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WWL>Topics>>3-31 7:15am Tommy, concealed carry

3-31 7:15am Tommy, concealed carry

Mar 31, 2014|

Tommy talks to Christian Heyne, the Legislative Director for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, about a proposed change to concealed carry laws in Louisiana

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy Tucker -- WL 719 talking about representative Barry IV's bill slash amendment. That would allow anybody who wants to carry concealed weapon do so without a permit license or training. And legislatures considering this -- clean up one thing and getting a lot of text about -- issues baseball record because. It was is said is 28 and one and people are thinking that's 28 wins one loss it means twenty wins. Eight losses. And one time and I get another text about the representative. IV's bill about what's the NRA saying about it. But this. Not a word crickets and you think this is one of those things where. Well wide and I getting involved in push in this. Christian -- any joins us right now legislative director for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence suing give you the other side of it. And with that we welcoming mr. Heidi hi -- you Dylan. Very good and I traveled. You -- tell me about the the the your initial reaction to this -- slash amendment and and I you organization feels about it. Yeah we think you know we're we're obviously we're we're strongly opposed to ability and -- term. You know that -- expanding and so scared of these allow him. People do come into the street and carry loaded. Weapons of their consumers without any idea whether. These people are proficient in firing her or or using these weapons and I stress situations you know we re. We understand that there's desire for people of arms. And the department well how -- that stand on you know to the point. The people -- Have right themselves. To -- he goes to the street from now on our notebook people maximum. -- weapons and the like on -- and commitment regularly trained. Regularly tested. And when you eliminate the idea. At peak efficiency in using weaponry it it's really are being on the situation watching that play out. I'm in public and community. If you extrapolate this out are you an essence saying you shouldn't be able -- gone unless you. I'd take some training -- not use it and know who you -- heard if you miss it Sadr -- -- Or is the bills saying in your opinion well do you don't really have to do any of that if you own -- gun because. -- or at least the onus is on you to do that if you own a gun and and live with the consequences if you don't do what you're supposed to do. -- -- That people arguably -- being very same people pictured on the public about an idea whether they fire that weapon. Let him I mean both philosophically that goes to gun ownership as well doesn't. Where -- you basically can buy a gun right now without proving any proficiency. Right you know I have to -- Yeah I mean an end -- is greatly admire what what. Green the -- -- year a year illegal Kirk and leader of the art background -- -- that a lot of lot that need to be. Examine them but that make sure that you know should one of these things where -- -- -- -- we can Indian culture ingrained in our society. -- since the start of this of the country -- that being said you know we we also have responsibility and action Purdue tried to make sure that the people who own guns. Not only should be able to kind -- party you know we we all Greek islands should have done you know we all agree that that domestic abusers should have -- that -- that people who are. Suffering from -- on the dangerously mentally ill. -- should not in the gun you know we agreement that the standard that we have we should be regulated -- in arms shall make sure we're doing what's right. So that the people who are looking -- and nobody's responsible manner. And in our opinion but that's how we can protect the second in the -- -- law abiding gun owners. Com are using using that that. Right on responsibly. So in essence in a roundabout way you're saying that. Ultimately you think before people can even buy a gun they should be able proved that they're proficient with a. I certainly think that there's there's things that we should be doing -- part of our upcoming group that would at least be making a screen to make sure that the people who were on CNET. Meet federal standards for her for being able urged -- At all but yet you yet the government should and then been part of -- in the right should be to make sure that you can properly -- believe that. I appreciate your time thank you sir thank you.

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