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WWL>Topics>>03-29 2:10pm - The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

03-29 2:10pm - The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Mar 29, 2014|

WWL's Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris, talks food, recipes, cooking, restaurants, wine and dining with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Bitumen to do in the month of opened. Welcome back to the third course of the food show. It's on the big 870 WWL. And WWL old 105 point three FM. This is Tom that's Morris a yet passing is a cultured person. And every afternoon. Monday through Saturday most weeks when nothing bumps -- soft on Saturday but the other five were always there. We do this we talk about eating around New Orleans because eating is a big big deal here. There's no other city in America that has a show like this not every day. Our numbers 2601878. We have somebody waiting this somebody is Harold actually has a name had an uncle. Yeah outlines -- realizes cafeteria I welcome hours earlier chart problem. I -- is now. -- I'm -- knows him yeah. One that amount. Our -- election gonna protect my family there. -- good idea. They it's a great place to go with a family. The they have this five course dinner that is available all the time. And it starts off with some seafood appetizers -- and shrimp scampi or some crab claws and you know something along those lines. The they bring you out a small portion of their pasta you can have either the Angel here with a spicy red sauce or the fettuccine Alfredo which I think is the best in the city by far. And they did go to such a small course that's how they do it in Italy they get the policy at the beginning and you know to posture again. Than they do a salad -- straightforward a nice Romaine leaves big Crist leaves and then the entrees. The ones that I particularly like. Is whatever the fresh fish that day is anything but -- Latvia. Of all the local things Trout red fish they almost always have something like that. -- several versions of the the one I really like it hasn't been a blunder and share Rees lost. With crabmeat. And shrimp. And artichokes in mushrooms in this it's it winds have been in a pretty big played well. -- -- all its stuff in the sauce but that is just great and they do the same thing. With soft shell crabs they always give you who. Although the portions is not what makes me like it I would tennis frankly ID column to column and half just because it's too much food. They will also do what I just milieu would feel they have a very good also book though they have the -- basic stuff like spaghetti and meatballs spaghetti and sausage. -- lasagna all that. And then there's a whole bunch of you know smallish but very good desserts the one that everybody seems to love is the banana blueberry putting. Prices are very affordable -- five Corus deal is in the low thirties. A -- effect on -- and -- -- -- made some idea to Kurt Warner reached election. But yeah yeah reservations. Are okay yeah yeah. -- do good good because. This is a restaurant where if they don't know you. They have so many regular customers there that it it's a packed house all the time certainly on the weekends it is I would go a little early where. Okay I'm not aware of that they wouldn't alert blueberry. A banana blueberry. Kind of it's not exactly a pie it's not exactly cheesecake it's not exactly of putting like I don't know exactly what they call it but it's real good for and they they have a a bunch other things to amend that their desserts that are. I don't know where you find room to pull them after the meal that they just Serbia but that they're pretty good. -- thank you grandma come and Q what part of your -- years ago. Matthew and tell on you call when you -- go over there and you see mr. Joseph he will be the sort of semi short guy who's who's the boss -- I said hello. And then helping secure a regular in the home and take good care. For the Garcia. This is the food chose this time it's more -- to end here is Monroe. Welcome. And -- are dear to your -- Asia. One quick question. Well trigger -- church in both English corporates are being -- for a few years which. I don't know from over Kirk -- articulate change from the street tender separately a report. The state can -- to try to tighten up and you tell me. -- the Tokyo are we talking about country ribs. Corporate country -- yeah. Those are not even really renews its comes from around there but it's its usual cut of pork that is mostly -- down here in the deep -- in fact. It's more common in places like Winn-Dixie. Than it is in the local chain. Or you know. Field. This is. The kind of meet the needs to be cooked slowly and along with a lot of moisture. And it looks like you could throw it on the grill that you really can't. And so you have to cook it. Dignitaries slow man -- of oysters you know onions and and celery and stuff in there. And also some would tell you if you got the time. Pork really lends itself to being blind. -- on -- solution in the basic brine solution there are a lot of variations on this but it so. A cup it's all to a gallon water where he could use a missile if the cup sugar. Completely -- You get a food storage bag you put the piece of meat in there you pour in enough. The brine solution which totaled here that that of just make sure the whole things covered put in the refrigerator overnight if you've got the time. And then when you take it out the next day or the -- view four hours later when there were. Rinse it off very very well with cold running water because you're not using -- the -- is not seasoning each and it's something that makes the meat tender. In -- of what happens is it just holds on to its moisture. And then you'll you'll get a much better result and is also the issuable were cooking most of us over -- On pork. Pork is completely. Safe at a 140 degrees which is a medium rare. A 160 degrees you you're certainly good but most people taken up like 180 or beyond it at that point I mean it's whether. 11 questions and now what you BO and listen -- alone. On what temperature. For approximately four pounds of boneless pork we're. Are -- for it what I would do is tell you ignore the clock. Don't pull out your meat thermometer. If you have a meat thermometer. Okay. Go for shove it in the air. When you get a reading of a 160. Degrees. Really a 155. Is good enough but most people one bottle with a 160 will still be nice and moist and completely. And and that's what you should go by you should forget about the clock. Okay I'm in certain. There all rushed and returned charmed probably. Well are you taught that we doing this in the open more. In the -- okay. I guess would be somewhere in the neighborhood of the -- and now our half. After one now at -- but -- 300. And -- but really once your about it 45 minutes to an hour in. Check it with the meet him you know that's an omission that's a test and he piece of test equipment based you'll -- in there. And when you were 16 -- done. And I want and I tell you forget the clock that look at the thermometer that's with tells the OR. One nice hearing for you thank you very much. -- which goes on Boris. People -- hole here today that's here's bill bill welcome. Picked up a -- -- identical question about Columbia we were watching. Bill O'Reilly is broadcast couple days ago. Bill O'Reilly on Fox News I don't know which political is that. It's he's. People that oh yeah. But anyway during news tip of the day he mentioned that there's actually no such as the Columbia. EasyJet will not catch it a lot in January to combination. Because it looked like a broad a new England's broad authors note it's. The nation. That's that is that is true and it's also not true. This there are many different species of fish that are used but they're ready much from the scene and we have fish in the come from the nine old river. And they are for memories. Almost without exception. We have some fairly substantial -- forms over on the -- Florida parishes. And it would no matter where it came from no matter what its exact species is this you can take to the bank. It has no flavor whatsoever. Which is why people like. That. Some people well it doesn't in the year but that. They always wind up telling the story of how McDonald's scheme to have a -- scene in which on its due in recent news that. Population. Didn't wanna eat meat on Friday fair enough and -- kept trying different things there boasts. Spectacular failure was this thing called -- burgers it was a ring of apple ruled with a piece she's on little hamburger. That did not work so they were a fish sandwich in the check the round against the -- customers and test people. What did they looked for in the fish and witch and the almost unanimous answer was something that doesn't taste like finish. So they gave him as you know if you -- at one of those it really doesn't taste like -- anything and that's out the way I feel by. In reality he's said that if if a person that crap shoot let's go fishing for a lot yet he's -- never. Catch one because there is actually such. It does exist it it really does but it doesn't exist in this hemisphere in fact. It's a real problem in every now and then they get loose and they are anxious on global finished it. When oh Latvia is -- in gulf waters or down in plant commenced parish. As an alarm that goes out and they go out there -- -- if they hunt down those waters to make sure they don't spread because there really a problem. Yeah yeah but there it's like catfish you know this whole bunch of different kinds Catholic Church. But it all -- this -- Yeah. And one other thing my my mother's sort of the primary. And you. Keep driving crazy wouldn't would terms and you've violated one -- -- -- -- dollars. Shrimp -- Yeah she says that like things for a trip and and the thing. When when would they capital did you sit there you're its capital. And and you know it just drove. The trips you I'm sure NS oh are actually two completely different things. And that. The well here's the story behind -- in the Adriatic. There is you. Something that looks more like a lobster and shrimp to be although it is really in the odd -- -- and so that it's got a very heavy shell. They're pretty good size it's maybe about three. A third to a half a pound each and this is what in Italy they may. That the issue. Did that doesn't really exist though here is nothing quite like that here's that we make the same executive with shrimp instead of scampi and that's how it's the name troops can beat. But the -- many other issues like that for example. In any Chinese restaurant. Shrimp with lobsters. Well. The at a -- -- -- Where the grammar there is that this is shrimps -- with the sauce that's ordinarily put on -- there is actually no lobster. So there's a lot of funny things like that -- All right well -- enjoy that show that. Keep it -- thanks volume on the call me and we'll have a bond or discussion. Or it would definitely have our. Calendar you know it. But you. Thirteen fifty it's the food show we are sponsored today oh I'm sorry did I say that -- -- what I say. I did thirteen this is the other big 870 WWL WWO 105 point three FM. And this is the same old Tom Fitzmorris that's on the on thirteen fifty. -- but it doesn't matter. Our show is sponsored today by -- -- -- voice and something that they invented. It's one of those things that it seems impossible that we know who invented it because it's such a universal thing now. They invented. The seafood my awful. Back in the 1970s. It take them off a little loaf. You put fried catfish shrimp and oysters on it. You season end up however you want the most people go with the news cajun the spicy manes if they put on -- and let -- but you can haven't really anywhere you want including with the olive salad. That's a little weird to me but you might like it. Anyway they serve this all the time it's pretty big you could certainly split it two ways and they fried seafood to order which is clue who just about everything else that they do and why it's also good. They prepare everything in homes. I even things like pizza which is not really a main thing for them but good played red beans and rice and the -- part of it every day. Lots of good food at -- and support -- 3939 veterans highway is now open. Every day lunch and dinner straight through all afternoon every -- except on Sunday Koreans or voice will come back with more of the food show after first please this. Very by Villanova. The juvenile but it but even out pop up hello hello hello it's the food show. On the big 870 WWL in WW 15 point 37 here is Gary Gary welcome. Thank you care. Type -- I'm not up yet. All of them going color and you that are gone -- and drain vacation for their paper that they irrigate the crops. They they put him in there he -- -- Asian people who claim. I believe that. And that is totally and just eat everything he's religious eat everything that's in their way as well here. -- I was just in Yuma Arizona last week. Our radar amendment here I was in the I was there about three minutes at a buck 4 in the morning train -- better. It right through. But went on up to execute your audience we're behind him. All right well thanks for the story nice hearing from you -- didn't aren't. -- excuse me this is JJ JJ welcome. -- I don't agree. I like our leadoff. About -- -- back ma. Ultra on Avandia and will that seek larger image. You know Bob. Well appliances that -- -- -- that party keep them around now. When do ot exactly the job of Montreal. You know when people. -- -- -- -- -- And I -- Big man. And water problem that and for well. And the obvious why that you want you can play caller -- in. Any count might want them. CoComment is seventy. About two hours. Check them they'll be war dead. And not the island. You that it cooled down and program. The this is a bit to do it and let the ball the ball. Why -- either date Leo great to -- barbecue -- For the moment optional. Yelled out -- you saw all want a barbecue pit. Which we have learned a lot between. Taken out there yeah and then letting them you know on the pit. And part. -- -- But they come out. The only problem. -- -- You need to go for what. One victory could use apple news. Because you know. The wayward cranberry. More. We feel that real. Put some they would you do that apple didn't water. -- you know cool down. Soft on it and -- want. That. All Obama optional for the war what default on. That. And that and I expected. Deal. Thank you very much that -- He -- he he he he who's here it's Fred Fred welcome. -- A lot of question -- the good. Some discussion last week -- future. And and losses and special -- popping -- never energy set up on two pounds of -- away. The change and what you know I was there about -- -- and I don't try to couple different ways the City College -- today. -- Oh yeah. Okay well again. -- -- Anything that you would do would try out or red fish especially drought. Would work for this. Of my favorite way this is one of the simplest issues in all of French creole cooking used as -- year in this case keeps going year. But you you've dusted with seasons. Seasoned flour. And then you view and -- pay it. And in the hot hand with with a good bit of butter in the pan. You know brown and on one side turn it over brown and on the other side take you know it keep it warm. And then at a little twist this year it's lost a little bit lemon juice may be a little bit of white line a little bit of vinegar is actually -- class. Oh really do. Just black and white panic or more champagne just a. If you hardly matters for -- Given what you're doing with -- but I if it were me I'd reach for the best one I've got. And then you just you know use that to the -- opinion and sort of him supply into the -- butter his left in the pan. And then you go right over the top of the nation that is to me yeah. That's just. Yeah. And tonight at ten dish from me. Looking at. It yeah there are now that they you have some of the little. Red streaks -- the bloodline Chuck -- much as possible order you party. If it's if it's really really obvious and big like I know one big red efficient particularly if this really nasty looking bloodline but -- if it's if it's just a little pink. Standing on the winning -- And what. It and more awkward thing. Never heard about the she's clocked in at you can turn out our Portland or or or actually Brittany -- -- -- -- I would either. Oh I would steam and I wouldn't bother with that she's caught you just put the thing in the era in the top of the steamer and -- -- until it starts falling apart -- which is. This is the way that they use every fish recipe Houston and -- with these words. Cook until the fish Linux easily which is the worst advice -- -- Sell off. What you'll get here though you're doing it on purpose in this case. And and you'll see that it falls apart in a way and you can see that maybe if you were a little unscrupulous and -- -- -- -- you might get away with it that is certainly -- doesn't taste like -- but you know -- Well -- and it comes apart but the same sized pieces. A -- -- we could do a lot worse than a. Oh yeah I would just get up all her about -- -- But it's really funny -- -- fine and I it's. Wanna you know the problem is -- -- -- it's easier to find that you think they just don't call that they call it of the things and it should. The the sheepshead. Has had a reputation. For most of its history is being trash fish. -- -- at it and the reason for this is that if you ever caught one and tried to clean you would they had and you throw away to third to his. Current. But with so. It's still do you get nice fully off of that that includes a lot of Americans and big big head. Per hour or so ago yeah that's. Absolutely. Never -- I'd never kicked that off my team of people. We'll grade -- but thank you. Maybe a minute -- will be the next thing I do become known as mr. sheepshead. At. Mr. potato head you know that's what my wife calls to 60. 187 me is our telephone number. And we would want to talk with you by eating drinking and stuff do you have a break we need to put in now it's too early because I skeptical -- It's something I need to fine to tell you. Something else that we need to discuss but do now please this do bump bump bump bump but the fifteenth in PP PP Julio Bob Papa. Hello hello it's the food show. On the big 87 EW WL AN WWL. 0105 point three -- -- -- it's -- it's it's fun to be here with you every day really -- another station most of the week but -- Of the station is part of our empire here is so why not join me on thirteen fifty. Monday through Friday. Noon till three -- show. Different people different subjects. 2601870. Is our number over here 2601870. And call right now and you give him well you hit it right at the David. Who is advancing up the platform as we speak. In about two. Jump on board here. David welcome. Kate thank you -- it -- -- good pitch that you can't name calling me coming off. Would you -- This is not a Korean city. I realize and never has been and very few response serve clams which is the problem the only place like it's and you. That I know has it on the menu all the time fresh clams. In the shell. Is Andre he has he has at all the time that you're going to have to call ahead. And and he'll do the ball go lay. We're we're gonna spaghetti like you know and he'll do within ice cream sauce and but nobody -- we get to that you don't see. Well there you are -- what you thank you would thanks for calling. -- you go up to the northeast. New York Washington DC Boston anywhere around there. Go into the into any Italian restaurant and there -- will be spaghetti and clams. Right on the menu spaghetti -- style of won't go away. Right they are ready to go here and we're not a -- area. 2606368. Easter is not always did you get to 60187. Excuse me 2601870. In Seattle even though I'm doing and it's a totally automatic. I can't stop it anymore the Easter is a promise. We are. The Bruins and yesterday we were sixteen days away I started. -- my sixteen days sweet sixteen countdown on my own you know. On the other show. But. Easter is -- three weeks away and it has become very popular day for dining nobody at one time it was not but now it is. And all the restaurants fill up them a lot of -- special menus and I have the special menu. That they will be doing an Easter Sunday and -- -- ever since the hurricane has been serving Sunday brunch which is not something they had done before. Here's what you'll get you start off with the char broiled style oysters this really gets me because. And once has what is without question the most copied to -- dish in the world oysters Rockefeller which they invented in here they are. Copying somebody else's dish I guess they feel like they can do it it -- there's also this issue it's pretty good. I char broiled style oysters with that parmesan cheese and butter and garlic and all the rest of the or you can shrimp reg while which I really love. This is a different approach to shrimp around laud. The -- a -- and -- is famous and rightly so it's quite spicy as the reds lost this one is a white piece sought switches also authentic. Chef. Mike Greg why it's named for him he came up with this -- stuff. But you move on to a choice of countries -- doing them a little puppy drum fish. It -- serving. With Vidalia onion socket passion topped with sprawl off with -- fishy to -- which is leakage. Or you can get a Paco crested veal chop. With some punch. And out with a little bit of port cranberry. Reduction. For dessert raspberry chocolate -- boy that's. Classic cheesecake with a strawberry sauce coffee. And a complimentary -- so. This is Easter Sunday at and ones -- don't sound good to me. Or they'll have the regular menu to. It's fuelled -- -- in America. If you haven't been there you've missed out on something and one's my favorite rest but really. Not the best food and on the -- servicemen the crisis but whenever I go there I walked out of -- are very happy. And I love even just thinking. That and once is always there waiting for me in the ER. In all the world there is only one and 1713. And it was street the French. The policy. Anthony is calling -- component. They drama. Sheet but it is also being marketed now with a better name it's being called Rondo. -- -- Seagram via that hasn't caught on I remember when that came out about twenty years ago everybody said oh great will be able sell this now -- Nobody could spill Rondo. Build the legislation. Olga. Louisiana. Yes indeed it's very common out there it's a pretty little -- do it's got stripes up its side you know it just has these funny looking sheep like teeth upfront. And what thank you CO. I was at mister -- once in the table at the that was next to me some people from a talent. They were looking over the menu I'll tell you the story and Eminem talked to -- any efforts penny woke up. I'm doing just great and -- we don't let -- All in Yuba. And eat and I believe that. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah -- would not eat. Them up deal that. -- and the Arab. -- Can't -- the I call. You pop up 10. But they always do good really good soups or even when there -- only doing some real everyday kind of thing like tomato soup it's even that is really good over -- that's a great. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I love it down you I've been going to since the day it opened. -- I am again and because -- really enjoyed it. Clancy. -- Clancy's secretly Clancy the news that they or in the middle of a town of very clients they'll. And -- all these new bistro is opening goal -- the place but when you look over their menu you realize that the kind of food that they are cooking and serving there. Could have been cooked and -- here. When he five years ago. Or maybe even before that. And yet. You always love it it's so it really. Whose -- you know -- amid -- it was something -- what is it about a minute ago. Online music in did you -- that tonight they have Ingrid Lucci who will be playing. In the in the Hermes bar which is one place. Someone. Who's this somebody asking this question. If you. -- Andre has clams fresh or frozen does he fly in his clams he does indeed life and his -- -- does it serve any frozen. And and and heat but he always has the clams because there're a couple of dishes on his menu. The involved -- one of them is. This dish called actual -- It's sort of the Italian answer to -- you use. But we have a lot of different kinds of fish and shellfish. Mussels since Gallup. And -- and support that. He always says clintons always ask him. 26063. Ropes 2601872601870. Call right now you get right and we only have war commercial time. Our program is sponsored by -- or voice. They have a great seafood platter over there and the price of it is so much lower than you used to paying. You won't mind the fact that it's sort of sport environment. But that's what it is it's a New Orleans neighborhood restaurant they do horrible things goodness they have gumbo they have. Red beans and rice every day by the way. If you know hunger for red beans and rice on the day other than Monday which I often do. And all sorts of other things great. -- that is. They even have the seafood muffle an original thing that they came up with a long time ago. And the menu has been growing every time I go -- they seem like they've added another page to it. And yet we're talking but neighborhood prices certainly a lot better deal than going and change grass. It's -- Ryan's horrible ways. 3939 veterans highway now open every day Monday through Saturday. From around 11 in the morning till around nine at night and they look to see the nice people. RR AM apostrophe aspirants four point. We'll come back with more in a moment but first please this it is that it -- -- do go to oh gosh we're almost out of time but I like throw away good. Perfectly good minute here is Pete Pete welcome. -- -- -- -- That and you. -- if there's a restaurant in New Orleans area has tried engagements. We ask that question just about every Saturday for the last 34 months. And the answer is the only one we found. Is that the pot pies in -- on Williams boulevard they appeared to have. But we can't find any other place cold and our earlier next time and we'll dig up some more for. It's not a common approach. -- -- -- they -- not. GM's fried chicken. -- let alone on gone. All right thank you. You know which we -- just get started on that chicken though with some -- listeners but when you run on time. Well you can't stop o'clock. News story I hope you have a good dinner tonight maybe you can go to the hogs for the cause and help out that caused him also. And might be the best bunch of barbecues. Report in front of you. -- New Orleans. Every year than -- -- -- job for a lot of nice people. On FM on HD. On sky wave and on line this is WWL. Radio in New Orleans and WW will. 105 point three FM and HD 110 -- New Orleans so yeah.

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