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3-31 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Mar 31, 2014|

Dave talks about sexy city, What is Wrong with People, and sex toys left behind

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Eleven minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news on this the 31 of march 2014. While the last one and it's a mile under it and it is the last Monday of march and then. We'll be into April and it feels like April spraying -- a beautiful week. Wizard -- and at that rain adding here Saturday morning everything -- is beautiful -- just breeze wafting blue sky news man it was nice hope yet outside and that and more of that today now. Alexander and for an Eyewitness News forecast communities to either -- -- outsider take that she did tell you that she did. Kind of like instructions. And -- but -- didn't. You know I felt. She invited me ago to a picnic now to another like god used -- System maybe did David do. And time spent outdoors today blind. Brief time here that we really like being outside -- He insists soak it all him yet in the did you know. We live in. The eighties. No you didn't open well I'm kind of suspected. Al you know nominated it's always said the economic impact on me. 000 yeah this field all year after its existence got that kind of feel too well there's a new list. I'm just reading it America as a Roger -- -- -- -- according to miss travel back now. And missed travel that says that. The top five. Sexiest cities. In the United States. -- Austin, Texas Nashville Tennessee. Miami Florida and Honolulu Hawaii. And number line. New Orleans, Louisiana isn't number one yet the results are based on surveillance 161000. Missed travel that -- members. Of sexy cities to visit. I guess that's then to live in buy it now there's probably some courtly and I had a hunch Miami would be better with office in the atlas and I did surprise our Aston. And that have not been to Austin honestly. So I don't know if -- -- as the survey asked aroused my libido that was what they -- these people. What city is most likely to -- you -- beat. Why it's then let Portland -- arouses more abuse than any other city according to this survey. Users of missed travel. We've got that let the good times roll thing go on forest and and that's. It's every year every bird and then. Just the atmosphere. I think makes people wanted to do something naughty. An announcement. Dessert yeah -- plastic. -- That Omar knows that. And Manson with -- about quality consume -- go to these guys could be yet to do. Or combination of all of your vote. And that is our number one was granted its website people who were going to travel they want to. A Rouse their libido is now. Apparently it also goes on to explain that these people feel their most likely to engage. And sexually active -- -- when traveling to. And maybe you know for the the couple out there that. I don't know things have got animals dale and they -- little jumpstart come to know Marlins. Aren't you now. Thank you David Schofield. And you talk about the achievements are prisoners here on WWL. AM FM and that count will take you weekend's sports what's going on with LSU baseball. Find out after this with Steve you know what happened to the Lady Tigers and they still alive in the NCAA tournament. That tells that as well on. The saints they got some work to do this. Solidify the roster and get things done before the draft so we'll talk about all of that will get your forecast for this work week. And more text me at 87870. On this Monday morning. By 17 good morning thanks for joining us here on WW -- to protect states that any attempt is good morning sexy at my. We are in the sexiest city in the United States going into -- -- -- think that's right you think that and New Orleans as the city in the US that is most likely to. -- them would be to visitors what about locals as the sexy place to live to six point 78 hole for yates' ex dictated -- here at seventy. You can text me at 8787. The forecast. -- this morning they want they'll light jacket or sweaters are temperatures are a little bit on the chilly side. But to be able to get rid of that by this afternoon is what have mostly sunny skies -- warmer in pleasant day with a high coming in around 75. Fortune I want tougher patchy fog forming otherwise not quite as cold out there with partly cloudy skies although drops down to 55 degrees north the lake in sixty to the south. Do you still stood up a little -- go partly cloudy by the afternoon another mild day expected to you with a high around 77. Tuesday another -- temperatures down the sixties with some patchy fog and Wednesday we'll have mostly cloudy skies once we get rid of that -- And high temperature pretty warm right around eighty degrees. But Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Dave Nussbaum. Nineteen minutes after 5 AM we have clear skies and 48 degrees at the airport in Kenner calm wind relative humidity at 93%. Slide out clear and 42 degrees. With a north wind just at three miles an hour -- -- -- at the early edition of WWL first news now a lot of people. Turned out wanted to be in the new Jurassic Park movie yesterday and open casting call it grace -- high school and in Metairie. And down but people showed up the -- for people is that what it's out of all ages shapes and sizes need for the fourth film in the Jurassic Park. Series of it -- pretty much anybody date they weren't really picky that into crowds of people. Four extras and that's scheduled for release next June as the -- equals continued. The flow here like crazy there working on the new fantastic four movie. Over and banners now others searchers started to shoot the Jurassic Park movie here. In a -- the next terminator movie just to name a few. Sports time now on WW well what had happened LSU baseball. That in all of yours Monday morning sportsmen say good morning to -- -- it's good morning and happy Monday and as much as they can't meet with him. LSU baseball went winless in Florida to the gators. Losing eleven to seven in game three. All the tigers offense came alive in the series finale the bullpen unraveled. Allowing five runs over five and third innings coach pulmonary they'll remains confident his team bounced back. It was tough we can of course produced every group we just made the midway point of the season. Given the next two series at home plus a couple midweek games you know our goals are still out there benefit. LSU falls to 28. And one overall this season and are just 35 and one in SEC play. Elsewhere in College Baseball -- dropped game two of their series to marshaled by a score to one. The game was suspended in the top of the eighth inning due to weather in West Virginia game three was canceled. You well off yet defeated western Kentucky seven before the raging cajun won the series after losing game one. Head coach Tony wrote the show earned his 700 career victory. What a final four is set the NCAA men's basketball tournament Connecticut down Michigan State sixty to 54 to win the east regional. Bishop Shabazz -- Napier talks about the big win. We just kept running and you know -- just maybe south down just. -- and intensity at the fans are bringing and you know we just was fortunate enough to get the W. The Huskies will take on Florida for the right to play in the national championship game the Kentucky Wildcats beat Michigan 75 to 72. And will now face Wisconsin. The LSU Lady Tigers have been eliminated from the women's tournament falling 73 to 47 -- -- Over in Major League Baseball the San Diego Padres put together a three run eighth inning to beat LA Dodgers three to one and MLB's North American open. Kurt Busch took the checkered flag in the NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Martinsville Virginia taking the lead with ten laps remaining after Jimmie Johnson -- 286. Laps. -- is 25 career victory and to win the streak that had reached 83 starts. And Chris blanks with the Louisiana opened for his second career Web.Com tour title closing a nine under par and beating -- Greg -- with a birdie on the third hole of a playoff. Today at four on sports talk are you for or against a college athlete's union should student athletes be considered employees. At 7 PM you have a choice catch the pulmonary show in the big 87 the AM. Or hear the pelicans host the Sacramento Kings are 1053 WWL let them that your early morning look at sports and I'm Steve -- 22 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL -- -- Dave Cohen Steve -- hang out with you on your radio yeah I can't remember. Last time LSU baseball was swept in -- series and that's an SEC series Florida takes all three games. And oddly it was the pitching that had been caring LSU till now. As the -- that was the problem that flip flopped at least yesterday. William first two games good hitting deftly remained a problem the first game was on television so -- actually got to see. Aaron -- pitching and it was a heartbreaker in the ninth inning he gives up a solar -- with the game tied 11. And tigers lose that one and then the second game the bats once again only able to put up two runs and it's been the story with LSU this season and now definitely a growing concern because. They got swept in Florida. They have only won three games in the SEC this season and I don't know if -- Their whole mentality is going to be in the right -- of. Mine now is they have this whole thought about them that they can hit so might be. A mental game now more than anything else that may be the problem -- -- out by the way just to clarify for folks their record is twenty wins eight losses. And on one side right yeah maybe we. Just to clarify because it's so hard to say that there's 28 in one yet I still like him they want to when he had not lost one on cancer right when he wins eight losses one time. That's why currency 28 and one than when he went and played tigers with a do. They ended up falling so there will bounce from the sweet sixteen they were so short -- that we had eight active players and nice room once again for a an equal lower squad. But once again came up short as far as -- -- go to the sweet sixteen and NCAA tournament thank you very much Steve we'll check on your brackets. Coming up mortgage -- and -- -- my methods with Boris Boris here on WWL and -- them and act -- it in the men's tournament effect as brackets. -- -- -- 524 coming up your text messages at 87870. What do you think about this survey that says you live in the city that raises people's libido -- more than any other city do we have the most arousing city in the US and couple cities are noticeably absent from mr. Obama with -- but apple take a look at that your forecast on this Monday morning after this. Size 46 on your Monday morning and your forecast pretty and I spent and start and a little. Coop airport headaches but they have -- players went out there with mostly sunny skies it will be a little -- were out there with a high around 75. Fortunate will see partly cloudy skies will be quite as cold out there want Jefferson patchy fog too as you dropped -- -- 55 degrees north the lake in sixty south. Heading into Tuesday we'll keep this partly cloudy skies around be a little warmer out there to once you get rid of them morning -- with a high of 77. On Tuesday night to look for some patchy dense fog of former across the area once again will be pretty mild -- low temperatures down in the sixties. And Wednesday -- having a more cloud cover out there after some morning fog look for mostly cloudy skies but it beat even warmer with a high coming in around eighty degrees. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Dave -- All chemical on the North Shore this morning forty in -- -- 42 in -- clear skies warmer south of the lake it's 52 at the Lakefront airport. 48 at the national at the international airport. In tanner and his calm winds 93% relative humidity steamy fines and do and them damp wet she windshields. At the camp windshield. As well I'm Dave Cohen thank you so much for joining us here in the early edition of WWL percent -- about the survey. From a travel website that it found that. People who travel to New Orleans. Think it's the city that increases and the beat goes on browsers -- the fetus the most number one New Orleans number two Honolulu at number three Miami number four national. Number five Austin followed by Seattle. San Francisco and Portland. Ametek estimated 78 that it is no mention of Los Angeles as a sexy city please I was surprised that Las Vegas wasn't on the list. As well but I guess when you lose all your money at the on Tuesday the and that's why -- -- -- as -- -- 87870. Says. This city is definitely sultry and warm days hot spicy food this team need to pass the smell of magnolia is and jasmine. Yet sex. This. -- should have recognized the smells of magnolia and dance. And gave thanks for joining us on the air edition of WW golfers tennis on dash L dot com. Some attacks made 877 he says it's the raw oysters that make New Orleans to sexy city and other persons says. Because all the alcohol consumed in new wireless and makes the opposite specs look. At a that it we have the thickest beer goggles and the nation. Travelers who come here pick New Orleans number one. Insisted that raises their -- is about some enough that I commute to New Orleans for work does that make me sexy -- lucky I don't know. I play this so I have lived in many cities across the country and before I got here seventeen years ago. And this place has focused more on -- has focused more on letting the good times roll. That may be a little more alcohol consumed and people are more interested in being sexy here -- more concerned about that. Way to present themselves. In a more appealing fashion hey enjoy it you live in the sexiest city. News now on WW. 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL for listeners it's march 31 its 2014. Airs Monday. Why yeah. Not find WWL. Fold -- What 92 years old. About bad. -- true again according to SEC records it was on this date in 1920. Do. That LSU. Was franchise and an analogy that WW out franchise okay me letters are apps. CW WL. That he we were or -- and horse and buggy -- -- That's pretty god yeah and it's very very good AW -- it throw that in big goals signal out there were reaching far and wide. Art and -- in the -- well in the sixtieth city and the -- out. On top of that ethnic politics. The candidate they've got aroused by this topic. Early and interest entrances that wine in Portland. Townsend is the -- city it increases in the beating them. You know you talked to people that either -- year or Rome last year hand. You few stories that. Might add to the heavens name and fell on law and the in the quarter. I'm not -- -- -- box office predictions quiet. I have really been a that you gotta admit that was a really tough implies it was difficult to determine what would happen and -- was in our number one -- it was by far number outlines. Hewitt predicted that perhaps it is going to the -- -- another weekend however no bomb brought in 44 million dollars in ticket sales despite the controversies surrounding the details of Noah's Ark. Controversy yeah there's some people are unhappy with the way the story's told Russell Crowe and things. There was some concern that people would boycott the movie because of the yeah statement. Now enough to get 44 million dollars in ticket sales regardless. -- drops to second. Had twenty something million I would give me a bomb for that yet secondly Muppets most wanted was third Peabody and Sherman third. And Arnold Schwarzenegger sabotage. -- seventh place apart. Is his third straight. I think the terminator sequel. Might yeah he's alive yet it is -- box office X I have a hunch you'll get a nice surprise. At soaps. Speaking of Saxon such things calm. -- -- Story out of Columbus, Ohio much -- why they did this story but someone decided it is interview. This companies that that cleans out. Abandoned homes and apartments people either infected or leave and they'll come back I'll carry these of the guys they call trash debt. Is an irrational act going or get it all cleaned out you for the coming -- -- yet and already -- next tenant or whatever and so they did this little profile on trash daddy. And the Columbus, Ohio company. That they find everything from cannon balls to boxes of debt -- in now to. Man at the owners says they almost always find a Christmas tree. Really don't know why and he says the most common thing that they find left behind when people are either evicted. Or skip out on their rent and don't come back and exports. OK and when they started the business it was a joke when they found in the first come out -- that you don't look -- I've found letter. And now he says that. Nearly every single time and the clean had a house. They find. A sex and I'm just surprised if someone skips out of their rants that that's that something that they just. For the sake of we another embarrassment yeah Gary out apparent connection to it goes on that side. Of your personal connection. Just -- I that he says it's kind of funny when they get a new employee because they always wait for them to find its cars. Because he -- is almost always going to be one -- off so he says that's on the finally feel part of the crew is and the new guy. Finds his first bribery and the whole concept of what they do it is is managers and why do people leave behind. And now we know now can put -- a I don't know why they did -- -- -- -- the results thank you David ours in about twenty minutes more prisoners Chris Miller joins -- and it just -- the legislature talks about whether or not an employer. Can ask you for the password to your social media accounts can I say hey give -- the -- retreat here FaceBook to rickets which is saying on line. And what -- -- -- crystal of that coming up in less than twenty minutes. Along with the rest that is that -- -- -- -- WWL -- -- -- -- that now. Is feeling good out there law school this morning -- we go live to direct the Eyewitness News forecasts that are it's a good morning to mr. meteorologists. Think Dave knows -- day good morning how are you guys like you could join that that -- -- you know we get a team trifecta paid they'll -- and Dave knows I'm David Blake to three days were taken Iraq this month in May be too many. It. Nonetheless it is what it is and -- -- -- enjoying her time away well deserved of course the hardest working women in. Local television will giver that giving up these crazy -- is just an avenue to get up at 1 o'clock in the morning from the war. Yet though it was -- this morning I had to authorities have for years up the road batterers are now just trying to do down here is going to be -- a lot of fun -- -- -- and he'll have to do it for weeks and exactly as RI and it's not had a cold for this -- It is that definitely grab a jacket north illiquid talking temperatures into the lower forty south only the upper forties but if you have attacked the -- pew -- need later today. As of the music you had -- -- walking on sunshine will see a lot of that this afternoon temperatures in the mid seventies Alexander told me last night that we need to take a picnic or go eat lunch outside. And I think that's probably good advice it is the humidity is going to be -- today very comfortable out there and deal with the gimmick -- recommend is so little sunscreen out and they kick it into the -- might have to -- about a sunburn on your picnic and that does this beautiful streak of weather last through the work. But not the entire week -- the better part of the week tomorrow still looking very nice humor clouds in the upper 70s80s. Fraternal Wednesday and Thursday that looks like we're each morning we're gonna have to a fault not too much this morning but tomorrow morning looks like a lot of it. But then as we head to the end of the week and -- rain returns for Friday Saturday and Sunday. Not to be a total washout for the weekend but that if we not -- -- here on your days off. Yeah Dave knows bomb -- direct from the -- -- forecast senator we have a segment of that we've begun recently on the show and I want to introduce you to its. Called. -- alive. God how -- and has it how could he do that also sometimes and. With people. This story comes to us from Lisbon Maine. A main man in search of a valuable mineral cut open a -- porcupine on the side of the road. An unexpectedly pulled out its unborn babies. Why. Hebert that have been reported. It's dad Jerry Bazell love lives and says he was searching for wild mushrooms. When he -- porcupine get hit by a car. And he heard that he valuable mineral deposit used in Chinese medicine Forbes in the -- a porcupine to everyone knows that right. Very rough that grabs the recently killed porcupine cuts opened the dead porcupine -- And unknowingly brought to C section and delivers -- porky pines baby. Well yeah he cut the umbilical cord and a baby porcupine then. Started breathing. He's now caring for the porcupine at home bottle feeding it. And is giving it to a licensed wildlife rehabilitation law or -- rule. Why you know. Would you take any medicine found in a dead porky pines how late. That's what this guy I was looking for. Yes I wouldn't it hey you never know yet I guess that they felt -- All thank -- -- -- -- it was headed into this club -- and -- -- Eyewitness News sports answer. And it does beg the question as in this. Item sports and I'm 49 good morning and I gave accounts of attacks made 878 -- says that middle role. Used as medicine and that's found -- a porcupine stomach is worth about 11100. Dollars per ounce I have never heard this before. And I still don't think that I would be taken up road killing cut its valeo and how would I know what to look for now maybe area media learn what you're looking for a bit. This -- assembly can novices well just look in the stomach and he Richard fine while he found a baby porcupine. Sports time now on that's. That we. Check -- with Steve -- -- baseball stumbles and fumbles and the final four is sent amongst other things. Good morning Steve. The morning and happy Monday everyone fight tiger baseball bats. Finally came alive in game three vs Florida but the relief pitching failed them. As LSU lost eleven to seven coach pulmonary on his ballclub being swept in the -- this past weekend by the gators. We need to get better we need to regroup and stay positive and have good attitudes improve. LSU's record in SEC play now stands at three wins five losses and one time. Well the raging cajun won their series against western Kentucky after taking on the -- toppers seven before in game three. Skipper Tony -- show earned his 700 career victory. Two lanes games against Marshall was suspended in the set after the seventh inning. And the green wave loyalists who wanted -- thundering -- game three was canceled due to inclement weather in West Virginia. Over in college -- seventh seed Connecticut in numbering Kentucky have joined Florida and Wisconsin in the NCAA men's basketball final four. Shabazz Napier scored seventeen of 25 points in the second half. As UConn down number four Michigan State sixty to 54 to win the east regional the wildcats meanwhile captured the -- midwest regional. By downing number two Michigan 75 to 72 on Aaron Harrison's three pointer with 2.3 seconds left. Budgets but subject to Minnesota to take its. Still in soon. In making their side and seen my teammates so happy and running toward -- -- -- and world. Over in the ladies NCAA tournament show appreciable scored nineteen points Tia Gibbs added 53 quarters. And lawful rolled over the Alicia women's basketball team 73 to 47 to reach the regional final of the NCAA tournament. The Lady Tigers were riddled with injuries and dressed just eight players. San Diego put together a three run eighth inning to beat LA Dodgers 321 and baseball's North American opener. The Padres trailed one nothing until Seth Smith little the bottom of the eighth with a homer and Kristin offer has had a two run single. And Kurt Busch took the checkered flag in the NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Martinsville Virginia. Taking the lead looked at laps remaining after Jimmie Johnson led 296. Laps. Bush is 25 career. Victory and the winless streak that had reached 83 starts. Today -- four on sports talk are you for or against a college athlete's union. Should student athletes be considered employees. At 7 PM you have a choice catch the pulmonary show in the big 87 the AM -- -- the pelicans host Sacramento Kings are 1053 WWL let them. I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look at sports. -- down to four in the men's NCAA basketball tournament. And it for you connecting your brackets to be. Not even close I have one left Florida who would do at least have a winning the national championship so my overall winners don't get it right in the yen rate -- Last year I was so proud of myself -- I did have each of the final four this year was just. Completely decimated and had Craig in Michigan State and Michigan making it that to a final 4 November compounds of the current final four -- Florida Florida Wisconsin. Kentucky Kentucky and you come right exactly that issue a final four Florida Wisconsin Kentucky. And -- On and el -- next weekend yet this Saturday probably Saturday it is coming on again and -- and then Monday will -- the championship game so from now. -- Lady Tigers lost in the sweet sixteen is a good run for them -- did not make the need. Yeah just kind of like delicate situation we're just injuries put up them not enough players to finish out -- -- stretched down the final piece of the game and obviously it's tough global team but once. Thank stables talked about this team has more sports currently WL -- diamond dot com -- done about this porcupine thing the president texted me. Summit -- the medicine found in the belly of porcupine is worth eleven dollars an ounce spelled it. Corky lines. Deal RK YPI any quirky and I. Budgets for anonymity and maybe maybe it's a -- 5:55. That morning and -- during a Monday should enjoy the weather today. For today expect to have -- plays went out there with mostly sunny skies it will be a little boy were out there with a high around 75. Fortunate will see partly cloudy skies will be quite as cold out there want Jefferson patchy fog too as you dropped -- -- 55 degrees north -- lake in sixty south. Heading into Tuesday we'll keep this partly cloudy skies around be a little warmer out -- -- -- -- get rid of that morning fall with a high of 77. On Tuesday night to look for some patchy dense fog -- -- across the area once again it will be pretty mild -- low temperatures down in the sixties. And Wednesday when having a more cloud cover out there after some morning fog look for mostly cloudy skies but it beat even warmer with a high coming in around eighty degrees. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Dave -- It's a nice stretch here low humidity sunshine most of the workweek -- rain comes in though Friday Saturday and Sunday according to the models now. Now though given few days now the -- others around here will see as we close into the weekend. If we keep that chance of rain in each state Friday Saturday and Sunday no rain right now partly cloudy 48 at the airport in -- Columns column wins 93% relative humidity it's clear skies the lake front 52 degrees. Local or on the North Shore 42 and clear in Slidell. Forty degrees and Okaloosa and gave -- one of the early edition of WWL. First news. Cinemas in front of 6 AM thank you so much for joining us on this the last day of mark. March 31 2014. And the early edition of WW well offers -- think -- -- tax and estimate 7870. Now we started out the 161000. Users of travel web site. Ranked New Orleans as the city that arouses their libido is more than any other. So at least for visitors this is the sexiest city in the United States he feels that the estimates thanks to mediate seventy that -- I commuted wireless. Does that make me -- We're just lucky. The world's number one Honolulu number two Miami number three national number four Austin five Seattle six. Seattle never heard anyone refers to analysts that San Francisco seventh and Portland Oregon. As number eight I don't know why Portland Oregon as one of the sexiest city but there you go. So enjoy this Monday in the -- city in the United States and Dave Allen -- Thank you for joining us here on the early edition of WW well. -- is up next David Blake with your WWL first news today's the deadline if you don't have private insurance the loss as you must start your process. A filing for the affordable health care act. You have to go online and start the process or face potential fines. -- --

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