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Mar 31, 2014|

Who do you think will win the Final Four? The Big Chief Deke Bellavia talks to you.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Evening and welcome to sports talk and he noted go to 7 PM tonight that's why it's 7 o'clock now 878 AM you can hear it. The pulmonary show that tiger -- a disappointing -- in full week last week and lost to Tulane three to two and got swept by the Florida Gators. Formal game this week it's may -- state. How about big series against ninth ranked Mississippi State. That's the -- an air show 7 o'clock 8:7 AM 7 o'clock tonight into all of pelicans are home entertain the Sacramento Kings three weeks left. In the NBA regular season actually a couple weeks of the night with the second to the last game of the season for the pelicans they aren't -- Monday night the fourteenth against Oklahoma City. But I'll buy the game on the sixteenth against. The Houston Rockets and we are down to four with 64 of 32 to sixteen. To eight to -- the Kentucky Wildcats who are expected to be the every year. It don't matter. I don't know if there's more pressure on a program. In any sport. Then areas Kentucky basketball. -- their programs that have pressure on him to win and get to the national championship level. Big time -- it via absolutely. But singling out a program. To win I don't know -- -- start more than -- Kentucky basketball make every year. They are expected to win and get to have found awful. And me feel that made a national championship game regardless of the coming neatly with the majority of up underclassmen. It in the coach John Keller there air. Some of the most out of players in the country. And there's a sodomy it feels like coach now is kind of like got nine lives how can you -- escape trouble. How can man this -- trouble. And those Grogan Pete said back but -- get in trouble. I don't know -- smooth. Into a rule violator and that have been busted. Who knows but I don't -- proof is in the Bruins. And he is now -- On the break a win another national championship. Brought two other schools to the final four mean if this was a -- us face it. He did it grows -- those free throws maybe they not called Kansas that year but. He's at three -- go to the final four and now he is the second has -- coach and all of college athletics as Kentucky. We'll take on Wisconsin and the defense -- minded badgers. And the Florida Gators the number one team in the country they've won thirty straight ironically they will play a team in the national semi finals. That was the last team to defeat him in early December Connecticut beat Florida. Now the team stands in the way of him getting back to the national championship -- -- on a winning a third national championship was a team to beat him Lance in the Connecticut Huskies. Who may be right now have the best player in this tournament in the country on their side it's a bands Napier. -- it's a big time basketball I've got a chance to listen to all watch it and we will have an all for you coming up this Saturday archivist ought to tournament today at 230. Filed by the national semi finals Kentucky Wisconsin. And Florida and Connecticut Saturday here on WW though radio and would talk to gave film the last hour about not Weston and scoots and at least being able to form a union what -- his lead to only be able to -- tenacity and say that there may be that amateur. They should be. And union when they should be paid like union employees their employees not so much scholarship. There's a value on scholarship. Is a value on a scholarship. Tire and one institution in the other. Does that play into all this is it. Institutions that have more money. To spend an Elvis is there a fair point there can be doled out. Divvied up as a enough for the packed it's surgical air amicable we could sit and talk about school they could afford it. But there's some school they can't afford. So. Do all schools. -- in the same bracket so to speak. We can pay you're you're allowed to give athletes such and such percentage. This vicinity is affected on the cost of living in your area. The scholarship a mound. Wage. Like say what minimum wage would be. Food -- that's calculated as a model that the NCAA can go by. Could it be that. Arm is it's about the students. You can only pay if you can afford to play and that's what some schools -- -- as you know there's only a handful of schools every year. And -- talk and division one. BCA us. Schools which would MB playoff format 124. There's only a handful made any handful of it I'm not in. The -- every year there's just a few -- in the black. So if you get it today acting you're really talking about separating the haves and the have nots so to speak is it is it takes to -- it's a shame. All the focus is on paying the student athletes. What about the majority of the students they make it possible to even running university. So with a common student get a chance to be paid to attend school. Well in a way not a comments to me but a scholarship student at a Smart student talked -- -- does -- paid to go to school a school wanted to go there. I mean days. He put a value on somebody's scholarship to say like Vanderbilt and some of the -- to scoot yeah it's it's a lot of money involved is that it takes goes on next thing -- they. Honestly it's on scholarships should former union to get paid. To make a great this is also said. Well thank you so much. For the -- is another one I think. What some call the China say the ruling says it all employers employees. Employs Camby five. He was warning to -- from a -- Not producing. Are they paying you. Can you find it -- because one call the bring them last album Byron Bryant that okay what happens if you yulia Pena right now but you know produce and can you give. Can you get fired OK you gave you to scholarship and that that would be fair to put you -- bring -- money into these Peres said it's a certain amount of money. That he could -- out of his pocket. But a coach at a smaller school. These shoes for instance the states -- and not Weston Nichols. -- can mail for day to give their money so I don't know. I don't know if there is a way I do think did. I don't know if it down by division. On if it's done by. How you do that I have no idea but I do know it's gotta be all -- nothing. Mean if one school is allowed. To give a Stipe and more so than it is now with Obama move forward and all scoot through. If it's a student -- league some would say well known -- that you've beaten him nuts about of the fittest. If you can afford you can afford it if you Kahne became. It's only wanted to stay at the whereas is that if a student and lead. In one sport it's something the end whoever is the five fans those words duty and -- Women. -- Hockey. Baseball basketball football is a question in the SEC I mean those are. Student athletes. Where do you start where you stop. But it makes for interesting conversation now with a -- western union. Going all the congress. -- -- -- in CA long has been in. All it's oh we love its debut but there's a lot of wrong. An -- phrase monster there's a lot of things that a questionable there's a lot of things at the NC I think it's a way with. That a lot of times. Know Biron tends to ask the questions in this situation if -- they would shoot tomorrow I don't -- And more people will be aware of what the NC goes in what they -- On the money tons of money and -- they do get scholarships. But you know there's a handful of conferences that it corner the market. Cornered the market. And do they really need the NCAA. Do they really need the UNC AT. It got the prevalent. Sign on to be a playoff game. Format championships sponsor the SEC chairman Tim sponsored the big twelve championship sponsor because of the NCAA. Hole was -- because those teams indians' CC and the big twelve in a team that will be in the playoffs. ESP year. In BC always networks have sinus. Ungodly amount of money to companies conflicts and yes the good and the bad now you watching TV. UC sports and you don't even though they hate it picked -- his conference deal EA needed to big daddy get -- ball. We won't -- somebody's -- bombings to throw a few of these equestrian -- matches -- below the SEC tennis on. That's all part of a big pizza -- you get -- big slice. The -- got to have the rest the -- And do those networks sign on because it's an NCAA school. Or to school it's come from the ACC. The big twelve -- the -- twins. That's what it's it's eight. In land of the NC keeping everybody happy but really keep in the big boys the big -- and that's when -- make money. -- -- going to be coming back to a six so when it's 7866889. He rates and it. The final four we've got four good teams Florida Kentucky SEC's down again bad basketball college reality and then number. You know three to sixteen teams have on the southeast of cop that without across the bow with the big TN. And out two in the final four the only conference. That can say that Wisconsin in it taken on Kentucky Saturday in Florida and Connecticut who's going to the national championship game that you can hear. One break from the date on WW 7 o'clock at night made the bottom basketball department area so 870 AM attack is coming off the top week. One of eighteenth ranked in the top 25 baseball America -- The loss to Tulane three to two and then failed three times and thought. Two to one of the old song about Tony Orlando and not be planned on this season. And -- -- was full. Of two to 162 and eleven to seven wasn't much fun coach mennesses lets hope we don't expands it and he. The pulmonary -- 7 o'clock -- -- 8:7 AM and the New Orleans pelicans taking all one. The Sacramento Kings tonight 7 PM on 1053 at him and smooth -- senate. Michael MacNamara -- -- -- -- -- all things pelicans will be with us at 635. The preview tonight's game might get about oh no that means -- I make and clock at the fairgrounds and when those tosses came down the stretch in the derby Saturday. It goes in trouble this -- that he. Mean he was down the street the Florida it was tight what are MBC's board did on Saturday on television. They did a combo he came on about 530 did defrauded their refers. And Nene showed Louisiana's dead. Really excite very exciting Keyon -- again has got these three horses going to the Kentucky Derby now. So -- -- -- in trouble. And it was a Josip -- The a jockey she won the derby. Two years now so with the demise in a -- and recap. The Louisiana there. And the fourteen -- in the final full. -- I'm expecting Kentucky. But. They always expected to get there they are CBS sports is kinda running a document I think it's. Well as about the history Kentucky basketball -- coach -- up. To. 87. Joseph -- hall. -- But the team no doubt -- all the coaches the good days -- -- -- if ball ball great days ago that you -- as well they've been bad. But I mean that is the you know Christian now we drove to the Super Bowl -- to go to Indianapolis. And on net -- -- there. When you going you know when you mean you go on and off 55 you -- options used pace now felt that it found him -- toward it. -- the Chicago way or you go up a little farther north than as if the -- east and around a belief. And he had a -- Knoxville when you get up on next stretch you talk about. Basketball. I mean Mecca. You get around out of Knoxville Andy in Lexington. And before you know it makes it in you get -- Andy when you pass at Villanova and on and am Marreese -- Mo Missouri Valley Conference teams I mean -- this big time basketball program. Did you keep going streak -- you get the price for you in Indianapolis -- Butler is an Indianapolis I UPI. Days. University Indiana. Freedom -- the same Nadal. Rupp Arena I mean it's all right there. Big time basketball and we do is we will we will listen to it and that was around that time about the heart of basketball season. And we won't we will come and through Indiana. Outside of Bloomington they do to -- -- -- was a ninety minute or two out regained the basket and me we going well football is standing -- in a football. Mentality is for basketball there is major but tickets are rookies that says it's some believe what if you get a chance to watch their program. Watching those people. Leah Hendry. Ghastly would anyone say Kentucky basketball they were down here a year ago couple years ago twice for the SEC -- an -- -- the national championship. A member bumped into Bob McNabb bomb in the some little science. There was saying at the foul -- was so glad you know we had a good feeling that we would be as any day was easier and my quota -- in -- that. That we would be here. -- you might kick a gate key bureaucrats -- -- wrong name. The cause they were they -- so -- -- off. Exhibit -- is so half our fans get tickets back home so we can't we got to -- Kentucky twice in one year these people would die hard fans. But obviously that I have buy them a season tickets and tickets hall to come by. What's the wildcats. But they are in the final four game who do you think is gonna win and get to the national team into game one we tonight Kentucky Wisconsin fraud and -- vote online at WW well. That -- -- to Canada this week all enough a little vacation but he'll be back next week and now -- days. April 7. And now -- Getting close and close. To the benefit programs and remember another draft this year is may eighth ninth and -- they moved -- back a couple of weeks Alicea. That plays out at all known about the money dollar over the -- to be today. Now for two days in prime time capitalize. On. That audience operated jaguar paid -- do you think will win the final full -- -- to the national championship game. Kentucky Wisconsin Florida. And Connecticut we'll talk about those for those four teams in just a few moments that's go to Madison deal for Chris Chris thank you for calling WW Rio. Or -- me count our day yeah. All right -- do -- -- make quick call not only -- opening day game of Little League Baseball on an umpire. Do you. Excuse me to do. Yes they had to break it I just wanted to call in purge all the parents out there participants coaches. Just not to -- You know a lot of times what you're doing equally ball games are by yourself that you don't call which city it. Got to chill out. Are you used to be taken up a club officials could you know officially come -- fighting in general overall not just directed at the -- It took you you know each yellow you'll cheer for the kids and it hurt the change but yeah -- -- You know that the umpires would be a social no matter what sports here you're looking at. Especially a Little League level it it it could be toned down a -- -- Chris not a commentary and I I show mob boss man apparently gave me a video about a couple weeks ago. And long story short it was it was fighting I mean it was it was straight out violence out there among coaches. Some island related to a cold it was a lady involved in the -- it was six -- bossy that it was soreness and it was -- a year and six. Soccer game. In -- you'll choose you can hit a -- -- at -- and I know what's supposed to -- they have on go viral. But we're gonna be regarded as surely and we we you talk about sick and I mean it was a play and then to make a long story short digestible as. Nobody got in trouble. Nobody got suspended one got -- maybe he wanted me to gain everybody is allowed to steal beating who was -- myself immediate. Something is wrong it would what did you teach these kids over the you can act like he has. And you can get away with. -- any talk about a local politics stinking to high heaven from an -- MP bushel and appears saint. Let him Mona Theo let this would do the a's have not among them well like. These people have no power. Isn't like old school politics you scare tactics. Israelis say if Ritter to say -- again today but you know to -- epic a lot of it sometimes. It goes back to the way people raise in an education level and I'm not not at somebody. But you've got to be able to be Smart enough. Realize you have to. Mean remove yourself. From that situation if you remove use him he's not going may -- -- going to be like that gate like you beat Baghdad. They don't know. If removing yourself means. -- away the two children hey it's doing me don't same thing BG you've got to do what ever it takes not to let too cutesy. You have really have. I mean I can count on one hand that the bad experiences have been relatively speak and they weren't bad at all. I'm addicted. It go to good organization after the same ball about so that's. Here where you sound like you're you're part of a league it really doesn't take take -- mean -- you know that they're pretty they're pretty cut in stone like if this -- what you do that you're out. To get people are to leave the ballpark figure. That's I think that's I think that's excellent because it is one wow was it it was he was deplorable. -- yeah. Seeing videos to put its. It saw it where -- and a and a lot of that's lucky coven that they execute to and and I have a good time doing so. Well Christie was post a man it's always a hot topic game you know Sammy every year. In certain sports is always some some bad events. Yeah absolutely -- -- call I appreciate it because they get so very. Okay Chris -- say thank you so much we appreciate the time. Scott Phillips joins us now he has the blogger for college basketball talk dot com you know we talk to folks at pro basketball -- now pro football talk dot com and college basketball talk dot com it's hot right now and again a lot of hits a lot of people take that the great work. But the final forwards Scott. Had to -- a much -- best about what some of the big Mondays. Some of them the higher. -- games it took place at some of these -- can stay DC SO Duke North Carolina Miami in a North Carolina but I pay attention to some of the sweet sixteen games. All that only eight games in and and getting to a final four. And -- saying you know that big challenge for Kentucky is just I mean it just plain and they hear it right now Wisconsin defense is suffocating. Florida is me thirty straight wins what else can you say they have as much talent and it bit down -- -- five. But right now I don't know if there's a better player. In the country it's just at a at a high level this should -- Napier is right now after the Connecticut. I think -- that agree with you there you -- ethnic here. A clear choice of the first team all American in my eyes if you let our point rebound and the shift this season just a remarkable all around -- them. A big reason why Connecticut from the final four mentioned but I also believe that -- more and play it yeah hundred and Ryan both. It really helped -- and elevate the Huskies to a new level we saw them struggle a little bit during the American -- how -- portion of their schedule. But they've had an eloquent on the entry to turn at Iowa State has no joke Michigan State was a trendy pick to the national title yet sort of part of a threat to trade or you're the RBC. Scott how composed follow you on Twitter. And who are older and you know Scott I don't it is such a long game you never know but I'm sitting watching that game yesterday and I want to -- me scandal went up man of sports in the full. -- bam a fresh minutes at. I think he just played his first minutes of retirement. In his sweet sixteen game against -- Marcus Lee will back the -- put backs and that was to me like. Is like I Kentucky's in these games and it was barely but to me now say turning point. But to meet. Act out of all of this and young guys against a veteran small ball veteran made team and missed it. Those back the bank put backs by Lee to meet with like Matt I think that I did think before but the dog is going is ball game. And that's really the big thing about Kentucky that you mentioned they have so many guys that can step up. And make critical plays for them at different times in the game. You look at market -- -- -- breakout performance not about. The -- McDonald's all American from that you hailed her freshman -- the season. Did anybody that's actually as we had 2014. We came on strong and point eight rebounds that your. Do you look at it can talk you'll turn on the potential and performance is different guys step -- -- different -- truly critical. Four double double -- turned. 41 -- -- Michael the second all I'm urged the court and then you look at other channel freshman Harrison went so much are a lot Rocky start and she. Anderson not -- or treat pointer. The final eight man wrecking that's not scored in the first half ago at three quarter final minute against not only legal Michigan output and Arnold or. And brother in on -- How much unbearable I'm short -- on a picture in Wichita State. But also from you know movement and breaking their -- school -- I'm under so you look at their privilege to have different guys -- -- to different time. But couldn't quite at McDonald's all American like Mark -- and Alex torturous. There than I'm believe -- and Lexington and she didn't want about collection count each. In recent memory helped cut on -- -- or not the way it did come together the way that they beat real cool that's for final last year. Underrated pitchers in -- -- major to win the contract he -- out and. Scott you know here's his one -- fun let's just say from two years ago Pataki came in they want it let's say Andy Davis. Kidd Gilchrist game there is -- all all the priest thought isn't that though from those -- Who would be good to stall of all for this team is to -- that could you -- about a -- Those -- would be needed junior year and they were freshman Niemi big group itself as a hit -- period in. He's two wins away from doing it like you say it with freshman guys and I realize these are these the best players in the country. But these kids and a year ago -- would just wrap and a championship games and Haskell that's a lot of up -- a lot of intensity and that's a lot of intimidation of the Apollo. It's a lot of pressure that they face this year and you look at the scrutiny that they faced after twenty or ever. The kind of ludicrous talk of for you know in the -- -- in which I don't think you do and I'm given how difficult it is one on the road and basketball but how difficult it is to go conference -- unbeaten and all -- the coaches -- all the players are familiar style that. But that can senate and Kentucky and a great travel continually rebuilding really want it done actual players. Elite level prospect and Anthony Davis and Michael Kidd Gilchrist who were -- -- unique scenario. Because they were so self destruct. They weren't I needed shot. More guys that needed to have on the ample time that they should ball so well other guys that parent child. Of all these talented freshman that they have. I'll watch what you look to these group of players are all all likely to return next season folk for -- -- apparent. I think that if they win you'll see a lot of them go because it's just go the way that they are as a group they're very. You know. Focused on winning the title right now I think that they would go well the blaze of glory and Porter cup in history is. The freshman group that started in terms and won a title blushed and what the fence I want to do that being said. But -- and twenty at their stocks dropped this year. -- both -- consistent -- of play -- young and hitter -- as well certain I'm sure that you people you can deposit quite comfortable ejection. And he -- triple. I think almost a foregone conclusion he truly scramble and a likely top I think. But it didn't interest and you probably do this week and Garland and they remember -- the title and they you know after they want. Potentially millions of dollars are thrown their way and what shouldn't make. Scott -- Blogger for college basketball talk dot com Kentucky Wisconsin to Florida and Connecticut -- we think to advance and Scott to the national championship. I really think it's going to be an ala CC championship with a witness or displayed throughout the year thirty straight when. They lost to UConn and caddie will -- went down with an ankle entry and that you didn't play against Wisconsin and lost to them they're under either really and that full strength in all in all part of the country in. And I like I can talk your comprehension. The talent that they have the seven McDonald's all American and their ability to have different guys take over the game at certain times. It is difficult matchup from Compton particularly on the interior I'm not comfortable out and put backs. And I think they can talk -- or -- it beaten Kentucky time he's and that -- I think that the took a much stronger more balanced and talk to consult -- -- and any. Think that even though you're number eight seed but could probably the most help to turn -- Tina -- -- Scott Phillips -- the blog of a college basketball talk that counts that we thank you -- Iowa culminated a week. -- Absolutely. He is a good takes it eight I don't always hated Charles Barkley -- way of thinking but he had a good one on the broadcast this week you. You with something like this if you see your kids. At -- -- 88 you can follow him home and see his pants that -- as there would be. But true too many tan good -- at Texas talk about who mentioning earlier about. Erratic inexcusable. Deplorable violent behavior. At their youth is it soccer baseball football basketball. You've seen him before we've been opponent before. Draw your own nature but I think you. You can will recover from memory now if you can't -- -- -- BO show live your favorites tonight because that's the park is any -- just let -- be the dogs go to WW dot com. But for the podcast bug on the top right hand called fine you know host these shows that you light click on it and it's into the shadow which really disciplined so can be podcast. At WWL. Dot com the Rio Robert Mitchell is it tonight. Is to use that -- hosting. Of the of the scooped. As a -- is that in this week or in tomorrow for tummy -- So I think Robert Mitchell we talked about -- to Louisiana governor Bobby -- confirmed he is considered running for president to them sixteen. -- That's the course and then why. And I don't know enough about dollars and but I mean it just seemed like to mean that night that Bobby Jindal. And they say you are he had those fifteen minutes of fame -- like when when the spotlight is on you when you showtime the -- You the Eagles sand. -- -- -- And it was the -- it was the Republicans. Response to the presidential address. In the first the first time for Barack Obama and in and I didn't on this this summer but you know I have about his -- got these experts -- make a political experts. They break stuff down like they do full bugging him about his best game. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Neifi went on we have president of the game and we don't double the president and it meant. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Woody get to vote. Plus this past weekend know what the number one movie of the week here the biblical epic star Russell Crowe opened with 44 million. Some religious groups claimed this story has been inaccurate portrayed. How would they know. And an issue -- there right. Now had you seen the movie do you plan to see. And also the season finale for the walk in the -- on AMC if you walk NBA fan. Bob Mitchell talk about. As can be some good stuff good stuff to you sound off on tonight what Bob Mitchell at the pulmonary. I'm Deke Bellavia this is WW.