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03-28 10pm, Scoot, Noah, Pelicans

Mar 29, 2014|

Scoot continues to discuss: Noah the movie, and the Pelicans basketball team recent winning streak.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now we've got a report that there is said some kind of traffic incidents on I ten eastbound about a half a mile past the base of the highrise. -- apparently could still get off before you game get across the high rise -- you might wanna consider that. If anybody else has any more information manually give -- call our number is 2601870. And we do try to -- on their right away when we have any kind of -- traffic situation also theory coming in from the west are coming from east heading west. And you see what's going on there. You can let people who were behind the -- and know exactly what's going on there a -- we've been talking about the new river walks scheduled to reopen a 22 in this is just another great part of New Orleans. And that's by understanding that it Toby Keith the country music stories gonna have a country music bar. Which I guess is going to be more like country music club as part of river walk this is going to be an upscale outlet mall and I think it's going to be great addition to that the riverfront area. The last time I was I was at river walk I just couldn't help but think what a waste. Got a lot of stores that had to -- closed a lot of empty spaces and it was just a shell of what it once this was before it was announced that. Somebody had -- and it was gonna redo it but I remember the last time I was there is looking out over the river. And was seeking about one waste this news I -- there should be a thriving area. Not just for tourist. But it should be a thriving area for people in New Orleans issued wanna go down to the river shall wanna go to refer walk. And it's this country music bar I think it's gonna bring a lot of a lot of locals to downtown which is going to be a good thing. Times I'm really surprised that there's not a really good country music for. In New Orleans years ago there were sent the hired hand on their clear view park where you know would. I remember I guess it was in the mid ninety's -- mustang Sally who's really popular Williams boulevard. And it's really surprising to me as popular as country music that's why is there no big country music bar. In New Orleans. In the country music -- that I did two in in more recent years in cities around the country are phenomenal. I I I I enjoy country music bars it. Actually the -- that there's a different crowd and country music power then in a dance club for a board that features brought music. One thing that you see in a country music -- is several generations of people. You'll see. -- something and then you'll see grandparents. All in the country music or you don't see that in in other other music clubs so I find that that interest. And an idea I like I don't know how to do any of the dances I wish I did but I don't know how to duty of the dances. But I like when they have the desert the around circle and everybody dances around India in in the circle. And I used to see that it places that we stamp -- release a price as popular as country music is. If we don't have that today and I mentioned earlier that I see this band of Monday night of this week at the house of blues the parish hall the smaller hole. A band called American authors of their big it is and investing in my life which is a really big it being played on the radio play and be on seven for example. And they they did this acoustic country song. And and most all of the young people in the crowd -- took about twenty something people it was an eighteen plus crowds it was a younger crowd. Almost everybody knew the worst -- this this country song that they did a cover up. The other thing that I I touched on and it's something else that we talked about on the show. And that is the the lack of places that are on the water. -- river for Britain -- dual dual refer walk at the riverfront locate. That's gonna be nice once it's redone but there are really not that many places that you might wanna say. Okay it's going to be a beautiful Saturday afternoon Sunday afternoon this weekend I just wanna go on. Have a drink or enjoy something to eat overlooking the river. Or overlooking the lake. When you think about the amount of shoreline that we had enough to really not that many places on the water. In any other city there would be a lot of places on the water more than we have here I think that's actually kind of sand. Also I noticed the the other day actually lose yesterday in -- a day earlier this week. I I I started to -- wanna do this older gentleman -- reporters and Kleber issued under the interstate there for pointers. And he has a small dog with him and I think it's a Chihuahua and -- -- his eyes light up -- and it -- the dollar. And I did at the at the day and I did again yesterday. And I couldn't help think that may be the fact that he has a dog. Is making me more likely to give him money. And icy -- a lot of young people in the French Quarter who have dogs and they've got signs and need money. And I. Am almost more prone to give them money because I think the money's gonna go to the dog go to the -- And does that mean that I care more about animals than I care about human beings here's a WW a pretty general opinion poll tonight are you more likely to give money to a homeless person. Who has apparently. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com we'll give you an update on that. As we -- that pull through on our show tonight. We're also talking about a New Jersey teenager who has reportedly been suspended from school because he was flying confederate flag on his pick up truck. In the school parking lot. Should the student be allowed to fly confederate flag on his truck on school property. The seventeen year old is named Gregory fide and he said he was suspended for flying the flag on his pickup truck. Which he says. Is paying tribute to the south. And his family in the south could you might wanna ask yourself well why somebody in New Jersey flying the confederate flag. Well and to people who have relatives -- of a bond with the south he says he respects the cells in and likes the self. And what's to fly the confederate flag. I don't have any problem with somebody displaying confederate flag I wouldn't do it but I don't have a problem with somebody doing it. If they really understand their southern heritage if they understand. Southern history and it not everything about it but -- if you really do have some understanding and some some passion forward the south. What I don't like is the people who used to confederate flag to announce they're white supremacist racist mentality. Now for those of you who were so quick to pass judgment on the ACLU. Thinking that it's his left wing liberal -- organization. The ACLU. If you pay attention. Is very consistent. And the ACLU is taking this case and representing this this young teenager in New Jersey. They're saying that the Supreme Court has made it very clear. That a student's rights don't end at the schoolhouse gates. And it doesn't and in the school parking lot. So they have rights on school property and the ACLU is arguing that this team has a right to. Show the confederate flag on it struck again did. Because you don't like it doesn't mean that it's something that should officially be -- To join rusher with your comment -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Nines are -- seventy. And a text ever. There's a 77. -- talking about some rankings that if come out about the most likable and the least likable. TV and news networks I'd Nusa anchors on on the networks and on the cable channels. So when it comes to TV anchors who do you like the most. Who do you trust the most. Who do you like the least. Who do you think is the most biased either right or left. Scott Kelly CBS evening news was number one. Now the most recognizable person according to this news survey is Anderson Cooper. From AC 360 on CNN he was the most recognizable. Laura Logan on sixty minutes. Was not that recognizable. But she had a very on strong rating in terms of like ability she was number three. Brian Williams NBC. Nightly news was number four. Chris Cuomo from new day on CNN in terms of like ability was number five. And and Kate's I think it's pronounced. -- Baltimore and efficacy president she's also a new day on CNN -- she was number six Diane Sawyer ABC world news was number seven. Ann -- number eight. I'm Morley Shafer sixty minutes of CBS number nine. And Rachel madcow. MSNBC. Why is number ten. Ritual -- now. Was more likeable in this in this survey which is it's it's a survey of people who are shown these different personalities. And -- -- judge him by what they see Rachel meadow was considered more likable. Than Bill O'Reilly Sean Hannity. And Shepard Smith and last on this list of of a Tony for. TV anchors on the networks and cable news in the networks which Chris Matthews from hardball MSNBC. From Picayune -- -- -- VW a good evening. Yes. Not the pelicans made it five in a row -- that the war at YouTube -- -- Well you know but it's interesting that since I've done that they started to win. I don't know maybe it's just a coincidence but since I've really got down on Monty Williams because he's got a team. It can get a hand but couldn't put it together and money Williams continue to give the same speech after every game it seemed like -- so many games like. While we are that we had the lead but it fell apart since that happened on the show the pelicans have been winning. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Issue that the court now the players you know the basic stuff like that about the bullets stopped. Well that's exactly the conversation that we have on the show is that they did it that's that's the job of the coach if you've got the talent to get ahead. If you've got the talent to have a big lead that you've got the talent to finish the game out because that's the intangible that lives inside of real champions. I try to look at it tell you what college ago in June repeated not gonna get it up on that evening. -- You get my problem. Alan I appreciate you saying that you have a great weekend. All right. From Pascagoula waiting here under the W -- good evening. And -- QB anybody. The real quickly. -- true people you'll lose yeah. Well and he -- yeah you well you know or. An arm you comment but you know. He and I would go on the water like you go well with -- but he didn't. You remember or off. Or towards all -- There. Yes do all the community meanwhile Olympia would that would -- everybody and and that was a really neat. And then all of that -- but think that people want to wipe out but out. But why you know it amazes me that that it was it rebuilt -- -- insurance rates are I think about what the insurance rates are for. Place like the pink pony -- the floor bam and Gulf Shores are all the places along the the did Mississippi the Alabama the Florida Gulf Coast beaches there even more prone to hurricanes that something would be only -- train. And and they always deals. Brilliant writer oh yeah corporate India and yet. As a lot with a lot to look apartment owner of all. And have a another department ought a ought to be all that and on and it would just try about the -- are open up the -- Job route to get anything on an owner you -- Could be an old. -- it's sad that we don't make it easy for businesses to go into business I've got a text here that reads a part of the reason for the lack of riverfront. Places is the price of the real estate. Well you can't -- only that -- okay so what it's not expensive on that the Delaware River in downtown Philadelphia their places all over the Delaware River. I don't quite as an excuse there's. In any -- in tennis people. The multitude of people not you don't eat goat like I did it is about but they're they're bought as bringing people out there at -- -- want to. OK let's just talk about the riverfront and I'm amazed that there's not more downtown on the river phone if you. I think about this occasionally like it's going to be a nice afternoon I just a wanna go somewhere and just overlook the river. I outwit the public yet -- -- -- -- court a lot but you know has grown up here to refuted. That's what we did a little -- -- did it. Everybody wanted it to groaning in law and then you -- -- it that was from the parties. Well that was it that was a typical thing to do now you know there's there's landry's and there's the blue -- the -- -- two restaurants are right there it could withstand. But while there's a view of the lake it landry's usually again and I'm just I'm still stunned and especially having lived in. Other cities around the country I'm still stunned at the lack. Of restaurants and bars on the waterfront. Whether it's the lake or or or the river. Maybe -- -- any of the parameter of the electorate up at all. Exactly it's just it's it's a surprising to me winner Greg Coleman and have a great weekend. Are here is a text that read it's. I think you should have a talk show on TV I would be regular viewer well it's a tremendous compliment if you wanna join us tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- here -- seventy. In a text number is 877. There's an average of you a pretty general of people tonight's are you more likely to give money to a homeless person who has a -- with them. Give us your opinion my going to WW real dot com. Hey maybe it's just a coincidence by its. When I really exploded. On the show. About money Williams and another. Big lead blown by the pelicans. Since that conversation in the -- Pelicans have been winning. Will be right back with more -- show on WL. It is a Friday tradition on the -- show here into the WL has some point in the show we always played a song it is the beginning of the week here and we've got some heavy rain expected to come through this area. Now overnight in the early morning hours but it should be really nice by tomorrow afternoon -- -- to the east of New Orleans you'll get the rain after we do which it might -- appeared day tomorrow. But anyway -- a great weekend in New Orleans. This is what you've been working for so just reach over and crank it up for just a minute. And I know there are a lot of people out right now there's a possibility you stay out really late early in the morning. You're gonna run into some showers in fact I was just thinking about all the bands that are performing tonight. Many of them -- my friends. They're going to be loading up equipment after their show is and -- it might be -- here's a quick update on our WWL pretty general opinion poll tonight. Are you more likely to give money to a homeless person. Who has a -- with. 73% say no 27% say yes give us your opinion by going to our web site. WW real dot com here is the text that reason why did you wait so long to get on money. He needs to have a passion on the sidelines. Not a stiff suit but would you one thing that really bothered me is I've. By I had a rare night off because there was something going on and I guess was that last week that the reporters last week. I want to one of the pelicans games. And they had a big leak. They lost. It was just so typical it was money Williams typical speech after the game we had a lead we -- ago we we don't need to be to. Again it's despair it was the same speech and then later that week the same thing happen to them again and I just made this cannot continue to happen. If the team has the talent to get ahead the team has the -- the talent to win. The game. So why isn't there more passion. And it's it's interesting that it would I have seen money Williams on the sidelines. Everybody shows their their passion in a different way. He just seemed. So lack passion whether he really did or not seem to to like it and if he's showing passion on the sidelines right now that's that's great. Went I think we've been talking about tonight's a New Jersey teenager are reportedly suspended because he was slowing a confederate flag. -- pick up truck. Is it OK if -- flights of confederate flag and again it you might not like what some people use it to say about themselves. Writes it's protected by freedom of speech. For slightly old John here under the WL. Thank you cute com. We got it figured -- you you have -- the job with the pelicans. I don't know appear should be their motivational speaker but. Our home they play in San Antonio tomorrow night met almost an impossible in San Antonio 100 bit to insulate forever and and make Indian sentiment ammonia so. What's your strategy for what are you motivate burger barn -- permit Kuhn its cute. And -- and he didn't get hurt tonight everybody's missing game. Respiratory infections. Would. You -- what you voted for tomorrow night. Well I I can't -- that motivation that's up to money Williams put it this is a team that if what if they do if they won tonight if they've won five games in a row that they're not gonna win forever but they could win tomorrow night. And this should be a team that builds on itself and they they beat the the confidence grows and if they know that they can finish these games out and again they've they've had injuries this season they've they've had problems. But if you have the talent to get ahead if you had the talent to have a ten point lead in the game. Even later in the game that you have the talent to win. And -- they just they -- they have to go on the road with with a mission and and learn and and you know if and Phil Jackson was just such a great coach he was. He referred to as the zen master. And I think one of the things that he he convinced his teams in Chicago and in Los Angeles was it doesn't matter what you just nine. Let's just do it again right now it's all about. It's all about the moment. And if this is a team that has won five in a row it's a team that could be the disperse tomorrow night but if they don't it doesn't mean that things are gonna fall apart -- I'm I'm I'm excited about the way they're playing right now. Well I'd. One don't get too long but I wanted to distribute -- ball and almost like the normal production arm. -- -- -- -- -- And they're they're almost the brotherhood dared now I think and I think Monty Williams is is growing as a coach I mean that's what I think because before. Carried it forward to afford it bury them. And were thought they beat the clippers in -- -- yeah it was all our. People injured and they still meant and so many key players so. I'm -- what I unseen in this scene could be. A great team. Next year and for a long time afterwards because there and they're grown together. And I asked for the record John I really like money Williams I think he has a really classy guys and I hope. I hope he works with the team and I just -- I want the team to work because I've been a big basketball fan too and in my life it. Having lived didn't I'd love that we have the NBA experience and here in New Orleans but in in other cities where there's an NBA team. The the the Arenas are full feeling about all we sold out but they're fully it's just it's really sad when I went to a game to see so many empty seats. And that would use we see the game on television so many empty seats -- of course it's changed a little bit because they're winning. But he has so it has bothered me that this city has not done more to to show while and and support the team. And you see that and other cities because even if it's a weeknight game and there's. Lackluster team in town. Other NBA cities do a better job of filling Arenas. Yeah it will strictly -- the sellout tonight and. And that this team can just -- a winner and keep grown played -- -- sitting on the -- has enormous potential. I think I think money -- end up being a terrific coach he's still young still grown into anywhere but I think he has. He has that special report these players do you. -- -- of -- one thing and then the other part is motivation and an inspirational. Tips for John -- -- called have a great weekend yes you weren't the pelicans game tonight or if you watch it you'll talk about the pelicans are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. The text of receipts every seventy have you seen a different money Williams on the sidelines. On tenure on the -- showing every WL. Good. Couple point about that because this issue and I actually you know broker talks about the boat recently and he would actually do well coached each year in general and the person that -- like -- the team. You know would probably need a bigger. Coachella market to work on out there like that could develop -- team that -- All in my redistricting get that you know the result is. Is that you know -- and the -- and you know just weren't that will help people Tyreke Evans does. You know. I haven't this year and Sacramento at those quarter and rookie year and then making -- sick and the main thing we didn't hear any struggle. Bullets in this story line. And you Beckett -- -- to gain. You know actually have a -- number right now over the last being connected being. On another thing about it down. You know. What it's like you know Al farouq Aminu and -- number right but you don't and to the you know and -- at least -- compliment -- you can tomorrow. Or. -- -- someone else you know. On the sixties you know don't know and make -- play at all. That we should be. Given the project with. You know people who are that keep your comment that -- game. You know you know it's still -- you know that I was. Pittman and as for the board you know blocks per minute. It up like that obviously struggle. If you you know that's why -- like. Maybe shall anyplace -- it's still talks com you know. -- a couple you know. That appear where people. All of you know and I mean for that number -- -- point out fourteen game. You know when he was questioned after Auburn has to show. You know who meet the couple -- -- -- you know get all that treaty that they need bigger. You know -- -- all else you know intermediate that you know when you put up just -- numbers you know. All I actually would -- the -- that I went to I don't get to go to -- because of the big shows at night. But I went to a game I guess it was a two weeks ago and I almost -- daily for. Anthony Davis he was playing so well he was just. Commanding the court and doing such a great job and I thought you know. Here's a guy who should be getting a lot more attention in the league and he was surrounded by a team that was winning he would be getting more attention. Interrupting that means is that the acting -- and but you know after that yeah we got the ball ordered speculate what he -- -- they let you know injured -- -- he. Deeper -- so that might -- -- man. People are. And it's kind of been like you know -- And -- had the talent the spotlight back and we played at this you know -- -- -- it -- put the there meant to anybody. Yet but it. Should still can't. You know. Aren't part of the Eric -- But no. You know and other. You know I don't I don't know what we'll see a couple of should mean. Quietly I think it another another thing that that seems to happen late in the game is. I don't know if money Williams has been the best coach when it comes to real time game time strategy. And the Tokyo. And public opinion. -- -- you know or wondered what. You know. We don't get. It. You know. Like if you go at it. Like it. An analyst -- positive right now five wins in a row they go to San Antonio and and hopefully this will continue and they're not gonna win forever no team denies it. This is a very very positive sign. And I like hearing that maybe there's a little more passion coming from the sidelines. -- I really enjoyed our conversation you -- -- any -- but if you're on -- stay with -- repeating this conversation but the pelicans also get some there was talk about the rebel flag. And are supposed to talk about basketball and the -- know which I've got plans to see the movie know it tomorrow afternoon and we'll talk about it Monday night your -- -- show. Other movie starring Russell Crowe and Emma Watson is being criticized by some Christians not all that by some Christians. Because it's not really historically you're biblically that accurate. C'mon you're going to a movie. How biblically accurate does it have to be also some people are upset because the director is an atheist. And that the name of god is never mentioned in the movie. But would they have mentioned god in the old testament back and anyway. All right you've got a comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. At seventy. Texas a 7870. Is -- good show and forty nights of we'll be right back. Very heavy rain is expected -- throughout this this area of New Orleans area included -- overnight tonight but it's gonna be out of here by tomorrow and tomorrow afternoon is expected to be 75 and beautiful. And then Sunday with a high of about seventy. And you should be very nice Sunday as well welcome back to our show this Friday nights now from Slidell Chris here and having WL. They -- arm around chorus. You know or may come on the level like. I I like -- thing you know like -- that stores recently what you do what the American lecture me. I'm -- here yeah those blows up Easter week ago. But you know I would generally agree you know right to send somebody yeah election -- -- -- and maybe a man out in schools all the and if there were there were -- That is -- sure democracy. It was school. We could Wear what more do we couldn't -- whatever we want to do. And and I don't know why like in the comfort that you should -- -- what are your war. But in school so on our plate right now. You know I think what they're trying to do -- keep the peace. -- The the only news. Or are they doing in the because one and only problem that the school that will execute law shoots and you know -- -- issues that the schools like it. -- -- Whoever comment from Italy I mean I mean that would -- and that -- Well Chris I think it's fair to say that's why they do I think that that you -- they'd they'd do it for that reason but inevitably they create controversy by doing it. And you know -- I think the lesson here is. What what what a great moment to teach students like. Somebody can do that justices this is freedom of speech. And the Supreme Court has ruled that students do have a right to freedom of speech. On on school grounds in the parking lot or in there in their in the classroom -- not -- -- in a disruptive way. But I -- I totally agree with that I remember that day -- it was like has -- talk about a -- Political affiliations. And look like -- institutions like American power structure chip on the shoulder. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A year ago it was it was bad news to tell somebody what political party you you you. You know. Are you on your part Opel though ward and egyptians put the culture. -- hole is. Everything they can of the extreme right now everybody do you know peacock whatever they think like you know criticized. I think that's I think that's a really good way to put it and I and I and I think you're right and if it's it's. It it's part of this. This whole idea that. This is who I am and did you have to accept me. And now I can do it's it's it's people defining themselves. In as something. First before there even Americans -- before their human beings and there -- There is a ranking aspect and I like the word peacock -- They've they've they peacock there -- A political views and dare anybody to challenge of -- -- and maybe one of the best things you can do -- -- -- they have a right to do that it's a shame that that's the motivation and and for some reason there's this deep rooted in security that -- in so many people and they're the ones who believe that there the most confident. But actually I don't I think they lacked confidence and there's there's so afraid. That if if they don't promote their religious beliefs that that somehow the country's gonna fall apart or their broad political police as well. Larry yeah I mean simply put that they would secure what are they are the flag shirt. On. -- -- not go to bio it but what I'm sure what we're just a couple of kids who didn't think about it you know that account of the -- the local Wal-Mart and think OPEC want grow our sure -- -- -- failure Shuster who -- Exactly -- they did it to intimidate people and and there are people who use a confederate flag to intimidate people their people use the American flight like to say wearing those. American flag T shirts on cinco divided I believe was a school a California somewhere around RS where there was a big Hispanic population to school they do it to intimidate people. And and and and -- freedom of of of expression and freedom of speech does protect that. That's not really why we should exercise our freedom of speech which we have the motivation should not be to intimidate people. Berate they guy -- and I -- it keeps being -- crucial variable that. And you know and it should make everybody shall strong in their police are actually part -- on the air about this before. Where nobody ever changes their mind if you'd -- I don't know it just I don't know -- it is just treating this like on comparable culture of our society. Well you're -- and and not I've noticed that also there are there are people who. Who are either conservative or liberal. And they're so proud of that. And yet they don't even agree with everything that the conservative or the the liberal ideology. Professes. And an even if they don't practice it. In some ways in their life they steal this is what I and they they align themselves with a group and for some reason but there are so many people who are in secured. If they can't. It in with a group if they can't align themselves with a group with me with a a bigger purpose and I may be it comes down to individual insecurity. Yeah like I completely agree it like like a good number rubble that was their abilities and future Republican or Democrat. Oh cool wonderful call. Chris I gotta get their bravery and I enjoy our conversation. Brigadier -- specialist exhibited real ignite -- here -- apology stay with a some -- right back to your calls on WL. -- blog tonight is titled Christians criticizing no movie need delayed now. Another blog is still trending a -- of you -- economies have baby boomers forgotten how wild they were. And it's about the celebration of life where people were drawing down its naked in going wild. On the Scheffler river. In point -- county op with the tea parish here in Louisiana. We've actually got some photographs from people naked in the river with that blogger -- cited dividend yield to account for New Orleans Brian welcome to this crucial. Backstage Bryant that I -- -- and not so hot that it. Armed Allen talked about it in your -- my money lions and the coaching and all that thing don't talk and I earlier. Armed I'd honestly think he's cease fire. And I. Serve all intents and purposes because. We don't say earlier is. It's random substitutions. -- and just black -- being able to win eight game and. Mean -- -- on. Nice little winning streak of five games. Angela entirely expansionist. Anti Davis and it's seen doing and out on aliens. And saying I did I get jet skiing and we talked about stuff like that -- Being the air it was violence. There's just gamble more time that Al Atlanta and examples are moderately and these. Get enough time -- and and produce. Well I've been very disappointed and it's a very disheartening to go to game this season many empty seats or to just or watch your game on television to see highlights from game to see so many empty seats to me it's almost embarrassing. And we've -- -- we've got to an NBA franchise in our city and it should be a full NBA experience and people should be going to the games. Money Williams just today. I'm up to this point after this fight game winning streak just does not seem to have been able to. Inspire the team and hopefully that's gonna change I'm ready attorneys reprise Ryan political show. I'm glad there winning and he seems like such a nice guy that I hope they continue to win or whatever he has done the get on to this point I'm hoping just. It keeps going if you wanna join us tonight on numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889. Jurors every Texas -- have -- have it. Will be right back with more of your comments of Mort you're taxed this is stepping WL.