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3-31 4:45pm Coach Paul Mainieri, LSU 0-4

Mar 31, 2014|

We get a quick recap of LSU baseball against the Florida Gators with LSU Baseball Coach, Paul Mainieri.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

LSU Tigers. Full games last week. Very rare. Fill in all four games in this week for more big gains are starting -- and I would make -- state in a huge series coming up. Friday Saturday and Sunday against the Mississippi State Bulldogs up there's not -- welcoming. LSU baseball coach called an area. Coach and an area out of my recollection I don't know if you had an -- full week since you've been here. It was a much -- I can tell you that opening c.'s meet the petite dark better known for a week in and makes me costs. The -- let's hope we don't experience that again it was a much fun. Arcadia. You know the game at Tulane last Tuesday was a great game we just you know didn't hit well enough in. Two lane pitched really well at the end of the game with their closer we just couldn't get anything off of them and they they scratch one across. Indeed it's -- and we went down to Florida and lost to 221 ballgame in the first games so. You know we can't you know when you -- -- this close ones you don't -- now they're really kind of demoralized you. That we just didn't pitch well enough to win the last two games then it's Florida I -- the teams that you were very evenly matched we just didn't do what it took to win and so. We just got to accept it and move forward and keep a positive attitude and and and recover -- gets seven weeks ago in the season. All our goals are still very much in front of this and you know we've you know we've just got to play a little bit better that's all that it was a it was a rough week but you know I'm glad we're coming home let's put it that way. Coach and an area is there when you look at the is there is an accommodation at things is is there one or two is is it may be one thing or two things that you -- -- combo with you team is -- on on not don't know it's just a combination of of all thank you just can't. Well you know -- into it you know Bates it's been followed -- closely is and has known that offensively we've been little that is it's been a little bit of a rut. You know -- more than a little bit since it's been a pretty good right. You know Alex -- has really been struggling in Alex's an all American in our best player that's been our best hitter that's. You know there's no way -- effect he's three for fifteen three for 35 in the SEC game. So support kid is Q does the way to the world on his shoulders he's trying to target he can. But he just struggled. And you know when when your best hitters struggles as can be hard to score runs its mediocre bird didn't hit for the Tigers -- at halftime score and so. You know it's a lot put on one player and I'm not blaming him for anything I'm just saying it's it's part first ever nonsense. When your best hitter doesn't hit I remember couple years ago when it's great frames. Which would -- ahead by a pitch. That he couldn't play for a week and our offense gets very stagnant at that time to anytime your best hitter his batteries not hitting. You know it just puts a lot of the other guys so. It would break even start to crank it up which I have no doubt he will have a plan and on and do it Wednesday against me -- into the weekend against Mississippi State. I think what happens is directing guys around him relax and search -- in the bat better and our offense to get cranked up. But it's not just our offense you know we've we've had a couple of bad days pitching as well you know obviously with -- That final game was very uncharacteristic of us who walked I think nine batters and -- ballgame and boy you'd have to do a few weeks to get nine walks combined for mark pitching staff but. It's huge it's one of those states and and you know we scored seven runs -- fortunate there was -- enough when you. When you walked nine and give up the last and so. -- we just -- like instead just got to regroup and will be OK in our kids are great kids to work really hard to get a tremendous attitude. And we're glad to be back on this Wednesday and then into the next two weeks so. You know get to it's a very strong -- are guys gonna play very well as we get circuit starts its homestand. And coach would talk about this before but easy is a teeny bit of -- dog has to say in nine benefit when you look. At your schedule and now an uncle Bob we allow a coach to say you know once snapping Cleo won game and not win or lose great good bad ugly you put it behind you it's all about the next game the next pitch the next inning. But when you're looking UC eighteenth annual conference in the top 25. It's almost like you know win or lose and the minds it is at this that we got to be ready regardless doesn't mean a bicycle their sartorial look at the -- of Florida. Coach they weren't even rain they -- do you -- -- that and Emma thirteen. Well the double -- basically process where it did before the benevolent he would -- in the country. Hey you know and and that's attain it was 29 and thirty last year four and did that their talent is outstanding and they get instant. You know that they had four pitchers -- team and appear in the games. They were all drafted Lester command high school that I don't know all turned 1994 miles an hour name and appear in the game so. They've got a Platz -- great guards like Vanderbilt did. -- and also. The you know the Vanderbilt in order to the the most traditionally difficult places for us to play you go back and look at the record we have an experience a lot of success with either one of those places and you know you just keep that schedule coming -- in the first three weekends of the season as the two years troops. Community to be under the right and negate the third week to Florida. I honestly got if if I would have. If you don't if we would have been 45 or five and four after three weeks I think I'd be doing cartwheels and feel like we're perfect position. In that tie against Georges you know it's frustrating because at we've won that game we'd be four and five and you know not terrible position -- terrible position as it is or seven weeks ago. Four of those series are at home. So we can we get it just you know take care of business seemed to start playing better if we do that then we'll end up with -- -- -- -- have any doubt about that. LSU baseball coach Paul many of the Tigers with full big -- this week Manny skate now coming up Wednesday night and then of course the Tigers have a huge shoes. With Mississippi State on Friday evening. At 630 coach -- always a pleasure and good -- TDs week in -- -- LSU coach pulmonary coming up in about a couple of hours you can catch the full time recap of -- LSU did Lessig what's interesting we look at the baseball. America top 25 this -- teams that weren't ranked last week did not only just know we always broke in -- twenty out 24 and has skyrocketed. Alabama. Washington. -- All three of those teams had four no week's Alabama went from being not ranked a fifteen watching goes -- not ranked. To fourteen in the fifth -- last week they beat Florida State whose number one. Andy's whip -- -- LSU they skyrocket the number thirteen -- in the southeast conference. In the top 25 minutes of recruitment and says they we were not into a bad position right now got to regroup. And it's good to be back home but he says you know we've we. A more than struggled on offensively he thought -- with a little bit -- but we've been more than a little bit in that Alex -- needed to put all the blame on him but. However toddlers in the country in conference play is three for 35 in Nikes -- when your best player in KCBS hitter isn't producing well. But in the team house itself the -- an air show at 7 o'clock tonight on 870 AM and the pelicans take on the Sacramento Kings on 1053 FM.