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Apr 1, 2014|

Dave talks about old things that are new, snake rescue, and April Fool's

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ten minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this first of April 2014. Yes it is that brand new month and it's Tuesday -- Mon day. How he survived. The wrath of Monday and have advanced to the second day of the workweek. And like to remind us of that -- days like call it not Monday. Around flowers to mrs. April Fool's Day as it is I do not think. That is why is deeply April fool's jokes on the Radio One you're not good idea now I just don't like doing that I know some people do it'll happen today some radio hosts will do that that's their prerogative. Could be something about a celebrity. Or who knows. -- -- -- about it bought its past that didn't -- the -- something in this that amendment. I don't know I'd just like they -- that. But I do like to warn the radio audience that it is April fools out and other people will be up to shenanigans have your guard drop. Yes and and it. Shenanigans another one of those -- that like that word so it is to do be you be aware. I remember vividly. Years and years ago I'd fall asleep watching the television and woke up and it was and NBC news. And in the middle of the night they were doing a story on the news it was an overnight news program and BC's today. And they were. Reporting. Betty researchers had found. That if you played clucking chicken sounds backwards. There were encoding coded messages are hot. And in my. A sleepy stupor. And 3 o'clock in the morning out and -- when they're grown why it had one eye open and in that town like on. Now this must mean not with in this report kept going on and on as if it were totally out is very very higher respectable news person in details and then the very last bit of the report and they can't play in this chicken stuff backwards in the I was translating it and telling you with the chickens are saying. At the very end of it -- -- and you could hear it for yourself and they played backwards and it -- happy April Fool's Day in chicken cooking half. -- -- I had fallen for it half asleep at the time mind you and non thinkers. -- system. Do as -- it is man now and chances are you'd like you sedated during the course of this day. You may have your mind on work or are you maybe just drifting off than not are they getting -- -- and forget the date and somebody old Jess got you. To be aware step right in -- marchers more than -- person who pulls the April fool's joke prank or the person who falls for. Me I'm not much of a prankster idea afterward though I'd I'd probably you. I don't know five every year and done one in my lifetime unless I hear real good on them wanna pass them on. As a Q and I always -- to poll April fools but I wasn't there. I've ever won that one might change. In my brother and Dresser drawers in rearing its shores when it is on shirts. Went to a guy shorts and underwear. And fifth. Now that's only one that if you remember actually do. And then there are those who just love this day. They have been thinking about it planning and development all of march was -- yet it's coming up with what they would do on April -- To get deep and I have all kinds of fun I overslept this morning com. Well I guess I'll admit I did yesterday yet while it was because of my alarm clock my alarm clock works just fine by its standing outside. Mine though minus 29 new years goal and mine mine is about I receiver close the way you do replace it. They voice but no didn't you tell me yesterday that -- -- my ideal -- time ago lots argued one more shot. And it's supposed to make a loud noise and -- you Bryant yeah. The radio comes on OK I don't know but it was instead of it's been so called and I don't know it's stinking years things have been spilled -- god knows what. Overall and doing your. Almost thirty years. That's like in five different houses it's been moved to you figures for about the sentiment that nine LB. Early thirty years coming up and it instead of music coming on it was this current. It -- made some kind of little light because just enough that you can do is stay asleep. Unfortunately what idea almost mothers like noise makers soothing pointedly -- -- but I gotta go get one I really target a breakdown are for the first time in some thirty years yeah replace her -- and that and I think I've paid. Twelve dollars. For the one that I have actually got mine at the birthday present. One more than 29 years yeah and avenues in its wake up -- says it was with me through. All many years. And -- with me from many parts of the country to another and I've always woken up to the same -- and I keep time -- -- -- need to record that sounds that I can and make it ringtone on your round -- iPhone wake me up to the same sound before breaks. But it works fine is on the stand on its side is that it's all okay it's laying flat like normal. -- them but it's sometimes works on them doesn't devastating aside it's my -- walk into my bedroom not often but when someone does. Why is your alarm clock out on its eyes downward. Almost thirty years all the way it works but it works and I'm just used to waking up to that same noise that been -- from a thirty years. I'm just curious if people have anything else that's thirty years -- with oldest thing you all that still works. And old fridge. -- tell you about my my fridge coming up it's here that in the newsroom at WW well but it. In the ground openly about that but don't hear from you 26 -- one ranked seventy toll free 86688 nines there it's avenue text -- 7870. In this. Full freeze zone no April fool's jokes here in the early edition of WWL first news. One text message today that it's nothing that I electric -- the thirty years old and works fabulously. Another says my digital alarm clock will be 36 years old this year. High school graduation gift in May of 1978. As is -- thing I have it still works as my wife welcomed what you might still work that's good news. As does my truck is the oldest thing around and driving it for the past twenty years -- -- as I have an old Coke machine that's forty years old. Kinda hold the glass bottles that works great -- not kind that whole political class models that works great. -- keep long neck beer. A candy yeah does it actually still drop them out you drop your beer out of the bottom of the think long -- anyone fake beard before Franken and the other Netherlands as the oldest thing I have. For 61 years it's still works as me -- thank you Richard at. I think my alarm clocks -- got to be the oldest at least -- Device that I known that still works be it point nine years old it's going on thirty years old. Although might might Friedman mini fridge is pretty ultimately about that coming up after your forecast. What do the little light fog this morning -- temperatures in the sixties but by this afternoon we'll have partly cloudy skies will be mild with a high around 77. Fortunate look at that patchy dense fog to form out there with mostly cloudy skies -- north the lake be around sixteen cellphone late round 65. And Wednesday watch -- of that fog in the morning then becomes mostly cloudy by the after Newman will be warmer and more humid with a high around eighty. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Dave knows. Bomb cloudy skies 62 at the airport and -- partly cloudy 52 at the National Weather Service office in Slidell. Time now on WW well Anthony Davis returned from his ankle injury but. Didn't get the job done for that and much -- -- it's not Monday morning sports they say happy Tuesday's Steve Geller. Good morning David good morning everyone DeMarcus Cousins had 35 points and fourteen rebounds. In Sacramento snapped a three game skid with a 102 to 97 victory over the pelicans. The kings were physical with New Orleans all night long and head coach Monty Williams says it really showed in the rebounding statistics. -- -- -- -- -- team -- it's an offensive rebounds we do so to Justin Harrell -- three in the middle of sustained effort. The pelicans Poulter twenty and eighteen at home this season and next play the nugget in Denver tomorrow. We'll make it a franchise record eighteen straight victories for the San Antonio Spurs with the latest being one of the easiest. -- steamrolled in the you know 103 to 77 behind Tony Parker's 22 points and handing the pacers their fifth loss in the last six games. While LSU baseball tumbled down to twentieth in the baseball America top 25 poll. Following the tigers getting swept in Florida over the weekend. Alicia will host beat the street tomorrow before welcoming number nine Mississippi State Alex box stadium this weekend. Alabama football head coach Nick Saban says the college athletes should have a voice and what happens to them during their careers. Asked about the prospect of the union Sabin said that he's always supported players' rights and that they should be can so compensating quote. The best that we can to help them. Over to college hoops were Kansas freshman -- Wiggins has announced that he will leave school for the NBA. Listen to me in my family in my coaches -- team -- have talked about and you majestic staying. And had a good day at a time -- adjust. The six foot eight but we're expected to go in the top three picks in June's draft some believed he could go first overall. And Derek Jeter is unsure how he'll feel when he begins his farewell season with the Yankees against the Houston Astros tonight. Jeter announced in February that the his twentieth and MLB season will be his last this year it marks the end of a career -- the shortstop was the thirteen time all star. And helped the Yankees to five titles. Today have four on sports talk what player on the saints is poised for a breakout year. And one of the black and gold needs in next month's draft I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look at. Because it was like a national holiday. It was the opening day from Major League Baseball and I just -- celebratory things going on in cities across the country but it. Here. Just another day and -- -- and nobody seemed to care at all that baseball was starting the nation's. The national pastime. Baseball. If I can get in their early in the morning amok and have to worry about missing anything -- -- that is here. Deceased is Steve Geller and he's got a nose in his phone and looking very intent every day for the next 182. Days I'm probably looking for a like a spot pitcher to pick up that starting against the weaker opponent like the Astros got to -- your designated hitter. -- -- -- -- -- -- But he had Adam -- what your favorite baseball team yes people around here is. Baseball when I first moved I was so amazed by that how many cubs fans are here and it's isn't that media right. And there's a lot of Chicago and you do and people who transplanted here from Chicago present company included -- cubs are my favorite team that. You know after. Almost twenty years in the city -- just don't care anymore about panic even Diana it. I was in. -- -- for opening day wearing my hat managers in hearing my -- -- is stable docket when -- -- what sports. You're on WW. As either a 162 games in the Major League Baseball season -- how much it'll follow baseball anymore I don't know why that is 182 I think the weather is going to be nice. Expect a pretty pleasant day today it was some partly cloudy skies -- can be mild out there a little more human with a high around 77. Fortune I expect mostly cloudy skies with some patchy dense fog forming as flows north the lake around sixty degrees in south from the lake around 65. Heading there Wednesday we'll start the -- off with some -- -- only becomes mostly cloudy but -- -- warmer and more humid day with a high coming in around eighty. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Dave -- bomb. Just a wisp of fog reported here there's nothing -- right now so that it is cloudy at the airport 62 degrees and -- partly cloudy 52 in slide down. Today is April 1 but I promise you on this program there will be no April fool's jokes played on you please don't text -- to me don't play April fool's jokes on meet either because I don't wanna -- I coming up very lucky people. Well remind you again -- April -- Day over and over again we'll talk about the stuff that -- -- for a long time and much more here on the early edition WW well pars and 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WW well for listeners it's April it's the first -- 2000 -- -- -- it's Tuesday the -- -- called not my day after remind people of the accomplishment they've made of surviving Monday in advancing into the second day of the workweek. And April fool's day of course we've been talking about that this remains the -- freeze down well that's not bad every. Think it's a zone free of playing April fool's jokes that we will not do that here on the early edition of WW Alfredsson is but -- be on your guard today. As others may play April fool's jokes it's very interesting the things people have been texting me you're an Iowa talking about your alarm clock failed union oh boy. And I was noting in my alarm clock is nearly thirty years old as is -- And be -- -- tell me about the bowl stuff they have it's still works and electric knife it's thirty years old the president on what it's 36 years old. Put them as a Coke machine it's forty years nobody put beer and now are okay someone else tells me there alarm clock is thirty years old Megan have a ceremonial beating of it when they retire. -- -- -- a a natural honey hear that sound again. That's fair enough -- and as a regal beer clock. They got from the bad -- even shareholders it is but it's all of Miami -- -- the radio that's. From the forties and still works and announces that Honda XR 75 from 1974. At the summit is forty years they've had the same amplifier. Guys that actually was is -- it's older than him okay works even with today's technology and get them would be for guitar some of nine -- -- LA hot water heaters it's 36 years old in the microwave it's 32 years old -- both still worked perfectly. And enough I'd wanna use in my -- 32. Improve. That might be a Little -- -- I don't -- them maybe technologies to an and it. But hey if there is still alive maybe it's not have -- -- -- -- working -- than what we call water heater or hot water heaters visually just a water heater. In that you don't need it heat hot water is that it's not high. In we do yes everyone calls that a hot water I do the same thing and I would never -- water heater or hot water -- just yes and also as a heater that's been that they've had. -- now along with that they aren't taught them. But it is an -- keyboard for 29 years still works I'm guessing that would be. -- -- Well you know when it did the drive or or woman whoever techsters the about the electric knife and I got to -- -- -- mine may be close to being rattled tube because. The only time I use it is around Thanksgiving he used it once he does so only time he's an Easter you know I am. There are. -- May -- -- -- twice a year that the like ignited that's something that we often pull out of the camp and to keep it in the cabinet above the average. Is that went out at the Gaza but you and I thank you got the spot I don't know why it that's where it goes. And I a year now isn't listed in lotteries stories -- -- here. From Portsmouth Virginia. Some people have all the law. A Calvin and it's -- Spencer. Now they're two of those people. The Virginia couple has quite a winning streak in the state lottery reclaim their. Latest prize last week a million dollar jackpot a scratch off game. -- Oman the run of good luck began with another million dollar win in the march 12 powerball draw. OK so that's two wins in about two weeks the masters and the first. Five numbers but miss the power mostly got a million boxes struck again wait a minute this is the third time off in two weeks of march 26. They won fifty grand in the Virginia lottery pick four game. But tickets all with the winning numbers 6666. Sick sick sick sick or sixes he -- and a home. He won and yet 50 grand am Brownback RP. Wow I'd get an eight days and had done and keep planes three inch or two weeks. And it -- two million -- I'm adding it -- 2000. That's pretty darn good on me pretty cool congratulations to them all the time. You know April fools. Of us playing any of those here alternate career goal lucky streak and just one win anything more yeah I mean you know when you said the fifty grand I'd love that -- I take fifty a share -- million dollars. Thank you talked -- when he met more first Chris Miller joins the party as well talk more about the legislature. Today and what's on there. Yeah let's do that as we go live and direct the Eyewitness News forecast center and for Laura it's mr. meteorologist -- -- Good morning hey it's not -- day. Thank goodness you've made the second day industries a year early shift and the -- other marxism as it was yesterday it. As it is fault not a huge issue this morning but tell looks like guys that can -- issues especially heading to Europe Wednesday morning. It's a 24 hours from now we may be a little. Foggy but right now not so much a little warmer today than it was yesterday. We start off in the forties yesterday and we're sitting in the lower sixties south of lake in the lower fifties north -- -- -- I -- adding that Activision -- outside today a much warm -- Were close to eighty and 77 degrees here but the eighties or get a return as we head into your Wednesday and Thursday but so does that humidity. Something we really haven't had too much have so far this year. -- OK so hot and humid. Really day by spring standards. Starting tomorrow and when does that rain returns. -- sick unfortunately our nexus two will be arriving. As we head into the weekend and that's no April fool's joke we are to see some rain out there. Outlook may be some strong storms with heavy rain not the seats compared to last Friday's rain but we could see -- -- in -- Friday Saturday seen in Tucson. It is sticking with that rain Friday Saturday and Sunday unfortunately. I'd say you're just the bearer and get upset -- -- sharing the truth. Here on the early it is deeply April fool's -- -- everybody anybody -- -- year but if you been planning and plotting revenue in the hands together waiting for today. It's funny some doing right now I know that. And as human -- or and headed upward development and it that's right. And I know -- -- -- two years ago with and nothing so far. And you prepared and ready for people pulling them yeah yeah always you know gonna keep you know. Watcher shall never know what some view finder fees or something -- -- that might be in the intentionally though is -- show. Once that we did have that -- college but that was -- -- Yeah you don't want to share that it was sincere. And it now share this story which use here's -- I don't know a lot of people would do and it was a five year. And Muskegon Michigan. And there was a six foot python trapped in the burning home. And a firefighter actually went in and rescued. This -- Yes apparently at some -- -- experience put on his full protective gear. And that's just reminds my -- a fire fighter and I don't think I even with all of his protective gear I don't think I'd be handling excellent python and firefighter did. And there's pictures of him walking out of that burning what is it all snake cradled in his arms -- You. -- is that Italian as a varies how are you about your snake but they're not rushing into the burning on the saviors snake but this guy did it. And I guess -- -- -- firefighters well on the snake is allied. And well. I guess yeah. My wife is convinced that just horribly under reported with snakes are responsible for apple ball death in the ninth day. Zone that they think is most terrified. And we do quit if -- not scared of -- but makes it logical thing to be scared. Although not to the point I mean -- -- Elsie went on television movie no job about it -- not even there at them. To be like snakes -- -- days ago -- -- -- -- you wouldn't think you'd it looked like -- we'll -- later in the forecast from here and a few minutes WWL I am FM and a account. Talking about -- James Blake's thirty year old alarm clock is starting to fail them I've been used in the same alarm clock for 29 years and it works just fine as long as it's standing outside can't laid down and then work that way I am to have been asked to be aware he had that lasted that long one person does have a food processors for thirty years still works like -- another person as a Honda many trailed fifty dirt bike since 1968 while announces 43 year old wife almost time for anyone -- As has my contention is hard to find their 22 years all good to hear that because -- -- a mustache they've had for 37 years. Haven't saved since they were seventeen years old I hope this as a man texting he had paid seventy -- that. Architects. BVL you and I both deputies. I have had mine for 37 years the -- through Google's virtual shaver that little throw it out that we negotiate November support -- I I very rarely remove all the -- there on site did. My daughter freaked out and ran away and hid under the covers she was scared you know -- -- that now it's time for sports here at WWL Steve Geller I'm a dad like golf not Monday. And good morning everyone the -- lost their second straight contest fully one or two to 97 to Sacramento in this movie king senator. The -- was outrebounded 47 of thirty. Capital star Anthony Davis feels it was too bad quarters that ultimately cost them this game. First and third quarter to 01. Third fourth quarter our quarter. Between -- and are somewhat certain orders for non producers of the recent Lebanon where shelters include. The -- now embark on a three game road stand starting tomorrow in Denver. This first set a franchise record with their eighteenth straight victory and -- it easily Tony Parker scored twenty points in San Antonio's 103 to 77 -- Of the Indiana Pacers in Indiana. The LSU baseball team has already lost as many games six weeks into this season as they did all of last year. The tigers have twenty wins eight losses and one tie in 2013 they finished the regular season for 48 and eight. LSU post -- state tomorrow before bringing SEC series against Mississippi State and Alex box stadium. Well it's what they've done for Kansas freshman and true Wiggins he announced that he'll leave school for the NBA but says he'll miss playing for the jayhawks. That was made the decision for the -- so much love here. And my teammates is just I'm being remembered the coaches there's something and I was sure knows how -- they get more from being a favorite sport my decision. The six foot eight -- is expected to go in the top three pick in June's draft. Derek Jeter says -- approach his twentieth big league opener tonight in Houston just like another opening day but. He knows it is it. They seem to be forty year old shortstop 813 time all star. I said he's retiring at the end of this season. And have the NCAA women's final 4%. As a pair of unbeaten have qualified for the national semi finals Notre Dame is in the final four for the fourth straight time after flattening Baylor 8869. And UConn improves to 38 you know by beating Texas a and M 69 defeat before. For -- sports talk which player on the saints is poised for a break -- year and -- the black and gold means in next month's draft. I'm Steve Geller with your early morning look explored simply about what you think the Santa what to do that they have not addressed in free agency what must they go for in the draft top. Priority right now -- is a sensor currently they have no -- snapping the ball to Drew Brees right in the Puente SSA is still out there Iranians than anybody else yet -- yet I think the right exactly so he's still a possibility to return other than that. I would definitely say a number two corner back. But right now other than. -- -- -- I -- Lewis I'm sorry other than he does with as the number one you have call replay and I'm not sure Patrick Robinson could be able to come back healthy in the fold a lot of questions at the number two spot a corner. All right we'll talk to you run -- entertainment or sports or WWL. Sleep deprivation it's a horrible thing make you lose -- memory trust. After many years of doing this -- -- right now. After write everything down otherwise forget it I didn't forget that we have your forecast coming up next here on this April 1 it is April Fool's Day probably politics and he joked that plan. Your forecast. Some patchy fog this morning otherwise that's gonna give way to some partly cloudy skies will be a mild day with a high around 77. Fortunate -- mostly cloudy and mild with patchy dense fog forming blows north to lake will be around sixteen south lake -- 65. In heading into Wednesday will start the day it was in dense fog the becoming mostly cloudy but warmer with a high around eighty. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Dave dust. All 62 in ten or fifteen Q and slide -- one person vaccinated 78 -- is that there wife went into the office last night. Went to the boss's desk gift wrapped the desk -- graphic computer monitor gift wrapped everything in the office. It's kind of a funny old joke that I guys as Dave my April fool's joke is on my wife I put a fake paternity test in the mailbox. I'm me she should love that get a kick out of it down to thank certain to get ideas about. -- players as they know April fools down on the began -- show today even though it is April 1 and we were talking about the fact that David Blake thirty year old alarm clock is starting to fail in my alarm clock is 29 years old I have a small refrigerator that I have in the newsroom that I bought in 1990s. So what does make them make that 24 years old. Other people -- tell me they've got a guy Yamaha outboard motors is thirty years old -- the president shotgun at sixty years old. As the president and attic fan it's 55 years old and still works. And then one person text me 87 -- avenue in said the they have a laptop that is forty years holes. I'm presuming that you were attempting to play in April fool's joke. I don't think they weren't laptops forty years. But I -- is that no fools don't know them. It's no April fool's joke. Or April fool's -- that does not gag at all you know the CEO of FaceBook. Earned a salary last year of one dollar. Am Mark Zuckerberg made one dollar officially last year that with the salary. He did catch in some stock options though worth 3.3. Billion. Dollars. Last year he cashed in 2.3 billion dollars of the captain and that he owns. 426. Point three million shares of FaceBook. Worth 25 point seven. Billion. Dollars so feel too bad for the guy who invented FaceBook and at Harvard dorm room bonus salary of one dollar last year. Yankees doing just fine themselves.

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