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3-31 6:45am Tommy, concealed carry

Mar 31, 2014|

Tommy talks to State Rep. Barry Ivey about his proposed bills that would allow permitless concealed carry

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Representative Barry IDs. Diller proposed constitutional amendment that would. I believe allow Louisiana in the right to carry concealed weapon without any permanent license or training in the that would mean Louisiana becomes a constitutional right to carry -- with that we welcome in representative Barry I've good morning -- And how you don't tell me about that either the bill the amendment what you wanna do and how you would intend to go about to do this. Okay I'm running in separate bills the first is that constitutional. Yet. It would allow. If you go to vote of the people that actual. And -- and let -- go to vote of the people. I have a similar bill that accomplishes the same thing the -- Obviously the the threshold to achieve a constitutional amendment requires a third ago. Statutory. Change simpler court it's simple majority. So on the threshold much greater for constitutional concealed carry bill. -- I'm hoping duke. He used the statutory bill. You know. A tactic to get -- constitutional bill. Pat as well in boat built fast the whole process. How -- the step -- bill and only let them. Unconstitutional -- -- go to them. I that's procedural part of it what exactly would change in the state and in terms of what's legal and what's not. Okay the terrible -- -- you have heard several people captain to concerns about the bill for all whatever. Take whatever it you're allowed to get a permit OK. -- that you're not a criminal OK and the -- you know if you got certain background checks and things like that you would have to -- that is the constitutional Kerry bill. A bailout law abiding residents of the state of the to carry concealed. Currently in all real -- -- open -- -- state so. Somebody can have no treaty you know no particular. Knowledge of the law -- -- -- openly you know creativity. You know scrutiny from law enforcement however. It does happen and you know when -- -- here. People raise an eyebrow you know if you don't look like uniform all of -- are not the officer. So you know is actually more practical -- and get Kerry to all the important news -- on on the open. Interior India to you know concealed position. So and it's not that big deal when someone who doesn't advance there. -- any tree or any other ones like that opened here so. Seeing a daughter I think nine. But it is a big me a lot of people that popped it into constitutional. But he made people think that they're not usually like to being trained by having an apartment first. I when he comes open Kerry just so we're clear on this -- get a lot of misinformation as it stands right now. In carry a rifle or appears solar what everyone out Neal opens so long is not concealed. There's some. It's a little -- more technical with a rifle and -- out what I'm not. And I think I -- aren't so if somebody wants to walk down canal street or around Olympic history between your district. With that will hold being a handgun that's legal. Holding. War. Either way -- -- I don't know. You know is it may not be illegal to particularly. Wielded again -- this is where. I'm not exactly well because -- watched Harry was the only reason I was wondered in the I get -- hold of -- -- it. -- what you are their law concerning the -- Out -- party. Are obviously the need unity intend to -- our public. Otherwise. But but people keep you know hole. And again it's ideally the chances are you walking down the street. Where and down holes or you'd probably duties and it's and it's right or wrong and deceit and always had a real world and you've probably to be stopped by police officer and last. Of course and you act that happened to lose and you'll be able to arrange. He didn't have been -- that he would normally Kerry simply. And he would -- -- -- by law work and yet. Of course but nothing happened you know but you know cops do. You're particularly you know in order cities like your -- -- population densities greater you know it's. You know the work and pay a little more into individual although you know well within their right. What does law enforcement Tony about as bill well its legacy amendment. Well executed away. That -- -- and the -- about probably -- bill and tell me what am I guess that's because it would no letting gun didn't as the Los anything about like with. Yeah Anderson as far as being eligible for this you'd you'd have to. Well -- would would there be a background check or you would have to go over the same. There's no there's no object. The whole. But it is raised properly. The second and use the right to keep -- there. Made people believe it you know it does not matter. Whether it can -- or not. Yeah are all okay does not allow on the part that you can't have been convicted on or get life under the official limit. All the orders that apply its sport that you -- and wary -- -- he still apply under the constitutional amendment. So not an easy topic here in the school you still cared carried on building. He -- -- convicted felons. He can't he can't hear. So it's the same group of people that can apply for permanent. The only want to deal now. Carried legally in how we all know. We don't know criminals carry illegally all the time only people who walked. On stage. So welcome people typically available it comes to you how accurate. And just thinking in terms of you know you don't have training here but you do with a concealed carry. Permit process as it stands now. And I've been told by concealed carry. Permit holders that the first thing you'd better say when you sub bylaw enforcement officer is I have a gun on me and I am apartment. Is there anything that would com alert people to that day that it that you need to that needs -- first thing -- he -- -- -- How how do you handle Latin terms of keeping the law enforcement safer how would the bill handle it. Okay well that build bigger it's specifically by. And they residents stay that we can't use you should be responsible. Personally I think everybody should take a class I think you know if it like. You're gonna read the walls and understand them then you you have a class in. Get an educational you know that -- you do you have the opportunity that Obama I don't. I'm not saying that people shouldn't. You know. Get tree if -- if they want you know make sure that they're obeyed the law but. You know if you don't have the money to afford -- perfect and you can read and and you know about an electable then you know he should be able to carry one without -- -- take -- all the work. Does the entire process -- -- to get department. I'll appreciate your time representative and and wrestled talk to you again as this makes its way through. -- regular thank you have a good day represented of Barry IP.

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