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3-31 5:35pm Deke, NCAA Final Four

Mar 31, 2014|

Who do you think will win the Final Four? Deke was joined by Scott Philips, Blogger for collegebasketballtalk.com.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Scott Phillips joins -- now he has the blogger for college basketball talk dot com you know we talk to folks at pro basketball at all to account pro football talk dot com and college basketball talk dot com it's hot right now and again a lot of hits a lot of people take that the great work. But the final forwards Scott. Had to follow much college best about what some of the big Mondays. Some of them the higher. -- games it took place at some of these -- can stay DC and so Duke North Carolina Miami in a North Carolina but I pay attention to some of the sweet sixteen games. All that only eight games in and and getting to a final four. And -- saying you know that big challenge for Kentucky is just I mean it just plain and they hear it right now Wisconsin defense is suffocating. Florida is I mean thirty straight wins what else can you say they have as much talent and it bit down and all five. But right now I don't know if there's a better player. In the country it's just at a at a high level. This should -- Napier is right now for Connecticut. I think gotta agree with you there you -- that -- here. A clear -- -- first team all American in my eyes if you let are you and point rebound and the shift this season. Just a remarkable all around -- doesn't. A big reason why Connecticut from the final -- you mentioned but I also believe that the more can trust and play it yeah hundred and Ryan both. It really helped them elevate the Huskies to a new level we saw them struggle a little bit during the American athletic top portion of their schedule. They've had been solid and pound entry tournament I stated no joke. Michigan State was a trendy pick to of the national title yet sort of popped into a threat to trade or you're -- RT BC. Scott how composed follow you on Twitter. And who are older -- you know Scott I don't it is such a long game you never know but ams and watch a net gain yesterday and I want to -- me scandal went up -- -- in the full. And then bam a freshman it's at I think he just played his first minutes of the tournament. In his sweet sixteen game against -- Marcus Lee -- back the -- put backs and that was to me like. Is like I Kentucky's in his game and it was barely but to me now say turning point. But to meet. -- of all of this and young guys against a veteran mall -- veteran made team in the miscue. Those back the bank put backs by lead to meet with like men -- I think that I did think before but the dog is the -- ball game. And that's really the big thing about Kentucky that you mentioned they have so many guys that can step up and make critical plays for them at different times in the game. You look at market -- history and break out performance of the -- The -- McDonald's all American from that you know inhaled her freshman -- the season. Did anybody that's actually we had 2014. But came on strong and point being recalled pitcher. You look at Kentucky all turn on a consistent performance -- different guys that are different -- truly critical. -- double double rush turned forty -- on the net by Michael the second call I'm a freshman and or. And then you look at other channel freshman Harrison went so much character -- a Rocky start and she. Englanders and not -- or treat pointer. The final eight man wrecking that's not scored in the first half ago -- three quarter and final minute against not only legal action helped a final -- And brother in compared. How much -- -- a short change on a picture in Wichita State. But also from you know movement and breaking street -- in school greens. On Sunday so. You look at their village had different guys take a thinking too different on the bench players McDonald all American like Mark -- -- They're -- and I'm believe Almonte and Lexington that she wanted to -- collection count each. In recent memory I'll cut on I think right now the way it did come together. The way that they beat real cool that's four penalty from last year underrated pitchers -- -- -- major to win and then -- again tomorrow and. Scott you know he hears is one is fun let's just say from two years ago Pataki came in they want it let's say Andy Davis. -- DO Chris aimed areas -- all all the priest thought as a left though from those -- Who would be due to his -- off this team -- to put that could you -- about a -- Those -- would be in their junior year and they were a freshman Niemi big group itself as a hit -- period again. He's two wins away from -- -- like you say it with freshman guys and I realize these are these the best players in the country. But these kids and a year ago -- would just wrapping -- championship games and Haskell that's a lot of up -- a lot of intensity and that's a lot of intimidation of the Apollo. It's a lot of pressure that they face this year and you look at the scrutiny that they faced character on or aggregate. The kind of ludicrous talk for you know in the crease feed him which I don't think we'll do and I'm given how difficult has won on the road and basketball and how difficult it is to go -- conference -- unbeaten and all -- the coaches and all the players are familiar style that. I bet -- senate and at Kentucky and a great -- -- continually rebuilding the one and done actual players. You elite level prospects and Anthony Davis Michael Kidd Gilchrist or any unique scenario. Because they were so so that's freshman they work I needed shot. We're trying to -- needed to have on the ample time -- they should ball so well other guys that parent child. Of all these talented freshman that they have. I'll watch what you look to these group of players are all all likely to return next season folk -- John -- apparent. I think that if they win you'll see a lot of them ego because it's just go the way that they are as a group there area. You know. Focused on winning the title right now I think that they don't go well the -- Gloria and worked or happened history is. The freshman group that started in -- and won a title blushed and what the fence I want to do that being said. Hairston twins at their stocks dropped this year. They've both been inconsistent stretches of play change on a hitter as well at certain times this year than you people you can deposit quite content to the action and the big creek and got triple. I think almost a foregone conclusion truly scramble and keep a likely top -- -- But it didn't interest and -- how they do this week and Garland and they're -- -- like with the title and what they you know I have to say on. Potentially million dollars are thrown their way and what shouldn't make. Scott -- Blogger for college basketball talk dot com Kentucky Wisconsin to Florida and Connecticut who we think to advance and Scott to the national championship. I really think it's going to be an ala CC championship with a witness or displayed throughout the year thirty straight when. They lost to UConn and scouting will back and went down with an ankle entry and that you didn't play against Wisconsin and lost to them they're undefeated -- and at full strength and going all in all part of the country in. And I like can talk you out and I just think. The talent that they have the seven McDonald's all American and their ability to have different guys take over the game at certain times. It is difficult matchup from Compton particularly on the interior and not comfortable out on -- And I think they can talk to prevail or -- it beaten Kentucky times this season and reaching. I think that the took a much stronger more balanced and talk to that or shall sleep and any. Think that you -- know or number eight -- the probably the most out of turn in the. Scott Phillips -- the blog of the college basketball talk that counts that we thank you -- Iowa -- played in a week. Absolutely. He is a good takes it -- I don't always hated Charles Barkley -- way of thinking but he had a good one on the broadcast this week you. You with something like this if you see a kid. At Q did -- you can follow him home and see his pants that -- as there would be. But true too many -- Attempts at Texas talk about who mentioning earlier about. In Redick inexcusable. Deplorable violent behavior. At their youth is it soccer baseball football basketball. You've seen him before we've been opponent before. -- -- a teacher but I think you you can will recover from.