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Mar 31, 2014|

a 2-year old Texas girl was seriously hurt today in a pit bull attack and her mother was also injured while trying to protect her. Last week a 4-year old girl died after a pit bull attack in Houma. How young is too young to trust a child and a pet together? And, would you trust a child with a pit bull? Bobby Jindal confirmed he is considering running for President in 2016. Anybody surprised? Do you think our governor would make a good Commander in Chief? Would he get your vote? Who do you think has a better shot of winning--Bobby Jindal for President or Edwin Edwards for Congress?

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What. -- not -- two or more in your plans coach coach filling in for Tommy talkers on vacation all this week and WW also will be. Filling in pursuit here is what's on our WWL -- able -- those of you were judged. Tuning in. -- happen again another accident with a with a pit bull a two year old Texas girl sheriff Lee entered today in the pit bull attack. Of course last week we had the four year old girl was killed following it pit bull attack in a moment and I do not wanna take the approach to the -- let's. -- -- -- pit bulls because people love that bulls are very very passionate you know I have friends who have hit balls. And -- date. Plan that they say they have the most lovable protective animals you can -- and however in all the reports pit bulls will do the most damage because there's such powerful animals. So what I'd like where I'd like topic of conversation. Tonight. Is how young is too young to trust the trial and a pet together. And what do you think we can -- those of you who. Were raised with pets those have you raised your own children -- grandchildren. With pets. What kind of precautions. To ensure their safety should be taken and when when you just looked at the pit bull like let's just. Those kind of expand that it just animals in general and what would I'd like to know per view as to what type of what type of things. Should you do the -- can help prevent these kind of things. I've got Lincoln's -- so much about. The poor mom and and home of the book the lost her her four year old daughter. And the dog was like I was like 120 under point five pounds and I don't believe that. That lady that mother will. Ever be able to lived on the lost chart it's terrible to lose the trial of -- never had little -- no parent would have to. Well Lenovo one of their children but in a situation like this. You know. You gotta feel that that probably had people. Telling them. Are you know are you sure it's safe to Hamlet. Big dog put to us with his child. You know I don't know hall -- -- is to have under twenty pound dog in an apartment I really don't know an unknown multnomah navy. Maybe the dog was -- report -- maybe it had nothing to do with anything. But what do you think it could be done. What can we do what can we went to we do business side to what do we do as pet owners to prevent accidents like this. From happening and we're human race with a -- and did you ever and at any time ever. Three feel threatened. By your -- -- -- -- Well actually -- one dollar. Well hold -- second there no I can't Campbell lol because remember. Dad is working tonight I'll collier during a break by. All right. So how young is too young to trust a child and a -- together. To secure a -- 7866. And -- 9087 it also talked about our governor Bobby Jindal. Who has confirmed he'll considering running for president in 26 team. Think our governor would make a good president and of course the same time we have Edwin Edwards. Running for congressional seat. Who has the better shot. Of winning. Does -- don't have a better shot of actually getting the presidential nomination. Or does. Edwin Edwards have actually a chance to win a congressional seat. Love your phone calls at 26 year old 178668890. -- seven. Also we're talking about but no movie a lot a lot of controversy of a about the no movie the I'm not seen the movie book reports of -- out of that deviant way way way away from the Bible made a lot of people. Upset I've I've not seen it. Of just heard similar things that. That they said happened in the movie the way it happened which is is not like it says in the Bible until I believe the Bible which it would've been more true today. If you've seen the movie if you want to give us your thoughts to six -- 786689087. It. And when it comes to know. And taking all the two by -- on board the boat -- on on board the yacht. And as it would have been ya knows there's it was so big. What do you think he would of left what do you wish you would have left behind. Now. Simonyi it's done. Which deals. John who -- -- to control board runs the show and a picture phone calls on the cockroaches -- agree with that. One person -- name touch me and said I think many insects can float. So maybe they would not only are they just. -- -- I don't know what here's the most says I shall leave the it was emotional little of the apostle -- just because it's creepy okay. Here's a great text. One reason that they knew that this person does land that know of brought roaches on the I love roaches. They feed my family. I'd love roaches they feed my family. I'm in the pest control business but at at at at. Now you know that's right. 26017866889. A poet seventy I'd love to have your opinions on any of this that we are talking about and am I the only person. And that saw the Walking Dead last night at -- in my the only Walking Dead fans. A lot about what we did have a someone -- the yeah. In the first hours of the day watch the Walking Dead -- if you watched the Walking Dead. Let me know she -- episode last night we have some lines open you can call right now to secure a -- seventy. 866889087. -- I'm Bob Mitchell in pursuit. On a WW -- -- a whole bunch of phone lines open so doubles at all and I'm Bob mental and forced to tonight on WW polish people do -- morning -- all this week in the brigade seventy WWL IAM a famine dot com. Well another. Child hurt by a pit -- today the two year old Texas girl seriously injured by the pit bull. And and rather than just focus on -- that bulls and and and just. To know him but but beat that pulls up because. Mentally and there are a lot of people lot of people that raise the polls a lot of people say it depends on how you're raised the animal. Told tonight apartment we just try to get into what do you think you can do what what is a dog what is an animal or. Do you think we can do to cut down the the number of times. That the -- -- attacked the children. And if if you are a pet owner. And you have a child or you grew up with the with the with the net. What do you do with what what precautions. Do you take. In order to keep these things from happening to secure -- 786689. Point seven let's go to a teeth gave our area. Your way out thank you Bob appreciate that -- What's going on your run and in your mind tonight. Just a quick people situation that we're talking about. Aren't your daddy did you write it all day that the people think -- article on how wonderfully our. And and how it all depends on how they train and other brought -- -- A -- -- that case you couldn't make the owners. Other people get murdered on child or murdered -- urgent. Were out -- or are prosecutable or negligent comet that would mean the thing is being. Will it work here. Well -- I think you have a point -- -- -- I think that -- what it boils down to work with animals and pets. Is. The pit bull is just such a strong. Strong. -- It'll I I have a little Dotson and in in the early hour on the on the show a list of Parnell something that I definitely did not think of he said that you know on animal like I have. -- that child and you it'll it'll it'll hurt. It -- cost of damage. -- of football. Did the same figure could possibly like the finger -- because -- additional strong so. I guess what you have to decide. As a parent is what kind of animal are you going to. Raise your child what would you raise your child with a leopard would you raise your trial with a with a mile long and and be a cat yet but in my -- note. And you know on. A unlike where you're going with this and if if if all these people say it's how you raise it and it depends on how you treated. Then if if if if your animal does something like this and maybe you should be held criminally negligent by not thought about that to use of multiple enough. -- -- -- You might be a good solution to of the group were debating whether -- while it. May -- -- eighty. That of the middle where you know I think people would think about what they really do but he. Animal ratings are art or made it clear. They didn't. All right thank you so much let's go to. Chris in Memphis how're you Chris. I really. Agree Bob Mitchell the demand that -- Hurricane Katrina. Are you doing Chris -- bought you know I was I was talking to -- and a dual radio friend among Bob Walker a -- I worked together many many years ago and we were we were talking about the book that you realize that. In just. Another year. Katrina is going to be ten years ago. Yes. -- dollar. By EU you'll have a great police on the radio they got it that -- a truck driver two or. More prevalent down through Mississippi. And headed into -- Louisiana. And all of the things that they you do it on the radio and Mississippi Public Broadcasting in PP radio. We we couldn't have done all the things that we did to bring this supplies down there without -- guys. Well and it wasn't me it was just it was WWL. It was it was more like you did it right on these. Guys stay on the radio. In India -- -- overcome -- and you'd you'd never got the recognition back anyways. Yeah thank. I don't want to say thank you. It to -- should be. Public broadcasting and feel like WWL. And at the time you were also. What -- the LA the finance bill. And that's how they were broadcasting felt -- let go onto the Bobby Jindal. All right putting together -- better chance of winning an election Bobby -- -- in a presidential. On nomination or Edwin Edwards actually winning a congressional seat. That's mr. Mitchell -- certainly could see that's where. Bobby Jindal speech when you know when you -- The nation. After. The state in the union lady would. So it was true blame inquiries come back to the Republican Party in this knack. No way no way I could not even think about it okay you outlook he's. I would love. Connell -- well. To step up to the plate can't really -- leprosy colonel Allen well. He could be column B speaker now. And there's nothing barring him from becoming the speaker I'll look at it. Let's -- let's look at the other people. -- -- Step up to the plate. And you know what I feel like you're not I think. I'm gonna feel like it is. With all of its going wrong with Russia and everything like. Don't know this can help Sarah Palin come back. I am you know -- -- to -- conservatives. Being not discount Sarah Palin coming back and do you not. Well did a chartered a -- Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton who would you issues. OK. I mean. -- just really just I just want to see which you would say that's well. -- well I just don't like it here in America it would. Apparently Hillary Clinton funny do you want your country we don't. -- -- Sarah Palin scares me a little bit she gets a little ditzy -- and on line. I don't know. Well I -- getting one can say what -- -- about Sarah Palin. Let. Let's face it true that -- if Palin would just kept her mouth -- Okay instead of saying I'm going to clean up watching and initiated as well. John McCain's. Pocono. And then got. Guess what she would be our president and we could have watching it and cleaned up it would be a -- deal. Now between Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton -- similar set -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I president let me ask you this question -- -- also talking a mile of the movie no. And of course you know who knows -- that god spoke to know on. And flooded though the world killed everybody and he brought all the animals on two by two guards is there any. Any animal creature or insect that you wish that would have not made the arc. You know assert that it is not anything. That I would. Dispute with Scott. Everything that god says Shelby. Will be and always will be. I can I I could've done without cock roaches and mosquitoes however I did get a text message from a guy. -- that he loves roaches because he's in the pest control business and the road to feed his family so. I got up and down on that while I guess. I understand that now you know I I I really trust me. I respect got our respect all of its creations. I just don't understand now okay now those little tiny thing that could -- it don't understand that but I do not question. What about ten bucks I can get I would only bed bugs delete. I'd I'd -- not question and that's the only question. But. -- Are worrying. About astronomy now has his or -- animal. I respect. Praying that god made I respect. I -- What do you what do you think. Pet owners can do. To help protect natural little bit more coming here here's another accident with a with a triple a a two year old girl. And now the girls them was injured and didn't -- the -- like the four year old at the -- killed at home but. What do you think we could do. Well mr. -- so -- that the problem is that column. You have to evaluate the situation and let's not forget that there was a child that was constricted by -- what constrict Kirk. You know down -- several years. So let's you know ladies and gentlemen. You only child okay. Good decision let let let's be realistic okay I think you know. You know don't put your child's life. In -- good bit of that life. An animal okay but let's let's be realistic. And it's not hold. True make a decision. Appreciate your caller okay. All right is WW well -- dutrow Bob Mitchell who -- us. -- currently -- important Clinton atomic. That would be millions and it says right on my shirt. Now. Hala. What would you like to talk about tonight. Oh well. Here we are. You got right end. That. You know of that conversation I believe you're talking about. Presidential election or. Two. Well what we're talking about is that Bobby Jindal. Said that he's considering running for president in 2016 and -- -- know that Edwin Edwards is running for congress and my question was. Which one of these two guys you think has the best possible chance of actually winning an election. Well. Unfortunately. Publicly Edwin Edwards. That that popularity of these -- -- Mark owns slightly you know to continue -- so -- won't let you know. Ma -- Packet that they have been well. Yeah but right on -- but on the other hand and and I'm just bringing out the facts here. He served his time and the law allows in the ruins shall -- -- our own laws allow him to run. I think all we can do -- -- run and see what people -- How much credit to the law is that people the nets got slated in the actors are. Unlike the man and it totally replace that spark some equity it while all this and every bill that respect here and luckily they get -- I just don't agree we're parsley who -- not personally. You know however however I'm understating it in in in my mind. He would not be the first. Person that got convicted of a crime and was that the jail. Let's say the -- that the Marion was his name and now. In that area. Or right and the only candidate and. And and and you've had you've had a couple of up politicians that have committed crimes and serve their time and come back and I -- the people. Take the attitude that the -- we do know is better than the -- we don't know. Seriously injured Tibet you know speaker Bobby Jindal. Butler the -- yesterday. So it's something about now. People when he gave Republican. Spot I put 2008. Yeah a lot of people a lot of people felt he didn't he -- in handled themselves very well. Also this -- do you. Think by a gentle. Weekend in the Republican debates. I think history and co workers who talent and you'll see it come out without the is a really good speaker Newt. You know Larry I hit the chickens are good that it actually yeah. This system and party -- beat him. But it is also have to take a couple -- a slow down a little bit too well he he can talk best group. And talk faster than I -- and I can talk pretty fast. It's a minute but. It's. -- -- Cheaters are sure. That. -- As. A very strong will -- you and partially bullied those situations people. In the -- The culture to close -- news. -- only able networks. That. The picture clear yet -- concern. But a picture -- extra he shall. That they are eaten and it is good that these -- -- -- -- Small part to go in the spirit -- and she -- moral fiber. Can -- match -- better. Than. Most Republicans. Well I. Thought I'd do agree with you that they tried your best to demonize or. But when you look at politics from my wife and I were talking about this the other night the thing that disturbs me the most. About this country or one of the things stirred you the most about this country. Is the instant the Democrats studio and the Republicans do whatever they tend to get among -- the instant the Republicans did and the Democrats do whatever they can get among the office. And and they spend they spend all. Those years. -- against each other rather than pulling together and doing what's best for our country and trying to say. Look we've got to work together it but it with it becomes more important. To get rid of the other parties so they can get back into this seized power to have all their personal pet projects. -- absolutely sure and I think there. There's a group. -- -- -- Old old span. Here lately and yet that -- That it should. But the fact that it was their administration. -- now. Every -- the leader. Approach -- There's just the opposite it and -- -- -- and wouldn't. You know -- It's anger and figure out. This just -- any personally. It is and you know it it it's -- really really hurt this country and and I don't I don't know what in the world. It's going to take at first I thought that maybe. If we could give an independent candidate in there but I've I've I don't know where we're going in the future with with with politics -- it's like both parties. Or just hell bent on defeating the other party. No matter what you know I wasn't. I was about a 100% in favor of all of obamacare but here's what I believe I do not think Obama care is as bad. As they say it is nor do I think it is as good as it has its services and that the thing the thing that I'd get frightened about obamacare the most of it. I'm not sure how many people realized. That. Where the multi is going to come from if if not enough people subscribe to this. Oh. That means that the government we are now in the health care business that means that. If if they don't give it a premiums or if if the its dislike your checkbook if they say I'll. More than they take you and guess who is going to get stuck in rush for the money you know human. Well it's it's it's just real check me out. Like so many thing that started out with a good power but you know -- -- You people ensure that it. All all things. So in an open Nittany deputy that the good. Thing it's such that the answer would. Premium and -- high deductible plan and they're so it not only does it probably not appeal be audited by. The fact that you -- many people insurance deal. Argue that for. But after I appreciate you phoning in I'll back some other time okay. I'm Bob Mitchell interest go to -- it is to zero late 7866. And it oh it certainly looking into I'll read some -- masters recommitment. Looking for some tips on what do you think that people can do parents can do. To keep these these dogs from from attacking children. When you. Raise your child failure infant with the what with an animal. I'm I'm just not sure after some of these things begin to happen understructure mostly that is anymore. Do you figure of 17866889. Point seven I'm Bob Mitchell interest go to WW well and I'm Bob Mitchell and force cute tonight. Mosul that we have been talking about things we can do choose. Prevent things like two year old Texas girl seriously injured today and pit bull attack. Course last week -- a -- tragedy. Where year old girl died after pit bull attack heart and home. Oh let's turn this little bit ago I want I want to hear. Some positive. Stories. On what are some stories where. You then your child had. Great reaction with channels that the story is -- I remember my first dog. -- he was a child and think I was I don't know five year. Six years old and I have a great life. With my dog him one time my mother totally. I was walking around and we had a big rose bush in the bank or apply to the orange. Almost fell into certain dog came in and HBO -- and you know most of us have an overly positive. That story stories where maybe. You -- -- a pet that that that did something heroic for sure it's gonna switch gears here. And I wanna hear from those of you that loving pets those of you at great. Great to a good story to tell some -- -- -- -- did that was burgers cultural you know it's like. My -- we have to adoptions one is almost seventeen years old. And he's starting to slow down. And then couple months ago actually hand the other couple seizures. And we thought that we have lost and they couldn't find out what was wrong with and they kept running blood test after blood test in the -- apparently was that. The white blood total was up. But never it never ever tell what was wrong with them. And and we we would talk -- thought his time was it was on legacy. Well they do it is laid though it would schema and -- in the bathroom with with a hard days were -- days over it with all this time. In the beloved animal notes like the tenth of that long. Well he got he got fun again in the massive. Doses of of antibiotics and a he got he got now you know he's slowing down a little bit but I mean he -- four month park. And you know an old time's gonna come that we will be -- but he he has brought such wonderful joy. -- -- what it's character in this island to talk about. You know pets or animals really brought joy and -- like the labor brigade seventy or did you work -- ample portion -- -- performance of governor. -- developer Bobby Jindal for president. If he runs and 2016. The people -- old rule quickly. 68% say no. And 32%. Say yes so let's let's go today and Collins has our day and. And Bob glad your opponent that you decide -- -- -- was to argue about Hillary -- put your culture creator I called that Tuesday would your idea until you apology that historically like yes. All right when I was young and about date nine years in -- north of Orlando. Had a dog name tag Indy which play a little ball in the front yard of our home area and after school on the grass. And that would pick up a little wooden souvenir baseball bat. We wrote to him and he hit the ball and you run the legacy. Ethnic no no no no number. Honest to god that that man. And -- was poisoned by a neighbor purge memories and a blast of hamburger and -- at least two of the Malia. But tagged as. You grow and are difficult and he was our constant companion and a beautiful. Buying dollars plain ordinary mixed breed dog. Tag knew how to play and Italy is as much as we Droid. Well most of our most that was have had positive ego thing for the pan when oh when I was growing up I had I and the cast. And in this -- well it was unbelievable to the days when when I walked to school I walked about to about twelve blocks to school. And many times that many times and I have no idea who knew what time I go off of school. But there were many times I'd get off like if it's 3 o'clock it'll go to school. -- there was this cat waiting for me on the colder twelve blocks away. From. My home and then a veteran of the grammar school that was struggling in junior to the Boston shoots wildly to the bus stop. Watch the -- -- Boston and and follow me home -- just kind of monitored -- times. Amazing but he should mention that. Tag would -- to get out of school we had cut out separate schools. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I would leeway -- everyday walk on the golf course this and -- we only gave him treat everything any Israeli play ball. This -- coincidental like yeah. All right then I appreciate you voting in okay. Thank you were never in my call. All right 2601786688908. So they would vote would switch gears and what all these. Negative stories about what happened with what -- bad that's. Well let's let's share tonight some some positive -- Toledo great experiences you've had with your -- when it comes to know. What things that you wish no load of left off. Our mosquitoes. Roaches. 26 year old late 78668. -- nine OH seventy I'm. Bob Mitchell filling in pursuit -- WWL. Welcome back to the show I'm Bob Mitchell and for us to tonight a couple -- things were talking about. Talk about the movie. No law. And -- looking at things that -- different in the movie that we have in in the Bible and lot a lot of people are upset about that. And then we looking at the fact that you know the animals when in two by two and then start thinking about. What things do you wish. That no. Would've never report on the York. Things like mosquitoes. Roaches here's one. A bowl. -- -- I'm -- no mice no rat. I'd be for that too -- I guess -- that we weren't in control of of the market would keep half of half the things off of it. Now we're also talking about. Again today there was another incident this time a two year old girl at Texas which seriously injured by a bowl but attacked her and her mother. Of course remember last week we -- the four year old died after a pit bull attack in -- So we've been talking about things you can do to prevent that from happening. But I thought maybe for the for the rest of the night -- let's turn this around and -- I'd like you to share with me some positive. Installation most it was a good most of us don't have problems like that most of us you know just really really love our pets and Britain many many conflict that the children -- grew up together so hard about sharing some some positive. Stories with. I hear -- attacks raised all my children of the black lab it was very docile -- the -- of -- no problems. I'm Bob to -- real simple if there are small children friendly there should be a laudable that pit bulls Rockwell -- and all the large dogs for -- inside the home. There are hundreds of cases of large dogs owners never had an incident -- but seriously. Harmed children in the home it only takes a split second. To have a lifetime of regrets. Well let's the -- I've got to take your your your phone call on positive approach to which tells us Europe -- -- -- to produce a positive difference in your life and they're the good things that's -- for you to secure -- 170. 86688908. W complexity. At 878. 870. Also when it comes to politics. Bobby Jindal confirmed -- considering running for president when he sixteen. Edwin Edwards is already announced he will run for congress. So -- to. Who do you think has the best chance of winning their individual elections. Tonight on the dose could show it's -- Bob Mitchell in the big 870 WWL AMF and the dot com. And if you weren't where scooters he will be working tomorrow morning you'll be just -- indeed the early show. On WW -- -- vacation. Have you ever gotten a ticket from a traffic camera that you deserve as the Louisiana legislature discusses new restrictions on traffic -- Let's talk about the reality of red light tickets and yellow light so that loaded up. -- taxi cab drivers are they too aggressive approach to it is going to be talking about. We'll take your phone calls right now jeweler called during the news one gets ready to go after the top Leo we're 260178668890870.