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3-31 8:45am Tommy, NOPD recruiting

Mar 31, 2014|

Tommy talks to Raymond Burkhart, a spokesman for the Fraternal Order of Police, about how LSP recruiting could affect NOPD recruitment

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

On to talk to Raymond Burkhardt now about. The hiring. Effort by the Louisiana state police -- looking for a hundred troopers here in the academy now in the the problems that NO PD is heaven filling. Just 1 academy class morning Raymond -- aren't you -- are -- more. Raymond Burkhardt of course the attorney with the fraternal order of police so. And you're heard anything from your membership any any people men or women think in the Allah is my ticket out I'm going to be a stating. Well quite a few of them actually apply to the state police and are thinking of applied in the state police -- even some of those particular artist just. And I -- that -- want to be promoted. All of that she gave you an idea. Just what we call with regard well and working conditions are all a law student from. Do the state or do you do state police have different. Some restrictions when it comes to residency when it comes -- to use when it comes and kind of thing -- same as some of the other. The egregious things that you think BO DDS when it comes a hiring. All first and foremost is a little weeding out. All that to stay on the biggest that's not really part do they did -- take -- call on you make 40000 dollars a year. I have to -- your own job. We don't have. To deal with -- PGA. You don't have a two record number percent live in specific -- Something that you get -- -- -- As opposed to you know talking about Google that would be open. All eulogies -- call entity. There are probably if anyone wanted -- should. We. I don't know I don't want com dwell on his attitude thing that I am just curious -- they have a similar tattoo policy as was. Institute of the MPE superintendent. Didn't have a similar policy call. But you know that is if you -- -- the -- it's gotten so bad right now. With the department. Truly about being able to make a living and you'll please call sir what can grow total UNC -- -- So that's where we -- all concerned and efforts have been focused. And until we see changes. With regard to -- PSE and Jaworski condition. We're gonna keep leading and really were hammered temperature because. We have not gotten the thirty people think until the first recruit -- -- -- -- he won't oral Antoine. According to the superintendent out of last want. So we have -- more ago and it's going to be very difficult. Social -- more. We figure 12100 people or so let's hit the web site. To at least inquire about being you know petty officer and all 21 and so -- and -- -- so we said you know that had to requirement same with state police's here isn't about. Benefits isn't about working conditions to be aware of the offices would rather be the state police and and LTD. -- form so they believe will be more respected. -- and the governor and the car. All. I do efficiently again you have benefits such as technical call you can work he can also and opium and -- already you know kind of politics with regard to get. Signs details with though Louisiana state police you know Raymond. I think -- the colonel -- not exactly sure lead to the department. All but again you don't quite well the issue is politics. And the I guess basically be. Alone reputation -- -- -- in particular panel PD which simple ground out to be actually a lot. When it consulted details dude do you state troopers animal ID zero questions action as sergeant and -- and just wondered if you want if you -- and state troopers work. Just highways jobs or do they work private businesses or some other areas at NO PD does or doesn't. Utley all the scope of all of it now. To the extent that there are a lot toward deep channel without. You know control option from -- So and so and again. All that or you're forty grand technical are all of their basketball or because if you look -- out -- if you were all that pretty well. Corrections officers and of course again you take away. Requirements were trooper doesn't have to live in specific art course. -- -- -- but a lot to people you know not. Much but it appears that. The troopers themselves -- -- in the April. And probably the -- PD is all -- Ursula industrial people. For you know PD are able to do right now. Well all time won't know what -- -- it's it's it is our time and you know PD. Yet some officers spoke to try to Serb attack. Let me ask you real quick about something else -- enough in common is about this on not that. Did legislators trying to make it legal selecting carry concealed gun without a permit oral license. I don't think you're current law enforcement are. -- OK but used to be so. Com. Who who would this lead to unintended consequences for people that are and carrying guns waited via. A major safety issue would it be a deterrent for. Men and women not to go and on forcibly think. Well at the end of the you know whatever the legislature passed and they -- you know the issue is ensuring that people. Know how to use the weapons permitted to have a weapon. All. Naturally my personal opinion. Would you there should be some kind of training. Ramon when it comes even -- just obtaining a weapon. -- remember my personal Indonesia. And you know I really don't know anybody who. Now. Haven't gone usually doesn't get some type of traffic order be your Obama that teach you -- Or going to sometime before that's offered by the dot -- arch. When when you were police officer on the would you would you notice it would be would it make you feel any better being -- back to the day. Would you be any different in your approach if you thought somebody get a gun and a car or you thought somebody was carrying a weapon. Well my approach. Personally liable to presume that person -- -- -- on May. I'm struck that person would want to see what will air. -- take appropriate action and act accordingly -- that the problem there certainly ensure my safety and the person that stops. That ball just trying to -- I get a text that comes in real quick -- wise and don't peek at NO PD considering a strike now's the time to do it. Manpower and morale is so low. Thought our foremost our bylaws for the internal -- Because we're not in the business. Not be in the protect abandoning the public -- exactly and that all of at the same time call. What will fall and all. Officers. And different chat at an all the City Hall right now. They would wanna do it for the Pope and the problem is that. You don't want people. Tried that they would they believe for the officers but don't want to -- officers. They are all people know what's going on out there. I don't want me to the airport at the City Council meeting when the option spoke with a representative. Who aren't coming out and open. Which is pretty well -- I mean maybe more till they have to be open to the fact because the meeting room like everybody unit is pointless statement. All of all the content or not I just know that a large number of officers who are watching it on the Internet noticed it. There were highly well there's an optical on the whole weekend and you know if we're gonna hope this issue at the start of the pocket or on you know pretty archery. And so we make this a priority and listen to law officers and treat them with respect. So we treat any other employee or citizen. Wouldn't keep the problem and in particular remedy to catch up we get to appreciate your time --

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