I was gonna go see notorious. In the sculpture garden in New Orleans the site is putting on those outdoor film screening wonderful. They have a rain date in place. I mean have to jump on the website and then see if they have officially moved I'm sure they have I mean it's supposed to be nasty old peso. I'm I don't really know you know tonight's kind of up in the year I got to figure out some maybe you and I can talk some people here just a minute and -- FiOS on the do tonight -- tomorrow. The weather's going to be a little bit more accommodating and I'm looking forward to going to the eight annual oyster jubilee. Down -- Bergen street where they have all the all the oyster -- And I've been told that for the last couple years I think and it's just you know it's just nice time to be out in the French Quarter walking around and giving some to -- It's the best time yeah you know there's so many wonderful food things going on that I had not heard about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Which is the southern -- Tennessee Williams showed they have running at our club right now down on a -- fields and trying to go to that. I could be persuaded to go to the -- EC -- liberal stance off. But the -- Sosa yes they were the groups are having her -- They they have all the dance crews that they told them because when bodies and -- -- says they won last year the consulate itself Olympic announcement. So that's Saturday and then Sunday Dog Day Afternoon which got rescheduled from last Sunday evening community Chico got to city park and and -- -- and and then also probably on the way home from that. I'll swing by central city to brought more area for super Sunday if I can see -- Mardi Gras Indians and it's. Votes for what. You know both dog day and Monica Indians twice that the changing each had to change that's right so it's all happening in the weather's supposed to holes gas for them. Good last Sunday's used to be worked so yeah I'm looking for let me tell you for all of us and there are the majority of us who love to read. There is no better moment in time than this week and -- to go get great books. Four extraordinarily. Low prices. At the symphony book fair and we have -- -- -- here. Who is with on the board of the Louisiana philharmonic one of the great orchestras of our time -- -- Hi good morning good afternoon and -- I know how hard you all have been working. I saw bill cap loose piece last night which could just terrific but it's true it's like 70000. Books. Sure absolutely more like maybe seventy fiery after. And it's not just book is -- -- We have framed for. We have collectibles. We have. Gains entitled. But it's mainly book. But and I love that it's also -- you're absolutely correct yeah. About CDs and movies -- audio books and we actually she means that this. I didn't hear a lot but he effect. All that's great she means it can kind of be difficult thing to come by if you don't know where to look so that's really good that you've got -- available for pull out. But this is great for people who just flat like to read but it's also great for collectors. -- absolutely is yes we have some very exciting. Collectible items. I think -- started this year is a postcard. That we found. That pictures morning call. But for moved out of the French Quarter. So it's got to beat the Ford 1974. And on the back it has an autograph. From Stan laurel. This is fantastic. You lost what -- You do a beautiful job Marlene and again it's that you Leno it is today tomorrow and Sunday. Correct. We opened it. We opened this morning nine. I will be -- 289. And in fact she did this evening. I'm come and tell him that. This is a wonderful thing and it is a great and it's an important thing let me say that for the symphony because you raise big money for them. We do we do. Unfortunately. Book has become less popular with Kindle. You can are you can get very cheap books Amazon. We liked to say we compete with Amazon and go even lower. We see less revenue each year so we want everybody to come out and help from Louisiana philharmonic orchestra. But buying something you can hold in your hand and cherish. Thank you marveling and -- good luck with that I know you'll do another beautiful job and I know how much he'll appeal appreciates it. Thank you so much thank you. Have you. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. Today -- You think you I cannot get over that I wish everybody could think this it is an entire. Scheme of people bringing in two of this you didn't do both loosen. Up. -- -- But look at the chocolate commented on. Thank you thank you thank you know group shot group. I'm still on the air and I'm telling everybody. Thank you yes no this is very special I really truly appreciate all of this is beautiful one that everybody calm. We're gonna get this right. And on and announce. This is mine new mantra are you -- Medicare is sexy. You heard it yet. Thank you everybody stay with this we're gonna come back and we're going to be talking movies and I'm going to be okay. It's a very happy birthday and I'm so appreciative to all the people I work with one to have this job to to be here. With these very special people so on and -- and tanning you have out done yourself. And ruin the breaking queen truly a a master of producing -- but to be able to make this as well Ripken -- -- rich brew house the -- shall I add to that all of them to have. We're here another normally. Take. Another. Cake by John. I'm just slap it on my hips and you know in for people who have meant to UA 87 I didn't -- I am a noted that. It way or all of it. Look at it appears -- I'm telling you. Apologies. There's this. Engineers are gonna let out -- and take everywhere who runs the entire show the clock. To her elbows can. -- -- Thank you all I really truly mean that thank you and you know somebody else we love is on the phone and that is Jude -- are massaging of the man. Well happy birthday Angela Burt and for a mode thanks to hear that I'm gonna place Stevie Wonder are they -- all afternoon and think and have you. And I'm -- night to celebrate your do your birthday about that. I love that and let me tell you we got some good ones out there. You know and you know it's not just Medicare sexy it's specifically -- that's sexy and -- Okay you've got to want this sexy yet but -- great choices you know you know that you want a big epic movie -- that know what everyone is seen as far it. They describe it as Titanic meets the ten commandments but you're going to be the epic movie and look there's -- -- And of the tea Russell Crowe I've had such a crush on him really since he first -- Started in movies he's just so talented. He doesn't -- and maybe that's you know Oscar winners all over the place Russell Crowe. Jennifer Connelly. Who one for a beautiful mind she's in Emma Watson's in went in laughter but she's from the Harry Potter Spain. Anthony Hopkins is playing the -- And in movies directed by Pierre and are not ski whom he directed the Black Swan and requiem for a dream. So he had a really. It's cute twisted view. How to present stories in unique ways. And Nolan is. Already broken box offices around the world people want to just see it and I think they're going to be an effort -- at seeing something different not a traditional. You know people be -- production. That could be a lot of fun. Well let me tell you I've seen the previous Ford haven't gone to other movies. And end the Seymour all the animals are rushing to the -- it takes your breath away. -- Fund believes. That this the director's vision. There's another director that had the movie out this weekend but that you might also be tempted by it I'm done it suggests strongly to be tempted by it. It's -- grants Budapest hotel. By direct your web Anderson. A lot of people may have seen some of his other movies. See he's been nominated for three Oscars for com. Fantastic mr. fox. He directed the rights kingdom Rushmore at the royal atom bomb. This movie. The grand Budapest -- to go even though at least a few weeks ago it's. Making its way to Louisiana and -- and backers. Its stores. A bunch of great actors Ralph scenes Bill Murray. If Mary paper hand Harvey tried to note Jude law and yes Brody always will then Edward Norton goes on nominal. It's -- I mean. I mean that's like the put so many stars and -- -- gonna collapse under its own -- but Wes Anderson has pulled this trick off yes no maybe eight or nine or ten times already -- it's it's just solid solid gold I saw an interview with -- since and he said you know people see him in one. The man that never seen an in this kind of row could get its. It you know he played the clock here over at its European electrical -- -- that it doesn't tell you it's a little drama. But -- there's -- line that didn't hit somebody you know it's threatening him because apparently he. -- this elderly lady and I failed and I think she's like -- eighties. Leads are who leads to him. This priceless. Painting this masterpiece. And some incidents you know I will do you know just lay my hands on news dot find out that you've touched my woman says I think that all my friends. And so that means is this is a small little movie it's an adventure it's one of these quirky comedies. It's -- Anderson and until that is going it's -- like nineteen the -- percent. Positive or right committed on right committed so the people are looking at the critics love it -- could get on the -- In other directorate first time director there's this movie that actually is going to be -- note can be guilty pleasure of mine called bad words. Directed by Jason Bateman. Jason -- Starring in -- and interacting and you -- this writing it he's a forty year old man who find the loophole and innards and eighth grade. Spelling -- at. He goes to that championship but just rack -- -- I think it's like old school meeting the spelling be okay. Expertise and it's all bookstores like Powell and Cheney who to me. She can't do anything wrong a lover lover amongst the and west wing on the west wing moms. She's been master -- that she's in -- right now. She is a wonderful actress. It -- -- Art you have kids they're still great kid movies out there and the Muppets. Mr. -- in the little movie. But you know when you're celebrating uber -- people that celebrated for you had a lot to movies to choose from. Let me tell you again absolutely do and I. I'm just feeling very special but I had a conversation last night with Dennis Walter -- who has. Two adorable granddaughters. And he said they have their like two and four. Or three in five. They have memorize. The entire movie the frozen. And he says that neither one of them reads how did they memorable -- while can do complete performances of all the songs some English about chill out. And I are reminded them of the complete fool and made of myself the week we were talking about it and I said to you all frozen is that the one about the penguins and look. Keep your mouth shut -- I don't know. Talking about. But that was frozen in an initiative to phenomena one -- two Oscars. Do people who wrote the stalled. They have small children and intact in the writing it and they were going to to production. They would have their kids their daughters actually do -- duplicate. So the whole -- their focus was. Well we have children we understand children and we know we distort and come from. And a lot of storytellers forget that. It's wary audience is gonna come and that's why these directors of these movies. I think they all have different audiences they're going to and if you're one of them -- -- -- didn't the other. You know what I like about the movie you talked about today though at the grand Budapest hotel in particular is -- it's different. And it and we need that and that there's a lot of formula stuff out there and which you know I'll still go to and and be entertained. But when you do something really sort of original like that good good for the guts true. -- Indian earlier you said that you're gonna have a Dog Day Afternoon which of course threw me back to that one to pull out. Yes right not not. Quite as same as that dog you know but I'm gonna go hang out -- city park with my actual. I give a shout out to get anybody out there has not seen two it is a true classic. Dog Day Afternoon Alpa chino. And we'll talk about some other -- Angela. That's limited you know I've never asked you this but it. Gimme the top three movies you've ever look at how well it didn't take that question. No I don't love it there's somebody radio station that -- at one time and that I have to give you the same answer to each category different. For. For musicals. It's cabaret and it cut its loan the first that I ever vote -- vote was perfect and wonderful and it really is great great concedes forever. Drama came up back to the same years the couple. The -- which means -- in masterpiece. Of he really get to India the acting to production the writing. And it holds up it truly hope and for comedy. In tootsie. In the movies. Dustin Hoffman's. They're all these old old school movies but. They're they're my old favorites so. Maybe a year -- have new. But it's interesting to me to listen to what you really do like me and you can't disagree with any of those which -- such a moviegoer. Then I would think it was hard. And that those in my old stand -- for instance have already been on record for them. Just wanted to stick -- would you can add to them. Do I do all the time. I mean what my new favorite musicals that happens to be animated his pro and so it's it's making the list. You are a wonderful man we totally appreciate you every week. Enjoy your weekend and enjoy the movies and we'll look forward to talking to you next Friday to hear what you thought about. How do. You real quick come under the press some of this chocolate cake into the microphone and so that you can had to control a little. But institute thanks to buy an instant with this were not finished we have a lot going on this weekend but now let's go over to Don -- who has a lot going on in the newsroom. Well we are still celebrating and again I wanna thank everybody over here at W -- really made my day very special. -- -- I think this and I think it publicly now. Miami snob when it comes to desserts and that is the best chocolate cake I've ever had in my life in my life okay she's turning red. On Friday. Now and it's. It's about for an isn't about a month illness and it means a lot when I wrap up here I will go put the video of everybody's seen -- cakes in the photos on the website if people want to jump on the website or FaceBook page in the NC happy birthday to. Thank you very much appreciate I appreciate every birthday. As they come quicker and quicker as anything. Something else that is happening big big time in this community I drove by city park yesterday it is. Truly the biggest banner I have ever seen. And it hog with a clause and it's such a delightful on event. And how lucky for us to be able to get one of the co founders we are so grateful to -- all for joining us -- -- Becker I've watched on channel four's morning news on seeing all of the things and you're just like in a whirlwind pitcher putting together. And I hear correctly it's either 78 or nine mean teams. We had ninety teens competing they're all out there right now. Despite the conditions ready era for tomorrow. And it will rock. And it's 98 teams who are competing tell -- what about the competition. Sure we have ninety teams competing in a barbecue cook off and they're competing in categories included are whole -- Pulled pork ribs and a creative category called pork curry and we also added -- beans to nearly dean's category here. Pork pork Marie. Elect portray her like similar import from what kind of creative. Interest you get in the pre category. In -- bacon you know balls to. Congress. Slider. Big -- in our experts hope it's unbelievable creativity a lot of Shia many many ships in the world compete -- and some manner. And -- amateurs what the opportunity to flex their creative muscle against -- not a professional share. And what is the prize. Gore. Could well -- to glory that's the best prize involved. And it. -- sell -- the article that the DA. Italy from the money that these teams are doing to allow the grant's family church -- Turkey after. And that is just the best of all causes kind of take this back to I know you and your buddies that you grow up with started this. With all the right intentions did you ever see that it wouldn't turn into what it is today. Yeah I heard. That question and the simple answer is no actually we didn't we didn't think it would come to this works. Very excited that I have and that you know the community and want to wrap its arms around it and and made it -- successful that it that it perhaps. And so people go to it's not city park it's city pork is right and we didn't. And it it now for the city pork and do you do they pay to go in. For actually at thirteen am by Turkey day -- night Bobby -- blank. And then tomorrow will be -- -- -- restated its fifteen dollars online archer called dot org you can buy their tickets. To get into the bat and then each king all of them nineteen are serving barbecue to a public. So were too small. Fees depending on. Each team that there are other menu you can get around the -- and sample it's much you know bar cheers and can basically and. So for fifteen dollars you get to hear the -- and taste the food. Yeah that's triggered it sold separately okay. -- excuse status their national regional -- -- lacks. Be hard pressed finding one banned for fifteen dollars that. Now I just applaud which you're doing. And you know why I was listening to you'll talk about this is a fund raiser again for pediatric. Cancer. But it's really helping the families. In this very tough time. Right so what we do is we cannot provide outreach or so. And a fairly shot mr. Geithner and you know when he junior having -- are thinking a -- eighteen years. -- -- And then you know collapsing under minus well mark my child to develop pediatric brain cancer. That -- you know financial trouble in time for camera. So we Telecom and it replied. Feel that sport between what insurance to provide and we can provide them there. And I know you've raised tens of thousands of dollars. Last year yeah. You know since last year and actually we -- out -- 150000. There's no excuse not to go out there and actually -- -- Yes -- beautiful thing and I can have fun. Can I ask you so you have nineteen sister are you providing additional opportunities for growth as the years go on disease can get bigger and bigger every year or her or what it was what's what's the future. Solar planet on we've actually had to reject a lot of teams this year the -- They want their common commitment from all over the country to achieve that front. On board itself to carry out our west as Colorado. Sorry stats around South Carolina glanced out. Regarding mini name for yourself Mineta on incredible. Well good luck with the competition again the weather will be beautiful happy. Just have a wonderful time and you're doing a beautiful thing. Thank you so much environment hogs for cause it's tonight and it's tomorrow and it'll be beautiful. Okay thanks so much -- snowball everyone stay with this we're not finished with what's happening this weekend. Just wanted to remind everybody again that the symphony book fair is out today and tomorrow it is it you know. And it is that the human performance senator. 75 to 80000 books. Art frames collectibles. And it's a beautiful way to help support our symphony and it's that simple. She says dvds and and dvd CD nine sheet music and sheet music with about an issue. And we wanted to remind everybody one more time -- with a cause. Just go to city park I -- from blocks away pork. Yes city pork it must smell. Unbelievable I can't. So tomorrow is going to be a breathtaking day I'm still thinking about that -- noble. The date in snowball if you ever had unsavory snowball like pattern and done I don't know I haven't relievers. Oh you know it there's a place piety street snowballs. Down in the by water where you can get beef flavored snowball that's for your dog. I don't know exactly where how they make the beef flavored syrup. But. They serve it to you little little -- dish. And you put it on the ground and if your dog isn't eating ice mine is not but if your dog likes to eat ice than they can get some beef flavored ice eyes and -- noble one. You know do you know what else is happening. We talking about food well the celebrity chefs are putting on an incredible dining experience. This is for the United Negro College Fund mayors masked ball and it's going to be tomorrow night at the Hyatt regency. Tremendous. Music -- Brothers and the roots of music and just wonderful singer to setters that are and it's all for a great cause and that is Saturday night. At the -- it. -- also tonight not to be missed. This is the greatest thing I know you've heard about it. But it's camp tiger camp tiger is -- L issue and their residents and their out of students. All have a special camp. For children who are going through very difficult times -- -- call camp tiger and they're having a big benefit auction. It is going to be tonight at 7 o'clock at the New Orleans museum of art. So if you happen to be going out to -- with a cause. Slip on by over to the New Orleans museum of -- And you really be doing a wonderful thing. This is all volunteer on their part and they. They make a week for these children. So incredibly special at a at a time in their life that they need that. Now you know what I'm gonna be doing Sunday night what not to be missed. Brian that one in my -- yeah yes I love this man he is doing his one man show. -- -- -- And it is only for one night on what's. Called that with the the thing that I'm -- on a hot pad or hot -- -- eyesight I'm pretty sure assignment would be easy awards on Monday night and quite colony was there I would be surprised yeah we're not Narnia almost as I was runner -- -- and partly to say anybody but there weren't. The big -- I was doing the singing dancing and it's pretty cool endlessly. -- -- You know he's talking and this was a big deal. He and you were you were yet you were the code host. What do they call come MCM. And a masters of ceremony evening Wear myself endlessly casting the nice lady from blaring on the show. Now again we're still talking food in -- -- only about oysters thing happening with top and about on from the -- with talked about the UNICEF and the now. No the food fest. Sixth year. And it part of the proceeds are gonna go to cafe reconcile which as you know suspend its restaurant and armed with these great kids. Anyway it is Saturday and Sunday. It is four blocks of the French market so it's gonna be pretty walked down their and then. Enjoy enjoy from 11 AM to 7 PM both Saturday and Sunday. That is the New Orleans food fest at the French market. That's such a good opportunity aiming. And you know we we said it's only -- everytime you turn around this time -- something happening in the French Quarter and -- not to say that there. Interchangeable as are all very special events and special shifts and things but -- just the idea of going into the French Quarter -- -- they just walk around in the sunshine. Anderson you know people of their little food trucks and there's little vendors seeking -- Need to shop there's the bands out there. And I've I've I -- -- I feel like fear and being redundant but I just -- it's so much now it's surprising really my favorite thing to do this time of years just on the on the weekend they just go walk around in the French Quarter. Getting you know -- -- -- fastest economic Turkey leg -- Turkey problem and it's the French Quarter fest is a dream and Morgan that we're gonna be out there actually broadcasting are you to broadcast on the quarterback could do you know which state. I do not know why did I bet you'll be on Farai -- it is the right yeah. From Jackson square yes I'm very excited about -- it is packed but what you're saying and is correct. All of you know. The French Quarter is just for tourists it's -- staff to be able just to park your car and walks and the entire day will have a nice launched. A look at the wonderful shops go look at the river yeah. Just walk over there and the entertainers that are in the street that. Any community in this country would love to have one of them and look what we have yeah we -- Rich we are rich filthy rich was down here. One more time -- famous quote. More talent per square foot than any place on her diary that's inaccurate -- Medicare is sexy. That will be on my tombstone. Okay we're gonna take another break stay with others were talking about what's happening. We still have lots of fun things happening and this is especially for you -- what LSU school of dentistry. The student chapter of the American dental hygienist. Is inviting the public too it's all breakfast with the Tooth Fairy. It's Saturday morning it's going to be from ten to 1130 at the down school. Which -- which you know was right along by saying Jon Stewart it's a wonderful idea it's ten dollar donation for kids but he'll get to meet the real Tooth -- -- I believe will there be. Lots of dental -- and I think it's generous there and toothbrush it is okay and everybody's business model just everything and he and also on Sunday saint Tammany humane society's 25 annual wolf stock. This is this Sunday and if that pressure that he says something about that on their FaceBook page is sworn in and it's at pelican partner and Agile and it will be a fun thing. And there's also another wonderful event this is it's called hats on and child abuse it's going to be Sunday. At noon to four it's a fair grounds it is a fund raiser. Four. The children's advocacy center and programs children's hospital and other things and it is a wonderful event. Like in so many terrific. Terrific you have the Italian heritage festival over there and not have that that's at river town. In Kenner which you know just got the official main street designation from the yeah that's crucial. Looking for exciting things from her company out there have in the Italian heritage festival out there that's the -- Sunday and then also. That part of the woods the Tarrytown spring festivals are the Oakwood shopping center in the West Bank in there having a festival with musical artists bag of -- grand funk railroad and Amanda Shaw. Plus of course rides. Games crafts and food and fun and you know we have a special friend Mary Lou McCall has been on our show several times she's just a very honest person. She talks about addiction she works with. People who are fighting addiction she's just a very gifted person. And as people remember her functionally she did documentaries with archbishop Hannan anyway the mirror group is having a fund raising dinner and a silent auction. It's Tuesday April 1 it's going to be at the landmark hotel and she is going to be the speaker Mary -- McCall and she's gonna be talking about. Pride and prejudice faith and forgiveness. I love that topic re very very very understood. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend were gonna. We're gonna have a serious ending to our show. Because isn't it but it's important Merck gonna have the police chief for going to be having -- want. Wonderful people who are trying to get more 911 operators so stay with this program talk about that situation. Thank you Ian thank you Angela have a very happy -- time already him and now let's go to -- names.