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03-28, 9pm, Scoot, Noah, Homeless people

Mar 28, 2014|

Is the movie Noah meant to be biblically accurate and/or just another entertainment? How do feel about homeless people with dogs?

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And welcome back to our show is Friday nights we've heard the forecast by tomorrow afternoon it's going to be very pleasant and 75 degrees in Sunday's expected to be a great day. You know if you haven't if you haven't come downtown and just spent a Sunday afternoon. At the flea markets. Along the river will -- part -- in the French Quarter. Or even in in the Marriott fresher haven't spent a Sunday downtown come on downtown because it really is is very very pleasant it's it's not as hectic it's very relaxed around the square here. And they -- downtown so if you if you wanna make plans haven't done that while that might be some -- of -- during this week it. One of the things are gonna do assessing the new movie know which opens up today sort Russell Crowe and Emma Watson. And the movie is getting a lot of controversy because it's based on the biblical story. -- -- And as I mentioned earlier in the show -- this rain they were having this is actually a big publicity stunt from Hollywood to draw attention to the movie no one all the flooding that took place since -- -- I wonder if I wonder if if somebody could could take a look at that the national map. And see if there will be no it did better in cities where it rained heavily over this over this week and inspire more people to. Go to the movie. In any event will talk about it to Monday night in the show it's also been criticized for not bringing out liberal politics in addressing the issue of global warming or more commonly known now is as climate change. I if you don't join Russia with a comment about any they were talking about tonight our numbers 2601872. -- 38668890. Point 78. And it -- a -- 77 from diamond head James you're on the -- show good evening James. Good evening. Yeah its seat at an old movie as well for that but it -- -- I'm still trying to figure out what people are angry about. And I am the only thing I can figure it it may be days. -- director tried to. Suspend. Disbelief just enough so that. People who got out like all the way through middle school. What actually still be -- You know the to the federal still believe that story in the way it happened. -- mean I'm open and debated directors addressed how to get all seven under known species of dinosaurs on the part. Before. And -- all brown off 400 years or about it or admit it people are going to be angry about tiny. Changes that are being made to a movie the try to make it believable because that's it's one thing that tell a story in Sunday school. Angela and imagination of a child grabbed it and take it somewhere but to actually. Depicted in the -- movies are depicted down the standard that they are held by you know it would it would just it would actually be insulting to the story they didn't try and make it a little bit believable you know means. Yeah -- were related to to what the imagination. Might what you think today. Based on -- because you're you're you're right the the end the animals that existed at the time -- might perhaps be different -- -- CD LC tomorrow might be different for animals that -- board the arch enemy -- a it's it's really -- -- rather unbelievable story. It really is and it's it is and it is a story anybody can say with -- one about. The Bible but this is story in the old testament. And I think people should go to movies and expect to see a movie and not necessarily have a Bible lesson or a history lesson. Dentistry you know it's early. A lot of people did -- again and they watch it Abiola said they were expert spotlight it too early. It and as we did we did talk about them on the show when that movie came about it before us. Saying while you -- the new movie was bad because this didn't really happen exactly this we will of course because it's a movie. And I believe Steven Spielberg did that movie from that mistake it. So they always are going to take somewhat different creative license with the with the movie they've got to make it entertaining and -- of course it's billed as. A documentary a James does it bother you that an atheist. Directed the moving. No I don't think it bothers me at bat because I think that probably took more objective view of the movie. And probably the reason why you may have scaled it back a little bit because he couldn't he couldn't. Make themselves. Do. Actually projects something like -- like. Want to do it all the -- now to make the story actually accurate -- -- you -- had to. It 700 known species of dinosaurs in addition to that and now the other species that have been on there. And you you know that you would have needed to create and manufacture away somehow we head into the water. But some other planet available period you know there's not enough water inside the or did you -- you know even now that it is that it happened. But at that time period but he did. Not Apatow and all right it just. Elected probably got yelled back a little bit just so that you can try -- -- a little bit of integrity itself. An independent and they do word god is never mentioned their creator is mentioned and I got a text earlier for three properly at that point. That may be more historically accurate because I don't know that they referred to god is god at that at that point maybe outweigh. But I don't know that god -- says bush prevalent in conversation then. And calling referring to god as the creator might have been even more accurate course we don't really know. They. Had I'm actually referring to god in any way what. Cheaper goods a major so actually the one -- what would it would it would appeal to put -- name. But any name at all I would quick -- and a -- This. Why is it. Why is it James that Christians -- the ones to. To always get upset I mean not every Christian but it always seems like it's Christians who get upset and to become overly sensitive about these things. I can't figure that out in less. You know you don't -- admit it but you're really kind of insecure with your your your own religion. All right well I think also it's the it seems like we've got a lot of people in the country. Who really want to embrace. Well. -- -- a little education and out of that little education and it just. It is and they talked a lot because that the American culture in other countries people at the world -- It. Hockey as we are in America and these are just don't just. -- -- And will they will become educated in certain ways they'll become educated with what they -- believe from the Bible that pick out things and then that becomes their education. James if you go see the movie's weekend and you wanna join us for your comments Monday night we'll talk about a Monday -- -- -- -- -- have a great weekend here's a -- recent movie JFK much of it shot here New Orleans. Would have been better if the garrison character would have resembled Jim Garrison. It wasn't believable. And -- Jim Garrison was played by a Kevin Costner. I don't know I. That didn't bother me about JFK at all but again there's another movie where Oliver Stone admittedly. -- they took liberties with the movie to make it a movie and to project he is. Feelings about. About what happened. There's an op Ed article foxnews.com written by Todd starts. And he says that he believes that Christians are being made to feel guilty if they don't spend money to go see the -- no. And I have not filter read about any of that debt pressure at all. He's also are not happy -- well I guess he he he forgives the director for not mentioning god because he says the director is. As an atheist but again I've Todd starts. I enjoy reading him because he is just so. Myopic -- one sided when it comes to our Caucasian. Christian issues. That I pipe I find it almost -- humorous to some degree a -- we're also -- talking about. -- chance making it on the cover of the Rolling Stone for the first time ever. And -- is finally going to be inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame and I believe the induction ceremony is is next month. And I believe it's it's in April. And there's some controversy about whether or not. Well -- I don't believe this is gonna perform at the induction party. Because there's controversy about only conducting. By Gene Simmons Paul Stanley and Peter Chris and he's freely. The original members of kiss and they are the ones are on the covers a photograph from 1975. On the cover from a Rolling Stone. And Gene Simmons wanted in Paul Stanley they wanted other members included as well because there were other people who were actually part of a kiss more than he's freely in and Peter -- if you wanna join us tonight with your comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889087. At a text number is 87870. Also we'll talk about this sudden marijuana party. No I don't mean like you get around you smoked pot but up a political party based on legalizing marijuana. Would you like a third party to be the marijuana party. We'll talk about and also here's our -- if you're a pretty general opinion poll tonight. Are you more likely to give money to a homeless person. Who has apparently them give is your opinion by going to WW real dot com I'm -- it will be right back on every WL. There you know there's still looking for any signs. -- Malaysian airlines flight 370 in the southern part of the Indian Ocean. And CNN continues with wall to wall coverage. I wonder how long that is going to continue. You know I noticed that there's that there's a guy when -- bypass him an older gentleman with a vote Shalala. And he's at the year at the corner of pointers and Kleber. Right you before you get on the interstate and -- I -- the guy yesterday I gave him a dollar argument dollar the last time a couple of days ago that I. I saw him. And I find myself more. More likely to give him money or more likely to give somebody money if they have a -- with. Does that mean that I care more more about animals that people here's -- W a -- party general opinion poll are you more likely to give money to a homeless person. Who has a -- with a now if you don't give money to homeless people in the answer would be no you're more likely to atone. But I think it's it's it's it's. It's an interesting thing that that we have to ask ourselves. Maybe -- it's not something that you consider but if I see somebody with a pattern I see a lot of people with pets downtown who were asking for money and -- I wanna give them the money. Because -- kind of subconsciously giving it to them. Because I'm hoping that they're gonna get money for their their -- Anyway that's a -- give -- a pretty -- what people to my right now 58% say no they're not more likely to give money to homeless person US pit with a and 42% say yes they are more likely -- give us your opinion by going to our website WW real dot com. And here's a -- -- -- turning into a wimp and fork over some money. If the dog is a puppy. From Indiana -- rich you -- under the WL. And still get the movie no -- I am. I think most -- changed thinking -- in -- You know thinking Jews know that this story I have no -- -- -- -- -- out or an outraged Allred generation. That might have been a localized flooding in the waged a hole made up -- what they -- what admit I was voting on what one. 21 and go get it back embellished over. Generations here alike got them you know somebody kicks a wedding fetal ball and high school. -- -- it makes it. It's a -- yard field goal -- that make IE extra XP he'd get that sat beside yard field goals in the game. Yeah and also everybody was there. Everybody knows everybody admits that they were there but it they they were really there. He would try. -- 48 greatly that Middle East he has that and get monsoons. And wouldn't you know that would. To build eight -- origin of the US -- -- rights. Well -- and and looked it Russell -- gonna have to build this and one two and a half hours. Yeah. It's -- I agree with you rich it's it's it's a story. And I think it should be seen -- And yet again I find it interesting that did that Christians are the ones who are upset about this movie when it's really ignites. I'd just a Christian story because it's in the old testament return a political if you enjoy nationally with your comments are numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. And our text number is 877. Also the had been the Q ratings -- Q rating isn't. It's it's a ranking based on on how people respond to the electability. A TV anchors of the TV personalities and they do this with local TV personalities -- national TV personalities but the rankings around for the most liked and the least like. Like TV anchors on television. Not not locally but nationally. Seoul world we'll talk about who do you trust the most who do you like the most who do you like the least and who do you think is the most biased. When it comes to TV news we'll talk about that on the show so on our website at WWL dot com Deere is a story about. An attempt to form a new political party. The Louisiana. Marijuana party. A group wants to legalize marijuana and they wanna start their own political party. Now I think we can all agree that we need another political party is this the answer could this possibly break up this. This dominance of the Republicans and the Democrats. Could this be something that could spread nationwide the marijuana party. Now. You know when I was younger. -- was part of marijuana parties but believe me it was a political party at all they need 1000 registered voters. To make this a legitimate party. And I don't think they're gonna have any problem getting that would you join the Louisiana marijuana party. I guess the other question is will what else would they stand for because a political party has to stand for more than one issue. Worried should anyway -- to -- -- night with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. At a text numbers -- of creativity is a Texan reads Eskew does anyone know how big this ship out was that no built. No we don't we don't know we only know what we've -- in the vital from Metairie holly you're under VW good evening. I had to talk about know what -- dated talk about it. Yeah yeah this is that if this is the best thing that Hollywood couldn't have gotten four for some publicity to try to get people to go to the movies that the flooding especially in Slidell but it doesn't flooding downtown New Orleans very much. Very often but there was flooding in the CBD today. -- outlined it well -- Metairie -- -- -- skate for summaries cents. But back to now one person and I heard a mentally that there is now forty days and nights of -- -- that for a month though. And he was saying did not play the Middle East that get two months those that'll yes there is yet and yet have. Why and gets monsoons through the app. Twice yearly that the -- -- and a the the thing you know can't get caught in the mountains and made it more -- And what is meant that -- is that also they get economic. Match typically at last on the -- today -- -- -- Yemen. With all the way to the -- So they get I mean yeah it is bad in -- okay it would be called the -- -- people using. We're talking about 3000 BC. They used to have for rent -- raids. Right now it's dried out -- back then torrential rains and yeah they have both buildings in the area on the look out mr. bell on. -- juniper trees. Act and yes -- billion. That that would purple building itself. I mean it is and what is even -- aren't just staying in Israel they beside the find out where they came from. They took the DNA they add it up by their DNA sample what they think the pure. He blues four and they came out with this -- gave land seek immediate call them. -- hand model happ looked right. And it originated in -- And Connecticut thinks that and -- why he'd been Yemen because. People don't retail lie but where did thank you don't get them in the Big Apple maybe college map that much right. Where they got. -- they -- I'm a major trade route. That went -- to Egypt and one of them major trading partners. I think people who was Egypt's celibate what -- trading. And in sense that mar what was that well in Yemen and all on the up and called the rate be used to caravan made out. They would get -- the Negev Desert be tried in the Arabian Peninsula. -- trade they kept -- that the hard way that every that was they got. And they people would carry them on into Egypt in 211 and and that again today and there's also -- fanatical than them and that Mesopotamia that would be Syria and Iraq. I feel like I've just had a lesson of world history. Yeah that would be a good nobody thinks come out that. That but my story as a lot of people who say debt. It may be at the Mary and the Mary and a -- that was the guy called youth who -- who was thought to have taken a -- -- -- -- Tag that. But I -- it came from Yemen and -- was caravan -- With these and sent markets went that they settled along their prey is. And that's so that you would probably originated in Yemen that old story came from there they kept -- because who felt horrible disaster for them. And they caravan that north and they settled along their trade group has -- story -- -- makes up but the local populations -- Now holly having this conversation with you to desist replaced church for such guardian of church now still. Why are we just ought to go to church -- feel like -- just had a had a good biblical lesson maybe this could replace church for Sunday. Well I think a lot of people did know that at. Well I agree I'm not I'm I'm I'm applauding you for for the details that you know about this in the -- aspect issue that you bring up about Yemen and and and -- Yeah is it it's amazing I was kind of amazed when I found found out about it and you -- that started all the animals yes he probably. Rescue it down you know his animals that he goats sheep whatever he needed. You know on his side they have you know. Well I don't we know that we we know that your story it's it's it's human nature to exaggerate stories overtime announced stories there art art art told it handed down and they're embellished in I mean even within a generation stories -- started being spread and they. Then there embellished -- -- exaggerated so it might not have been exactly the way news stories told the Bible -- If you believe that something can happen you believe that something happened but it might not have been exactly that. Yet it probably looked at and -- -- IBP he expected. But I think he has that patriarch of great pride and probably that tribe was named after. You know I I think about the the images that I have a -- from renderings. Noah. He looks like he could be 01 of the members of -- dynasty. He probably not I'd probably was. More affluent and looking because in the -- Yemen in it's right in the -- Horn of Africa. Canada and the and that Hebrew is an Afro Asiatic language it actually started it went in -- around -- Mary -- -- with caravan north. So he's a little more African many did European. How how is it that you know all of this as you cities your home and battery. Well I got very curious about a lot of things a biblical things and I have been studying it for a very very long time so. Were you you know quite often this sort of discussion comes up on our show by different things -- about the Bible because it's. It's something that comes up and -- cultured I'd be happy feet call us any time it comes up. And not like everybody in now at all by the way back -- look at the 3-D if anybody wants to look about. That's the name of it. Are you calling that our nation. All right here's attacks I hope this really is accurate the pelicans win their fifth straight game without Anthony Davis who was injured in the first quarter. The pelicans win 10295. Is it just a coincidence that the pelicans have started to win. After I was ranting on the air about -- Williams their coach. And how if this team has the talent to get a big lead in the game it has the talent to win. And where's the killer instinct and doesn't that. Fall on the coach. Interest. Then after that conversation of the year. The pelicans. Have been winning and I hope they continue to win. -- the -- tonight is titled on criticism of the movie -- like Christians those Christians need to really lighten up a from New Orleans Mary Euro on WL. Ailing. But take that -- thing that he's dead that applicant -- -- because of what you said. I'll applaud -- well right now -- it thank you. It's just that is it just a coincidence or did solve the show had an impact on the team. Is that it anyway what you want to say about. By the beginning that kind of discussion this lady -- -- -- -- you know people -- studied the Bible that I have that kind of information have been dying for thirty years that they aren't they don't want to say in and that. People hate me have that kind of information she hands. But I did want to say that this group of scientists that. I've been on TV. It's different. They -- state static. And they've found the -- -- -- bode well they claim with north -- built like the pitcher -- vote up on the top of the mountain in that part of the it was not a and and you know about. Yet and it try to cram -- bit to get it. But haven't been able to get it means to come down and go past. I want to believe that -- be communities for people come down and drop and but you have acute separate -- they would now though it is that they have accused but and -- -- people could get that boat and. Well I'd that's a that's a good point and I remember way and that's that would do were believed to be the evidence of that Noah's -- -- discovered a few years back and there was a lot of speculation that this is what they believe they have found of course I don't know that he has been absolutely. Approving -- baby it has been you know it's been -- proven but they do believe that they have. Haven't found I think it was not a -- if somebody was Colin and -- -- funding to replace a coalition. Very logical place -- listing if you wanna join us with your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. Texas 87870. And New Jersey teenager was reportedly suspended because he was flying confederate flag. -- pick up truck which was parked on school property. Should the student be allowed to fly confederate flag on their truck on school property. As something else were talking about on the show tonight and think about who is your favorite most trustworthy. TV news anchor who was who comes to mind. I would tell you who is nationally according to a survey that has been taken who is the most trusted to. National. Network anchor on television. I was really surprised. This is this cute show and we're coming right back at a bit of -- If you are just joining us tonight welcome to dispute show on a Friday night and had a lot of rain today is a lot of flooding has Slidell and -- the parts of via the city including the CBD. And it's really rare winners flooding in the CBD. And there is more heavy rain predicted overnight there probably in the very early morning hours so most of you would all be sleeping but not everybody. And there will be some -- heavy rain but it's gonna get out here and by tomorrow afternoon it should be very pleasant and 75 degrees so it's going to be a great. A spring like afternoon and tomorrow afternoon and Sunday should be very nice as well the FB the Q rankings and that is it. -- -- -- It's it's a ranking of -- have -- I'm a style surveyed it's done what they do is pleased they show people I don't know that much about it but. The they test with with people they test. Don't like ability in the recognized ability. Of of TV personalities. And so these these scores around for the top personalities the least. The least lights. Personality and TV as -- and -- concerned. Is Chris Chris Matthews with hardball on MSNBC. His. Like ability rating was six. Anderson Cooper was number two. -- eighteen. Scott -- CBS evening news was number one and nineteen. It's. A Brian Williams guy. I've tested had been dead and Rachel -- this might surprise you Rachel -- I've received a higher score in terms of like ability. And Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity and Shepard Smith from the fox news network and noted there will be people who will say well that can't be true then well. We tend to believe only the things that we think should be true as opposed to excepting. Reality and -- ability rating according to this this is something that is going on and television for a very very long time. -- -- -- ranks higher then to Reilly Hannity and Shepard Smith for Fox News so polish your favorite TV anchor. Who do you trust the most when I say trusted TV who do you trust most. To tell you the news. With a clear understanding that the media and anybody on on TV. Delivering the news doesn't have to be objective. They can be biased. Putting your trust the most. And who do you think is the most biased. Who do you like the least. If you what did you and Russia right when your comment -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78 and a text amber is he 77 for the nor short Tony year on the -- showed good eating. Say good evening scoop. I can't help but note that just talking about the news anchors I too also liked Brian Williams the network news. And I think fox and MSNBC world like political organizations that I reporters I don't I don't like in -- that Shepard Smith. It's going to be it but I do like. Anderson -- season. Yeah I don't know I would I tell you I like ought to say I do like -- shepherd Smith on and on Fox News new credit and then. Yeah I guess -- -- liked what he delivers it and others that they -- comfortable about. The way he delivers it is -- really surprised to see that Rachel meadows and reading list that was as high as a wise. Okay you about about the -- situation yeah I thought that -- talking about these these these Stewart she was so knowledgeable. But and it was very interesting is a great story but it's. It's an apology. There is no scientific or geologic consensus based on set commentary segments that -- -- to levels. That if let of this magnitude ever occurred in that it's simple that -- Okay yeah no question for the sake of argument say that this this happened. This would have happened before humans. And invented right. So this story it would have been passed from one generation to the next. Hundreds if not thousands of -- And we know how stories can get exaggerate it went that extra. Like. I -- -- yeah and a story can start tonight on Friday night in a bar and by the time it -- to be 2 o'clock in the morning -- stories totally exaggerated. Absolutely do so with the -- -- it you know. Look at us. Yeah it's it really interesting note Tony that here's a story in the Bible and it is indeed. A story because we have no way of knowing for certain that it took place exactly that way. And there are people who would be. So simple minded. As to question the accuracy of a movie about a story that we can't prove and on top of all of that it's a movie and I go to a movie did the entertained. I go to a go to church two to. Word about the Bible toward about believes in order to feel something about religion but I go to a movie to be entertained so it doesn't offend me at the movies not hardly accurate. I think the trailer that this movie and it looks. Spectacular. And. What Tony you see it we're gonna talk about it next week I'm open to see tomorrow and we'll talk about it so I guess Monday night there -- -- joke around. My -- be talking to you to have a great weekend if you wanna join us for your comment tonight our number is 2601870. Toll free 86688907. Protects amber is a 770. So -- -- -- studio producer just from being some information from a Wikipedia about Noah's -- he was 450 feet long. 75 feet wide. And 45 feet -- We got all those animals. On the ship. That was a heck of an accomplishment. If you gonna join us tonight are numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890870. At Texas a 7870. Here's a WW a pretty general opinion poll tonight are you more likely to give money to a homeless person who has a pet -- Get a shipping by going to WW real dot com this is this -- show and we will be parade decadent WL. I as of Friday night that we do have less of rain coming tonight but it is gonna turn out to be a really nice weekend. Here's an update on our WWL pretty general opinion -- tonight's are you more likely to give money to a homeless person who has a -- with them. 71% saying no. And -- 9% say yes. And one of those is more likely to give money because. They have a tent that a very very. Heart warming text. To read from somebody who says that they had been homeless for the last eight weeks and delegates that here in just a moment early you've got to traffic -- they force. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- for -- general thanks a lot for that so this is I ten eastbound a half mile past the base the highrise -- If you want to maybe avoid that traffic and if if anybody has any more information on affect anybody coming into the city westbound. If you see what's going on their -- wanna give us some information or call our show it to 601878. And if you have a designated text her in the car you can now have them send text to 87870. A -- would get off before you could get over the the -- because the traffic situation there. So here's a text that reads. I'm homeless. As of the last eight weeks this is due to my many poor decisions that I made. I used to not give money to people they had cigarettes or beer or liquor around them since I have been in this situation. I'm not a smoker. I have had to decide. Many nights whether to eat. Or get a pack of cigarettes. Right since and I'm not a smoke at a certain us anyway and goes on. To say or get a pint of vodka. So I can ignore the world around me and get a good night's sleep. Are their people to take advantage absolutely. But once I'm back on my feet. I will help anyone I can after going through this experience. It's one simple thing. It's about when you have nothing what can you give. The most simplest thing to have a simple comfort of the day. It's worth more than anything in the world. Love your show you get me through many bad nights. So here's somebody who says they've been homeless. For the last eight weeks obviously they have access to a phone and the phone is. He's able to charge -- she's able to to charge the phone. It's it's it's tough it's and there are there are people who are homeless who who weren't -- Bad things happen to good people. Sometimes things happen and sometimes it's somebody's fault and sometimes it may not be their fault but. The idea that everybody who is on the street asking for money is a lazy bone. Is. Oversimplification. That and maybe it's maybe it's easy for you to just pass an office that media. Maybe it's easy for you to ignore. The people if you think that they're just lazy. It again if you live in the suburbs this is not something that touchy issue as much as if you live downtown I'm not saying that everybody in the suburbs isn't. Is it concerned about people who are homeless but when you face it every day and as I do. You really do see how many people. Are on the street and many people seem to have obvious mental health issues. And I don't give money all the time but I do. Occasionally give money and I I felt myself live this week on on two occasions giving money to this guy on pointers -- -- right before you know on the interstate there. There was a dog with him and I see a lot of for young people with pets in the French Quarter asking for money. Are you more likely to give money to somebody who has a -- within this is the -- showed will be right back into behavioral.