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WWL>Topics>>3-31 9:10am Tommy, relationships & cheating

3-31 9:10am Tommy, relationships & cheating

Mar 31, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. Andrea Bonior, a psychologist, professor, & author of the Friendship Fix, about cheating and relationships

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

On trio bone wide joins us right now doctor Audrey a -- -- clinical psychologist said John professor at. Georgetown and an author did I get your name anywhere close to. -- And an easier name. Here that's as -- Andrea. I tell me about well this at the camera -- ideas saying at some point everybody has been cheated on do the does the empirical data back -- now. You know Lee and aren't tricky because when you kind of survey in the Greek Eric. Her body attic on it did not and I mean even and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You -- Arab. Certainly there are dead and fidelity is not uncommon and went in marriages into being relationships. The majority -- K I -- you know her into an app and you no matter what at some point in your life. United the point I thought of -- -- -- cheat on either Cameron Diaz when it Gwyneth Paltrow with whom would you eat as a is and always about it here and sort. Or from -- is there often -- announce that leads one person that she will cheat on somebody with somebody else. Yeah. And they can't get old and I think a lot of -- tiger will be. Here he had to. They come to me why you know through any particular theory trap and now. We realize it's not really out physical attractive now -- do you get all the time for people who are really relieved me. -- novelty. Anybody can be more insisting that Britain and Turkey here. But is it only is it about it being fresh and new because you know we know we won't yen fall in love or find somebody else it's fresh and new enough things that. Maybe with the person you were with right now if your cheater did that those kind of things. The other person does and it's oh it's so cute this left he has of this this voice that she has we knew if that you win them for a couple years driving up a wall. A lot of attracted to being. Better than and and what you Q and -- -- her meeting -- and there that. Support her and exactly that. And compatible with -- in his. And a lot and we start again -- and -- it and somebody else might you know -- and clean you look at somebody that you patent for ten years. And current and -- that -- -- -- without -- and yet they're not an honor. Arguments about how did sponsor properly and and monitor it and -- go in tight. -- a lot of tax years saying to define cheating anonymous that goes back to. You know Bill Clinton and handler knows both sides have had their issues and I'm trying to be partisan but he did heated panel regularly camera and then Parse words. It doesn't have to be physical because I've always wondered if a man and a woman are together and their spouses are at home and vote this man and woman. That worked together perhaps in the coffee room begin to share intimate details about the private life. Of their respective. Spouses and the and the spouse doesn't know about that doesn't that doesn't seem terribly loyal to me especially if maybe they're noted in a mocking kind away. Yet they think you're an emotional infidelity is really connect friends here. -- that we're talking about here as more people work long hours and more and more common for men and women actually. Close in -- emotional content parent that you can't edit my thirty year. And the technology you know OK so you're -- you know and at work that. He spent network played well now. Being a war or -- now you know I mean they lie and alerts like you'd think an emotional infidelity. It's really you know problem in a way that it didn't see before -- aptly write your sharing him here on relations -- And -- if you really. Think it should be sort -- -- -- argued that the betrayal are you now. You're are going through or -- is that your marriage. You're really running. -- in the situation where you being hateful and emotional. And -- like him he can. -- -- -- -- When it comes to rule engages gripe and about you know your your your spouse girlfriend boyfriend might have your significant other with. A member of the opposite sex is that a completely -- of the same sex as your significant others does that change the whole dynamic as opposed to doing it would somebody of your own gender. I -- I think that you have to tread very carefully here or. Like email or somebody compliment to me and you know she got that their girlfriend or be talking about having -- there has been an only child up for me. I think it here is fighting in the mail and outweighed that your husband. -- -- measure million after a year and why not acting. When my -- and end. There -- way. I think -- nanny I don't think. It and I'm in -- and then we can you know. And then on purely opinion will stay at -- -- -- Here is something actually there are excited even pertinent. You try to get credit card and you -- country -- -- be that -- -- conversation. Hey let's take a break if he had a couple more minutes -- I'd like to take some calls its music so 1878. Toll free 866889087. Am also wanna get back to doctor. -- you. Avoid putting yourself in the cheating position to begin with and then. If you get cheated on how you. -- begin either. Forgive that person or decided it's time to move on doctor. Andrea voting yea clinical psychologist professor and author and what is your book doctor. It. And I of friendship -- and I guess that's available penalty traditional outlets. Yet I think you will be back in place taking your calls -- cheating on WW. Tommy Tucker talking about a statement made by. My former wives either Cameron Diaz or Quentin when it -- -- ones in relation the other. About Adam -- and ended statement was everybody has been cheated. And texted it's pretty interesting it's -- Tommy when he said. Did you forgive or move on you didn't in any way mean to imply that a person hasn't forgiven. If they decided that moving on was the appropriate decision. Did you. And look where Allergan from a teleprompter here but sometimes maybe. I do limit things too much -- you can forgiven. And move on and -- we -- -- -- doctor against doctor and I keep butchering this lady's name because you know like an idiot doctor Andrea. Well -- Nelson it. -- your doctor Andrea on year a clinical psychologist professor and author -- when we come back doctor I would like -- yet. How important is it to forgive before you decide to move on. And maybe it's like the dunhill links on Yuki Terri netting nearly each up inside her book called doctor. Is your book and -- again. The friendship fixed ending didn't know the usual it's fascinating lady and I'll try to get her name right when we come back you. That conversation take your calls as well. And I was asking how do you define cheating and I'd like to ask the audience that how would you feel betrayed. Or cheating if you found out your significant other -- -- in. Behind your back equally they had to do for it to be cheating right now time for -- W offers news. And that would -- to David I David a fascinating conversation with not injury upon year clinical psychologist professor and author and she is at the prestigious. Georgetown universe are yes yes -- nice indeed we're talking about cheaters and is some Wii U destined to be cheated on and I guess that's -- It takes two to cheat somebody's going to be on T. So for a doctor injury is it primarily men or women Adam -- You know and are you up and keep brilliantly at the end and then and then -- Brittany Hewitt a little bit more but it happened -- -- increasing among women and our -- here. Annaly it is there had ever been has there ever been have there ever been through correct it later on about -- studies about who initiates this. Yet here. Hard really near and and -- -- to say different things. You know men cute and -- initiated with a little bit more frequency. But I think sometimes people can make an. Happily -- without actually technically. Initiating. And make it could make it clear that it would be welcome incidentally tricky sometimes people are started in achieving an Earth Day. I think it's almost like -- -- had to DA if you will become a well because one person says sound and in the door opens a little bit in any other person says something in the door opens a little bit more and and before you know it you know on saying the doors slide open. Exactly. Where in each step burglary at the. It is like a poker game almost may be that be a better phrase is like dale put up my chips now -- put up your chips that you're not happy with your. A husband and now put up mind that says I wish my wife would do this and before you know the conversation turns it you know like. And endure opens ought to tell me a lot about. If forgiving and moving on -- determining if this relationship can be salvaged if there is. I guess but trail might be a better word and cheating and. Yeah yeah I had an interesting that you read that you -- more than ninety. EUQ. You know that mean. If you do -- -- -- and and leave their relationship and I think you're right in the pocket for you now. Part of what is important to remember you're really. Ultimately the greens out here you're really going to warrant. Do you get through being cheated are whether I'd say that your partner -- -- it not only our. I decided that I get my partner at all about coming to terms what it means for you and not all the things aren't doing. That it may technical and dinner there -- your -- accurately more harm for you know. And -- Remember EIP. Partner ultimately and completely helpful actor that your future relations shouldn't. Aren't that you're. Experience. You mean when he when he tried to make accurate statement. Why let it in the first -- how -- -- find out you know big difference between. You capture are achieving in the secretly been doing it by ear it's. While -- The first day McCartney and stay -- you talk about it because they're two entirely different learning. And it is that -- -- -- interrupt for a moment because you know if a woman gets. Intoxicated or a man makes a bad decision and then comes in next stance is look I messed up on and how this happened but it did. And that's one betrayal it would seem like as opposed to over a period of like you do said five years. And you may have thousands of different but trails or deception going on. Exactly. Exactly at the bottom line did you know there how and why are you mean that other car and -- that are in the day. And number Q. Are you willing to look at. Your partner someone hiding something that frankly per month for years that -- Who either betrayal that really be an artist Mary -- and just completely and try and Burke is somebody went. And died there and you know and let -- right away I mean. How -- -- and -- And if you weren't. But that the current -- -- you know I'd -- cracked and work to. Achieve our. In -- in. Our world. You know another. Do you. -- you cheated that they currently. The well how he and you could argue really -- -- -- under -- and and you know working. And look at me. You know people in the stakes but really how -- and it means you need. -- -- Take it again later intact so well here it's -- -- -- don't -- there. You. -- -- -- That means that current is really. -- it and I'm starting from square and earned -- Equally open having and we have a partner -- -- -- awhile -- -- understandable reaction and you can't get the now being more than and they used to anyone or anything before. -- And it and it and if -- case and you tenured -- you feel like your privacy is being invaded. Should you objective or do you have any right to. To say nine you know once the constant check -- the phone come on or the account access to the FaceBook page stimulus passwords -- this. If you decide to play. And and use that phrase great -- Cheryl cook is weakening -- fine if not I'll. For the person to whom that is happened. When you let it go I mean what ideas not check in text messages and because all it means -- you don't trust the other purse right. Right right and Jeter need to realize that they did create a bat and about the note they say you know I acted and it really are Brittany. Very you -- wanna act and are like that I'm pointing. Out -- -- -- need to get back on track the child. And if it's -- act on the other hand you know it. It is helping their part that it. You know if they don't -- true it didn't mind and it -- not going back on -- and yet even more. Work. And something -- went broke and because ultimately I think it's important certainly and it's been cheated on remember. You know you can do on the police work that you want but what you really were actually get -- -- the idea. -- -- that China should come and get it -- -- constantly think. The lack actually into the -- -- electorate pocket when he realized I need. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you -- you know now that the track is not coming in and it's been on and you still have been killed. All of -- Glendale are still wondering attack -- I think -- really important sign that. Maybe printing paper and -- at eight there are currently tied cheating on me and they get it back and -- maybe. Ultimately you want it and not. You'll have to be up there and attacked at the. And that's only live like -- get another text comes up -- thing this is interesting. If you make a mistake is as the doctor referred to talk about you obviously. And get drunk one night does that necessarily mean that there were problems with the relationship or doesn't just mean that. People are human and sometimes alcohol will allow their desires to come -- even though they're very much in love with the person there went. Yet you. Might really equally -- And then I mean I. You know I -- having an alcohol abuse problem because one mistake that -- think it. It's an the problem is that since it is it's causing major problem being argued he cheat and a partner. So it can't be happy to be. What you're doing. The problem might make you like. Nineteen. What's going on here. That I might not get that from a position that maybe there -- strong but maybe you're looking at a deeper issue without. Doctor relatives conversational become back on this -- and thank you doctor Andrea by year got it right. Our aim and clinical psychologist adjunct professor at Georgetown and the author of friends. Are. The French -- sticks negative not to talk --

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