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Mar 31, 2014|

“Noah” was the number one movie of the weekend. Paramount’s biblical epic starring Russell Crowe opened with $44 million. Some religious groups claim the story has been inaccurately portrayed. Have you seen the movie? Do you plan to see it? How much artistic license is ok with you when it comes to Hollywood making a movie based on any story in the Bible?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's named Bob Mitchell -- for -- to do it will be working mornings. All the week and I get a chance to do this show and talk about what I won't talk about that one site. And and say even more. At a -- guy right. And jump on me to -- report lay out what's on our WW talked tabled but I just flashed on the TV monitor. I've been following this flight three siblings the Malaysian airlines and I don't think -- watched as much TV stories from the OJ trial now. There's and they are in the wrong search area again at the waste of the last three days and the got to start searching all over again. All right here's what's on our WWL Clark -- a two year old Texas girl seriously hurt today in the pit bull attack. A mother also injured were trying to protector. Last week a four year old girl killed following the football -- and home. How young you think is too young to trust a trial and the Pentagon. Now I'm not here to bash at -- But if you look at the research -- you look at the reports. And it probably because it's strong strong animals are more -- bull bites or more a bullet time tomorrow. -- -- the penalties. Then. Than any other. Dog so. What about raising. Babies and pit bulls is that okay did I -- your children grow up with a pet. And did you take precautions. To ensure their safety. Also we're gonna talk about. The movie no. No number one movie of the weekend. 44 million dollars it -- tip did you see the movie do you plan on -- I want to see it today. And I got there for 11 o'clock and the movie to start to a clutch on the turn -- come home. And how much artistic license is okay with you when it comes to especially. Things about Bible. For instance. Here's. What -- been able to read and put together. -- -- the movie is depicting what happened with Noah and the York. Noah experiences a vision for killing the great pluggable -- over the earth destroying every living thing that stands on the follow. That vision leads -- to seek out his grandfather both Ozal. In order to understand his mission when a second vision reveals no is to construct a massive park designed to shelter every living animal. During the great blood no in his life -- them to their adoptive sister. Immediately begin construction on the vessel with the help of the watchers. It's a flexible and start helped the watchers. A -- of angels created as beams of light but it crusted in stone and mud and forsaken by god for their attempts to help man. Meanwhile word of nosed work soon reaches -- -- pain. Who gathers an army on a mission overtake the art and survive the coming storm. By any cost and I'm gonna go to a pass to Brian is on the phone right now. Pastor -- I assume that your pastor Brian you know a little bit about the Bible. So hot that story. How -- a story. Hold up. Well you know. But the reality of it is and they're now looking. At the reason I haven't beat reports. -- I've heard over the last you know over the last couple weeks people going and seeing this movie. Are equipping the reason that we are now because you know urged people that are hoping and believing. It's actually gonna be realistic or truth shall -- the world Bible. And another -- did Hollywood has taken -- their leeway in making it bigger. And and I understand that you know look Hollywood and these -- in the -- debate he got advocate or advocate intriguing. But you know -- -- her -- on. What was in the movie in an -- thing about these creatures and you know a pastor Richard I've read the world started the wars are never eat it. And I would I would bet that illusion would -- and things that -- -- scripture. On. But not everything. Is in the Bible for instance I mean I've always kind of in vision in my mind once that door got. Shot in the rain started coming all the sudden people started saying hey no wasn't a -- moment after all it's knock on the door and try to get in that's not in the Bible but. Is -- that the kind of thing that you could kind of like. At least fantasize about. Yeah I mean absolutely sure that would normally be sure that everybody makes fun of they'll. Probably listed on the boat when it came and I and I'm sure these big portrait battered and apple like control. You know a lot of the movie -- -- -- certain elements to be truthful to be scriptural you -- you -- even do beauties record at all. -- -- I get adding an element of like eight it was about country that would have pandemonium. They probably were looking around when argument that it probably will occur in the water you know what the schools and we we -- curable but it wouldn't say they were about short. If you did -- -- the water come from the ground and the rain the same time. Yet that that the way I see it is that that though it was -- blood but the Warner bros and in the rain came down both of them together. You're you're looking at something that -- fortunately for pastors. Don't. Concede was like no one was legal and Hollywood movies very few people want the console are people actually. Read the word spread the word to make a movie out of it. I don't really believing probably the majority of the money that. One. Movie being on in the Peters is because the -- Christians are going to open and you could be an -- -- -- Call up people big thing. Is is there a chance that god. Appeared to Noah in a dream. That's what the movie is pretty much claiming. Well the opposite that god spoke to go in and the interpretation of how well no. Got people in many different ways invasion -- each appearing to people in whatever you know. Our democracy didn't appear to -- that was of their Wendell. And I think since. About seeing that he couldn't have appeared to needle in Hungary are. But -- nothing in the Bible about the watchers ago. No absolutely they're they're never have -- ever read it in our study -- different formats different urgent. And I've never seen anything court watcher in the Bible. Yeah. You know -- that -- invite god because they tried to help man you know gutless man enough to eat. You know he gave -- a -- and -- and the reason got a quarter began and where is it your evil and got tried -- -- beta one after. But according to -- to what I've read they were giants in the old testament. Absolutely. Absolute but but that he distorted known art ever -- to that jarring helped build. Made all these are stolen crossed a giant Sony and about it. And. With him like no. It was well that's crap that's forever and ever. In in my studies and and I would love to hear that somebody -- -- that read that in their bibles. Well aren't -- I appreciate you phoning -- and is negotiable McConnell but we're talking about -- -- only -- -- Well you know. I would look for opportunities to our. Hypocrite -- percent in morning blood. Where else -- here I believe you know and if you look at our own church we would love that you couldn't be that a lot of people out. -- record church cake anybody he got -- -- it would. -- maybe maybe my complaint here a little bit about adult movie which we. I do have -- do have one question though. You don't know basket a snakes in the church. To leave or right after the growth rate of snakes. I promise you and we would we go forward we ever -- -- we have a true experience from here and time again Sunday when. Sunday morning that -- all right Brian appreciate -- in OK they appreciate. All right 260187886689. A late seventy -- rule I promised you would take a break up promising to be the first caller up right after the break and we do have some lines are open to six -- -- seventy. 8668 at nine -- seventy technique. And it's seven it's heavily I appreciate the text messages. But would much prefer to talk to you I'm Bob excellent let's go to a WWL and I'm Bob Mitchell filling in for us -- Tonight. Couple lines -- open to six -- seventy. 8668 -- nine though it's revenue little things on our WWL talked able. What do you think -- a better shot of winning now that Bobby Jindal as it is considering running for president which means that I get enough money enough interest I am gonna run so you can pretty much count on him. At least running for the nomination. Who has the better shot of winning Bobby Jindal president. Or Edwin Edwards winning a congressional fleet to six year old late 7866. And -- -- it's seventy. And now here is the uptown ruler or your budget. Sign -- -- if you land on the barrel on the platform that would that would. Which Reynolds Merrill platform. Because if it. Maybe may be -- -- Milieu. Well -- Would you would you vote for him. Just as as -- right now turn your radio and yeah I want to turn your -- -- -- on aggravated a little bit. What it was instantly to drills are talking about Noah. And and the -- I got a great -- xmas don't you wish that no with a left -- -- we are okay well there. Don't Jewish and -- -- -- mosquitoes out of the -- so give us a call so let us know what things do you wish Noah. Wouldn't look older roaches cock roaches -- why in the world you know may be able these days will be able to -- course of -- -- -- -- you know -- I'd like to be able to bring lists a little gifts that god. What was cock roaches in the -- what purpose does the -- All right so. You think Edwards has a shot of winning. And on the marijuana platform. While I don't think that's gonna happen but. I mean we we are giving them Merrill one room. Polity together. The minute. It. Yeah you know -- if -- anybody. In the but it won't want pot legal it would be -- It's gonna happen they are definitely good to talk to them. You know if -- have to nominate president. Now we're also talking about the dogs and children. How young you think is too young to raise child adult -- -- three -- does the -- matter at all. Look I was eight years who wanted to promote respect. OK. And and the thing is Barbara -- And scorched in the debt. But. My sister came and he came in the house which we're told patients something that -- in the Dayton peace settlement in the -- depicted here. But the thing is. I -- several. And -- and all you animals -- squash the -- none of -- and don't just want to and the fish. I don't know but we used to say the brunt of -- sent -- -- None of them are treatment system skating with defeats -- such yeah. I'll read several pit. One dark side. What don't -- was really crazy about one analysts will wanted to be nine years so yeah and it was kitty. I mean period would probably have to where I was told when I got off to school by -- -- -- come in and beat me at school. And here's and here's something interesting that was -- my first dog's name was Tony also was -- -- One hole. Well. This interest. -- -- mill. I don't play with the Bible here. -- you know some people -- can -- it and it is and so people -- What do you mean real. You don't play with the Bible does it. Would have what I mean. -- if -- see anything negative -- logical to. Because the other -- I don't -- Wednesday. Was -- a lot of running I've read a read a text message here and it says I don't understand how people can say god is good. If he killed all the humans that he created. Know god is -- to win. When he wants to help the people. But let me tell you read the old testament god didn't fool around you messed with him you have gone -- do you veteran who did not mess around with god in the old testament you you know. No dark listening very serious -- and any other prisoners there -- -- And you know he he created -- Anthony says I don't like what's going on some of start over again. Not -- my earth my people that's that. Now what was the other what was the other -- -- here. Three part of what Edwards. I think you got a -- I think he got a -- I can't see anything else. All right. Thank -- general -- All right -- 01878. 866889. OH seventy you can text me at 8787. -- those of you who we're just not tuning in the show. Let me go ahead and and reset what we are talking about tonight. Realized that many of you might have been listed I don't know if the of the basketball games over. We'll have to check on them I'm I have to admit to you I'm not a huge it's still on I'm not a huge basketball fan so. Will will pick up Obama to listeners from the basketball game. Finishing up on wealth like point three right now it's all of the big 50000 watt blowtorch WWL. 870 -- Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal has confirmed he's running for for governor in what may trick before ago. He's a keeps -- he's running for governor is running for president maybe if I were read my own writing. He's confirming is considering. Running for president. Let me pull up the the opinion polls. Judging by his performance as governor would you vote for Bobby -- for president if he runs and 2016. -- closer than I thought 64% saying no 36%. Say. Yes what do you think our governor would make a a a good president you know I've I guess I just have to be honest with you. I probably don't follow politics as as much as I should. As far as you know what people accomplish. By I imagine the states in good shape I don't I don't have any big complaints. About the state of Louisiana so I guess of someone word loosely. What kind of report card -- give Bobby journalists but I've I've probably giving you know pretty high marks and at the same time. Common interest in debt to Edwin Edwards. Is gonna run towards aggression for a congressional seat now. So here's -- balls that people up I've gotten some some text messages. That says that the apparent that terrible. He shouldn't run these -- a disgrace and that definitely is your opinion of that would you wanna think and I'm a molecular structure in your opinion. But we -- country of laws and the law says that he can run for congress shall since he can run for congress. He's got that right and I'm sure when the campaign. Cranks up. They're going to be people pointing -- and point out what he did the and point out his record. Ago when he was governor when he was dot governor. And then the people of Louisiana will have the right to devote product so we're talking about that I just thought it would be interesting. And a fun way of looking at things with with all what all the negatives about Edwin Edwards times. That that they tried to convict him he spends all this time in jail people still love the guy I mean he he he's he's just. I guess I can describe him is just lovable -- school. No there's also on our -- able to the -- number one movie of the weekend. Starring Russell Crowe opened with 44 million dollars. Now a lot of people don't like how things. -- change from the Bible and we were talking. To a pass to Brian earlier and he said -- there's nothing in the Bible that shows that these these. Angel -- golden. Mud help Noah built the -- approached Dutch just a fabrication. Does that offend you. -- with me as long as it tells the story. That no. Obeyed god. And then followed God's instructions. I guess I'm okay with just about anything else. What the weather. Know low was able to. You're god like and in the Bill Cosby bill at that someone -- me and said you should run the Bill -- -- word no was talking to god I wish her -- it's probably too long to run but that's it if that's a funny police -- and if if you can find them on YouTube shortly -- anything new to just put in billed possibly know. And you can probably funded its its its pretty funny. And you know whether whether it was a vision whether it was a dream. You know whether it was sitting down and and and and and and god spoke to. It is in -- head or whether it was it was only. The loud voice don't know so. I'm I'm OK with the movies. As long as it doesn't take away from exactly what happened there have been -- was the only righteous man on the earth and that's why god chose to save him and his family. So your thoughts on that and -- a love the fact about. What do you wish no one of left behind no soap or we have mosquitoes. And we have cockroach that we wish that north. What do left behind I do have a text message but I just got as far as part of what Edwin Edwards. I have a better chance to Marion a new high -- station. And Edward has a level winning a seat in congress. To the six -- 170. 8668890870. Let's go to. Today. They're going to. Do -- -- I'll give -- quality. Of the book the -- the -- -- also. Also. Go all out -- I am very. Well let me you probably missed the first part of the show. A a listener called in and said some mean that. I never even thought of but -- I think it it it definitely. Is something to consider. When you well when you read and other reports from people like the American veterinarian a medical association. Pit bulls. Are on the top of the list of stores doing the most damages for as. -- -- -- -- -- on the -- weight limit limit but let me finish -- help make your case for -- okay and the penalties but the fact that they are so big it. And they were so strong like I own our own little box and so if my Dotson. Bit someone the same way a pit bull would bite some one the pit bull would do a lot more damage. Right all right and also. I've ordered people. Probably hear them. It picked them. You know -- pre victory. Brought. Much in -- You know. You. Want to. Wander. But but isn't it should you -- and a -- a child to. Grow up with a dog that's going to be that big. There -- thought that ought to Wear and go to Google. A suitable. -- my. All people -- But there. Like yeah there. The reader -- You know. Outlook and expect that your great call. -- the perfect though. -- -- -- -- -- Triple oh. One -- and Powell have your daughter and the pit bull. Got blown -- how many years -- -- bitten. Though. Throughout -- -- -- -- -- -- -- but it worked out the -- on my order -- Floppy periods here or there you go. Back a couple of yes you know. -- for our computer and small oh yeah. Oh what was it where walker. There won't. Do it well though -- -- -- -- it. Well you know yeah you're right I also mentioned in the first oral like I I have to Dotson and one album. When whenever anyone brings a a child over I have I have to tell them over and over again. Do not let your child get too close to my dog do not that your child. Put your face his his face in my dogs please do not do not because a it's not if my dog is that a -- if you win. But a lot like you know -- the badgers. But. It. Listen I took my dog for all a walk one day. And I was doing something that I should not have done but I was walking along oak harbor boulevard and their war there were people critical position. And I took him off the leash and letting -- the next thing you know. The egos in this hole announcer my goodness what's going on here. Next thing you know he's dragging out on a new -- just as big as he has he he would he would sneak up on the nutria. Broke its neck and dragged it out. And all we know we we also have a situation many many years ago. That. There was some noise in the garage in the dog wanted to go in there the dog snoop rattle bitten. We didn't think think any of that I'd I'd left the garage door open guess what next nail file a big go right. Right in the middle of my garage because my little Dotson and you're right they offer Roche was little -- little back down from money. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well I I think it's because they just because you're so big. There are so powerful we are very powerful animal their bread that they're bred to be -- The topic of the opal you know they're athletic department or any you know -- -- -- more by Wal-Mart that. Good point good point oh. Right yeah that and the words of advice if I could. -- ordered. By to hear about. You know the theory yeah oh yeah -- all the -- -- out here. -- really appreciate your caller okay. All right 26017866. And 90 it's seventy are told about -- on the -- and and I love this question. When it comes to knowing you know it took everything god tool in the two by two everything. What do you wish no little left out. Of the arc of six your only 7866. And nine point seven I'm Bob excellent -- -- And WWL and I'm Bob mental and prestook tonight -- RW WL talk table was the only governor Bobby Jindal confirmed he's considering running for president and -- sixteenth. You think governor would make a good president to get your vote. And who do you think of the better shot of winning Bobby Jindal for president or Edwin Edwards winning a congressional. See most people than they have it and Edward Edwards has a better chance of winning congressional seat and Bobby Jindal as -- winning the presidential nomination. No number one movie of the week and 44 million dollars have you seen the movie. Do you plan to see how much artistic license is okay with you. And as you know story of -- that he that he collected two by two of every living creature on the earth. What things do you wish you would have left behind. Like steals we got that cockroaches would oust the English. You know if if if you would have been in charge. And you would have been checked you know listing is all right you -- government -- you can and then element of fun course development but -- -- turnaround get out so. Cooler privilege to have turned away from the arc of if you had the chance to use -- -- -- -- late seventy. 86689. Point seven let's go to a Eric Eric or. Thanks. Eight. Few thought he would be that watchers you have brought. Surely. That was my understanding that -- You saw nearly. -- haven't seen in these people. -- book. -- -- -- -- -- There are other books did you get included. In the kingdom version of the of the -- Okay what the book it did not include a call -- book. You know you can certainly -- the -- he got a copy of the but he did make it in accusing -- of the Bible. They'll watchers called it did in fact the law book of and basically what it is. But the part about it. God and -- -- then -- and Croat then in stone or are helping humans are not exactly. What happened with that. They they were punished by. But the reason was because they occur in me and children with more -- Right and and that's in the Bible that that the at the angels did come from heaven and right today. They impregnated. Humans and that's that's where the giants came from. That begins right now the book of he's not -- into great detail about. And and so anyway I don't know where it would be -- vehicle. All right what do you wish Norwood of left. Out of New York. There's been. You know the -- might be perfectly but I think it. That sentiment that we have -- our animals an -- system wars and that is. Arctic I don't think. Thank you would leave the so that you -- Leave the cockroaches out what that might cause -- good to go extinct. Because of the people like -- I have a text message that says -- a little off the answer out. -- have a real problem I think he did -- probably. -- effect would be. Back. That's what about the firing at all the ever affected my feet. I walked into them. But. Well I hope that everything -- it is good that the belt buckle up and go and you are entering into -- Despite the story would be -- these diseases. They -- And does. The cycle change senses there are suspected -- deterrent -- -- -- Yeah a lot so that we are accurate you know. Now wait this this might be hard argument does someone -- new -- -- left all the lawyers and the Democrats now that that might be hard to argue with that at that at that. Only kidding Democrats only kidding. I'm just the -- guys I can say stuff like that -- right. All right I appreciate your college okay. Right 260. One late 7866889. Point suddenly say I'll start up let let's dude settle things down when when he comes back that's. Skewed by the way if you're wondering where is he's doing morning to all this week two in -- Metallica will be working for him. And we don't take a break right now. You can that was called -- a department -- 26018786689. Late seventy. John is standing by age has nothing to do right now so is waiting for you the phones -- looking to -- ready to go up all right I'm. Really yes I'm Bob Mitchell and for students and WWL and a Bob Mitchell and for stoked. Tonight there are about those are actually seated on on TV and it it was a great commercial but Taco Bell commercial. Couple of dozen guys whose real name of Ronald McDonald. Or period in a TV spot for the taco chain. But the commercial street to Taco -- to breakfast menu including the waffled taco. So there's no confusion of line at at the end of the commercial says -- until the TV screen. But these Ronald McDonald's not affiliated with McDonald's but it's a it's a great commercial appeal to honestly. All right well we're coming up ball on news from Leo the top -- our. So if you're just tuning the election no we're talking about and the fuels for calling in and we can get ready to go after after the news Bobby Jindal confirmed he's considering running for president in 2016. And about a surprise. Do you think our governor or make a good commander -- street -- that your vote. And who do you think we have a better shot of winning an election. Bobby Jindal for president or Edwin Edwards for congress and nobles and number one movie of the week and Paramount biblical epic -- north of -- global 44 million. Dollars. If you saw the movie have loved to have your thoughts on that. Even if you didn't see the movie we've decided that we'd start making a list of things we wish Noah would -- left off of New York. Delusion no we are gathered every living creature to bullet true two by two including a roach -- including mosquitoes. I did have I have no problem -- that -- no snakes and I am I horrible. Snake phobia. So what things do you wish Noah would have left behind someone. No you're right that someone emailed me. Get rid of all the politicians but then we would imminent in the complain about on talk radio but got little text message sorry but answer this feels roaches or not animals. There and cents. Well thank you for being so technical with me what date obviously they still got on the -- So insects. Or animals. Any any living now at the -- of any living and lecture at the back and re probably the interpreter was. Any living creature. Well. Whatever little whatever it is the roaches dot on the -- And I'd just assume that they have not gotten on the art. 26 year old age 78668890. It's seventy. Talk a multi. How young is too young to raise a child. With an animal. That you grew up with an animal. Do you have any problem right now if if you're raising a baby you have a grandchild that to being raised with an animal when you when you look at. The problems people that haven't professional football's. 26 year old played 7866889. -- seven to come -- right back -- phone calls have the popular hour news and WWL.