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3-31 6:20pm Deke, LA Derby

Mar 31, 2014|

Deke was joined by Mike Diliberto, Morning Line Maker & Clocker at the Fairgrounds, to talk about the Louisiana Derby and what to expect in Kentucky.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Might Della Borough of blood gets -- for a lot of reasons especially when you get to this time a year because we're on the -- The count down to the fastest to second in the fastest thirty seconds in sports sixties -- boards. Two minutes I don't say it's a great day one of the most historic days. That's a Kentucky Derby a big spot of the -- this past Saturday was to throw. And Louisiana -- -- within each other about thirty minutes from each race in Florida. And Louisiana and because in trouble -- Mike I had a chance to -- a bit on NBC Kerry both -- lap. On Saturday from a Florida and from via fairgrounds in a gentility and it was fascinating to watch it from that standpoint. But how different races work. The Florida derby was mainly it was almost like who was almost a photo finish to -- tight. That was not the case in Louisiana once Vick cause him trouble made -- he separated so she's embrace him so. I'd agree with -- but then AG he really ran a couple race. He was the favorite in the roses story and ended up real wide draw at thirteen -- in. Kind of very wide trip but he made a big move that -- kind of flattened out the stretch well. This -- and a much better draw was a little right to the front. And rolled in the Providence Rhode exceptional race yet take your hat -- to -- you really just slowed the pace down. And when they get into -- stretch she had a lot of holes left it was just clocked two and he just a golf and the race was well and not. Mike Smith that rotted out all of anybody on the pavement and that's a holiday. Even -- you know way. I gotta take my hat off while Rose the you know -- exceptional race in the we just got beat. -- also on this particular day and not that they did that -- cars and and the absolutely yeah Brad that looks like you've got a big -- -- without. Rosen of maverick IRS big unit at at the end and raise very humble thank -- in Ramsey. Obviously the big added on to hos but she's done well at at at the fair ground my. Policies dominated the last ever since he's come down -- four years ago she's dominated and now. At what the -- -- is a very small rather you know that that's that that's I think one of the advantages that she has does. She gets I'll thanks a lot of people lot of top she can judge you know when they -- one almost Lowell mass and make adjustments during the race well a lot of other job easiest. You know there -- supposed to be territory laps off the lead bowl debut third three up and went up the lead. Don't wanna do it too. That's what being an eagle at one point do you should be on the lead is that all the league does and he had that sense where she can actually feel. Possible legal process they don't and -- adjust accordingly and I think that's what she's been clean water got dominated the last four years and she's been down here. And now my knowledge base is the best writers such east -- damn sure that the New York in. -- -- the world -- you know widened in the top to a triple but she was an adopted and so you gotta give credit and state you know way. Probably -- Louisiana bred you know taken that next step forward now looks like a goal that. Can run all day but he will get a whole lot more speed when it comes Kentucky Derby -- so. You know whether he can handle that extra pressure is going to be a big thing that talk about like you say that at gulfstream. Better late were a lot of speed at it and thought game got to wonder railing but -- stride but that will also that runs second in the game low that got a lot of speed so the derby and have a lot of speed -- in it and right now. You could flip a coin has dictated to at all that you can name could be the favorite and you can look at. Future -- wagering pools would be Kentucky Derby they've been for so. And every time not one name talks ended up the favorite it's always been all the obvious because no one really has a strong opinion on who's gonna win the derby right now. -- -- made -- clock -- defend ground to Mike got a -- especially against recapping the Louisiana derby. -- it cause him trouble dominated down the stretch her to distance himself from the rest the field and I as I was gonna ask you -- from following the Florida derby. In Louisiana their fortune no constitution. And meanwhile can't ray won't won't write down the -- of may be a little more than hates me at the hand and then -- -- -- constitution but. Easy is it is it hard -- talent to imagine a vision how Vick cause trouble -- is double these causes. It's you'll has been rainy and numbers not yet he fits right in with them remained -- to be -- A similar -- but -- like 97. For the weekend Caribbean but Florida derby so really you know. Neither one of those races even though because in trouble one a seven Lance you know he did have things his way and got the perfect trip so. It doesn't jump out at you but they become. You know solid contender is on the first set -- -- it. You know we got the wood Memorial -- -- derby this week and in the bluegrass as a derby the following weeks so. Maybe have a chance to some losses to step forward in at this -- he would need to think you realize -- -- the derby the last several years that. This will clauses that relates not making them giant strides you know like -- like a rookie in other spots this season than football. And modest exercise game you get to that improvement. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Probably back in February and that -- taking these leagues all in the one that. Eleven in college in June and it and football and it got to the ones that and I haven't picked it up yet. Let's go to Ricky and Algiers Ricky yet delighted derby on sand. They couldn't stop the -- to create to a mile walk basically. An -- started or six furlough race which. Attribute the ability to do you know Brett. Let's Saturday in May went to bat in the Luc Richard Burton did it -- and working it -- -- crush big gay. Different than -- travel well no better in the seventh tenth place heavy didn't want that. A lot of high school were problematic. Rickie thank you thank you so much who appreciates Tony and Mike. I saw during the broadcast it was you know like a city did a Florida native Louisiana but Billick talking about -- always -- -- Cause they. The UUA there's quite. Way to come back -- and you also talk about how they try to get a comment I think it was from Baffert. A somebody about but don't cause they medicine or some hits it needed to come down to New York -- somebody else Larry. Yeah yes that was a big they were talking a battle Saturday it's it's become of the big inning and you've talked about before below what would you talk about. Well basically. Racing commissions and national -- trying to did quality jurisdictions to come together in unlike in the NFL and NBA you know way to. You have a commissioner and as a committee that sets the rules. In racing each individual states that the rules so there is no one stet. Parameter that allows some some certain kind of medication -- -- and others some humble Lotto race day and that they tried last year the trying to get all of the two year old with a Breeders' Cup not to be w.s like basically on race day and the united. Some problem. I -- too it's a marvel when did that while the one that. We're here to do realize that way at a disadvantage today they would use and also also they're trying to change some rules and look at some of the medication rules the way. It would be uniform for everybody and and had a lot of -- -- six you know -- six. As it to draw -- helps stop horses from bleeding. And some say it can actually may have some other things. So somebody cheated might get away with a little extra -- and company -- itself like. Yea your mind it's it's it's tough it's tough call and I wish they would like our commissioner that would today these rules and everybody has a problem but it is not like that race in the -- Mike Attleboro Mona -- mayor and clock at the fairgrounds is because in trouble on the way now winning Louisiana David one million dollar -- on the week. Kentucky didn't might. Always -- it will be talking is that time a year. Passed out got to look at bought bullets and not talk at the -- and it did generally. All right Mike taking credit and I might Alberto folks who knows about horse race and -- -- the -- -- it Mike -- -- Is the Eileen don't.