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03-28, 8pm, Scoot, Country Bars, Noah movie

Mar 28, 2014|

Are their still any traditional country bars around? Born again Christians are apprehensive about the movie "Noah", because of artistic license taken by the director.

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Good evening welcome to our show on this Friday night's colors you Wear this while it rained today especially in Slidell and I think some of the water has receded. In Slidell and others a ring around the city however there could be some more rain tonight you just heard this in the forecast effort is gonna move through here and a big squall line and come through here. Most of you will be sleeping but not all -- you will be sleeping this is gonna happen in the early morning hours. Right now it's it's come in the media were with Syria and I don't know what it's like where you or if you were to west of New Orleans. In Texas or no -- Louisiana you may be getting some of the squall line. At this going to be with us later which also heard the good news tomorrow's gonna turn out to be great day in the afternoon and also Sunday looks like it is going to be spectacular. It's time for tonight's top eight at H hear the topic things we'd like you know as we begin our show tonight. On every WL number eight. Kiss. Is on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. For the first time ever. Kind of hard to believe is it also kiss is finally being inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. Now I see some of the the names in the rock and roll hall of fame I'm kind of surprised to kiss them is that they are already. And I know a lot of a rush fans are happy -- Russia is finally in the rock and roll hall of fame and that was another -- it should be and now a lot sooner than it was in but there. It is still the -- controversy with. Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons. And he's really into Peter Crist these bi racial numbers in fact the that the picture of kiss on the cover of Rolling Stone. Is -- from 1975. It's a classic picture of -- Jean Paul. Case and Peter and Gene Simmons -- -- -- magazine that he's been thinking about ace and Peter. Is that what are they doing now where -- It's gotta be close to the end. Kind of dismal as of the close to the end of the penalty that much older than you are -- He goes on to say yeah how did they make any money they paid their bills die and it's my understanding the kids he's not gonna perform. At the induction ceremony I believe it's it's. Next month of April. They're not gonna perform at the induction ceremony decliners. The rock and roll hall of fame is only going to. Put to the original four members of kiss in the rocker hall of fame even though other members of -- to do with the band. Even longer -- some controversy about that number seven on tonight's a list of the top eight at eight. There is just such great progress in in downtown New Orleans and since I live downtown like I see it every day it. If you live in December signal spent a lot of time downtown you may not be aware of how much progress the -- There are some more buildings that are being turned into condos and apartments and in this is somebody that I noticed when I moved back to New Orleans after Katrina. The downtown area especially with Rouse is their grocery store downtown and -- one in the French Quarter twelve. The Ross is in the CBD in that warehouse district is of these have full big grocery store -- the first time in fifty years that there's beautiful grocery store. In downtown New Orleans. And this dismayed downtown New Orleans as much residential almost as it is spoke not as much residential but it's much more residential now than it was before. For the largest businesses for the most part the few places here and -- the warehouse district has grown but now the year the downtown area the CBD from pointers to canal. Has really started to become more and more residential. And so you you start to see more businesses. They are catering to residents and not just businesses but the growth does continue. We have the story on our website at WWL dot com the new river walk mall is scheduled to reopen may 22. Before it closed before this was announced I wore through it to the river walk I forget why I wish there. Reflecting what a waste. This is such job trying piece of property. It's on the river. And it any other city in America this would be utilized more than it's being utilized and in the reform mark I guess in the beginning it it took off but it really did fade over the years and an -- -- would go they heard. Sometimes locals would go down -- but it was really not a destination. But this new river walk is supposed to be an upscale. -- outlet mall the to have coach in Neiman Marcus and outlets like that and I've heard I don't know whether this is still part of the plane and you and you may know more doctors that I do. But there is -- originally was originally planned for a big country music nightclub. A right at the end of of of river walk which I think would be phenomenal country music is just so popular today with. As such a mass crossover audience that a country music bar would really help bring a lot of people downtown a lot of locals downtown and I guess the question is. With this you were for walk -- Is it gonna make you come downtown and it should be the goal but it's a great addition to New Orleans and you know I am still amazed and I talked about this before. From the linked to the river. I'm still amazed that we don't have more places on the water. In any other city that has a river. -- late they would be so many more places. On the water. Then there are here. And and I'm I'm I'm sure that politics and to some degree. Selfishness. A place apart in nap on the part of a lot of different factors. But it's just really a shame that -- if you think about work I go to to sit on the water. Think about it there really to just a handful of places along the river. And along the -- it any other city there would be many many places on the river and on the lakes -- showed that kind of a -- A number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. The rankings are out for the most liked and no leash like TV news anchors. Who do you like the most. When I say TV news anchor at the major networks and also the the cable news channels. Who stands out in your mind is the one you'd like and trust the most. And who do you like the least. And who do you think is the most biased either rights. Or left. Out of this list of 24 this is called the wrapped Q score. And Q score is. It's a score that's if it's given that they they show people. And they show people video of people like camera. And they develop this Q score based on reaction. To the person that they're there repealing. And I'd also -- -- this includes the utmost and recognizable stars which is is kind of interesting as well. But out of the 24 names that are mentioned here. The person who was the least liked. Was Chris Matthews. Of hardball MSNBC. He had a Q score. Of six. Laura Logan from sixty minutes at a Q score seventeen she's number three. Anderson Cooper number two. At a Q score of eighteen Anderson Cooper by the way what's the most recognized. Out of all of it to 24 their mission to the most recognized TV anchor with the recognized ability reading of 56. And number one I'm I'm I'm surprised. Because I have to be honest I don't I I don't watch. The number one. Personality on TV and number one news -- in terms of like ability. Is Scott -- CBS evening news and it will run through this list -- Rachel mad now once more likable than Bill O'Reilly. Sean Hannity. And Shepard Smith. So we'll continue to talk about that are also on the should be thinking about disks or talk about this tonight who do you trust the most who do you like the most. When it comes to TV news either ABC CBS. And NBC fox ordered all of the -- the news channels. The news cable channels who do you trust the most and who do you like the least who do you think is the most biased it'll be -- had a conversation tonight. And if you wanna join us on numbers 2601872. All free 8668890. -- seventy. And our text number. Is it 7870. Here's a text that read so I like and trust Anderson Cooper don't like Chris Matthews or Sean Hannity and again this will be part of our conversation tonight. -- will that will do our own and we'll do the scoot factor here on our show who do you like the most and who do you trust the most. Number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. I guess I should start this by simply saying stop. The madness. Lawmakers in Minnesota are considering. Renaming the Asian carp. Because. It's not a popular -- The Asian carp causes problems in waterways across America. It's not a good finish. So why do Minnesota lawmakers want to change the name of the Asian carp. Because it gives a negative view. Of Asian cultures. As I said so eloquently. Stop. The madness. Seriously. Now I can hear horrible things about our nation car. And I don't think anything negative about anybody whose nation. And if that's something that you do -- and maybe you need to reconsider how you react to things like names like. Asian carp. While we can't have the Asian it was into the Asian flu or what we've renamed that again. To me this is just total madness. Considering renaming the Asian carp. Because accused of negative view of Asian cultures. That is an example of political correctness. Gone wild. Number four on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. An op Ed article at foxnews.com. Written by Todd starts we talked about emotional last night. Says that Christians are being made made to feel guilty if they don't go see the new movie no. Mean do you feel any pressure to go see -- Did you know that an atheist. An atheist directed the movie. Is that troubling to you. I haven't seen it I have plans to go see it tomorrow and we'll talk about -- on the -- show. Next week so if you get a chance to see it in order Joyner show with your comments about it. Join us tomorrow on -- -- join -- Monday. On this mutual talk about it -- Monday night one of the of the criticisms which we talked about it on the show the other night -- The fact that spears seems to be some kind of reference to global warming which is now known as climate change. Some kind of reference to that in terms of the terms of the rain coming. In fact I -- -- realized this or not -- all this rain we're getting. And the more rain is coming tonight this is a big giant publicity stunt from Hollywood because this is the opening weekend for no. So that's why I mean I tell you -- Hollywood does something they do it right. In his cell op Ed piece of Fox News stuck tot dot com that Todd starts. I'd just talks about how he he takes that people are being made to feel guilty if they don't go spend money. To see this movie also the word god. And he takes issue with this the word god is completely left out of the move. And again it was directed by an atheist the word creator replaces got. Now I see I'm not sensitive to that to sit as a as a Christian that. But doesn't bother me and -- remembered that the the story of Noah doesn't just want to Christians because it's to deal testament. But when somebody says creator. Part instinctive. I think of my gut. -- Why is that why is that a problem. Again I mentioned last night that I think Todd starts who writes -- foxnews.com and he's also a syndicated radio host. He is the most paranoid. I've Christian Caucasian American. That deny that I know what I read his articles are quite often it's like he's so afraid of things and there are. And honestly he reflects a lot of people in this country who are afraid they're so scared oh my god a movie about a Bible story in God's not mention -- Well really it's a lot. Disco blog tonight is -- it's on our website at WW over a conference title criticizing. Know what the movie by Christians and those Christians need to just lighten up. And you can read that and share -- we may agree or disagree it's on our website at WW real dot com. Number three at tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Actress Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay singer Chris Martin we announced this last night have made the announcement that their separate. But it talking about her separation and her job as apparent in an interview with he TV. -- Pelletreau said. That her job is apparent is harder than your job as a parent because shooting movies does not allow you to have a nine to five schedule. What if Al truce telling you that her job as a mother as a parent. Is tougher than your job. I'm not sure there's going to be much sympathy. Desist stories is really all over but on foxnews.com. Here or couple of responses. To this story. And I yeah -- is serious harder to accept. For that whole worrying about paying the bills thing. Here's another comment after the article foxnews.com. Open or Gwyneth. Is anybody really really feel sorry for her she's in front of the camera when it's convenient for her she's man at the camera when she doesn't have an agenda. -- I made such as being a V in her fancy house why her neighbors get mad etc. etc. etc. and you named your child apple. And the other when Moses. You need to. Expect just a little teasing here is another comment I'm sure having the money and fame. Is hard to working people are working couples. Jobs they find daycare. And here's a comment that criticizes Fox News. Now fox is attacking the wealthy for being wealthy her comments were not about money. About time spent or seen or not seeing her kids. -- maybe so but I don't think this is a criticism of her. Being rich it sounds like a total. Spoiled. -- Somebody who has all the money and all the child care that she needs and I don't think anybody. Should feel sorry for Gwyneth Paltrow and I think it was wrong for her to claim that her job as a parent is tougher than your jobless repaired because she's not in a routine. You know she could give it all locked. At this point in her life this is what really bothers me about this. She doesn't have to be in movies anymore. She has enough money to retire. So she chooses to be in movies and then she's gonna whine about her job is so tough because. Well I go to movies and sometimes they're out of town and I have to go overseas or wherever. And film of what -- just quit Gwyneth. And stay home with your kids think about all the parents who would love to be in your position. They would love to be able to have the money to just stay home with their kids to be a parent. And every day their parents in this country and around the world for that matter. We're dropping their kids off to daycare it breaks their heart to lead their kids to daycare while they go to work and then they pick their kids up. In the afternoon. So Gwyneth Paltrow. I always thought she was gonna conceded. And I was never really big fan now -- -- -- at all of his visit a terrible thing to say that to win. If you gonna join us for the -- tonight about anywhere talking about our numbers 2601872. All 3866889070. At a text number is 87870. I'd ever to a tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Are you more likely to give money to a homeless person if that homeless person has a dog. Yesterday I I gave money to an older gentleman who stands at the corner of pointers and Clayburgh where you end of the interstate there off of -- -- has a small dog with him I think it's I've Shalala and I seem they're quite often. And I I don't drive by their own time but when I do drive by there -- I tend to give him a dollar. And he's just so excited to get the dollar but I I have to admit. That I am more tempted to give a dollar to somebody who is homeless who has a -- And I see a lot of this in the in the French Quarter and I've even wondered if some people. Use their pets. In order to. To get donations. From those of us who might be more sense -- -- sort of think about what does this say about me. If I'm more likely to give money to somebody that has a -- Does that mean that I respect people. Less -- I respect animals. Does that mean that I have more sympathy for the animal guy and giving money to this person but since they have a -- and give -- -- dispersant hoping that they take care of their pet. And I actually find myself even if it's so -- subconsciously. Thinking about the -- More than the person. Are you more likely to give money to a homeless person. With a parent. To -- Russia with a comic tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Certainly seventy. And text amber is -- it negates him -- and finally tonight's number one night. On tonight's list. Of top rates. Mandates. A New Jersey teenager was reportedly suspended from school because he was flying the confederate flag on his pick -- truck. Should the student be allowed to fly the confederate flag on their truck. On school property. The student is a seventeen year old Gregory provide. And he said he was suspended for having a confederate flag on his pickup truck when it was parked in the student parking lot at Steiner high school. In Hamilton township New Jersey. He said then telling me. To take it down is unconstitutional. Now for those of you who hates. The ACLU. For those of you who think the ACLU. Is totally liberal. You -- wrong. And I applaud the ACLU before being consistent. The ACLU is taking up this case. And that arguing that the Supreme Court has made it clear that student's rights don't end. At the school and how skates. It also doesn't end in the school parking lot. And while I wouldn't fly confederate flag and I know you may have these thoughts about well why is in New Jersey teenager. Why is in New Jersey teenager flying the confederate flag. He says he has relatives in the south. And he respects the south and he's relating. To them. So is it okay for a teenager or anybody for that matter to have a confederate flag on school property. Again I wouldn't fly confederate flag -- it. I think they have a right to do it because I'm sure other flights are welcome. If you would join us tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890878. And our text of receipts of 170. This is the -- show and yeah the rains coming should be overnight tonight so. I would if you don't you have a car that's -- a low lying area I would just try to maybe get it to a higher area. Because there's always a possibility but the grounding social today. That there will be some flooding will be right back on this Friday nights -- W well. Are you more likely to give money to a homeless person that has a dog -- I did yesterday and I find myself. Just instinctively feeling a little more sympathetic for homeless person with a dog does that mean that -- respect animals more than humans. Andy you have the same feelings that I do. Also I think that is sometimes. Younger people who ask for for money might be discriminated against in I don't know why some money. Is it a position to where they have to ask for money but. The same day that I am I I gave a dollar to this older gentleman which are often do a test reporters getting onto the interstate. I've beat he's got a dollar -- gave him -- dollars and much older gentleman. Then it's a burden and cost way I saw this guy was and is probably early twenties. And tattoos and and on clothes that you would expect somebody like that to it's and to be wearing -- I forget exactly what he's wearing but it was it was. I don't know did kind of subculture. Kinda stuff nothing that I was offended by. But I decided you know if I gave this other -- a dollar than maybe -- needed to just as -- so I gave him a dollar -- and he was really really nice about it is said. You know god bless you and and have a nice day and I realize that anybody can say that the -- I feel like he was actually sincere -- I I have to admit that I'm. I'm very often conflicted when it comes to giving money to people who are on the street. And if you live in the suburbs. You just don't encountered this as much as if you live downtown. If you live in a downtown area not only in New Orleans but -- any match metropolitan area. You you see this a lot more often and I think it's. I think it's a lot easier. To come to the understanding that there are some people who were just. Really have a tough time. And I see some people walking around and this is a conversation comes up quite often. Who seem like they have mental health issues serious mental health issues and there's so few places for. Some people to get help some people really do literally fall through the cracks. But just to live in the suburbs it's a lot easier to say well they just need to get a job it's -- when you -- face to face with it on a daily basis. I think sometimes you have a little more sympathy for your image and Russia with a -- tonight our numbers 2601870. -- free 866889070. In a text number is 877. Its attacks I loved reading statue of most of the Texan again are very complimentary. And it people enjoyed the show which is great but I love to read text like this -- is a left wing a hole. Go back to Seattle or anywhere that he's not here jeez what an -- I can't think of what I said from from 8 o'clock until now. That would've made anybody think that -- a left wing a hole. And by the way there's nothing wrong with being right wing or. Or left -- I hear is attacks that reads the Asian carp which if you just joyous and maybe for this story because it is on our way -- -- -- if you don't come. Minnesota lawmakers. Are considering changing the name of the Asian carp because it gives a negative image. Two patients because it's not a very likable popular finish it it creates problems in the waterways. He -- the distant trees the Asian carp. Is actually a very good white flaky fish it's just a pain to clean people are now calling it -- -- If you have any experience with any I thought carper just kind of or lead trashy. Dirty fish that and nobody would really wanna -- -- clean clean fish but have you having -- with carpet human. Give us your opinion that you to the caller show. -- -- is attacks about the movie Nolan that does not mention the name of god predictions creator. A -- during the days of Noah I'm pretty sure they didn't refer to god as god yahweh may be and that's a really good point. So maybe the -- actually more historically accurate by not using the three letter word god and referring to a creator. Of course we don't know because nobody among us which which part of that and history is all a little sketchy about what happened during those times. I here's a text about the confederate flag in New Jersey teenager was reportedly suspended from his high school for flying confederate flag on his pick -- truck. Where in the hell -- the confederate like become illegal. You may not like it but it's not illegal and I'd be totally agree with that. If you are truly proud. -- your southern heritage. And you fly the confederate flag or you display you have it on your your truck your vehicle one ever. I respect that that's fine. What I don't respect -- there's people who would use the confederate flag. To simply. Announced the racist. Pronounced there white supremacist. Mentality. And I feel quite sure that there are a lot of people who displayed the confederate flag on their pickup trucks. And they really don't know very much about southern history. And their only connection with the confederate flag is there white supremacist racist mentality those people I don't respect. But it. I think you give people the benefit of the doubt and if if if any other flags are welcome for example if it's a flag representing African culture. Is welcome on this New Jersey. High school campus then the confederate flag would have to be welcome as well you you you can't just ban things because you don't like them. That's not what our constitution. Stands for. And it again for those of you who think the the ACLU is a worthless leftist organization. The ACLU. Is -- taking this case standing up for -- kids' rights to fly the confederate flag. On school property saying that the US Supreme Court says that a student's rights to freedom of speech and other rights do not stop. -- at the school grounds and that they include the school grounds as well if you wanna join our show tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- early seventy. -- our -- amber is a 77. I made a comment a few moments ago about how. In this in this part of the country. With -- -- train in the Mississippi River. We don't have enough. Places on the river. To enjoy the river. And this Texas Escude I don't understand that like -- to train as a 170 miles of shore the Mississippi River has I don't know how many miles of shore. Everybody utilizes it you might have misspoken any other state wishes they had the water to enjoy. One note at people obviously the Mississippi River is highly utilized for for commerce and they touch issuing is used for recreational use. But my point is there or not. They're not as many places on the water to eat there's not as many places on the waters -- the point is talking about this because. Of the announcement. River walk reopening made -- 22. And the last time I was at river walk Cuba's that are run down and there weren't. And as many shops they're admitting it had had folded and had to just empty space there. And thinking this is such great prime property on the river in downtown New Orleans. How could this possibly -- And I'm very optimistic about the the new upscale. Designer. Outlets mall that they're gonna develop its opening inmate. It's could be produced for downtown New Orleans but it makes me realize how few places there are to enjoy. The war they're just there aren't as many places think about the places that used to be at west stand. They're not many places on the water. They're not many places downtown we you know I just -- sometimes like I say to myself well you know I just like to assist in again appointee to overlook the river. Where. Algiers point used to be a great place but I'd as far as I know that's that's on -- -- from New Orleans say Jeff you're -- WWL good evening. They -- couldn't being Asian call ski dads are good. You know leukemia or -- the Indonesian call. I idea I thought I thought cart ER I'm not an expert in fish by any means but I I thought there the Clark was going to be a trash oily fish. No -- -- all it was seduction you need an -- call. Now what what's the real problem with Asian carp why would the Minnesota lawmakers wanted to change the name mostly. -- the Asian carp because it's a derogatory comment to -- Asian cultures. Well. What I call for you did. Know IG and I prepare our part of irritable weaker -- created you'd call. All right Jeff and budget told the show you know I I am still curious as to why well I guess they know why but it still kind of curious if there's a fish like the tartan. That is such a sought after fish such a fun fish to catch. And an all you do is mounted I mean I've never heard of anybody eating a TARP and -- -- that they're very shortly from New Orleans Pam your on this crucial to be WL. It made. It beat him are you I'm good I'm great. It would collect it out -- any LPG. Can't Anbar herbal walk. And I saw -- I haven't heard much about it recently and I'm hoping that the plans were still in place to have that because I think that's going to be a great addition. Not only to river walk but to downtown New Orleans. That's correct it'd be great I. Think it bought wedding -- like in the middle of the pack up. Our real break out. And out about -- diet out a lot of instruction and it would tell him. I think it's gonna be great to have your country music is. And so mass appeal now it's gonna bring it's gonna bring a lot of people locals a lot of locals downtown. It would be great because it ever. Yeah Pam thanks -- call the show and have a great weekend. When I have been in them when I've been in country bars. Not only do well here it's been years because I don't know that is there a big country bar here now. If if there's a big country bar in in the New Orleans area called me and until they were it is it was a hired hand years ago that was owned by on Harry -- by Harry -- It was mustang Sally is on Williams boulevard. Any country bars and I've been around the country that there's there's just a different atmosphere there that you find DN. A club that features rock music. -- dance music and quite often the atmosphere is a lot better and people are are friendly here you see a lot of different generations in a country bar. I mean you've got young people who were just starting to drink you've got grandparents. And you don't see that -- rock bars. If Georgia and Russia with your comment tonight on numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. Text receipts have VA seventy I'm still on Friday nights and we'll be right back on to be WL. I -- river walk up -- is gonna open up may the 22 and did apparently there's going to be a country music bar. And it's a Toby Keith country music Boris is Toby Keith song is called red Solo Cup. -- I don't think anybody's ever use one of those -- ago cup. That's going to be a great addition to downtown New Orleans and not I love violent country bars and really around the country their habits -- really great country bars. And they used to be some great country bars here are talking about the big country clubs. Aware. That there was that the the circle and and people would dance around the -- I don't know how to do that I knew how to do the cut Nigel would be at one point. But you do dance around and I mean I just I love the atmosphere country parts. Again it's a multi generational you don't see that in in out in other places and while they were great people some of the places I go. I noticed that that there is less pretense and it at a country part of that that's kind of reflective of but the country music stars. Compared to rock stars in general and I realized -- generalist -- -- But the only real country -- that I can think of is the urban cowboy and Herbert street. They've got a bullet there. And country music but they don't have the big dance floors so is there no big country bar in the entire New Orleans area. How amazing is that his populous country music is today that it surprises me. I remember mustang Sally is Juan Williams boulevard. I remember a hired hand. On I guess that was an -- -- a clear view. I may of oh here's a Texan re Cisco don't forget about the old mud bugs on -- highway -- I remember my box. And it -- the question is that he released a government that was apparently mr. its own no country no country bar so. This country -- should be a great addition to New Orleans in downtown new worlds and should bring a lot of people downtown. I hear is attacks that reads what no mention of -- more college in Saratoga Springs. It's this New York military actually -- -- Saratoga springs Florida. And they saw no mention of this offering a class the sociology of Miley Cyrus this summer. Note to working lessons involved we mentioned that on the show last night actually that was number eight in our list of top eight at eight tip from the show last night. There is a college skewed more college Saratoga Springs. Offering a class in the sociology of Miley Cyrus. And it's gonna deal with Miley Cyrus race gender. Class. And media. And all the discussions that Miley Cyrus. That inspires will be part of this class if you wanna join Russia with a comment tonight -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Ninths early Saturday. In a text number is 87870. I hear is attacks that Reid says screw -- I'm in Gulfport. And the country bars. Are all about -- casinos have taken over. Well why would there be a good country born casino. And I would think especially in the Mississippi Gulf Coast that would draw a lot of country music France. I mentioned the other night that I had gone to see this this new band. American authors. And their their big hit his best day of my life. And it's a really good young band that is defining the music it is. Going to be defined as this decade but there are really cool young band. And it -- a really good music they did acoustic -- they did a country song. And this was the a young this -- at house of blues in the parish room this is a really young crowd. And every person in here. Seemed to know the worst at this this country song. Just to show you how much country has crossed over if you wanna join our show with your comment tonight are numbers 26018. Saturday. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. And a text number is 87870. Via Skype but tonight's is self titled I've Christians criticizing no movie need to lighten up. You might totally disagree with me imagine that. I can't imagine anybody would disagree with me but some people actually do you can read that give us your comments if you want share -- -- others it's on our website at WWL dot com. Another blog it is still trending on our web site is have baby boomers forgotten how wild they -- If your baby boomer that might interest you. Or if you're too young to be a baby boomer and you -- an interesting ammunition to use against baby boomers when you get into a discussion about how they don't respect or like your generation. As you might be interested in that. Blog on our web sites have if you want to come. It's Friday nights this is this -- show more rain is on the way most of its gonna come overnight the early morning hours here in New Orleans if you're the west division might be in it right now. It might actually we -- tonight but the good news is -- tomorrow afternoon it should be a great weekend. -- it's a Friday night W have plans to enjoy the weekend and we went through some really rough weather today and it's going to be rough overnight tonight and early morning hours most of you will be sleeping. But I think this is going to be out of here by early tomorrow morning and then by tomorrow afternoon should be great day and Sunday is expected to be a great. I'm great days over plans to get out and enjoy. I'm scoot under VW real here's a text agrees we had a country bar on the Mississippi Gulf Coast it closed down within the first year. It was called. Guitars and cadillacs. Now you know there is set to a club and I'm assuming it's still open in applause on airline highway cadillacs. But they mean the top cancer played there but she Weezer played there the -- Dallas played there muted so it's it's on the country bar by its. It could I'm just I'm really surprised when right when I think about the popularity of country music and actually surprised that there. There there's no big country bar in the New Orleans area but there is going to be one Toby Keith is gonna do country bar at the new. On the new river a river walk mall opening up made 22. And that's gonna bring a lot of people on to New Orleans and to those people who are visiting new world's eleventh a place to. Go visit the country Bart here says Texan Reid says screwed if I know what has mentioned it denim and diamonds. Elm wood half rock half country. They alternated. Every hour between country. And rock. Interstate I remember the name I don't know a fight ever win I don't remember the phenomena and of a country and rock being played together we've also been talking about the movie know which opens up today nationwide. And -- plans to see tomorrow we'll talk about it to Monday nights here on this Guccione if you that you see you and insurance with European year critique of the movie. A delisting in their calling Monday night here's a Texan -- it said in a local hang out today and was amazed at the comments regarding the no movie. And how my buddies were so opinion -- regarding its religious accuracy. Geez give me a break it's a movie. Yeah we've talked about that concerning this movie and movies that are based on a real people historical figures like Lincoln and movies that are based on on history. It's just it's just a movie. And people go to movies to be entertained you shouldn't go to a movie because you're trying to get a lesson in the Bible. You should go to a movie to try to get a history lesson. Now. Is there are aspects of of movies based on history and based on the Bible. Then that's that are part somewhat realistic are somewhat accurate -- I should say. But they don't have to be. And and I think we I think we make a mistake as its audience members. Moviegoers. That we'd make a mistake if we briefly put pressure on moviemakers. To make a movie that is so historically your biblically accurate. Unless it's referred to was a documentary. It was a documentary but -- that's different but no is a movie starring Russell Crowe and Emma Watson and and and others. So. As as long as it's not billed as a documentary. They'd go in and just enjoy it. Russell -- sets and things about. What you will feel when you leave the movie that made me really interested in seeing it I had those comments in the -- blog which is on our website at WW dot com and there are some Christians who have been critical of of the movie without even seeing it a Russell Crowe said that that is absolute stupidity. And I actually have to agree with him also the op Ed writer for boarding up at writers for foxnews.com. Todd storage. Has an article foxnews.com. Abouts Christians being guilty did feeling guilty about I'm not going to see the movie -- and I. You know I -- stories is just overly overly sensitive when it comes to anything that involves -- christianity. Or being a white person. And just I think that is an irrational on concern because I have not sensed and maybe I missed it but I doubt it. I -- not sensed any pressure for people to spend money to go see. To go see the movie. No the pleasure Christian. And again no it is the old testament so this is not something that is it just reflective of of christianity. And why is it that that Christians are the ones who seem to get so upset about all of this. Also if you haven't heard greatest cultural and Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin has separated. -- talking about her job -- apparent when -- helped throw said that her job -- -- -- is harder than your job as a parent. Because shooting movies does not allow you to have a routine of a nine to five schedule. And so if you have Borbon nine to five schedule in your job of being repaired is easier than hers. You feel sorry for what a cultural. To join Russia with a comment about anything we're talking about tonight on numbers 2601878. Toll free 86688. -- early seventy. And I text numbers -- 7870. I WW a pretty general opinion poll asks this question tonight are you more likely to give money to a homeless person. Who has a pet with them. 33% say no and 67%. Say yes give us your opinion -- going to be a -- dot com and we'll be back with more. After this.