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03-29 12:10 pm - The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Mar 29, 2014|

WWL's Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris, talks food, recipes, cooking, restaurants, wine and dining with WWL callers.

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But this is the barbecue ribs voice of your local announcer Tom Fitzmorris. And this is the big 870 WWL. And WWL 105 point three FM. It's time for the Saturday edition of the food show we -- a Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and Friday addition to the same time different station. Over a thirteen fifty. And that is why. Numerous times during the program although I really really tried attitude to -- -- crank up whatever part of my brain is feeling to do this. And we'll give you the wrong telephone number because of so used to sing the other one that the use of real -- doesn't come out but here's the real this is it. I'm concentrating now. It's 260. 187. We have a toll free number two I think I'll get that right as well 866889087. And I do Dave. That it that it delegate right. Anyway -- what we do here for -- three hours today we get all the way to 3 o'clock is so we talk about food. And I know that's very general. That could cover anything from corn on the cob the stick of gum. The glass of water. All the way up to. Let's say a you know. Roasted. Baby goat. With the natural sauce. And with orders -- -- And you'll Odeo. Boy that would be a cream sauce would be too. But we do it all including the all the ethnic cuisines of the Chinese food these. Latin American food and you know whole range and the fewer than anything good to eat anywhere. Any time. Called me and tell me about it here's why when -- just trying to use you to fill up the show. But you have gone to restaurants that most of the people listening to us right now have not been too. And the -- that you order. Are not the dishes that people who even though they went to the same restaurant you went to -- they didn't get those same issues. You're dining experience is pretty much unique. So we'd love to hear from about that and what you -- and also. To a lesser degree I mean I can't say I'm happy to hear about this because I wish every Rezko were terrific all the time but the effect is that they are not terrific all the time. Every now and then made the mess up. And what we don't want a -- -- the -- already thing but if they're consistent abut that and or or rude or don't who are willing to. Fix the problem of manually but I think we have the right to complain -- it's this is getting more expensive all the time speaking of and I will get to Robert just a second here. I was looking over. The dinners that will be in the New Orleans wine and food experience that's at the end of may. But the menus for a lot of them have been posted on the Wednesday. Before memorial Thursday. They have -- what they called musical in new dinners I think -- a different name for them with same idea. Aware they have a winery or to come in and serve their wines matched up with the food of some you know first class restaurant. And those are always great and well worth going to but I have watched over the last. Well it's deceased since Katrina to be on the safe side those dinners. Have risen in price from 75 dollars which was what they were for a long time. Two this year so far. What I've seen. Is not on all the rest until their menus posted yet the prices but all the ones who do. -- well over a hundred dollars. Like hundred when he. There's a couple of hundred fifties there. So it we're spending money like that and it's not good. -- I don't think -- that's what one of the reasons we're here it's not the main reason but do it it is one of our functions so would call us and tell us. 260636. All of their radio and early it's only a quarter after the hour and -- -- -- a -- I would do it and I -- trying to but it insists. A mind knowing bill. Let's see here Robert is our first customer today or is it -- their way to -- but that for me -- -- every -- Somebody comes in here and messes up my. This this this gizmo every week but. He probably says the same thing about me whoever it is Robert welcome. Like it Saturday it will honor Friday at Logan. Where were denied. -- One. We've got to beat writers were short Sunday it would have been at -- -- -- -- And order. I -- yeah right on the corner of saint Peter. And charters right diagonally across from Jackson square what do location. Yeah sort of -- step -- calling nine. So what do you. Hear the creditor restaurants and you know -- and you know try and -- -- Hero not expert you know certain. Different different you know and I'm certainly there -- no. -- So you don't want you don't want to and this is for what -- Sunday brunch you say. No doubt that it -- be for tonight to -- and you get a -- they have those ceremonies. The -- Bill out there but it's useful or people you know I live in a courtly. Go there often so distraught they -- a lot. All right. Probably. Okay right around the corner from from the are on charter street. There's a rest on calls sold me. SY LV -- -- this is one that doesn't get clocked a -- enough but you would never know it to go windier as it's always packed. You do on the reservation that we do it right away on it this is one of the hit this place -- of round they have a little courtyard back. And have. They have a bar that makes really great drinks and you can even eat at the -- a lot of people to infect their retirement did therapy that bar but they have regular tables as well. The the it doesn't look like it's gonna be especially good but it is the chef here is just some -- and use his food. Is way beyond what you think you could get the prices or okay. And it's a swing and kind of a place I mean it is. All of meet and greet French Quarter reds are kind of kind of restaurant. Okay well well it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- have been open about two and a half years elegance and two and a half years maybe I'm number regulars what. True. To make it real easy for you when I went with few weeks ago. Just the second you know -- -- over into mine my database. And sold -- phone number is asked why don't but the only rest -- that starts with that. 265. 81232658123. Or being. -- means it will be. Our next week. Yeah please to let me know aren't. Number -- food show resumes and infect doesn't even stop and Terry steps up. And the pulls the microphone up to the right height and Terry welcome. Doing great you. I'm probably too -- into Iran and Slidell or -- comments about a restaurant called -- -- Absolutely have been there three times. In the this this story behind this let me tell you what it is real quick. It's a steak house. But with the big creole menu attached to a New Orleans sort of semi French semis Italian you know how -- mix things up here. In mid majors -- Ought to have a normal reasons. Well well I was always working up to that because. The -- one of the two partners who's running it is the son. Of Joseph well and -- English who for a long long long time ran. Restaurant -- -- which on saint Claude Louise. For ages. And they they retired after the hurricane but they came back out of retirement to help these these guys put the menu together. And they do a lot of the dishes that you will remember from the old man that you and that's a pretty uninteresting to me it's a very cool looking place. They have live music a lot of nights. Maybe even I would think if there is this going to be there any night it will be there Saturday night but the food is very good you do need to reservation which. -- -- Issue is that from he'll manage our menu or they eat berries -- Yeah the only thing that chicken Clemens so they've got that they've got the the oysters the way they used to do with the garlic butter. They have the trial -- ditch and you can get -- man that show with Greg -- on top than you know all that kind of stuff a billion boiled beef brisket you all this old fashioned one Owens. Food that we don't see much anymore. -- -- -- our secure an opinion because. A little while very strict and customer bandage and -- they change -- -- to drink yeah. Well no this -- even if it weren't Lloyd and Joseph well who you know Joseph well did all the Coke and she was this over there. Try it even if they went back in time forty years and became the thirty year old versions of themselves and and did it in the same building doing exactly the same dishes with the same recipes. You would say this doesn't taste like I remember. Or so -- That's that's in the can't avoid that because your -- changes as much -- the restaurants do but so don't go in there thinking youths you know gone into a time machine. But you will like it I with the meals I've had I've enjoyed. Okay actually comments -- -- we appreciate it. Thank you thanks for calling the name of the restaurant is sapphire. It's on highway eleven but the two blocks to three blocks. Toward the lake from the train station. In a big. Fairly new strip mall in the corner of it. And if you remember where the old white kitchen. Used to be in slight hill that is in fact exactly the spot although it's it's totally new building. Probably a break is in order right I was about to do -- we will come back -- more of the food show in just a moment but first please this quiet approach show. The big 870 WWL and WW 105 point three FM and WWL. HD one. Lonnie welcome. -- It out yet you want it in your report okay prepare good. I'm took that -- -- -- Justice Wednesday. To partly. Really really enjoyed the new revived shore at least Harry. Charlie Charlie Statehouse okay. Yeah. And it also re very very. It's signal signal. They're doing and -- and change real chances. -- it should actually I think that decor that a lot better. But they did all the renovated. All the renovation and -- attempt to put that. And -- -- IPad. I can't see an all time. Well my -- at the -- that I -- catch what that 24 and one match under the trial. They have they have to what they have the really really big one and then they have the ridiculously big one. Yet he adds that really really. Not that we -- And he's not he really. So it would -- was his Arctic. And that. -- -- -- -- like I wouldn't call that certainly. A day I played all but -- that kind of like -- And there's no question about that I remember the first time I took my wife there. My best man and I had a habit of going to Charlie's for a long long time and -- -- once we took the lives and my wife had particularly since. OK now I know what you deal in with you -- you don't have to bring me back here anymore but it's. It's it's it's not much of looks I mean you got to admit that it's more notable place even after they renovated it. Other -- left everything looking the same because if they had changed a lot people would have been really upset. Oh yeah you're right. And of course it's -- want -- yeah yeah yeah. Was the only thing that that survived the hurricane it was is that the whole place had been really badly flooded. But somebody for some reason had put all the plates up way up on top of an old refrigerator and they. The plates made it through unscathed although. The fifty years or whatever it is to actually go back to 1932. The plates may have been here since then and they're starting to curl up on themselves. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Have but it it was nice giving matches and state. And the yet. -- agreeing that Alex you know. -- went -- and I really enjoy. -- Actually you -- get a -- report and Charlie. Oh thanks will opt out will be packed. -- -- The food show. After Katrina this is fact I've said many times before but -- it bears repeating. After Katrina. I had sort of set myself up not intentionally just worked out that way. As the guy who knew what restaurants were open and what restaurants are closed in fact they still have that list going like I updated it just this morning. We have -- we have 14103. Restaurants operating around the world and today the day before Katrina we have an 809. So 600 more restaurants than we used anyway. After the storm the number one restaurant in terms of frequency. That I was asked about as to its future and when they were gonna open or what are they gonna reopen and all of that stuff shortly steak house. Absolutely. Number one ahead of commander's palace ahead of mr. -- had an -- -- all of them. I got nowhere near as many requests to to tell about it as I get about Charlie's steak house really. An amazing thing. So we must love it. 260. 187. We have vote a new spring here I think it is time for Don aims to step in and he -- coming into the little baby steps for some reason must have the -- -- alone it's modem with the U. My feet well let me do the things that they should do or some like that. Hello it's the food show its thirteen fifty. Three WL I'm wrong station I didn't get the big 870 WWL -- WW 105 point three FM. This is top of -- call me and tell me about where you've been eating or abuse or if you need to recipe. We need to help with a recipe or you want a brand about a recipe that's already perfect. If it's -- food it's always welcome here. You don't have to wait until somebody else brings up what you wanna talk about for you to talk about it you can just do with all by yourself just called me. And I'd be very happy to talk -- -- and the more people call the better of the show is and that's. But and after 26018702601870. Our program today is sponsored by Iran or boys. Which is changed its hours and MI glad because -- used to waste so much time in these commercials telling you when they were open and now it's very simple they opened at around 10:30. Thereabouts 11 o'clock. In the morning in the go till nine at night or thereabouts is sometimes they -- a little later. Every night except on Sunday and all afternoon long -- he can go in there and discover that they cook everything. Right here. They don't bring in and the pre cooked roast beef for any anything like that. It comes out hot and delicious and they have everything from below a million different kinds of four -- All the way through platters of red beans and rice Italian dishes seafood platters the whole range. And it feels like -- New Orleans neighborhood restaurant even though in -- he can't put -- -- -- -- neighborhood you have to put it on veterans highway in the strip mall and that's where they are but they -- their -- 36 years. RR a an apostrophe S remember Europe Iran issued godfather. 3939. That are just -- Cleary. Duty duty do you do you he who did you all look there are people here it is Wayne Wayne Wayne welcome to the food show. Thank you. As -- about it will -- restaurant one out you'd like but that opened up you. Have you. Know hours or did -- end. I have been I've been a few times. It it. Is we're going to vote a classic old style New Orleans neighborhood -- neighborhood west and style seafood investment where they have. Always is on the half shell that's real good they do grilled oysters they of seafood platters of all kinds you know all the fried platters they have the flounder. That you remember from all the old west and places but -- menu gets a little bit more ambitious you know they have boiled seafood too. And you've got this great view of the way from up there and the well I'd better of the food is for sure better than FitzGerald was at least in my lifetime. And -- it's it's a nice looking place but it's way up there because they had gotten what. You know what -- where floodwaters. Right the -- -- well worth going to it's very busy at most of the time you might have to wait for a table and what are they take reservations I don't think they do. But it's good you'd like. And there -- sure you call that led. Ultimately the night live the -- it's just stupid joke -- for thirty years you were right there right now. Yeah but 0010. Yeah yeah currencies. Yeah it. You can almost see me in the -- from on top as a -- that the key -- concede. That it. Could play about it -- Oh well that's a little by and it's even farther out than I am I'm in Libya. Are you going to be on the -- yeah that's where a little Waldheim -- -- to buy Christmas trees in the guy quit. Quit if that's why they're able long. Armed and win. A nice talking to you thanks a lot -- have fun. You might call after you go in effect that's it's something I will ask everybody if you go to any restaurant I tell you about. And it's either just like I say or completely the opposite called me and straighten me out. -- or blow me up some Mike -- in welcome. -- -- oh I'm sorry it was the blue crab opposites on. It's islands the old base in canal on lake shore drive right on where you'll -- used to be. Why didn't you -- -- -- -- Due to. Have a group of people. And -- club in the chocolate places to eat in yeah. -- went from one account and and there popped out at her and maybe 3030 -- -- in the back -- including Al you know get caught in the if something. Making it it goes like this die is door red maple and like get kidney rejection. -- -- -- -- It hold that all of that that. -- that's tough is due to bad news for a lot of restaurants the only way you'll get that is by taking over the entire rest of the night which will be more expensive than you might spend. Aren't they can't. Like Andre it. Yeah well you know and raises a very large restaurant and in Metairie. Did you say that where you want it to be I can't remember if you do. On the net net we need to hit me. -- in the quarter so much that simply and easily you know up and drop dead. Yeah. Yeah okay. Let's see the maple street cafe we've got some good dinners there. If you don't would be a great when. Mr. Ed. Opened up re opened what used to be bozos. He took that overbought at him about a year ago now. And I'm telling you with that place is great and they have up a they have to dining rooms that are very separate from one another -- the far but the one farthest from the front door. Eighty people what I think fit just about right in the air. I love the food needs you'd certainly be able to get it for the price of that -- that's that would be a good. Well another another one in the that price category. Would be Porter and Luke it's on Metairie road. That kind of four in that little shopping center that has the Whitney bank unit in the few of the things. They feel they have a private room that -- -- -- even more than eighty people but you don't find too many big private rooms in the French in the year in -- for some. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You could. What do you the weaknesses don't tell me said. Tuesday oh great. On Tuesday some restaurants might open especially for you and them I'm for that number. In the place I'm thinking of -- Redemption. It's the place that used to be Christians. In the old church there was that the shift players to respect I think he was the original ship they have little problem getting off the ground place but. -- -- We speak about maybe Q3 years ago did you like the. Was it was not it was not where it should be at the beginning but they've really come around. And I would give it another try to grow complacent. And on a Tuesday that they're not ordinarily open on Tuesday but for eighty people I guarantee you they will open for. -- there of their -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- India goes does they do have a room but then Venus is always pack. And I don't know if it's big enough for eighty people but it wouldn't hurt to ask. Goes so go ahead and and and ask him they might be able to. We've done in the club dinner there but we don't -- took over the whole place with the new I think we have a hundred people. -- -- Yeah they got out these bank is an upcoming restaurants but yeah you know and they cannot take it out -- you know booty cascade. Of -- can play it by employer at all but behind the ball. Yeah that's -- That is been a trend since the hurricane that -- the most of the restaurants most of the new restaurants that have opened have been on the small side. And I think I know the reason why. The the to have to have a big restaurant. You have to also charged kind of big prices and to be little -- the formal side. And the the market is going the opposite direction market is going towards less expensive less complicated -- ceremonies. To the point where big restaurants against ones -- -- some great places like that. I think they're gonna find their business moving over very largely to private parties and in the upcoming years. So -- but it's one of those things it's. Catch 22 deal -- -- good luck with that you calling -- is mark mark welcome to the food ago. Look out there. -- put it typically needed just skull -- grilled them can you truly comedy -- it's been good -- -- -- and they will be parking -- across strictly -- -- to. I'll -- -- for you about the smoking Newport but I I -- yeah. Port that is smoked tomorrow and I have -- that add a eight compared sculpted the route. I don't know if I'd put it -- -- -- with the help at that first effect on the. -- didn't know no problem when he serving this what time. -- tomorrow old. Late afternoon. Okay. You could do it all day long and get up at 6 in the morning to to put on the pit. But if if it were me I'd be put on Pitt now. It and finishing up and then put in refrigerator. What does the -- has. Have to stay elements are about the time before that it would. Bill and especially I mean I would do it in advance. I did it that the assault is a little issue but I wouldn't worry about it if you haven't if you have a mix all blended together in hassle right. About the only thing I would do is that very few of those wins unless it's specifically. For pork ribs or something like that. They don't typically have sugar in them. -- is a good thing to put in them dry rub for -- pork in particular I don't use it on brisket I don't use it on you know. A Lambert chick in but I do think on pork a little bit of sweetness in the sauces really good so. -- I don't know why wouldn't -- brown sugar. Brown brown sugar would be fine. I -- or just regular sugar would be all right to. OK and I felt that the couple apparently French child. You can -- their PW again outlawed that would take. All right I'll just aren't just throw it on always with the Pitt running at 225. Right -- done in 1015 minutes. Yeah yes stick the a fork in the middle. And hold it there for five seconds and then pull it out and touch it to your lips NC it ought to be hot by and that's -- just looking for it to be hot if you wanna take the meat thermometer 160s which -- -- for sausage. Yeah all right thank you. Obama he will return with more of the food show in just a moment but first if you will this is definitely do. Her -- Hillary well hello little. -- so it's thirteen fifty. Three well not though sorry stars are the big 870 WW oh I'm sorry this doesn't seem anything I can do to make my brain work right on that. But I'm on that station all weeklong noon to three same show same stuff. Only been on for 25 and a half years. Here is met met welcome to the food show. Heard so much the idea. -- and who knows what's your Adam. -- -- that -- -- like raw spinach and not that I like Levy. But by the and I'll occasionally he'll branch out try their house special role. Boat. Fish in right. Movement sort -- -- it -- compete. Well in north. But that that's I just that's my if you say you can only say one thing that's that's where I think they really do the best. But. But I go to a lot of other places where a variety of reasons as you know that lets say if that were in 99%. I would say Mickey moto was about a 94%. We are doing good. And they're caught the cold side of their menu I think is real strong so that's on my list I think little Tokyo is pretty pretty consistently it. And always has been and Shogun would also will be way way in the top that's the very first sushi or are we ever had the the original. But we have a lot of them we have four. I used to say that I had never been to a bad sushi bar but there are a few out there now that are really mediocre. And I think it's. Because. You can't if you wanted to. You you without knowing any of this could open the sushi bar. Within a couple of weeks because there are companies that sell the fish and sell all the supplies. That practically give you -- turn key operation and all you have to do is sit there and trying to cut yourself with a knife. Yeah about those are a not very good they are quite a few of those now. Right now the problem but in order did -- went to a -- movement that was (%expletive) like. It it would average then you all ordered that vote really cured them into it yet occurred when you go to. Shut -- I find darn near in terms of the the sushi itself do without any other considerations. I find them the most consistent and really close to perfect for me and it just everything about it the temperature of the quality of the fish. Though with the consistency of the rice like all the fine details they they really I think to a great job. Guess I'll get -- fewer guessing how many sushi -- we have New Orleans how many would you say. Oh well. Bottom. I mean I would I would. And it it would be old ground. -- Kurt -- by you know -- on -- -- or -- or sixteen. Look you see you later about sorry I got to go to make -- believe will be back with more of the food jubilant moment -- -- first please.