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03-28, 7pm Sportstalk, Wrestlemania

Mar 28, 2014|

Deke talks about: the upcoming "Wrestlemania" event in New Orleans; he also discusses wrestling stars past and present.;

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City and evidently Ric Flair must've been. Around. Him that amusement park. With -- kids and that you know Ric Flair would always known mostly. But if you saw him there it's clear that night you -- -- go -- -- was the hero cute -- that they were having a great -- I would -- a paltry two well. -- at the summit he used to -- Course it wasn't him and he was followed through what was what was acting but. It's. It's. It's a situation in ways he he would. I mean some of visited and gives them a bit too much for me but he was more of activity was arrested me at cornerback and arrest. No not that big you know I don't know muscle in the off. Now one thing -- -- -- Tokyo columns. That's. It's a parent or in the newspaper this week. They have some treatment that they in my these some pat benefit and bring back many of these rest from the seventies that my. To the the -- they have you know autograph sessions and a -- and some of the match -- as well so -- You might want to check into that that meant just. -- -- must be next Saturday night now on problem that is at the same weakness the same out of qualifying here in the long. Yet rest -- now you know WB doesn't hall of fame inductees answered in nine. Okay thank you so much of the time we appreciate you -- -- -- -- -- -- the -- -- you can take out -- -- and going to a -- have some. Some things during the -- take it and that's that alone makes we can. Insane you know as go to clip on line six thank you calling them BW yeah. They'd be thinks they can look well listen thank you and it wanted to bring opening -- way back in the days. Had better get. I haven't caught the -- was Mandela. I haven't claws in you cut it -- refresh our memory inclusion everybody not. From back in today and I had somebody takes -- -- sit back and -- BO -- -- kind of left Manning back today. Mean back pays somebody you talk about tell us about this can't. When you look I haven't thought he was that question Brett Butler he was waved back in the land 170. And when we're absolutely in that stadium mean he was it is supposedly a strong man alive in the get food itself I'm not Ochoa. But I haven't I haven't thought he had -- I'm. I heard although the -- -- falcon yet -- I recognize -- that this. And but -- -- as a wrestler and supposedly the strong man alive and. Via video come out an arrest of those John. What I hit that terribly we're channel. Don't. And at the end and we out we are big man on man. So warm out there on the so why didn't get it out but you. We -- Back in the day naslund him boxed. Out about that -- that. Security gets it on TV afternoon so clear idea. UK but with the wrestling that day. But I know all about is my back here as in -- days. No Ryan again it's a that's IE mummies are used to go and hang out with the family and taken out. That would had no choice they had against yep port Campbell do while actual level on television and duplicate. As he figured it. Man that's good stuff -- -- and I appreciate you colony in. Okay take care what he's 601786688. Managers and it got that X. Bruise a biopsy -- largest jaws and a lot of names that dimension. Those are great matches what you get to -- it makes more and you sometimes you see some new friends and one -- the go to lunch and you. Found the stuff and you -- some I was at -- school and that in the departed arena. But those duties and mean a used to run assert those yet to be on -- roll all the time and I mean it would. Be it shows in mobile I'd be chosen Mississippi. Tennessee Memphis. New laws all -- he's gotten does that look like bingo long travel almost on in the word of mouth. Would be that wanted it got you out of the arena. -- -- of -- -- beat by a -- And don't call me don't call mile. Colonel -- -- Had about like cake mix easily noted -- I don't mean to Greenville. But -- junkyard row. Man though it was a fun time as always somebody remember it's probably not with him now it may go on the mobile -- as -- Get through this. Postponement of -- baseball as -- extended -- -- -- fun topic is seen. Back to the phones we go and -- go to Harvey fall Willie Willie thank you for calling WW -- I do would be -- -- What the community comment about paper -- -- -- Tuesday and -- It's not that -- -- -- in the ring. Commentary that video. Ruining America you can bring it. Parted I had and junkyard dog would have been a lot today. In in this day and they would be they -- -- a total -- does have a but the money they would have many in their character and their personality. They what they will so fall -- -- it's it's you know you it's not you can predict on that but they would have been gazillion day. Your partner they -- -- mammy -- they'll do some -- He was he was in the category I'll leak. You know meeting he can -- -- he could just you could just roll off -- Tommy he was spooked me with all the balls that he would it sounded you know. Yeah -- -- about it he went out the match would go into the low -- couldn't round excited. Are going to be written with don't rule. Written the world Russian area into out of time when you're not flattering you barbecued knock out what you do it right yeah. And he will. Return put Romo. Pay the that would put an. All he had an appeal will be screaming at their very official now at all man. The footage that the next week. Yeah luckily I'm an apartment will. Be pretty proud because -- -- to have an outward. Always in. Aaron Aaron and led noble he can a -- to go dirty game ego he could he could tell that knowledge boy you really could aired as a segment. If you can if you get to exit took the view when a inducted into the hall of fame. I was bank and everybody I mean this this guy -- land with us. I mean he was a great football player on me lawyers and he he -- you know god ultimately you know muscle beats they wish they was as strong as an -- -- I mean -- there was just a brute physical force. -- -- -- Thank you so much for the time I appreciate it would I would -- absolute thank you so much back cut to the found ago let's goat to and it's the and we of them now. That's golden can't mood for I'd George -- thank you for calling WW them. The area that I do actually -- It wouldn't. Problem we've been available called field matters remember that we've seen them all -- -- goes yeah that would that horrible lane. Could you move Roloson pick that he'd beat that we went out there in the park in -- He wouldn't underestimate. What we -- common you'll -- up to distort mindset if they disallowed. Them. Excelled at the moment Boldin it's cold and and -- -- He got a -- trip that will go eat about six foot six and so I -- Russia. Who all of them on the -- -- you about children. It has all the mention them I would mention that boat incident -- a club and particularly. In when he -- them. My book that he is now we couldn't equipment and local people object to should be well indeed be built up. Just one dimensional in. Mays I -- and Wright plays the right time deal. Manuel couldn't mean. -- -- -- -- hauling in it and can't because those. Are pretty good about that he would I don't. Because because they weren't they would like you -- -- Clinton's so monitor and they were like they did their heart rate was that -- It was like they had like I mean I'm still I'm not saying he's not hurt but you know like if you you like offense it's nice being diabetic and I take my blood saint earning more members like in the afternoon when I had been active. Well we're a happy knowing a man of that do you get more blood you know fully fully in Atlantic. -- -- those guys doing that they do a little small -- on they hate it mean to be you do is look like he had been completed yet you know I mean it was. But they did know someone -- I mean it'll -- -- -- -- hit them I mean that's what I you know I don't. Would want to you would be the -- on what he. He'd be caught -- he stood up about global problem. And a single in the -- It would just there we go on the -- we we. -- we. Just. Didn't look good on the tracks. I'll I'll go isn't all that that was in the whole progression. Since the Brady -- on. And it is what 3040 years ladies do you talk about. And that day goes so that outlook on affected you know. But it did did you see did you Monty. In the definitely on the -- to period cheap low on time. Home and ice and logo on them -- rival saint in night owl and the way it. Me viewing you keep to credit and yeah both there was a bit but don't. Expect. -- can -- least improve. But it it was it was. The other and to be definitely sort of despite. -- Million -- to -- a good cause made him mad that day never I didn't have the Samoan they have junkyard dog I mean he said that can't -- they weren't they weren't too proud they would they would go to a golf over the full. It was good when it did -- -- -- caught between the NL game and again on Bledsoe and gone home. Well -- went to the body blow -- that you can do. Absolutely jaw thank you so much man appreciate. You have a good team here that's -- the man with stuff indeed. And you -- underestimate is coming up I haven't had anybody cause today going yeah I mean it's a sell out event all you're going. You know I think I would think more of a bit of the folks that have called you you'd be more obstacle to the hall of fame. Via the experience. Racial all the legends. And receive postseason people now it's like noticeable come to town you see all these great city here. All the formal greatness which policy in New Orleans and some of the greatest wrestler as you that is no man didn't want to the limit. They'll be here -- and the AT and -- -- may. Goes into the qualifying next week Bob in New Orleans thank you for calling their VW Rio. Bob thank you for calling WW yeah. Thanks -- Michael. You know it may be shocked that somebody has mentioned it. -- guys. Child and you know Argentina -- Nobody. Q and happily he can do with the -- what individual -- tried to do with their. And my uncle took me you -- square garden I think it was just like get -- Batters since I went along the 31 3% of them would. That's what -- -- yen and renting a rocket came in. And be able to read. His -- action the guy over complete who wouldn't like. I would hardly believable and there weren't a match -- -- -- -- -- -- this guy and that it was cold. I don't know out cold because they walked by it in a stretcher Bryant is sure what was ultimately slow. And that stated that -- in the paper -- enjoy a rock star it was incredible. He was extremely popular Ortiz. And it just faded. And since both looked like slow motion. So -- rock. Demeanor Argentina Rocca are initiate came from Argentina. And yet -- remarkable. Internet. Double look I'm going I'm going to look him any any other -- from back in the day -- member Bob. Well Tony market -- a popular one you probably never heard of a. -- my -- and now. Know what to say that you are usually quite pocket but this guy aka. He will. And probably at that rests happily. But these -- He could. -- just unbelievable. Actually unbelievable. That drop kicked -- guy and it -- -- sure why but all over so Bob. You you used to you lived in New York. They you're I've got in and what brought you to the -- Chuck beer and I came down you know like that I'd never been out of the league and should all go their for a mature years in law. Will. Come back I've been -- -- sluggish. Mean it's wanna fight is at an -- how often do you get back up and all but. -- -- Well parred 23 times a year. -- -- quote yeah I haven't I've been at this since this instantly matters but I'm more weight now among goes below -- Among taken away in my what what my grandmother was bent out on 93 and I love I love going out there. Now I say it's it truly years I've never bent and they have been LA I go to Chicago cause it's a lot closer to -- on trying to fly but it. It is New York is is truly unique in that he really is about. Of course the sanctuary much. He -- in charge of the Giants and it. I got on guys who have gone wrong with how I didn't want to say you don't -- you writing. A year from. New York they'll applaud you don't -- -- Bob I lipped that we're right -- -- -- For your approach at all. You -- -- computer. Picture you know like I wouldn't reject and I was -- -- that -- YA -- Charley Connerly. Bill shop right movable okay. And I came appeared I was watching and plate and I remember. I tell you what I saw. Eight year for the first. Commercial who only guy. He was she really went he would tell. That guy or for media media -- Well but I'm really I know he appreciates that you sign gassing a lot of good football back in the day. So that -- well I saw all the great quarterbacks. Met Johnny. It's YA tittle that. All you can actually you know immediate -- -- But being here which -- -- -- to control their. Being accurate anyway that plate. I mean you know they needed separate that's tocchet. Forward to this as 12 players away. Yeah you know go traditional global. Again they would anyway defensively BOT you write about it's great I mean. You know Argentina -- Bob. I appreciate the conversation -- man thank you so much. Yes and a decent man that he came in from New York I'll come down and move. -- the city's first fall far soggy beard in Philly. You don't awesome meets on January and in -- you know anything off the bedroom -- the Yankees but I mean that guy there he's in now. He has -- South of Philly thing moves into all on towards value ladies do here you just never know -- Allen and shall meant thank you for calling WWL. Made big dugout -- all right down. About a great -- little piece. Allen won the great when I first saw out of Graco boo me it was a Saturday afternoon in bowl -- -- grease ball appears announced a -- -- And yet this straight faces it in from I always say he was from all -- -- thoughts on Japan somewhere. Here and I know I know missing link was parts unknown about their member of the -- He came out and yeah I was like me me I was like I had nightmares I was scared but I -- have the gate. He's beat -- greens being Arnold who was in junkyard dogs face -- summarize things. And it just like you it was like -- got what you had ami would would this onto the ball like -- his dad and I don't mean. Who boy I mean I'm day out I'm day I'm not acting how much time to give the -- I had nightmares. -- that he was he was one it was a scary -- you know he didn't even handle physique and -- -- You he was a master. One like he would -- somebody off the ropes and he's happy he was really good it is technique. At the -- -- -- -- like I had a sand Marat -- he would like make you make like out causing you to hear around arena almost like a -- an eagle. I blew it by -- go move the ball he's been dead greens though I was scared. Until -- double -- much there probably carry it on there on -- text. All eight of devout Knicks they would they would they were good people -- I tragedy in his family though -- no matter -- -- All three choose to come I bailed them overalls loan debt and claw. You know like he knew cook started dating -- -- as late at night you know the. A little -- bird like Altidore yeah. All on dogs. Terry it brother Kerry Neal on the court to. It here on dogging you head Terry Taylor. He came out at that -- all the rest is the gym golf related became -- Jimmie Garland DB Osce. Magnum TA a lot bottom from the seasoning and Tony came up at the right time but there were. -- -- -- big names stables and all the other ones that played on with the you know it's almost like you remember the bad guys more you do need to go. You know I am and I donated by they had a -- all like to grapple in the super destroyer. They were always doing a fear me too. Remember it always want to always wondered what they. I don't know -- really you would pick is the me. -- thank you so much -- pretty. He's 60 point 78668. United in the you can takes me at -- seventy -- in the email BT that it be seeded WW and I just haven't -- funny -- baseball game has been postponed the night. So stayed on a little long before and I -- that told -- Manassas it was a big wrestling fan as well one of our great. You behind the scenes in the unit -- only he comes on and when people outfield and he's even infamy Tom. And the Bobby and now he's on my assistant program residence what I 'cause you look at the full cans some baseball enemy coming -- -- -- baseball if it's one sport to be played in -- It to -- baseball you know I mean in the -- you if you know you know whether or affected mausoleums sport and put opponents but the it was too good statement that the -- that any. A look at the focus at that time I think these games one and importantly thought thank and the talk. Noticeable -- -- talk about you guys have made great it's always on and you know during the summer we exit talk about this team. But as you know slow story about things -- -- the city off -- out of avenue they're two. Good Chinese place to eat. If you look at would sit down place. You know just to -- giving -- -- in and -- the the two goal plan is as long usual fun and and things LeBlanc -- running and Chinese cute I don't count him and in all of this five happened what is all think it's a little bit better. Chinese restaurants in New Orleans Austin over the Chinese key to this day and Johnson and unbeaten. And you always cause you know a lot of people. -- when he this so -- -- is so famous army an estimated cynic in me. And that night they got like us in trouble off the salts on this I got my cheek of course Kenny team and they can't. -- -- meet today Sunday night I mean most -- rise in the NBA grow. Allison here yet. Mean now. And line. -- -- -- -- -- And I looked at that time immediately looks in the with a right -- leading to -- security can't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm good over my plate and us way out it was somebody's phone any sound just like -- damned cat. I'm looking around a place vote can. A -- catalog whatever you column and I'm well aware of these damn can't. They daddy you know now. Steve -- six thank you for calling WW it. And it paid statement called me and good good show picture and let you do it I think he's the -- -- out here but it just -- us say did. Untouchable at partners did it might take on it. A we've had some people mention him but not not many stories what's what's owed it to resume in about I remember. I remember and Kayla why channel ten in Lafayette Louisiana -- in college about nine year Scholl. And now or the army. Ought to impressionable but I'll tell you what Jewish guy or. Should go Luc only army he would the world. When they bought into his -- beat you don't graying old Kayla why it's studio yeah. Cannot tell you want this guy blow it. Q did and that's all. And he was larger like what I grew up. You know he could he -- he was just sold the massive and innings and movie the princess bride also -- and you know it's great a great -- but when he talked. It was like he ski even more -- a -- -- Over all Mercury -- really. Oh. A -- EE EEE it's almost you know not not demeaning him but he he talks like he's sound. You know I mean it was my day it is he is -- -- is a rhetoric and in the way he sounds the -- -- for tech in. Don't mean. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- they caught in the general you know Justin Rose and love him. So I thought -- -- really sure everything. In I always put a great. Former -- -- truly great was the week we thank you so much. Yeah do you follow wrestling -- known as pack or what did you come. Out here -- -- the W okay. Good deal good deal yeah we got some guests lined up JR Colombian studio awareness. Wins they've got some more people away I mean this is a big deal I mean you know -- being out it is here man I mean as upbeat as can be more celebrities in his city. Tim Tebow can imagine now Tom -- people that bring in the kids it is just him volley and -- got if people get out go out this hall of fame -- -- -- You go to sees stuff. That is here that it may be on display in in this bought on -- may have been in the sense -- -- is a lot of history and you gonna enjoy you really are. Yeah yeah outlaw on the bubble on the committee to a world for all the programs on and everything. -- gets doubled to right yeah it looked at these guys just laugh -- I came out here. Volunteered for up to global on a forty -- Had a lot of Blatche the other at a whole experience and this is going to be even this year. Yeah -- stay out it. Our man looking at today has come me if it's got I think I think one when the line. Its main man in Debbie did he leaves here. I think wrestle mania will be back sooner than late. I'll tell ya I agree with yeah it is for sure. The new laws new laws can host an event like nobody. Out. Big time. So -- -- -- he posted that it works out as a volunteer and it's it's good information. -- what thank you -- you enjoy yourself. All right good stuff to Steve being a Vontae you know that's a big opponent too you know when when events on the news. The volunteers about the BC at the convention center or in the NBA jam session only NFL experience -- as -- volunteers. In Allen. If people in the right direction autograph sessions in the all right as some are in -- that on an actual wrestle mania. I'm looking forward to the Saturday events the hall of fame in India you know that experience. And points in all of us that and although older restless and rest now you know how to McNown and all that and has a lot opinion pays just is who. It was sitting down Chris and I got a chance to sit down and visit with. The -- great deacon Jones in Indianapolis. And that was. Just unbelievable. To see it -- Balkans in the big gap but it means an anti out of that big gold hall of fame jacket and I would like. You know eating golf -- because you know when you get -- -- -- -- still big big middle frame but not demands of the man like -- needed to inject me. And I mean to meet a great as these kinds of linemen. I mean narrow last which you know what -- and -- -- somebody -- Saturday it would -- And if he could do it than he could do it now but he was only be recorded sacks meant to him and he and he calls. But just unbelievable. Set and a visit him and -- of people but it was PB you wanna talk to and I told Thomas if there was ever an opportunity. Or he stone cold Steve Austin in the studio there would be only because these -- as it like. They've been like anybody else on the go back and look at it it different athlete to capitalize on their fame Annika in the movies. Jim brown and Williamson. Now earning him I mean in the in the big deterrent to movies movies -- it was like this can you look at their past Erasmus I think. -- the rock is like coming -- don't call out a few if I go now -- -- like 304050 means someone that. And in light rock is like in the fifties and sixties on the named freshman. I mean I just capitalize in the mean you know commercials. And movies. At all past and you know eighty airstrike on aren't -- But it'd be somebody -- be here you believe it but -- called Steve also on the -- to be in town next week. Back to the phone ago Metairie for Paul Paul thank you for calling WW yeah. A week ago a team. Get that then. They regret -- and -- stores on this level it out. Other providers remembered all the different Indies and the anger and yet that's really cool. I remember my grandmother -- here -- -- reps on and -- But then it used to watch her talk about somebody to turn red faced Owens should earlier. They should get it well. It took them and watched it through that period payment there and giant story about it the other hotel one night. And I would get on the elevator go up and he's illiterate back in the elevator but he took -- Pat you know operator of all that long hours -- complete ball. I'll sign that he -- play. It. And that -- that story it is. Gorgeous George. Bayer came and it set six. And that and the local bar member -- gorgeous George Bayer. He'd be fixed so everybody the stage and now they're Burnett but this is just great that -- memories about. Our own career and you get people call and it did you know -- you mean it is. They follow arrest and from. Way back in the day I mean I've Bob Collins a few minutes with -- and loss -- 25 years he's the white dress -- Madison Square Garden. You know they stay in Indian lady -- night with 38 states is just a you know when you can be I'm sitting here -- own all four reporters on a -- And people can -- mean in the Dakota losing canned and -- you having this conversation. You know and I'm not saying just 'cause I'm here. But you want it and we we had to go through these we had to go through these different things the trainers for him in radio and did feel like you know you go to computer and you have the watch it and follow it and you know and in its what will -- -- job. But are they bring up and they tell us you know there's certain things that newspaper and TV and I'm not noted that those people in the media they may make -- -- into. But truly. Though one thing that has always been you and will always be you know man award. You sound in Israeli right and it ran off and we'll have a changing even with today is serious. And deep mean to me these like it's like contests and how many people use you know when Eaton went in policies say. -- -- -- now I've got these contests on TV off all the newspapers talk on the radio. You know enemy is just and it's the how -- of -- just something that and -- -- owls are today. And I'm at home there's two things -- I like Cutler and -- like to relax. Like this at this just relax and sit down and -- to like -- the mouse Davis. Not allies in this in PR. Just it just -- -- in the awesome now that playing music in between the flight that. And and that's what radioed you know this is. It in the end of the -- stationed here and AMC community of people a candidate can hear and it's amazing. I -- -- it amazing that that that that number of people that follow are willing and yeah really and I love that he got in calling quote name I only go to. But it sister and fondled it. -- -- out in India and are well call for some I alluded to follow it too much you you've added a lot to the show man appreciated. Okay -- -- do you do as -- 260 when he seventy. 8668890. Minutes and you know at a certain number -- as we get to do this. And you know wouldn't it -- man today because of the rain delay the rain and rain postponement of -- baseball game tonight against Florida. They're gonna have a doubleheader tomorrow starting at noon. But you know what you city and he -- -- were assembled a phone in a Davis what it's all about in some tangible or opinion. My have a problem may have work in today he had BA but you sit around loosens the son of Nancy -- -- While that tells as a preview -- the -- talk about what we had talked about with album on a baseball at 530. So that two hour and a half of the -- -- token all of the calls have been great I mean it's been it's been phenomenal because the I see here I'd be talking to myself. Thank you all the call and talk with in popular analyst on people sit at -- and in zone and as much as we like HDTV. And all that is the you know nothing like he listened to a game and listen to something on the radio. Knight -- for rich rich thank you for calling WW. Eight pity they didn't Marco as. A model that. I'm down at the moment 48 and me and my two Brothers like pretty well you know the -- Right now UC do you use CTC across the mound. OK okay okay okay our guys -- just -- every. Mean I remember we had to them. Shall put on extravaganza. And that we would like it was Christmas adopt them that they this. We get the Eagles Atlantic Christian to dictate who will we -- -- yeah. I remember seeing him. Kim were terrible apparently the worst time -- limb and created -- the body -- yeah. And two about. Baseball. But Saber rattle -- and I did. We. Even -- to the track when I'm not sure there were a little while I'm out a little much. Abdul but I don't have a goal I thought -- made to him and -- he loses he he was like somebody just like. It was a savvy and he -- want to. You. -- boom all the bunkers and and then. There. -- at their first out of me that's the problem extra. Yet and I -- used to have some like little white object used to dig in people's faces that meant it made. Yeah. He boy he wanted his way up over his barely you know -- the big Fella. Here and -- about him and I'm -- and she use that in -- -- And ours ours -- one that's a -- on the amount if not my thing. Greg Majewski usage in the easily doubled him used to I just as a Moses. And you know and always be some fall one -- you know I mean. A little bit more that I see it you know the guy you. -- the flotilla ruled that there. -- ball -- don't call me -- Just all just old dirty deeds you -- nick he's hindering recap. A bit. Laura. Didn't drop a youthful. Attitude -- has some good stuff man I appreciate you -- -- the IndyCar in Japan thank you so much. 26017866889087. Me. Is the number two -- -- involve. What's outdoors and outdoor -- is speaking where you know the man -- -- the outdoors himself on the Duke five to seven a mark. And then seven and land on thirteen fifty -- easier on WW ground -- or issue here deteriorated from -- was -- break that you know when -- drop in land. We -- kids some -- that's tomorrow. With Don -- you out of view I had a talk about town but in -- doesn't win for you I would get my point across with you Lisa I think you're listening. But I like this and lose them. He's so bizarre foods and is not all just you know also be the gate thing they think he's the bowl since the today that it feels difficult to me like -- -- -- was in the that was the day Morocco. You know now I actually want to -- Morocco not too long ago in Disney World you know. And and he was in anything where he was a that are generous -- brings them up. He was somewhere. And it was. Eating will always be okay it was he was and always talks. And that's Auckland Saul. Missouri. And as -- Oklahoma I think. Well in he was it was -- and they were talking about different people salmon. Ana brought this up that it I didn't notice he also -- when he West Virginia. It's a huge settlement of Italian and haven't had any notice of Italian people came through. My people came through Ellis sounds to me it's consistently. -- -- my grandma was -- has on my street. And they move south some move and they were in mind speaking in it they are may not be -- it'd be attained -- bit in and that's that not a knock it's what they are. But house watch and that was fascinating that he was talking about that there's a Vietnamese. The settlement of a big settlement of a follow in the out. I -- a coach in in the Ozarks. In he had his one gentleman became over who's Vietnamese he was. And he had his contraption. It was he's slovo. Of a boat. Any hit some kind of motor Randy and what does a it went in the water. Ain't it it is he who he somehow eagle the you can -- is apparent watching on YouTube. He had this thing routed through he is -- his is rotten real. Ended -- the contraction maybe hey he remote controlled this thing -- and was a genius he uses that can't face the kids can fees -- room. And it would go cross the river they would drop the land when he -- a ball. Had these beat. Float flotation device some and we Bob that's and you became official on and he showed a lot of people -- -- out there. And is this Vietnamese man would be he would have eighteen big -- called. And I just in a fascinating on net and I mean that's I was out I don't know what prompted but that's one of things are watching them home. But I love watching that show was fun about different coaches and I mean you know will will milk upon the year we don't know in it there's actually the one he -- don't New Orleans. About the of the the -- the Vietnamese -- out into all of these and is a big Vietnamese. Based in and on New Orleans he's growth -- those and have been in as the do you have -- finance fascinating. How people live and you know how you know when he Kumble and bring certain things. With into the day how -- about what they eat. And you know some people you know when you. We we sit Nady and when we throw scraps man beat me meals and I mean it was not thrown away mesa is once it and they showed he can. Right down the road here from where we are off Joba to Lewis -- Shonn. These guys. On the -- on the as they actually they actually pull foremost and I think Birmingham. And they got Cruz sonic that's over other restaurants. And Ortiz been a waste nothing on the having to do some what is may. But I'm believe this it's idea look for some guys in Paris as the back to the phone to go to school and -- -- for legally thank you for calling -- did -- yeah. Yes it's it really matter and -- yeah. Yeah our power and might get -- over there you know. -- Lou Brown. On the ground and not you know authoritative head and thought that would -- legal where we used that you read and outlook and about it intricate. No no no nobody nobody and league. Yeah record is a lot of them are cinco go west and mark in club out of legitimately or we go away for that -- -- And that's going to be in the article people at worst record ever -- -- an issue wrapped in bags in. -- went and found that we used to get -- their era and ball four -- -- them being count on BOY. I -- -- ground in the big goal. When you're. And we -- be you know on him in and saw. I would I would you know would probably. -- or -- -- it and saw it was on the order. But at best on the back about -- all of my comment yeah it right where we go back again. Where I was in. Will leave out of dialogue. I'm all it did -- -- all -- that are at least at this several -- out that they. It is they brought up immediately if our if I always you I'd be -- hobbies that I'd have a big -- with they cut it to fumble baby. -- I don't know I hope prostate young enough and hope I live -- at the BC two -- -- to the mailbox. I'll argue I'll give it stick with it but did United States on days they beat them. A we're. Could you ideally it would where you saw a -- -- -- -- to -- you. Don't know that would keep that -- -- -- slightly good -- -- you're taking a year. You are or. -- Thank you still mostly thank you very much we appreciate all the calls have been. Great tonight -- coming to thank you for calling WW judging. Eight re going to be a decent record company thank you. Oh wait a little bit what I remember one -- who helped Hillary and the -- at least create. Value guy yet at the coliseum marina I gee I don't know that now you've got to refresh my memory. Okay it would it was and they're based group out there is no ground -- little story or you -- -- OK okay okay. It was you know worry you a lot of action manner whatever. Out to -- used to box and not as it brother -- -- -- you know. But I order -- imagine what they're not in the mouth -- my current actually end. I went back and probably don't remember what it was at a look at that kind of would a little bit. -- -- No I did I did not team. Okay. That in the world -- -- now I remember. Albert there. Great -- out about Antonio were actually in better dropped it again. And now he. Felt that only. And marry -- what exactly he's the man but we Eric and back in that I expect it these. Can call well. In -- it was anybody would be incredible man. And now on a big big and go -- you know bat. -- the cauldron. Lit up or I'm not real. Command gene if you -- for -- man we could tell we could talk about those those who that I appreciate you calling -- in. No problem. I think -- Obama -- takes the beat these the -- there was we go. -- a -- that's called old school as well thank you so much to a folks I -- bow out time. But thanks so much to all of you who have calling the next time remember now doubleheader tomorrow for LSU baseball. -- on thirteen -- DAM three WL beginning at 1130. Now also will have elite eight basketball coach for you here on WW you know beginning tomorrow afternoon and it all day on Sunday for the teams that will -- -- take -- To the final four. And of course -- enjoy it next week we'll go to talk a lot Knicks Wednesday JR the great Jim Ross. All the fame broadcaster with the -- -- many networks will be Willis among other guest. Or wrestle mania but we'll have some fun next week welcome to -- city for the first -- the biggest event arrest them will be in New Orleans I got a feeling -- in the last time. It would happen here. Thanks so much to Jack Harris. Also -- the most -- not names on the news a game LSU baseball has been postponed a doubleheader tomorrow on thirteen 50 AM three. -- -- I'm big ability to follow me on Twitter at -- big chief email me big chief -- -- did you go back comment log onto my website. As well have a good --