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Mar 31, 2014|

Tonight on the SCOOT show with guest host Bob Mitchell: Bobby Jindal confirmed he is considering running for President in 2016. Anybody surprised? Do you think our governor would make a good Commander in Chief? Would he get your vote? Who do you think has a better shot of winning--Bobby Jindal for President or Edwin Edwards for Congress? AND: “Noah” was the number one movie of the weekend. Paramount’s biblical epic starring Russell Crowe opened with $44 million. Some religious groups claim the story has been inaccurately portrayed. Have you seen the movie? Do you plan to see it? How much artistic license is ok with you when it comes to Hollywood making a movie based on any story in the Bible?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Not tonight and his would be Bob Mitchell filling in for -- on WWL. Got so much to talk to you about a move forward and intranet if it's happened kept flipping. On the YouTube that they still have no clue. The bulk of flight 370. Still not found anything and they they feel that now that. There's so much junk in the ocean I think that's the thing that surprised me the most human garbage. We have in the ocean television and it's like trying to find a needle in garbage that. Here's what we're talking a lot of I've got just a ton of stuff. And I've got by not an -- at some -- demolished piles up on me that that I wanna talk about so we have a ton of stuff tonight on the a couple of lay it out for you and then weakened pick it from there and make our way to midnight tonight. Bobby Jindal confirmed that he is considering running for president. In -- sixty. And about -- surprised and backed up -- big it's heavily. Ready jaguar opinion poll question -- of performance of governor would you vote for Bobby Jindal for president if it runs in. 2016 to cast a vote WW dot com do you think that. He would make a good commander in chief. Would get your vote but here's the twist here. Who do you think has a better shot of winning. Bobby -- for president. Or Edwin Edwards for congress. Edwin Edwards photographer I'm I'm -- a look at John. I know a lot of people don't like to hear that. I mentioned that the someone -- today. And it looked at -- -- -- I was a little crazy but say it only the good that you lobby and part time and to fill in and out there. It's ovals but. That's the greatest thing about this. I think Edwin Edwards has a better chance of holding that seat for congress. Then Bobby Jindal hands of even winning the nomination for president. And now what a movie this was supposed to but I've I've not. Viewed the movie yet I went today approval of the Covington to see the movie today. Got there at 11 o'clock of them. First finish -- -- Turn around and came home know -- the number one movie of the week retirement biblical -- started Russell Crowe opened a 44 million dollars. Social and religious groups claim the story of -- And accurately portrayed. Have you seen the moving the plane bouncing in the movie if you did see the movie boy I -- I would love to get a review. From person was likely seen the movie. One on line of -- and packs of noble talked about the -- leader Robert I've I've not seen it's understood that tell you what other people mostly and with the movie is about. And how much freedom. How much freedom do you think -- should Hollywood should. But take one especially to restore from the Bible you know -- I saw a movie. A couple -- you talk talk about taking liberties with history. The movie -- was Abraham Lincoln. So -- tone and watch Abraham Lincoln and they had Abraham Lincoln via a vampire fighter. Abraham Abraham Lincoln -- and that's straight into its liberty when it comes to look at anything and I'm not make it was a Abraham Lincoln. A vampire slayer. And the speaking. About TV then go home movies. That. No I'll get to work out yet last night was pleased season finale for the Walking Dead on AMC's. -- -- -- that we'll look I'm the only person -- of that story. I mean much talked to my friends about it while the walking -- I mean it's it's it's hot font cable show on. Was AMC. And I don't Robin watch enough for proportion -- so if you didn't watch it oh what do you think of that plus. And happen again a two year old Texas girl was seriously injured today in the pit bull attack. And a mother was at what trying to protect her last week of four year old girl died after a pit bull attack at home. So how young. Is too young to trust the child. And a -- today a packed together and what you'd trust the trial would say pit bull now the interesting thing about talking about pit bulls if if you go on line. And you receive some of them the -- that pit bull lubbers. Have put a lot of mean people love their pupils. And this is this is -- -- ongoing arguments. And I don't I don't intend to. To do nothing but bash pit bulls tonight -- I don't know enough about them. All of those with some of the stats show and I realized that when you go on line not everything is always a 100% accurate. But I did find this information on line. All dogs can potentially be dangerous. However some dog the -- personal sure -- tried. Various types of breeds can be considerably. Stronger and larger than a person of average sides. According to a story perform -- the American Veterinary Medical Association and the Humane Society of the United States. Here is the list of the top ten most dangerous talks. A start amateur and and go number -- Dalmatian. No we're not a boxer. Number eight I cannot promote PR ES ACA and a world never vote for number seven a child. Island which hollow win most of them -- little boy number six a doberman. Number five and laughed and another name now mutes. All right but before Huskies. You know I'm getting to number three German shepherds. Number two Rockwell. Number one. Pit bulls so were where you -- the dog. And do you think that it's okay to take you know what and it it's gone over and over again I'd -- it and also. Win well I had my babies that you you have -- mental health -- the dog -- you introduced into the dog run away Ian. And they grow up with the dog. But unfortunately. It's this is what seems to happen accidents accidents happen. I don't know. If -- Blaine don't blame a lot of this aggression just because it's a Pro Bowl. I don't necessarily want to stereo type of pit bulls. I'd I'd I'd just don't know I would be afraid of today I'd be afraid of them because because of their reputation because when you look at these lists when you look at the list of dog the injured the most -- look at lift of dogs and actually. Commit the most totality. Pit bulls were on the top of the list. I want to the situation and home. And I wonder if those people. Will ever be able to overcome. What happened to that four year old child from the standpoint that they were raised in the -- 140. Well. Poll and they raised with this trial and you know you know that people. The people probably told them all the time -- archer concern about the dog -- concerned about the -- have taken and harm the baby. And you'd know that happen and and and and you know it probably settled on the only that they get along great. So another caution that that like to ask you that. Would you if if if if you saw a situation where you thought. Maybe it was dangerous she thought that you know it's definitely not a good fit that pelican that they be would you say anything would would you open Yuma. Would you go to the people and say. You know you're really really need to be careful and reconsider. What you're doing here. So here's what I know Bobby Jindal said is gonna run for president. He said he's considering is gonna run if he gets the money and the polled say anything he's gonna run for the nomination. So if if you had a choice who do you think has the best chance of mourning Bobby Jindal the president of the United States. Or Edwin Edwards winning their congressional fleet to 601. Point 78. 8668 at 9087 lead when it comes to no no if you've seen the movie -- really -- know your thoughts on it. And how much. How much liberty how much leeway. Should people. Take it and especially doing biblical movies are you one of these people -- you believe that the that the that the Bible's palpable literal. According to what I wrote about the movies. Of the Bible version. Which as far as I'm concerned is the true version. Of god spoke. To know in the movie. God doesn't speak. Only going to leverage that is the time but god doesn't speak so give me your thoughts on that. 26 year old -- 7866890870. You can text me at 870. 8726. Year of 178668890878. I'm Bob vigilant dispute coming right back to WWL. And welcome to the show I'm Bob Mitchell and for scoot. Got a text us -- Bob are screwed this will be working mornings -- weakest on record -- on vacation. And I will be pulling in pursuit here's what's on our WWL talked table Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal. Has confirmed he's considering running for president in 2016. Do you think our governor would make a good president -- -- what he gets sure revoked. Who has the better shot of winning Bobby Jindal for president or Edwin Edwards winning a congressional. Seat. At this point account of two of myself and John who's running the control board keep me on my toes answered the -- calls. We both give. Be ready built and built build Smart. We both -- Edwin Edwards. Up comes up I know we both may be crazy but that's okay we both give -- say I'm not sure I'm I'm not talked to John I'm not sure Pete thinks that. Edwin Edwards is a better politician that Bobby Jindal or this is just we think. What do slim shot Bobby Jindal has of actually getting the presidential nomination. We're also going to be talking about the movie no number one movie of the weekend. Herremans biblical epic stock biblical. I just Detroit the biblical. Starring Russell Crowe opened a 44 million books. Some groups say the story has not been portrayed the way the Bible says it is just add this -- -- -- if if you are. -- Bible reader you know that Noah. It's the god spoke to know law. Yes the hunt but -- -- are completely destroy the world like the way it happened. According to the movie. The -- was built. With the help of the watchers. A race of angels created as beams of light but encrusted in stone and mud and forsaken by god but other times to help man. Mean well word of -- work soon reaches Tubal -- Who gathers an army mission to overtake the -- and survive the coming storm by any cost. Now I know that's not in the Bible now. I'm more of these people like to read in between the lines today there's no doubt in my mind that when that rain started coming. People were banging on the door. It -- somewhere between. I think seventy. And maybe a 10210. Years to build an art it was a little confusion on how people will canopy of god told no ability art. And from the war on the -- was completed. And some scholars say well maybe you know maybe he didn't listen the first time. But there's nothing in there about. Angels created as beams of light and crossed -- -- stole the mud I would I would think a fact like that would be important have to put in the Bible. I do believe though that once that rain came. People start people's -- beating on that doors and let me and we do let's go to array and meant man -- -- that it. Right how were you a -- -- -- -- hail I'm like to talk to two point the F when it was about did you little. And down. No doubt that he would. Atwood who would have had a chance of winning. I don't think it will warm warned that. I think Edwards. And a lot of political people believe this I think Edwards will get into the second primary. -- -- -- -- -- -- and just that is popular here. And the other thing I -- -- -- not about it's about the pitfalls yeah. All adults. -- It doesn't matter at all -- I agree. Opinions you know I totally. -- -- and why -- try it's like being begun. If they got it all. He has the capabilities. Of care of flash breaking ball and -- them. It's just a matter now you know. What I -- -- -- it's not just -- I mean I can't play. But it -- is typically. If you'll get -- company can't get killed. -- main oh all the polls and -- -- by. Smaller adults. Then you know it is an -- Well you know you brought up a very good point I also have a -- I have two of them and in my mailbox and I'd do not know line but he will always -- little boys he's in a few months is going to be seventeen. Today. But Oro little girls is filed with and what happens as you know like 23 and four year old come over. And I have to keep him away and I'd I'd tell them. If you put your face in my dog's face it's not. If he's going to bite you it's when he's going to budget but you know you you brought up a point that I had not thought well what when you get a bite from like -- Dobson or something like that. It it it. It's not as vicious as it is when when you get a -- from a pit bull but I went online and found a couple polls. And a -- a couple of studies. And the pit bulls they do say. Over time that have caused more fatalities but I believe that you know you've hit upon something that I'm just went right by me it's effective it's both sides of them. And the power that their jaws have where in my little weenie dog by two well is gonna put like a couple small mark -- place. That same type -- bite from a football will rip off a few flights. Yeah yeah if you -- systematic approach trying to do in that they're all dogs. And -- cannot and that like it's just that -- and so the -- double file forms to become more damaging and that. So would you raise a child with a pit bull. -- that that's just -- but I can understand the mentality of people they grew up with triples and it feels so protective. I don't write them who actually. He doesn't do triples but he he raises that needs to show you. Oh English masters and old essentially. You know and -- -- on the rabid dogs are so you -- you're protected around installed. But but that that. Haven't spelled spent a lot of time with with a couple balls -- How young how young do you think is too young to trust a trial. And the -- together. I don't know I mean it's it's it's it's a big -- Into second. And I don't know. I would say the child has to be. I don't know at least at least say. Well I I read something interesting today it's says that the best way to introduce a dog to your child. It -- while mom is in the the hospital. -- take a blanket -- take a blanket and and and and wrapped the baby in -- -- -- at the hospital and then bring the blanket home. And let the dog. Be introduced to the trials smell of the blanket first. Way when the child comes there there is no threat but you know I raise all of like you we we always had called -- -- I'd like I grew up with a with a child dog and that the -- is. Is is on that list too is probably the at the top fighters and I had no. What it. That. Always -- small well I don't know. I don't know you know -- -- the surprise that -- -- that -- one an acute. You're looking -- it. I've heard of the -- not on the list yet. Thank you thank you a right right let's go to Charles before we -- -- some lines liberal. And 2601870. 260187403866889087. You can fix the at 870 itself that I enjoy the taxes but. I much prefer being able talk -- -- -- on the full week ago two. Charles Charles -- Charles what do you think who has the better shot of winning in Bobby Jindal or Edwin Edwards. Well. When network -- -- and Bobby Jindal and the chance of winning anything you know. You know it is it is amazing. And I think it's mostly. I'm gonna be kind to both of us I think -- the upper demographics. Still only even still believe and Edwin Edwards. Right and even a -- Network and myself and you realize if you run for congress and he wins you realize the national headlines in the say. Louisiana it's put back in office you know that's got you know you know -- but he -- he's special he's such a lovable -- school. Yeah I think the people who love him and they'll put them back in office when it. Wait let a got to read this to you just got a text message that. If either Edwards or jungle -- prepare for the apocalypse. -- You know and when I was in my truck chrome I heard you mention the world can do it right at end. I think they really do much in March 2 Q did. You know two days yes you know about it. Of people looked up to. Walk the -- -- -- council's one is that currently -- or not but for forty years. It what you emirates -- that the new beginning scenes -- one -- every episode what did you think of last night. All of that and I was really deep you know the way it ended. That that anger right what would the guy who runs in the and that -- China that would have wondered that India yeah you're right. The -- trap them in the -- and now wait it's coming back now he's coming back strong. And -- -- the the economy out of. Here's the ruler the ruler the ruler running around on line and is there cannibals. That camp that they went to appear that cannibals. That the people in the camp right there cannibals and so at several rikers -- you noticed when in it in knows when when they were trying to get away. And -- kilometers kept shooting around them. And that's the right that shall -- that's the rumor but these people have survived. By becoming cannibals. In some people you realize that people right now listing you'll talk and there's and what a lot of crazy people those -- talking about zombies and watching the show with animals. There -- little -- A watched shows that the one. And somebody ought to be watching it because it's highly rated. Entertainment Weekly gives it point. You know I tell you this it's that. Our friends do not have the great taste you and that's the problem. I agree which is there which yeah 100%. Acting is great the special effects -- prepared. And -- excellent you know you never know what's gonna happen now -- -- -- -- And I tell another Shalala and on what you watch that non scandal. I want scandal out of my favorite show on TV next to the Washington. Okay artery project Charles. Well -- did you see Noah's -- No I haven't seen that. -- long ago and see it over it and seeing it yet I've heard a lot about it after the lot about it on WWL. So radio right how would you how much liberty. Do you think these people who look when they make movies from the Bible how much would they called creative. Liberty should they have. They should have a lot of their retreat of the Christians who kind of mad about what's gone on a little movie. It's only a movie you know and you've got to make it into training. If I failed to big which could be the bottom Bible. It's not going to be entertained and that's -- people would like it could be. Well below as a Christian and as the Bible -- the thing that I five and I'm not even see in the movies so I'm only. I'm only reading what I've heard about the -- the only thing that if it's true that is offensive to me. Is. I take the Bible literally. And earlier and I believe god spoke to know and according to what I read about the movie. That knowledge -- and had a vision and God's not even involved in -- -- -- of -- that's true yeah that would offend me. Okay actually -- -- saying yeah it if you file on the band you know event. God did speak -- but I still wouldn't do. That's still leads in the movies yeah I wanna go see right away and but I wanna check it out people not so I think I enjoyed that I residue. Well Charles we got several months to wait for the beginning of the next Walking Dead season. And it and that. I think that opposite and so I'm going to be one. Rerun. I'm gonna -- -- and on demand thank you Charles appreciate you -- okay. All right -- by about 2601 late 7866889087. -- Bobby Jindal confirmed he's running. Is acute -- confirmed. He's confirmed he's considering. Running for president. So who has the better shot at winning Bobby Jindal for president or Edwin Edwards winning a congressional seat and is there any -- such too young. To raise a child and put together and what about you where you race with a pat have you raised a child with a net. Give -- your stories -- 26 year old late 78668. At nine point seven I'm Bob Mitchell improved boot and WWL and I'm Bob Mitchell and Porsche -- tonight's duked it. Be filling in for Tommy Tucker all this week in the morning probably with few. Most nights analyst there's in a basketball or LSU baseball here's what's on our WWL -- -- couple openings you know Bob Bobby Jindal. And -- he admitted that he is considering running for president and of course Edwin Edwards has declared his run for congressional seat I do have a text message here. And it says Edwards has been the worst elect of crucial in Louisiana history he is at the state back thirty years. When it comes to Edwin Edwards doesn't matter what you think of him not only at the way I mean no matter what you think of him. The law. Allows him to run for office. He paid his debt to society I -- was eight years 89 years in jail and the loss of that he can run so he has the right to run. So who has a better shot of what Bobby Jindal for president or Edwin Edwards winning a congressional seat -- it was for calls. At 2601. Late seventy. All 386689. OH a V protection the 87870. But I do prefer Vogel Laura. Lotto. Talked about the no movie number one movie on the weekend. And it -- Deviated from the Bible from what I can tell I've not seen the movie. But from -- controller read. Quite a bit like in the movie god doesn't even talk the Bible says that god spoke to no no. Her dog and know oh well obeyed -- spin -- command to build the -- If you've seen the movie I'd I'd like to see which you think of it. And I'd like to know how much artistic license is OK with MOK when it comes from the -- -- -- -- If they show that is that the Bible doesn't give a long story about a motive they show. When the rain starts people trying to say oh we made a mistake no lettuce and you know making deals and stuff like that and on the other and the entertainment last bite the final episode. Of the season the Walking Dead. Well now on talk to it was great so now know at least two people watched the Walking Dead last night. We're also talking about dogs. And kids and tragedies of dogs and it is the two year old Texas girl was seriously hurt today in a ripple -- Her mother also injured while trying to protect her last week a four year old girl was killed following a purple attack at home. Yet you've talked to some pit bull owners and they -- and they will hold back these dogs to the to the very bravery and although all the reports that that I've read books pit bulls as the number one dog that possible injuries and the most of penalties. So were you raised with a pad and in your children grow up with a -- Did you take any precautions to ensure their -- that seems to be the Big Three to take precautions. One holdings or read about a lot of these big dogs is that you have to give them lots of exercise and and would work them -- Which which -- Hate them from you know keeping their frustrations. For -- and built upon the inside and if you thought their child might be approached with their pat. Would you tell someone else about that -- secure 17866890870. Wanna go to rich in -- power you're rich. Our wonderful thank you -- You sound you sound so excited. Well let me and so. It's I'm kinda average. He you're talking about no I noticed the National Geographic. This straight who were altered -- -- between. Morocco and the raucous brawl during the -- finally broke down the matter very it was dry and and took a thousand year legal matter I don't mean to fill -- Iranian city. And there there's not a -- for our review of how does matter thing. In the Mediterranean. And then go straight to block burst between Greece and Turkey. That was all of which you mentally -- broke down Phil black city. Eventually gonna get to know here. Yeah okay all right. So there might not have been a day lose just giant flow per thousand years is on. All right so you don't believe in no on the -- than. Oh we I probably did Bill -- -- howry gave today. Maybe lived at the bottom of the Mediterranean. When it was tried you know. So do you think that these movie producers sometimes go too far in taking liberties with a -- biblical things. There always go to Florida. That -- -- -- Fallen and cripple our -- -- legal England's mark ER. They are. So what do you think who has a better shot of getting elected Edwards the congress -- jungles of presidential nominee. Where are leave live in. Mississippi -- I would say no no room. -- -- And he's not willing -- to go out on the limb at all. Well look I would run I would hope. All right rich. Talked till later. Bought so good the talks to some little pumps -- up some motions on that excited. Only kidding with you. We're gonna come right back. On the -- show I'm Bobbitt shall we come back we're gonna have these. The -- story of the night Bob's Bozo port story of the night is coming up next on WWL and I'm Bob Mitchell and which do tonight and -- Bob's -- quote of the day comes from Toms River New Jersey. We're both -- Christopher Morton was released from jail after serving a fifteen year sentence robbing their shoe store. So what's the first thing this Bozo did. Upon his release. Spend more quality time as friendly note. Head to a favorite restaurant -- celebrate celebration meal big ecstatic in. Go to Barton get drunk and he headed back to the very same shoe -- he robbed fifteen years earlier. To rob and again. Say he should have taken both shoes at one time he took a bus from the prison to Toms River. That's going to be a big town took a bus from the president Toms River where he headed straight to the Stride Rite store and throw the cards getting away. Well I'll bulk up 400 bucks he didn't give far however. Cops caught up with him a few blocks away. Our Bozo is back in jail let's go to Jimmy -- what power you generate. -- -- Who'll be. Doing. Right -- Here. Jindal and and I know being -- I don't -- it would it would you. So do you think you'll be good for the state of Louisiana if they work to re elect Edwin Edwards and get a cent in the congress. But -- handle it. I don't know I know get out of paying play. And is it great he -- the day. But being able it would not brand and they don't know the idea of what state. And now negative. Cuba to get them the day it was -- But -- -- -- Lawmakers. Were there and you do ago. And I looked -- yeah. I don't know I think we'll make you know we've -- -- And don't have guys. Care program guided. Well according to what I read about the movie -- said that god appeared to know. Like in and in a dream. Flow. I mean there's -- the creative father came to know in his dream destroying of course the Bible says says that god. -- bold verbally to know when they have a conversation. Didn't it could have. -- that got bought out Barbara. Yes well well the movie from what I understand was bill put together by by an atheist so I guess no my guess is no big deal man. It'll be it'll be a big deal one day though. -- yeah. Thank you -- All right we're going to take a news break right now and let's see uptown ruler you can hold -- I'll get to your right after the pop they are you wanna talk about our subject provided statistic zero -- 786689. Point seven -- -- -- And 87870. On Bob Mitchell and put -- on WWL.