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3-31 8:15am Tommy, LSP recruiting

Mar 31, 2014|

Tommy talks to Sgt. Nick Manale with the Louisiana State Police about LSP recruiting and about concealed guns

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Something about which Sargent nick nick -- known -- a sergeant in the Louisiana state police we invited him on to talk about the recruiting effort but. We'll also talk about some. As some general details as it relates to a concealed carry permitted -- morning sergeant. Thanks taking the time let me start with a concealed weapons -- thing that. A legislature legislators proposing I know as a state trooper you cannot cannot comment on. Pending legislation but in terms of procedure right now on. If somebody's listening right out of their carrying a concealed weapon or is legislator told me today they have one in their card on as they're allowed to do by law. To what's the best paying a driver can do if he either have a carry permit and are holding one or have a gun in their car win. For example a state troop relate yourself would Pall mall for. We you know as a part of the responsibility of having that can still carry -- permanent did you county. Immediately knew the primal force and that they have either guard -- -- person. -- people. And at this did you make sure everybody can be safe you know we approached that vehicle at the net -- to. You retreat -- -- glove box and all the thought they could handle a weapon in the -- be completely accidental. A -- in the felt more open and changed. The path of that traffic -- and now. But of course you know is there a possibility just like that the responsibility not to carry that weapons of certain. Our businesses and to certain government you know buildings into other restrictions they have big you have to immediately notify law enforcement and come -- But if you don't have a concealed carry permit in -- just you know according to state law and keep that the gun and you car get a -- stuck between a console in the and the C I would think likewise you better tell police offer some very very quickly there's a -- and car. Exactly you know most of officers and they come in contact that Robert and under normal conditions we all expected -- to act as a vehicle to react that Robertson walked toward about a vehicle we begin our conversation without. And before we approached that vehicle again with -- we have to go back and get a registration paperwork for insurance. Music all that -- -- -- -- the -- we you know aware that the yeah eighteen legal work with a firearm you know something that we're gonna. Not these are aware from -- in the glove box of receipts and honesty. Maybe an angry spouse -- date. Well you never know I don't know priest. And they go into the trap of the routine you know we might pollute the -- people violation. And maybe someone on the FBI's most wanted list and -- -- without seeing your everyday personal work. -- have this conversation only -- conversation occasionally with law enforcement. Because I always thought it was better will -- pulled over to get out of the cargo -- the trunk and say look I'm no threat at all but sometimes. They tell me that can be viewed as an aggressive gesture. Well every agency is a democracy -- -- -- protocols and procedures especially when you're talking about crawling out of state. Other agencies are very different but the best thing that you do. It is -- wait and has construction. You know rolled out your window -- -- triggering that you're down and listen to what that doctors can tell you whether he can tell you exit the vehicle and and what direction that the people. Would remain in the vehicle and he's -- approach or windows and -- speaking that way but he's been to the does. -- -- the phrase that a year salary and surrendered two. Or any -- -- At just plain. Let me talk T about the hiring effort by at Louisiana state police league for a hundred troopers say. Well you know odd that the commission began accepting applications for -- debt -- exams and -- -- those intricate they have now. And we're effectively looking if you have a academy class but several -- classes over the next several years with the gradually about the future preferred class. So that we haven't had a panic classes and then in the last several years now and the -- had learned how to work and Andy -- what we've just like every other. Agency organization -- -- area and as you know has seen his challengers because they'll dispute but we've we've -- adapt to them that. Thankfully we ought to have a -- the schedule will hasn't worked super popular. It seems like the prevailing feeling among law enforcement when it comes -- police departments etc. that the being a state troopers pretty well as high as it gets is is that still a perception there among law enforcement. Well in possibly among -- -- but -- -- also the opposite of Louisiana and we pride ourselves on a long tradition of professionalism. And haven't people who Wear that uniform who are the highest caliber that we can talk to go to new book that will be different to Wear that uniform -- -- that China. And we look for the individual we're gonna maintain. That that level that level integrity. And -- and the reason I ask you know I get Orleans parish and LTD with a massive recruiting effort going on right now. They get up look in strictly for experience officers they can also be. Citizens that that while wanna work with the state police and they live when -- qualifications. While qualifications. You know right now I need to have two full years of law enforcement experience that included problem you know being poster by the arrest powers. What they speak out so -- accredited college or university creditable qualify you. And also three years in the waters that are. We get off to do a combination of the first few qualifications you Wear one year of law enforcement experience at probably thirty -- powers of college credit. The qualifying Egypt and Pakistan that the majority -- in common and have a very packed -- military on the farm law enforcement public just. You ordinary citizens to have a college education. I actually personally came and graduated from LSU and then they came right into the state police and how fortunate enough -- department worked out and it looked at reforming -- -- think it really benefit our agency that people from various backgrounds. You know every morning gonna have a military backed government who want to have our law enforcement. And even people who had a prior experience. -- -- -- -- everything needed them and everything that you. Top job at the. In terms of response bedding. Process some who will will would you say would be -- this start date for the first academy or can you tell me that. Well we already have a especially right now it would restart our last outing back in January and we're just being graduating approximately fifty trooper -- -- toward the end of the day. We don't have a that's -- -- the Catholic and we're just getting probably the beginning of next year we're looking at the beginning it was fifteen. How would application process the whole thought process it's slightly you know we we -- several steps that. The candidates have to go through and approximately. It's almost process sometimes. I'll -- that doesn't individuals. You know through the end. How all the stuff that has to be completed before we can actually offer them complement scheduled so fast process. And it what you -- interest -- we certainly. Advise them if you apply right now you know put their names and that horse candidate list at the steeply commission that there isn't -- -- And they were ready to start all applicants for the next class well beyond they'll be a lot and -- sort of process. And do they do that on line. They can they can do it that deeply commission web site -- -- can just look good Leandro confided in the alternate download application off about web site was Ella speed up work. Slash recruit and you can find information there and of course update the -- group composed the but recruiting information on it we're -- Certainly -- clip of that effort to. Thanks three time and do and around with -- I appreciated that.

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