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3-31 6:15am Tommy, latest on situation in Ukraine

Mar 31, 2014|

Tommy talks to CBS military expert Mike Lyons about the latest with Russia and Ukraine

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Couple of things going on in a world our friend major Mike Lyons joins us right now from CBS. Military taxpayers expert morning major -- on -- of today -- feel good about revenue to tell me about the the events of with Russia and Ukraine and the troops and so forth. We -- -- -- -- particular candidate but not result they can out of that some kind of Bolton about it. How we needed diplomatic solution there but the bottom line as much as 40000 plus troops on its. Western border with Ukraine and they clearly have moved in the Crimea denied giving that back in time in their. Consolidating that investment right now with -- with other things and and it's really very much opinion whether or not -- continues to go to. Natural gas field in eastern part of Ukraine or Russia could just easily takeover that are still with Russian speaking people. And we just don't know exactly what that a student has gonna do at this point going forward. When when it comes down to either diplomatic or -- Military solutions eyes and the inflection their intended to. I guess reflect quotation marks will be -- military is there anything in the world the United States really. Wants to do militarily is it releases. Not really there's nothing that. We can do to make any impact and the short term especially -- something starts conventionally. He can easily walked into. Into eastern port portion of Ukraine's Finley did to -- there. It would take a buildup of forces in Crimea. Ukraine doesn't even have enough troops. There to protect itself and the once they have in the western part of the country they would make it down time so. But it's short story there's no way the US can infect anything on the ground conventional at this point. So if that's case I don't know it ears I'm trying to say majored seems like they're human. Rights abuses all over the world North Korea we've documented. Different areas of the world's in China and -- you pick and choose where it is that you feel as though you need to go win. To help people who writes or maybe are physically being trampled and -- make this distinct. Yeah that it would be. The only reason decent from the obligation at all at this point. You know you could not part in the now. And that's sense of the war from a military perspective. There -- other -- they would have to be threatened. But it's going to be tough to stand by and watch this but it but it but again. It's really possible that. They continue to tanks crossed that border there if you right now is an issue of Ukraine into dependency for energy. And if you couldn't develop those natural gas field they could possibly move away from us and that dollar Russia wants to happen so. You've got to -- that that possibly argument yet so I would be surprised that the continue to move on to either one. You know I've heard a couple of different comparisons when I'm about one of them about Hitler and mistakenly and the other about. Russia when he rolled tanks in the Czechoslovakia I think it was in the sixties remembered. Yeah in the sixties that these. It's kind of difficult to put an exact. You know kind of -- two wouldn't. I would say it's -- you know like the Nazis you know this is just that kind of a classic real politic land grab what -- seemed to happen over the course of time. That the second and visions so to speak was just reinforce and same thing with the Russians did. In in Georgia into -- -- -- reinforcing. This is a little bit in particular which clearly strategic ports on that they had a kind of a license to do but that just wasn't good enough once the Pope to Ukraine government -- And just wonder in -- if they decide to go and other areas adjacent -- -- -- -- what would it be the next start let me ask you that if if it doesn't end here. Little after going to reduce the means that the country agreements alignment process that is. The next target is either more land -- into Ukraine. It. Itself. Can go as Far East says he possibly take over that city possible that the country -- that would be. The situation perhaps the -- Europe wouldn't have concerns about. That that would be similar to the breakup. The former Czech Republic Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic and Slovakia that that could possibly happen. And nobody in the -- he thinks. A real quick about Korea you know I remember watching a baseball movie one time and they referred to -- as to the players and he couldn't hit water he fell out of a boat did. Seems like just kind of went North Korea and South Korea did over the weekend. At each other over the imaginary line that people fight over in the water so it was more -- -- you know maritime situation I had him you know at a formal part to usually that. That weapon system is reserved for land to take forces until an -- and around the food. A situation where. The stuff felt that in North Korea in infringed upon that order that that exists in the water. With some round even though the north the final round to doing this this exercise. So. You know that fire back and continued firing each other they were no other casualties but again. These two countries have to continue to push the limit with regard to where they feel that Boris did you appreciate immediately. Return you to take a.

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