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03-28, 11pm, Scoot, homeless people, rebel flag

Mar 29, 2014|

Scoot talks about: rebel flag; do we have the right to brandish it wherever we want to? Do you have more of a tendency to give money to homeless people with a dog?

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We are expecting some heavy rain overnight -- at a right now downtown New Orleans isn't bad at all and I hope it's good where you are -- to the west of an issue might be -- some of this and it's a squall like whether it's. Moving in this direction it's there a cold front moving through here. And I know many -- you find it to be a little -- you'd like it to be this time of year but it's going to be hot here soon enough so we embrace this weather. While we have it but it but overnight Simpson very severe storms possibility of -- I guess -- localized flooding. If you need some if you need some up to -- weather information. You can always get it by signing up for our service that we have all you have to do is text the word whether. To -- 77. And it's a free service from WWL we will give you alerts anytime there's any kind of weather alert. And this would be good for you to get on your phone and it's good for any any cellphone it's a free service from us but message and data rates may apply. It's available for any cellphone you like to have just the the smartest cellphone all you have to do is text the word whether. 287870. How we -- talking about a New Jersey -- teenager who reportedly was suspended from school for flying confederate flag on his pick up truck. And you know I took a coalesced are part of something really interesting he's basically saying. Why do people feel the need to offend people. Why do people feel the need to be so offensive. If freedom of speech. Happens to offend somebody. That's a lot different than doing things wearing something for the purpose of offending somebody. That's. That's not. The spirit of the First Amendment. Now it does protect. People offending other people. But the motivation should not be to a friend. The motivation should be to express yourself. And -- with politicians. As he was citizens. People who actually. Get glacier. Out of offending other people. And it's. There offending other people bite by pronouncing. -- I guess I guess announcing that they're part of this club what whatever the club is liberal conservative. Whatever. People. Too many people. Are. Showing off who they nor their part of this club. As a poster really being individuals. They're more interested in. Showing what public belongs to. And every -- is a shame and and and and I would think that that really is the result of people who are actually insecure as individuals. Maybe they feel less important if they're not part of a big group. Kennedy part of this whole group this is my group. And it's it's well known that people who belong to these political groups. Liberals conservatives Republicans Democrats or whatever. They don't always. Do everything that the party stands for and they disagree with I think his Fareed. But you know don't act like you're at the ultimate true conservative for the ultimate -- liberal if you're really not. And most people or -- to this country is made up of of people who -- really more like myself. Which is a radical moderate. And I used the term radical -- because and I'm very opinionated. I have conviction I have an opinion about it everything I talk about. But it depends on the issue I'm not gonna be part of any club. And I don't feel the need to. Two to somehow gaining importance by signal I am this or -- that. And frankly it makes a lot of people who listen to talk radio uncomfortable. Because they can't so specifically define me. And that is. I think a sign of insecurity is well. The need to define everybody or you just -- can't just enjoy life you can't just didn't enjoy. You you can't just enjoyed the week issues come up to talk about issue -- you have to be part of the club. You have to. To always. Always announce the rhetoric of your club in conversations had -- and promotes the the ideology of your club. And again think about how many people feel like they're more part of -- club that they are actually. Individuals. Also tonight so it would be talking about it lawmakers in Minnesota considering renaming the Asian car. Now it's my understanding and I'm I'm not an expert in marine life. But it's my understanding that the Asian carp can cause some some problems in in waterways. And so since it has a negative image. These lawmakers in Minnesota when it changed the name of the Asian carp. Because he gives a negative. Impression of Asian cultures. Please. Stop. The madness. -- seriously this is. This is political correctness gone wild. I don't know about you but I don't think anything negative. Of nations. If there's. -- nation car it's creating problems in our waterways. Answer people called early instead is actually good it's kind of a bony fish but it's actually widened and flee Nazi I thought carp which is kind of a trash fish and -- wouldn't need to. -- -- Of the this idea of which -- you know the changing the name of the Asian -- because it is it's it's a negative view of of Asian cultures is ridiculous who would we change the name of Asian flu which you refer to that. You know I've I've had the Asian flu like gas I mean I've had really bad cases of the flu might have been the Asian -- Did make me get manatee Asian cultures. If you wanna join -- -- with a comment about any of the stuff we're talking about tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86680. -- early seventy and a text number is 877. Here is a text screwed when will you talk about how great saint Bernard parish is in your top eight at eight. -- you know that's something we have to do I went to the crawfish festival the Louisiana crawfish festival was it last weekend. In and shall match. And my effort to Q these were there. And it was a beautiful beautiful day it was nice and -- -- enjoyed it's it will have to mixing Bernard parish part of our topic today born nine. I here's a Texan reads -- as a black man I support any private citizen's right to display the confederate flag on their private property. And respect. They're open. Not hypocrisy. -- for the West Bank Sam your under the W out beating Sam. It's good morning. You don't think about could be you know this subject could come up a lot -- bishop suspended the young man. Our predictions that ointment find out wall you know what you think you know on the bag and have you thought about well -- -- other students -- inspect the years ago. You know like 58 years ago -- get. And in the out -- back it and there was no political correctness there was -- mean nobody but I'd way to offend somebody. It was given nobody -- and work you know beyond that. They've won as much as things court today well I was in the doubt. And our little group was called the rebel rebel flag was you know we had the rebel flag would drop number on. And what the jamboree is what black kids like kids nobody sort of thing about it nobody was founded by. I'll bet awards -- what the college coach you I was in the outdoor. And first roommate decided that a -- without air conditioner what you're gonna work for them. -- -- grow out of bodies and chase the ball but. I was. It would not make for a couple of days a command not. Went to school worked etc. it would rapidly -- late night. Those guys the other baucus said sort of -- up but it aerobic and explore all got this young man up like John -- up. Biggest -- amateur and already had the flag got oh on well. And then -- -- but again I was naive not grill us and well some people are hurt -- that. Didn't think anything that -- -- makes it. And and that gentleman that you -- classy what it does say a word about it. Well about three weeks later apprentice has is that -- Who was from Baton Rouge originally. And he he was a -- That we had discussion about it so I am not that outdated that place as well you know he says you know there's a lot of that history botnet flag. And you know a lot of people does it does -- well. With our discussion. I took it down. And as well a -- says you know I tried tell you what to do that when Ali you're here your mom makes for an. If that bothers you it's like out a guy up there -- I'll keep in my drawer. They must over it in my out. They must have respected you for having that attitude. Well again I was so naive and again at the -- about atmosphere. In the mid seventies I mean honestly insult spree card real. -- -- Alabama you know from Louisiana. And again we went to jamboree and such and slide on mrs. that they were with and no -- that part of and again things will look species that. And again it's probably been -- -- The silent I am a bit but then. People were not as prone to announce their white supremacy racism as they are today. People -- not then people were not as as likely to say this is what I am. As a way of almost defending people I I don't. I think what you did his very reputable and in very respectful and when you do something. And and you do it today and there's no malicious intent behind it bullets one thing but. Unfortunately. There are people who use the confederate flag as a way of bragging about their white supremacist racist attitude. You know and I think talked about this and I'm sorry that it says not that Bob May you know as -- as it's not okay well no problem. And -- itself and again -- get back to that young man in high school. I think they need to talk what the and just on his mindset is about. Well it's my understanding that they did it's torture -- aren't great -- my understanding that he he says that he -- Stanley in the south and he respects the south and this was a -- to the -- now. I don't I don't know this seventeen year old and and I wasn't they're so -- I don't know. If if somebody is displaying the confederate flag for the right reason -- that's fine but nobody should display for the wrong reasons although they have a right to even do it for the wrong reason. Yet completely NASCAR race. And -- and not everybody has -- what it'll look. Exactly. But -- but let's let's face it there are a lot of people who weren't displaying the confederate flag. And they really don't know much about the south day kindergarten well in terms of history or even with the flag stands for I don't respect those people. Parts MR -- I'm glad I meant thanks a listing and have a great weekend. That this neat to offend people is is really had an interesting discussion and this is something -- will talk about born this on the show. It's seems -- if it being sensitive. To somebody else's. Feelings. Is is seen as a as a as a sign of weakness. And it shouldn't be. You can still be a really tough person. And be sensitive to somebody else's. Feelings. And maybe there there's something it's gotten really mixed up with the the idea that if you if you're sensitive your your weak person. Here's an update on our WWL pretty general opinion poll tonight are you more likely to give money to a homeless person who has a pat. Yesterday gave -- down to the skies it'll chew away at night a -- as a way to and I gave -- a dollar and this guy the other day. Stay the same place he's got a little dog within NIC people the French Quarter with dogs at I think attempted to give them the intended to give them money. Because I'm I'm I'm thinking about that the dialogue more -- the dog has has food. And of course you know animals can find food almost anywhere but does that mean that I care more about animals than people. All right enjoy an issue with your comment tonight. On numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890878. Text numbers 87870. I love this song best day of my life I'm hoping issuers. I just heard this week that actress Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin have have separated. Where Gwyneth Paltrow has said something that is insulting to every parent's. Not only in America but any parent in the world. I have lost a lot of respect for her over there's a -- even then it just a moment. Here's an update on our WWL party general opinion poll tonight so are you more likely to give money to homeless person. -- as a -- with a 74% say no -- 6%. Say yes here's a Texan reach you feel sorry for the dog. Because of the predicament it's human put idiot you know perhaps that's it -- -- -- in your on this -- show good evening. Kennedy -- what's up man burst out caller about opera man alert job. It's not sure what's. -- -- -- Oh here in all of it out immediately got beat up Shia people would accompany you block Otto. People under -- respective blob because I know that patriot Iran today. Backed its repercussions. I want which of thought on -- While Marvin first of all when you when you think about. Entertainment and whether it's comedy or or or drama. Entertainment is is based on common denominator it's based on. It's based on shared knowledge. Entertainment is formed out of the the information that we have about something. And in this country is more familiar with christianity. -- ideas with Islam. And so. There's gonna be much more entertainment about dead it's it's. Again remember that entertainment is created from those those those common denominator stated that people share it's it's what people know about. If you if you see movies about. People getting drunk it's -- because a lot of people get drunk and can relate to that or or drugs or whatever and comedy is based on. On -- it's it's not that mean I understand what you're saying and I I do think that there is a tendency to be overly sensitive. To to some things. And and and islamists who is one of them but. It's just it's produced just on a common denominator for that in this country now maybe one day there will be put right now. I'm christianity's the common denominator I I read to I read an op Ed piece of foxnews.com. By a Christian pastor. Who said that he was really embarrassed to be part of a group. Meaning Christians part of a group that feels like they have to be right about everything and he was he was talking about those who have criticized the movie -- Even though they haven't seen it yet. And his point was he had recently seen the a Broadway play book of Mormon. And he said man is it is funny mormons make fun of themselves. And and nobody says anything about it and yet. If if that was done about christianity. There would be Christians who would be complaining about that. And then he hit it in terms of know what will this is something in the old testament so this is not something that is just Christians so. Why would why do you why do so many Christians go out of their -- to be critical. I think the big go out of their way sometimes not every Christian but some Christians -- of their way to be critical and that makes news because of the year. Over criticism. Or their overt sensitivity to -- my god why are they doing this well it that makes news. What -- partners. I'll bring that to your church. I'm more I appreciate going to show if you are dressed slightly your comment our numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889070. At a section -- is state 77. Said that there is this a tendency. And we've talked about this on the show this week. There's a Tennessee by some Christians -- don't hear what you wanna hear hear what's actually being said. There's a Tennessee by some Christians. And and include some Christian groups. That are really overly sensitive. When it comes to anything involving christianity. By I think that the Fox News networks. Idea that there's this war on Christmas which is something that comes up every year I think it's ridiculous. Now there are. Some aspects of of respect for all religions. That prohibit certain displays of of christianity. I disagree it's it's christmastime it's something we've we celebrating this country and I think we should be able to. To have whatever we want to have up around christmastime and if you're not Christian you don't celebrate Christmas rolls so a lot I mean how does it volley. We're not trying to convert you by having a -- Christmas displays but. But there are. There are groups of fox Fox News this is one of them that benefit. From making people think that there's a war on Christmas. The government isn't taking christianity away from you. The government isn't taking god away from the government isn't taking religion away for the government can't do that and the government isn't. But yet there are people who have bought into this hysteria. That they're losing their religion. If you're losing your religion that's you. It's -- the government. That comes from you. And now there may be people who have gone out of their way in this country to be politically correct. And to say well if if if you do this that we can do this well that's true. I mean if you do put the ten commandments up somewhere. That you open the door for something else to be put up that we've had this conversation countless times and it's it's a not a conversation it's gonna go away. It's going to be -- for a long time. But why -- why are some Christians so overly sensitive. Why they bought into this this fear. That. That somehow. This country. And this president in particular is taking religion away from them. The president can't do that the president has done anything to take religion away from you. And if you somehow lost religion in your life the only person you have to blame. Is yourself. This could blunt tonight is says about Christians criticizing the movie no. They need to lighten up because it is indeed just to move -- or tell you one thing that. Victim of the star Russell Crowe said about the movie that I thought was really interesting he said you'll come out of this movie. And you wanna talk. About the stewardship of the earth. Our relationship to animals. What is spirituality. Who in my in this world all of these fantastic subject for conversation. Art that can do that for people. Is a wonderful thing. Now there are many people who will perceive what brushed a crusade is very liberal. Stewardship of the earth they'll think about climate control of all of these kinds of issues. Relationship with animals that this doesn't suggest flaky like the extremes of Peta. I mean I'm an animal lover I think about my relationship with the animals all the time. And the animals and I've had in my life I've had a very close relationship with those animals which is why. I don't have a pet right now because he's in my life. In in recent years I I've had to let go for a couple of cats and it just absolutely broke my heart so I've. I know it's selfish but I'm not ready to to deal with that possibility yet I'm sure -- again because I've got a great pet owner. And two time I'm single line I mean by live close to where I've I've worked so I can be home I can be attacked and anyway I'm gonna get a bill that but I. I -- -- relationship with animals stewardship of the earth that's that that's -- that we should all be concerned about. We would wanna pollute. An idea of pollution the idea of littering I mean this is a topic that goes back to when the baby boomer generation was young. And they were all about taking care of the ecology. Which was was the environment. But he -- if a movie based on. On a biblical story. Can get you to think about the Bible. Can get you to think about. To think about things. And that's the most you could expect out of the -- -- other than two were two and a half hours of simply being entertained. And people who go to movies for the purposes of of maybe having a lesson in the Bible or C. A history lesson if it's something it's it's based on history that you're going to the movies for the wrong reasons. Or are you forgot why you're supposed to go to a movie you'd you'd go to movies to be entertained. Now documentaries. That's a whole different story. I don't know how great this movie's going to be I hear it's really good. The that I got a -- and somebody a few minutes ago said don't bother my family and I got up and walked out in the middle. So I don't know what is going to be like I'm I'm going tomorrow afternoon -- right does this early tomorrow night and then. A we'll talk about it Monday night on the -- showed if you get a chance to see -- you wanna join us with your comments about the movie and you might totally disagree with my opinion. And I know what my opinions going to be because I've seen. Just being with -- -- -- -- -- in this crucial talk about it. Here is. Taxed. This is about as somebody who was -- was homeless and you know I've I've just I've talked about this often on the show and I'm sure you feel the same thing I mean if you're human beings. You can't help it sometimes be touched by by homeless people mean most people were not so cold hearted. Did they don't think about whether or not this person really needs the money. Now there are spammers out here. No question about it. They're people who could be doing something else and they're not and I guess the other question I have is that it was raining it was raining yesterday was raining. And it went by the same spot where -- -- I didn't give this a dollar to the guy yesterday in the dollar to the guy with the dog. -- laden. Was to get publicity and Wednesday. Because it was raining I guess yesterday. And it went by that -- -- for doses that was today OK so I did get to yes -- try to figure this out I gave it to him yesterday and he wasn't there today because it was raining. Do you wonder where homeless people go when it rains. I mean not for shelter but. -- I have to work in the rain mean I don't have to work literally in the rain but if it's if it's raining and think about all the people who work out in the rain. If you if you need the money if you need to work -- would you be there in the rain and yet. So -- that causes me to wonder some people are just out there because well. This is what we do it I guess some people do it for the attention. If nothing else in their life says it's a wave did that of course he need the money to would. It's it's a way of making contact with humans. I just I develop somewhat of a different attitude about the homeless in general. Living downtown. And I know it's probably not a good idea to give them out and I often don't. But sometimes I do. And I don't know where the money's going I hope it's gonna be use for the right thing. But I found myself being. More attempted to give money to people who have -- with them and I'm thinking. It's just a quick subconscious thought that I I wanna help the -- While I wouldn't wanna help the human being. So here's a Texan -- I have three young man that works with me. And he is the epitome of change. The way you look at things the way you look at change. He once lived under a bridge. Due to a bad drug habit. He's now incredible contributor to every aspect of life. He does it knock himself for the experience he created. He loves on himself for moving on he forgives himself with humor. He calls his former home living under a bridge. A 45 million dollar house -- that's probably what it cost. From New Orleans James joined every WL. Do carry on Beijing's. -- to make a comment I heard he's saying and I think I got it right to yours magnetic government really can't take your religion away from you. I get that. Well again a couple of examples and things and seeing before the Bolshevik revolution. Russia was about eighty to 90% Christian. -- the time in the wall came down. He has -- most state religion was taught in the schools. All religion most -- mythology christianity and I'll -- them. And I believe it was dial up or one of the big polling organizations came up. -- something less than 15%. Of people lose. Police and by the time that in the years of communism and work -- will. I'm not saying that the car and take our religion now apparently but I sang it quite the Communist government in a press religion and pretty literally taken away from people -- and things and I'm going to church class. Referring to our government in his country and obviously government. Mean government could not take faith out of year of your hard and what ultimately happened with communism in the old Soviet Union in Eastern Europe. Isn't it it it's failed to. It failed to respond to the human spirit of trying to advance everybody was -- treated so equally. It's I've done that form of government defied. The the human spirit and so there was this spirit that was living in people and it was miscommunication. It and meet the government no longer capable of of controlling information they got to the people and and once people knew what was going on outside of Russia. Well -- that the human steered the human spirit groups you know government -- -- can't take her away from. Had generations of people Peru religion -- illegal. So well but not in this country I mean it's certainly can't. And I speak out from our guys to get back our government and I am not going to be as extreme as some of these people but apparently. You know if you think about the HHS mandate. Against organizations. Forcing them for birth control which is against Catholic. Doctor and think about it well. Thought I thought -- I thought there was an exemption for for religious schools and religious. And. Back -- smoking -- that's -- that is the biggest. Like count for integrity in town -- big education that Catholic the Catholic I'm good government and -- injury I can only -- games -- out front. Does the Catholic Church benefit from the government in the same waited for profit businesses benefit from the government. Not bow wow OK so the Catholic Church doesn't benefit from infrastructure doesn't benefit from the security described as it benefited anyway from the government. Mean it's an honor not. Anymore and every. From -- OK so -- -- -- -- exactly so we all benefit. It's a -- well provide real -- Catholic organizations. And they did not exist the Catholic hospital could not exist if you were not for some aspects of the federal government. I was not about it -- -- and so that's so that's and that literally no no that's that's that's the relationship I mean it's it's the relationship. A case I want quick yeah and then I'm gonna ask you another question. -- had like contraception is nine dollars a month that Wal-Mart target and everywhere else. Why. Insurance is for those things that we can't sport we buy insurance. Not for things that we can afford our alliance. And nine dollars a month for contraception insurance is for the unexpected. The big span. For anyone to provide contraception for their employees is absolutely ridiculous that make no sense. And in the case of forcing religious organizations. In direct violation of their deeply held religious views she. Is an attack on religion let me tell -- -- okay do you -- That be obligated in those outlets in ago in a decade if the case of the Catholic organizations -- launch it will be struck down and bound to be unconstitutional. Does that impact on the registry. -- our -- If the Catholic she is so strictly against contraception. And why do so many. -- If not a majority. Of parish priests tell married couples it's up to them to decide about birth control. I would say it depends on -- diet see an -- -- leisure and it immediately that's not true if it is such strict aspect of the doctor. Why is it allowed to be. Left after the couple. It has to be left the cops on a free society the church proposes morality. And teaching that of course about people whether it made to order. And of course we contraception as an unusual one because most Catholics. Don't really by doctor in the not the point. The point that is deeply -- doctorate of grateful Catholics those who believe that all of -- Changer there are so many -- there's so many faithful Catholics who absolutely disagree with you and you and I are gonna disagree I I do have to -- to -- break. Yeah well it's it it is doctrine of the church that is not. You know it's not negotiable. Well it's one of the lower -- one of them it's one of the more in my opinion it's one of the more hypocritical aspects of a church about a Catholic by the way. Are. You glad you agree that it apple -- agree that it's hypocritical. Klitschko shows -- sourcing if you wanna join us with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Setting -- -- 7870. -- penalty and it -- the discussion will probably get into them more next week because we we talk briefly about the Supreme Court making a decision about the the hobby lobby tasted. Of course this is a little different because. If it's a for profit company. It benefits in some ways from the federal government so why should did not have to adhere to the basic rules of the federal government. I'm astute and we'll be right back -- the bureau. I've before the show ends I will tell you what Quinn at notre said that there is an insult I think to every parent. Let me just get back to this -- this last caller we had. If birth control. Is such a taboo in the Catholic Church then why. Do so many parish priest openly give couples getting married permission. To use artificial birth control. And to suggest as the caller did it only faithful Catholics file of the doctrine that opposes birth control. That means you're not a faithful Catholic if you're on birth control and yet the priest in the parish has given you permission to use artificial birth control. This is why this should not to be something that the Catholic Church is focusing on because it's absolute hypocrisy. And telecast. From -- Peggy you're under the W well. Hi I'm I'm. I'm gonna go back to person. Come into money on the corner -- You know might change in the -- we do channel -- From personal experience. Lived in Metairie a year and I can. When I can -- in Metairie road compact that caught our everyday. And there are quite often people standing near a different variety of people paying him a -- thing -- there. Com on opposite corner everyday. And I'd give I don't give money but by -- peanut butter and they're at it. I give that to people who -- banking and wherever they are deep like blocked of the complaints that doesn't fit in the city. Do it solidly. Do the accent that really happy to get. Yes for the most part they they tell you think you're gonna hit them Bieber in orbit as the time that say thank you. But is there and I have a tendency to give to people who have. Give money to elected at the youngsters in the quarter and and the dollar so the -- it to my attention. And so why can't they can about a cracker and -- -- In my to get -- it -- I don't then it's like a regular people's houses and all have -- -- have -- I like -- Maggie I'm gonna have to -- two breaks that we get this next break out of the way to tell you cannot be real quick hand at the Dartmouth and a cracked when he -- -- -- And it looked at the this debate is what is it. I -- crackers peanut butter practice any dog -- your -- dock your. And it looked at me and eat it OK. It is -- -- the you know it would no doubt this. -- is no question that their people out there who are taking advantage of the opportunity and it's it's truly ashamed and I you've given me a really good idea about having some edible items and having some dog guided cyber SE a lot of people on the quarter who have dogs it. I'm -- is I'm gonna start doing that Peggy I'm glad you called -- have a great weekend all right so let's get this break out of the way will we come back before the show as I promise and its they would gonna Eldridge said. And -- to me it's actually outrageous and I have. I I've always thought she was kind of a spoiled brat. And now I've lost respect for that's coming up next on there WL. I have always stilted -- Al Sharia a naturally beautiful woman but I've always. Felt that she kind of had this. Conceded spoiled a year about her. -- a cultural and her husband Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin announced this week that they're they're separated. In talking about her job is apparent. -- said. That her job was apparent. Is harder than your job as a parent. Because shooting movies doesn't allow her to have a nine to five routine. What part of that is offensive to you. First of all. She has enough money. To not work. So she's so concerned about not having a nine to five routine. Why doesn't she stopped beating her ego and stop making movies and stay home with the kids. And I just I think what she said is an insult to parents. Who wish. They had the money and resources that she has to make sure that her kids are always taking care of when she does have to work. Because for many have you. You don't have that what you have security that your kids are taking care of but they're not. They're not with nannies are not with people all the time and and she could afford to have with her wherever she ghosts. Movie set or wherever got in every case but in a lot of cases I just thought that was his -- -- a highly. Insensitive just ignorant thing to say an insulting thing to say. That's her job as a parity is targeting your job as a parent because she doesn't have been nine to five routine we you know what -- If you don't wanna do movie store new movies because nobody's nobody's making you do now. I'd like with Pelletreau and in in movies that I've seen. And even though I don't respect her for saying in this if she's in are really good movie and I'm gonna go see the movie I'm not gonna stay away indictment -- -- -- -- volume -- said I'm never gonna go to movies again. While on on not hypocritical I'm gonna still go to movies but I really don't respect her saying their -- it really. It just it it it's kind of a reminder. How out of touch. Not some people -- is nothing wrong with being rich. But there's something wrong -- is not understanding. What a benefit it is. To be rich. Here's a final update on our -- WL pretty -- opinion poll tonight so are you more likely to give money to a homeless person. And as a -- with a 74% say no and 26%. Say yes here's a text I'd never give money to people on the corner. But I have a little bag filled with wet wipes Sox snacks. A travel toothbrush toothpaste and they're very grateful for the nick next. Yeah I'd love the wet wipes if I was almost as a major muscle. I want to thank project -- studio producer. Avery coming overnight should be a great day tomorrow enjoy the weekend I'm -- -- New Orleans.