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3-31 4:20pm Deke, college athletes union

Mar 31, 2014|

Are you for or against a college athletes union? Should student athletes be considered employees? The Big Chief Deke Bellavia was joined by Gabe feldman, Director of Tulane Sports Law Program, to talk student athletes union.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here director of -- sports law program gave film and joins us now and gave Bob basically. With all of this that is going on right now I guess that the number one thing I'll just the people who may not be keep an open the stories folks that don't know. Not Weston. -- are are the players. Are union rips they hitting the congress. Basically explain this to us what what this means currently. And what is possibly could mean down the line. Well all that's happened -- and that's a lot but that all happened so far is that. The football players and northwestern team appealed to the National Labor Relations Board today that. I believe that their employees and therefore I opened for -- it in. And they're out before being in the mean they're entitled to you entered the collective bargaining negotiations. Which northwestern to -- a player over their terms and conditions of employment. Which would include. The articles that it helped that it and potentially compensation. And similar ten. In different tried to have student unionized. Public -- mostly without success. And really every time it happened to try to gain -- like that they've lost. This was a surprising decision in some ways because the regional director for the NB rule that they are in fact simply eating candy in. And northwestern immediately peeled back the full and Ellerbe indeed the and presumably any decision there'll be -- will be appealed that the federal court. And so all we know now is that we have to play -- preliminary ruling that the college football players at northwestern have the right to unionize. That we take it to that extreme. All college athlete a private schools could that are -- only applies to private school. But perhaps hawk I'll adapt its ability unionized which means perhaps. He'll be able to gain. Greater rights to collective bargaining agreement and -- current media. So anywhere from that. Happening to the players losing appeal and the status -- saying but it is more like it. Something in the middle where -- that -- and this is a real threat. So what's that now college athletes and try to lead some voluntary agreement that we can take the hands of the courts and congress and federal agencies. Gave him -- the director of Tulane sports law program as -- Michigan so gave basically if back if I go about what you tell -- in China maybe. It's assembly simplified a little bit more and you certainly did that it if I'm if isn't like hey let's say a hundred media how her -- It's it's a series I heard Rose and obviously the her wrote okayed this one the next one. But the end always beat -- like OK the way it -- all of this in what should we be getting paid is that is that the road decision on the travel down. It depends on needs not to an. It separately is being funded park but it steelworkers union I think that steelworkers union with today that. They're really wanna be played college sports and -- might agree. But I think the overall argument here on behalf of the student athletes is that they're entitled -- or they're getting. And it's been that for decades that the argument that. Schools the conference coaches everyone is making money in big time college sports is that. -- did that. And they have not been without -- been able to get any leverage to try to change the system. This may be part of that approached by a -- jumping over the hurdle didn't make gave them of leverage may be in combination with some other lawsuits that are floating around. And at that level they are right. We're not gonna recognize that being pocket at the position to be it would be but. We're really deep view. More freedom that you can make money whether that related to lecture playing for something eighty off the field whenever might be -- any -- -- -- -- right now. And I think that that's what it is part. So so game in the air in the context though it from may be you know I guess some things have to be done like you say dean installer. A couple of the ironclad -- its talent okay that's an anti what do maybe Allen this had to -- big need but. -- like OK here's olive branch wanna hear what they have to say because it's that calm peaceful approach may be suited better. For the NCA on the other hand decide is that even if even if days just being able to give it heard. I think it bodes well for athletes from a standpoint even if they won -- beating. A little bit more benefits like you've heard on. -- some some coaches and our university president said that the cost of modeled my tuition that are you throwing food it's it's a former that they go by. When these types of things that done -- -- I don't assess the day they have more stuff the bog with but it does show that hate. We we will have to work with you here may do without getting quote on quote just straight cans for being an amateur Ashley. Lots of different options that they can agree to the risk is if you look at them they have a lot to that a floating out there it definitely loses it's. Then we might have a total free market -- schools are allowed to pay whatever they can't whatever they want. To get these -- Not sure that's the right that commitment to a lot of problems without a lot of financial issues to start it. You know it's the I think the key here is going to be part of -- solution that doesn't lead okay. And there -- a lot of options it could be that the athletes all are very simply. Given that you. And increase. Our -- -- to cover their full competence and depending on what school they're at that may be. 2006000. Dollars to allow them to be at before all the expenses on campus. Or it could be a bit more drastically kind of follow the Olympic model and they did it up it won't get paid. But they have a right to use the other -- like to be a good sign endorsement deal. To really be treated like other students -- not getting paid for playing. But they're getting paid because they are the fans because they're a little down because of what they've been able to deal on the field or on the court. That a lot of different options out there and it does seem like there's plenty of room for compromise. The risk for the NCAA now is so that they may have been able to. Reach compromise on maybe 45 lead -- three years ago may not be enough for them as did athletes because base. He made me be. Maybe the pocket -- -- where the -- the bigger -- to get then intimately and maybe offer right now that it becomes a little bit of success but again. Very early ruling its too early to jump to any conclusions. And I think we can all hope. That they put his mark amber ten conference commissioners everybody else that the data that we've got to come up with a better system -- that aside it did athlete's needs. And that's not want that at all but. We've got to putt better solution idolize you risk the court coming in telling us what we're doing illegal is illegal blowing opposite. Eight you gave it almost looks like did the NCA. You know they take an approach to everything you just explain but it's like okay. The more people pay attention to a like -- it's like when and Albania -- that thing came out I was watching Rose with. I didn't really get into the find the two of the rain it would put into his college scholarship and when these players sign these scholarships and -- is. You sign over -- that your name and likeness and not just in name like this before he is a you -- like this before you cities university. But some of the language in his dollar -- said. -- Alba and throughout the universe and I picked it must have you know. That's one thing with kind of odd but the more people are starting to pick up on net and follow -- and -- -- what does this all about. -- immediate comes across where a lot what what out or what else they keep him from these these there. Yeah I think that's part of it exactly right -- and these lawsuits can shine a light more alliance according -- the -- is getting -- -- about it and you add that in the whipped the dollars that are coming into college sports the cultural or -- bad particularly in March Madness making it over billion dollars. An ad revenue for the delay can they went and took a step in the right. It's one thing at these schools are struggling at -- -- -- is struggling but there's money to be had out there. And there's money to be shared. And most of it now is -- all that that was going to people other than that student athletes. And it's beyond just like that getting catching your hand but the restrictions they about a case that they're alleging here that you can't username like that in perpetuity. It's sort of make it to life in college but when you read about. 1015 years at college and try to make a little bit of money on the side. Package could make any way cool and it is even more more affairs of the NCAA. You didn't even -- -- eighty -- -- on -- -- and -- -- -- Muslim countries throughout the universal thought -- as a side you know. Yeah. Note that as a privilege and not in the public that he -- right now but -- -- for decades and it hasn't mattered that they've been viewed as. -- evil empire particularly keep the iron it. And now we finally have a formal ruling that might open it up a little bit. And put enough pressure and privilege to say that we got to change that we were doing. Or take it might lose control completely. Interesting interesting game and you got a ton of things to do it is not division numbers but do -- people follow you on Twitter. They know we can export -- Gave them a game very interesting seems like for the last what three or four years through we've had some -- I don't know we sawdust on common but this is a very very interesting. Andy will keep in touch with -- as this a story continue to develop. Our right he's the director of the Tulane sports law program it's. Top in a Contra broke cellphone moaning NFL network college -- tell you when they wanna talk about south and its related to all exports alone keep -- top of the list.