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03-29 1:10 pm The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Mar 29, 2014|

WWL's Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris, talks food, recipes, cooking, restaurants, wine and dining with WWL callers.

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-- emblem on the -- 870 -- cycles medium wave. Fifty. Billion. Micro watts of power coming across the sky and helping the trees. Put their leaves Doug you've noticed it's it's only a few more leaves this week well we're helping that in a weak weak weak weak weak here we -- there. Since 1922. WWL New Orleans first radio station. And WWL 105 point three FM New Orleans first FM frequency. This is stomp that Morris. With the -- second part of the food show New Orleans longest running talk show. Or numbers 26063. Who almost 260187. Let's get back the things. David is here David welcome. Development. They're calling to talk about. I -- -- New Orleans area quite well and I came about -- really nice little place. And Marrero called -- -- All yeah that's a great organization. Italy's at a good restaurant but. It is a place where people who. Are down on their luck or have a bad family situation Norton as the bunch of reasons for it. Lyzard not exactly going well and they can show up there. And learn. The industry -- the food service industry which is a big big industry here it's the biggest private employers in this city. Is the harassment is. And and they teach him everything they need to know an 80% of the people who go through that program wind -- steel in the business for five years later so it's really been good. And the full. And exactly who it is absolutely delicious. I had the chirping grits with all due salt which Andy shrimp gumbo which was. Without about the bad strip regret that I added calling area and now. And an ally the exact not out of the goals of the organization of helping these young people out. You know about it what if situations what it's given them by hand a hand up. And also. Get across this one rest I'll call Bob whales. Make you real. Up pretty good pals so org do you know any other Jamaican places but certainly concluded that you only. Miracle we we don't we don't have any Jamaican food here in that wouldn't get my hopes up the bug -- wells. On it I heard rumors that they've gone but I -- I don't ever believe that jealousy so. But the and he's moved around like his food was is always accurate. Period they used to be. This -- the name of Cecil Palmer he and he's he's a native of -- And he was running a couple of restaurants around town -- none more -- -- But just -- the jazz festival but -- anywhere else. The answer is -- we we don't have much in the way -- Caribbean food little bit but not much. Thank. You. -- you -- hearing view it is -- coming up on this line Jay welcome. Compaq -- Saturday. Search and a lecture that was a rerun. But the -- the catch last week the sixty minutes piece on the medical ladies and tobacco Tabasco. No I never watch television so that's why our. It it was good. You know the fantastic piece band a lot of a lot did not welcome I'll sign off on and on lightly or somewhere here -- century. If that. Watching it brought almost try to remember -- on throughout the very. What is the flavor -- -- -- always Wear the belt on their specialties. Yeah there is there are actually a love that whole line of products but there's one that I use. Pretty often it's Tabasco Caribbean style steak -- Where they were going after here was to come up with something not exactly like. Pick up that but in that. In that category. And I remember when they first put -- now they sent me a couple of bottles they didn't even have regularly baloney that was -- sticker on the -- And they said try this and tell me what you think at night I thought -- -- this seriously. Good are you I really love -- I always have a couple of bottles of -- hanging around. And that I really like also that she pulled -- A version of their hot sauce. Chipotle is our smoked -- he -- it was basically is what that is so you get a little smoky flavor to darker color. But that's a great flavor to -- I've used both of those all the time and then the sauce itself to. For all outlook for both from that sent today about it too. In terms of they're you know -- expand decliners labor line -- from from inception to get in a traditional desperate for years. And they have one guy you know a lot of I'll Google want wants secretary your old gentleman in the kitchen to well the Caspian and landing on. Instead like. Ultimate sign that a bigger company. I. I I I I made a visit to their plant a bunch years ago and though they were showing me how they did it in the had all these barrels. Of assault and other stuff. But they have to modernize just because of you know the volume that they do. And they said here and we put everything in these bats use the three ingredients only three ingredients that pepper salt and and water. Or is it even water on earth and an -- vinegar I'm sorry that your. And they they get this going -- the the panels go around and around in these huge automated bats for a by ten minutes and then they stop. And then an hour later they come back on again and run another ten minutes that's what's the point of that. And they said well the way we used to do it we have all these barrels sitting on the factory floor and we had these women who had paddles. And they would walk around and they would start for ten minutes. And then -- walked to the next one and star that one for ten minutes and by the time they get back the first one was about an hour so we just opus that too. -- do exactly the same thing. And what what what good does that mean what's the advantage of that I asked in the exit we don't know we just don't ever change it we just. Uses bulls -- they had the way we've always been. -- consistency. You know they're very very positive vote sixty minutes piece fell alternative on the Lincoln cemetery thank you thank you are comes. -- -- it's the food choice you know go run through more than my share of Tabasco. Clyde joins us over here. -- did a good view. Yeah I don't look at it now. That -- the -- all the time. -- have that you have a New Orleans restaurant there. In. You. No no it's a place called something like that where -- rulers and the like that. It's. Yeah acts yet right the guy who owns that I always confuse its Joseph or Vincent. Stupid H who used to have a seafood here called this goes. Yeah and no -- In India but there's been. Well all the way shot. -- Typical. Hopefully they bring in warm. -- Good for him because that bread. If you drive a hundred miles in any direction from New Orleans you can no longer find that -- it is something that's absolutely unique to the city. Now it seems to be able to duplicate that they. They have all sorts of theories about why that is is that the water is at the yeast that nobody knows. And and it or -- it well. It's believe it here in which order the court in -- -- look at work and their -- The golf. And that will. -- and it really good rest and so. -- -- -- never would go to. Charlie. You know we're gonna do all that bright you know. It will if you are looking for 10 -- where the hotel and the restaurant both first class I think. Probably the best one. And Dave just said it. Cafe Natalie -- it's the Loews hotel it's right across the street from the casino at the foot pretty close to the foot of portrait streak so its right in the middle of everything. The good and hotel. And the restaurant in the series on managed. And owned essentially by the side of the -- family that runs commander's palace. And and it's a very good consistent -- they. We're on the cutting edge of the cocktail thing when everybody started making cocktails again all of the sudden. They they are wrong. They were already rolling in the already written a book on the subject I mean literally they put out a book on the subject and they have a great cocktail lounge. And wonderful. Cocktails but the food is terrific too much more casual than command. It's called. Cafe and believe. It's a horrible one of those sisters in the of the -- family news first generation -- Yeah okay look. Like western. Yeah we will look at numbers. Or child number -- you know what I can but I have to put you on hold. Because. And I I don't have the thing cranked up yet but all I caught him off I'm sorry I didn't mean. -- yeah yeah umps are Steve is here in the meantime. In which the world but that kind of Steve. Stephen welcome. Bit they're good for. You. At this -- All the years what you're -- if you hit it on a place that -- -- -- a week -- -- -- There are the only thing there was anchoring -- result you know it. I got that there fresh or salt in the big. But I would call -- ordinary. Mr. Eisner and I don't know she's not probable but. Is this as a place. Is this that place way the heck out huge in the plots. Definitely -- bullet can get you want OJ. -- -- And the -- -- -- Yeah it's for a long time it was the only restaurant in the whole city that -- a lake view. After the. It reminds me of the old FitzGerald that way. Are they atmosphere at least I was wondering if you heard anything about there. Ability to go private party larger gap. Then no. I haven't. That that's that's anybody's guess four restaurants but they may well do it. There are those but before eagle one US talking but the oysters with the cheese on top where they on the shell and kind of bubbling when -- came -- Today. Oyster all -- of -- -- me. We hope I don't quite cheap sprinkled over the top wanted. Or don't do it right. I bet it would help it. -- wouldn't help you help it that. I'd probably did know. -- Bought it all the other really good. That slippery. Out the question I have now because very rarely in New Orleans area. And I. Where -- -- all -- -- battered. Greek. -- -- that they like crap. I don't know that it's that's a real problem in the lot of restaurants -- news just an operational thing but and they think they can get away with -- they don't even buried the coatings and times you know one. Of mine and the best of wall. It is this is abreast and that was around for a long time and -- -- it came to the end of the generation when both of the people running -- in their eighties and they sold. It's it's called now it has a new name mr. -- oyster bar and fish -- This here it's now now there are other restaurants called -- -- mr. Ed this is a pretty active respiratory. But he took over the old proposals. And all of -- goes way way back in the twenties and it. Was a regular customer -- his entire life since he was like a little -- he used to -- his parents would bring them there. So when he took the place over. He didn't make it exactly like -- but he kept all the stuff that and one and the best thing that poses did. Was that they have -- hand. For the catfish they had a pot to -- the oysters and they had the shrimp over here in this basket Breyer. And they never ever touched each other and they all different -- And they -- doing it that's where I would go. It's in Metairie it's sort it's on 21 -- about a half block off cause. -- -- Thank you very well there. Thank you see. We will continue with more of the food show in a moment but first please this up by the outcome but nobody pump pump pump. Hello hello it is the food show it's. The big 870 WWL and WWO 105 point three FM. And here is Daniel. Danielle. I come good afternoon -- idea. I'm doing fine it's Daniel -- gourmet chalice ladies and gentlemen. So Tom like yeah I love the presidential -- if you call it different audiences and the different feel it your your performance a one there's. -- it would it would great if it was it was great lesson -- been Google -- all would Cheney. That -- -- -- it was just it was just terrific you know integrated music. It. Yeah yeah up by them yeah I would call it too because them and mentioned they're looking for Jamaican food right -- do you play. A ball quite well and content can but it I might be a chain of art culture silent -- street now. Oh. I I I do know it in the I even know who put the menu together for him it was Greg Reggio. From a -- -- That -- you. But but he's the kind of guy who would you know how to handle. That's not a bad place it's -- you're right it is -- it's more Jamaican and anything but it's it's been americanized. A pretty good -- I would say my daughter really likes. Really OK guys I've ever been we went up when a bright bright I would just maybe. I know once every six weeks or something like it looked like you would sort of like a chain or a local candidate because. -- definitely it definitely does have that look but that's the one and -- at least at this time. Told to think OK I'm in the NB -- and the I went to log on to try at least accounts recently split them ridiculously large Cuba and we're different we did -- and bring it was it was great it was merely. That the -- it was a little -- -- -- -- been. -- -- -- -- -- I could in the good old days to two explain that the way a body mind once called the he says I love this place -- scream at the waiters and they scream back. It's great I looked cute to reap what you experienced the U Woodward's seamless. Yeah exactly but the statement real good it was. Always. Good quality can only got -- Portland living there violent and yet it's. The that I want to ask -- -- I haven't had pompano. Oh I I know you love it so you. And I am sorry to stop you Daniel but I'm among gonna put you on hold assuming I can do this properly. Let's see yeah I think registered and I have to stop for news because Don Ames's. Is ready to go and he can't hold him up. -- -- But he did -- -- -- -- -- hello it's the food show we left Daniel behind them to get the news in and Daniels still here by Daniel. Welcome back and -- -- I -- -- pompano. Pompano. The problem with pompano is that it is that there isn't even really season -- it's kind of unpredictable at the time when its best and most available during strangely enough shrimp season because the shrimpers are in their nets. And the law says that commercial. Shrimpers if he gets pompano in his net he can sell so that's when it turns up alive. Where's the little bit aways from that yet. This month though. But it's now clear there's a trick to win if you hear it being offered is a special. And the places. That usually do tours and ones or news. Injury news. GW -- those places have more often than others but I it and it pops up elsewhere. Also. King finish the last one OPEC was -- king fish which was really good at and ask them this question is very important. Are they small -- or large. Because. It's not just the matter and I'm pretty convinced that this it's not just a matter of a bigger fish in little finish. I think that in the in this and species. I -- I don't mean. Well big wins the big ones are what you won -- -- which is the opposite of what usually is -- smaller fish usually better than bigger fish but in this case. It being in different species the bigger ones are the ones that -- you he had the distinction. For. But it's just an almost always -- but ask that question. Great don't get them if there's small. So only get debate -- only get a big do you what would you describe interpret it or. -- of legal frank does. All kinds of fish she's a fisherman himself and he knows his stuff but he's so astute for buying. Finished that. Something like that it'll come if -- available and and if it's not very good it won't be on his menu at all absolutely you find -- -- I wouldn't hesitate to order but hey that's obvious all the time. Okay. And can can not to take a quick word about the Carrollton market I went era. Yeah this is this just opened its in the location five the for those who don't know we're talking but. The restaurant that was formally known as one it was a -- around the corner from the Camellia -- they had some pretty -- chefs who have come in and taken over and renovated I have been yet is it just opened like couple weeks ago. Would you think the age ago. They do well court its space for all -- really. -- It is a great job. Great great cocktails. Great field. And the food it was you know we wait to -- ago why don't we juries and it would. It would go. It was is not knock out but it wouldn't. They need to do and Adam. Chicken and dumplings which but it doesn't like stewed chicken with paragon and you'll instead of you know. For whatever that's worth and and no cure real hard to do you know there to do right. So there weren't that it would create -- a great labor it was great and you know people a little. Arm but you know. Almost nobody does know keep well yeah the U -- the only. The only two places that I would -- are consistent with it. Hard -- port though in Covington and on bash at that restaurant obviously he has that appetizer with the crab -- Where -- it's a little visual thing you can't really tell the crab -- immediately apart from blue crab of from the U. -- because they're both almost exactly the same size. But -- really. Feel a little truffle oil on top. -- debt and to respect -- it is important and every hour that happens it should now go that you noted that should be light as a club. Absolutely yeah. Absolutely. When I saw any. You except. Audience we have this year. Not blows people that know -- Who's over here that there's somebody on hold I don't know Arnold welcome to -- -- -- -- -- It opened up in -- its -- Bill America its Philippine American pressures. Really we're you know we're shape -- was right don't -- boulevard. Renewal it covered there. None eggs and hopefully by the time you know always which -- in that. Greg Gibson red light we -- Okay and would it change it goes down this place opened up what type of food Philippines who. Philippine food is very interesting because of the Spanish where it was a Spanish colony. But the Spanish people. -- and it even directly their their governors and all of there -- dies in Mexico. We're actually. In charge of the Philippines -- so you'll see some things. In Filipino cooking that will remind you of Mexican food of all things. But you also because this is in the media southeastern Asia. Area. You'll find some things it'll remind your Thai food in Vietnamese food and even Chinese food a little bit. And then also this little strange from from a out of the out of nowhere all these -- -- like right stations. And a -- bowl which is something you find in two cuisines in the world Mexican and Filipino. It's it's really good and that it is not something we have never really had here that there was. One restaurant that did it. On Tulane avenue for a -- twenty years but that -- back in the seventies so long time ago. I'll tell me about that the tried and I'll let you know pleased. It's. Along what -- you -- the what's the I believe. Oh America. Lol. Yeah I think it might -- -- has only been open a couple weeks. And that's one thing we're in Serbia. But the vesco. I heard go read a couple years ago. In Korea. Buys more imports more to Briscoe. In -- go to the rest of the world. You know that could be a note that. They that Tabasco sells a tremendous. -- laws in that part of the world. And the other part of the world where they sell a lot of that is in the Middle East. Al and all of the all of the makers to crystal cells. I have a Bible crystal haunts us on my shelf that's all in Arabic characters. Except the crystal logo. Operate. Yeah they it is a well loved product all over the world. -- -- nice talking new bites the food -- probably good for the local exchange. What he called them. Balance of vote talents have balance of trade that's what I was with 2606 the -- -- 2601870. Is our number. You're listening to the food show this time it's more it's it's fun to be here we view every Saturday that we can -- this time -- weekend a little more often. And talk about eating and drinking and restaurants and cooking. If any this appeals to you at all. No -- this this program. One very much like it's exactly the same really -- even theme music insane host insane subject but we do it just the same at the of the listeners are different which makes more of a difference than seems to me it ought to -- -- the news. And that show is on from noon till three same time as this one but during the week Monday through Friday. On thirteen 53. WL as we call these days so would cumulus and over there if you wouldn't mind. You can also listen to it on line by going to three WO thirteen fifty dot com and we do all sorts of things over here to. On my website my own website no menu dot com. I have this list. That I've been keeping for a -- twelve years. But I really got a sinuous about it after. Her the hurricane. And it lists every restaurant in town that I know to be open now -- with -- admit to you that it's maybe 97%. Correct because restaurants open and close and for some reason they don't let me know about it. I guess the once they close could be the last thing on their list of things to do when they closed but that. A trying to keep it up to date a couple of hours into it every week. And they -- it is -- it has every restaurant in town. On that with phone numbers addresses and everything else and for the 550. Something restaurants that I have actually visited and reviewed. In detail. I have a rating and a link to the review so. I will tell you there is no more. So there's no bigger source of rest and information than that and he just over there and punch on. Restaurants no menu dot com and then click on restaurants you'll see what I mean and also while you're over there. We've -- we have something that I'm very proud of and -- eat column about twenty something years ago. I started going out to dinner with my listeners. And we still do it. Every week just about an -- next one coming up is a week from this coming Wednesday it's on the ninth to make -- exact. April -- We'll get to be -- campus thought it was this is a restaurant we've done every club dinners that for a quite a few times because it's very popular week in fact. In just two days. A button that 56 people signed up which is about the extent of it. But the way it works is we have this five course dinner six wines. And we're just there all night and being entertained -- -- around the table with tables so I can a bother people minimally and use the same jokes over and over again be. And you and I get a chance to go which I always enjoyed doing so boy if you wanted to know about that go to no menu dot com and click on. And you see what we have coming up -- the menu for this dinner which is still. I'm still taking reservations -- I'm about ready to stop because that's a lot of people. All right now we will take a break and come back -- more of the food show in a moment but first please that's. I mean yeah. I -- OK okay. Mean it's the food show hogs for the causes going on today you probably heard names talk about that we tell you what it is it's. They have over ninety. Barbecue. Team news. Contesting. This and it's it's a big big deal it and having been a judge at some barbecue competitions in Kansas City for a few years. Tell you these guys are. Almost religious in the in the way that they make their barbecue there really a lot of fun to talk to they're having a good time to. But the deal is it's at city park. In the new city park festival area. Which is on -- there right off of this city avenue it's right around generally speaking run around Christian by the school. That part of the park. And it only cost twenty dollars and think to get in twenty maybe 25 feet. But do you view that gets you in the doors they have continuous bans all day long today and they have always barbecue guys work in a way. And you get the barbecue as you go you you pay for Chicago all the money that they take him. Goes to charity to help. Young people. Who are fighting with. Juvenile brain cancer rates start off with one girl. At the beginning when they started six years ago and now it's expanded that they've. They're helping out thirty different families afflicted by that so that's where the money goes in the two guys that run that are super nice guys and very involved. Good for them. And we were a little worried about the weather and how that would affect that it looks like it's going to be OK so that's so. Great way to spend the afternoon especially if you love barbecue. And who doesn't. 2606. Who -- almost wrong to 60. 18 Stephanie call right now I'd love to talk with you but anything you want. About eating about cooking recipes. Dining room dining him. But Seattle think it was here last week. I think it was on the train at last two weeks I was on the train both of those times. And spent -- five days in Los Angeles and the reason for that is my son -- -- in the movie business he was just finishing up a movie. His big thing that he took up a lot of his time while we would be here. At least one day is that he needed helicopter for one final shot. And helicopters that was sent to him. Couldn't accommodate the seven actors and Golden Retriever that they needed for the -- -- and you know that's kind of almost a story unto itself. But anyway we went walking around one night after dinner we went to Beverly Hills just -- rolling around in all the shops and looking at the restaurants and looking over the menus until you next time I go I'm gonna go on the spot. -- that look like a great great replace the and and it's famous for that so that it will not come as any of the revolutionary. But then we ran into something that just messes my mind. They had an ATM machine. And you walk up with -- your card and you put an end and you you punch of your your numbers in. And do you get money no you get cupcakes. I'm not kidding cupcakes. 25 people in line. For the and then -- right next door there was this ice cream stand. Where they poured in liquid ice cream mix. Into some gizmo. And then attached opposes. That would. Squirt liquid nitrogen in who the ice cream mix. And there would be a mixer inside that thing to mixing it to keep it from turning into a solid block of ice. And we had some and was good as good as ice cream news. But it seems to me that the show is not worth -- quite the four extra dollars over a regular ice cream that you would ordinarily -- We will come back but more of the food -- in a moment but first please this.