WWL>Topics>>3-31 6:35pm Deke, Pelicans take on Kings

3-31 6:35pm Deke, Pelicans take on Kings

Mar 31, 2014|

Tonight the Pelicans take on the Sacremento Kings. Deke was joined by Michael McNamara, Editor of BourbonStreetShots.com.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Operated jaguar Pena -- Some -- to stall they'll be playing in the game being a short amount of time the final four. Kentucky has advance with -- another group of freshmen many consider the best seven freshmen. Of all time all 27 McDonald's all Americans on the Kentucky team. They take on Wisconsin and the Florida game has battled a team that last beat them. Riding a thirty game win streak since Connecticut defeated Florida in early December. Who do you think would advance to the national championship game one week from tonight -- -- night at 7 o'clock in New Orleans pelicans on action and they are taking on. The Sacramento Kings at smooth -- senate. Talking all things pelicans all the time he's editor Dave Burba street -- dot com Michael MacNamara Dawkins and Michael before. We talk about the pelicans. You know sometimes -- we see how sports can affect other people. And out on -- by ESP you know. LeBron James is kind of one of those guys a love hate but this past week in and he had a young lady that has -- terribly ill with cancer. And he was thrown around had to shoot around. And I'm gone epic Hamas and you know and that's why you know people eat -- you could come out oval -- if you don't like I -- own accord a soft and and and that's what not just the NBA but other leagues do. But that that's just phenomenal at these guys do stuff like and that's -- -- for the all star week of may not just coming here to play game being here all week along with. Billion Hawks gonna give him money feed people. The NBA really to -- it when he comes to give him back when they have a -- there there as good as anybody. Yeah I agree I mean especially if you go back to that 20080. Start -- something regard. Did that weekend and even what little publicity and it obviously. Did move the team in the NBA. Let. The media know about some of the things these guys do good just in the poll. You know you defeat -- -- again it goes. Wanna give back in and who they are. Is that so different than what they do -- -- basketball players there's really recovered from the association has about the prospect to -- coast. Yeah -- -- route to go to a Michael matter rest of the league now you know the arguing San Antonio doing different this year is -- I think probably thought he could do different. In expressed his place now -- at -- -- made the first point 515 allow me to be without with the best team in the league ball quite some time with a bum and right now Indiana. If they went and I've got to be what 7018. Straight and is a ball club is doing Michael -- all the same amount of time. Gave him more of their players did it become stars on the team more minutes in more crucial situations. And -- veterans of all beat I think fall more rested and they were a year ago and they were just a hair -- well. Yeah I mean that people. Look at the draft or free agent year assembling -- team that -- tend to think about doing it like in between where. You just about to start together -- going to be good but look at something like San Antonio and really does do it because they have a system in place -- -- And the weather Popovich is -- and go -- guys down with an injury Beck's guys just stands out. He might not be somebody that has had the talent -- guys going. Against them that night in the matchup -- the the power of the team all overcome our. Individual when I mean that's the lesson that the NBA -- apartment and Republicans. I have to learn that -- start you know keep from the team together. And have a guard returned and played 2345. Succeed together. -- -- -- -- Michael MacNamara editor of Burma street shots dot com and our special guys all -- New Orleans pelicans folks took them out. Yeah on the local scene there all the time a lot of things you see on the national level they get first these guys eat drink it's sleek New Orleans pelicans to come out. And Michael tonight Eric Gordon Andy Davis the status on him what they see action against the -- Yeah Anthony Davis would have been practice -- more and he's gonna play combined air according -- their their careful with that and the right -- -- -- obviously -- -- -- -- I had injury problems in the past but they're gonna. They're gonna be really careful with that that David Blanco looked fine tonight -- he's -- ago Brian Roberts -- It back well we'll be back into the starting lineup too low but nowhere court. Michael when you look at his matchup tonight the elegant in McCain's. New Orleans as a ballclub it's already want to capital more games it did a year ago. I think that they have taken the steps forward. What are you need to accomplish and these last two weeks this season though in the playoffs at a and what is there to accomplish the rest of this season. I mean just small things first of all their goals that you -- your hat on and off season. At the pelicans and tonight they clinch a winning record at home for the season which you know is it's company could anger -- that this many injuries to leave the fans happier more -- -- you look -- Player individual player development Anthony Davis and Tyreke and just and superstars in the month of march would be great to see them carry that over and get more chemistry together guys like Austin Rivers to a -- played better. And I think overall fifteen defense. People think of offense -- the thing that takes time to develop a really good defense and trust in the guy next you have Martin rotations. That every single minute helped you get to that next level so I think there's going to be a big focus on the team just. Jelling more on the defense amendment that movement actually. Michael now what does this team -- that they don't already had in the fall -- is there another player out that -- -- -- go back to what you deceived automobiles and team. We all get enamored with the big names in superstars and it looked as a lot of them there's a lot of mount them artists under Reid now who's going to be -- enough. It is to see who can be inland in Minnesota no one against the -- spoke. Like Miami was like but the Toronto was then they may have to go in this I would think on duo Kevin Lowe will Carmelo -- gonna do. Those are the some big names but not necessarily you'd need a big name to make you a more complete team what are the pelicans slackened in the form of may be another -- He I think the first thing that you gotta consider is that there to get cute huge additions this summer when true quality. Ryan Anderson come backs so that's that imperative that they get help. Moving into the future but really make their or. Or pieces -- quality Evans Ryan Anderson and Anthony Davis from here. It's just going to be about getting guys to do the dirty work through enough courage to the scorer who are good with the ball on -- and they need you know the guys who takes the charge for guys to get that rebound out of that area. You know the guy who's able to stop. Somebody like DeMarcus Cousins extra money and and not put all the pressure on Anthony Davis so another wing player who could shoot the ball -- It's scrap the these offensively in the a big men who doesn't. -- Anthony Davis steel plates and or 3540 minutes a night Kaka and let him. Played out on the perimeter arms and you know covered the big burly guys like but the market. Michael -- know what's available on the site. There -- a couple of older got a lot of good pieces were taken a look at Tyreke -- recent surge in production and some things about. The upcoming offseason and what the public and could target -- and obviously Coburn. Every each individual game -- upon -- and the community -- herb that stretch. Mike and exciting Miami the lineup with a home you know this this to me like when I watch inside the NBA and Cassie -- and saw Barkley and Kenny. Any -- talkative. This is win the middle game a basket about. May reverse itself on you the whole time Indiana in base Luke. This I think there's about their own doing by the way to talk. They -- always stadium last season which was phenomenal dominated the Knicks in the Eastern Conference semis and then. On right there and lose in the Miami in seventh but they've bank all they don't if we get home court. Then we got it now here they are in the most. Important time of the season did not playing well this five upon -- asked him -- to -- -- -- -- them -- and tonight. Miami could be right there -- them. Any that you think in the whole season all the talk about home court home court home court and we don't have it I think Daniel has gone back following Indiana. Yeah because I mean imagine that they they've talked about on court and so. Important that they don't have a go in the game seven in Miami and so happened last year. And you could just imagine that they think it's gonna happen again and anarchy and and Indiana get there you look at how good Brooklyn and Chicago or -- Much looser than the Indian. You know doesn't match up with one of those teams in the second round. That they might not even get Miami with the since they've been planned so yeah I guess it's good to be careful was work. And Michael when you look over at the Westin -- and now. Down the stretch pretty much its its its myth as Golden State Phoenix and Dallas to see if if one of those teams -- -- left out. Lab 67 and eight other -- it's pretty much out but man. Just anomalous San Antonio pretty much got a -- call one -- interested in this final week my two weeks of the night the Monday night against okay see you know wins out against Houston. -- may be a lot of laughable over those teams between two and four. And has different because one OT is -- -- on opposite sides of the bracket and you know one point 5236. And seven so those two games down the stretch and don't be really important but it was team. Yeah and that poor throw about -- when you have eight teams in the Western Conference that are going to be that good it's going to be who met is that what you mean you'd feel pain is good at the Clippers. Back to back years they've had problems depicting -- epic -- -- -- that. Got knocked out and surprised by them last year so the Clippers or -- a team like Memphis Sam and Houston probably doesn't want. It seemed like Golden State so it's really just became a matchup. And who drugs to -- were kind of playing my game I mean it's going to be a on final couple weeks of the regular season and the playoffs are old -- just so enjoyable to watch. -- you know Michael in baseball a few bad 38%. Thirty -- sent you the best in the game you get army and -- -- -- dollar contract. In the ENBA Western Conference. You can win six to the city games and you're not going to be in the playoffs and that's what Memphis Dallas Phoenix and Golden State a face and one of those teams Michael. It's going 60% of their games this season and they got -- make of the playoffs. Yeah and luckily in the commissioner's continent and -- over in. Or an open minded -- -- much of a traditionalist. Also already little you know work out there. Get rid of division -- conferences -- at least. Just letting the that's extinct -- and the point out that this happens again I could see them rapidly moving forward in the pelicans would. Be in the play out in the Eastern Conference right now for -- have to be done. But what I'm Robert for a certain via a product on -- a string somebody up get down. No doubt about it Michael MacNamara edited a -- besides that Koppel to come out. The site is X and Michael always have as a -- man great work thank you so much -- -- time aren't a great week.